ELC Characters List

This is compiled based on the recent translated chapter of Entertainment Life With A Camera (ELC) and will be updated regularly. All named characters will be listed with their identifier(like role, job, or relation) and which chapter they first mentioned or appeared. If there’re two chapters listed, then the former is first mentioned and the latter is the appearance. Characters are not sorted by alphabet, so please utilize the find function in your browser.

Due to the theme of the web novel about idols, the MC’s group will also have a separate profile page for further details in the future. Please look forward to it!

Main (AWY)

  • Choi Ian / Kim Yong Min (MC, Main Vocal) [001]
  • Lee Joo Hyuk (Leader, Rapper, Oldest) [005]
  • Park Jin Hyuk (Rapper) [005]
  • Kim Hyun (Main Dancer) [005]
  • Kim Ju Young (Main Dancer) [005]
  • Jo Tae Woong (Lead Vocal, Actor) [005]
  • Park Seo Dam (Lead Vocal, Maknae) [005]

BHL Entertainment

  • Lee Byung Hun (CEO) [004]
  • Seo Su Ryeon (Director) [004]
  • Park Ju Min (Planning Team) [003]
  • Jung Se Jun (Black Rush’s Leader) [007]
  • Park Dong Soo (AWY’s manager) [011]


  • Min Joon (Diamond) [001]
  • Yoon Ji (Vanillamint) [001]
  • Kim Young Jun (Project Idol’s 11th, AWY debut group, I-One) [001]
  • Grim Reaper [001]
  • ‘Unknown Cat’ (Ian’s pet cat) [005]
  • Kang Joo Won (Project Idol’s 1st, I-One) [006]
  • ‘Unnamed Woman’ (Kim Yong Min’s mother) [007]
  • ‘An Unnamed Married Fan’ [007]
  • Lee Sang Hyuk (High School 2017’s director) [008]
  • Jo Min Jun (Unnamed group, High School 2017’s main actor) [008]
  • Jung Hyun Tae (Attorney) [010]
  • Cha Jun Ho (Black Out’s director) [011]
  • Jung Ji Yoon (Black Out’s writer) [011]
  • Jo Min Hwan (actor) [011]
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