Hi nyang ( ^・ω・^)ฅ
Welcome to Maroon Maru!

I am Amalia, the owner and translator of this smol site.

Named after Han Maru from the novel Life, Once Again, this website name means ‘the maroon sky’. It was actually inspired by two romanization versions of the name, ‘Maroo’ and ‘Maru’, before I came up with ‘Maroon Maru’.

In here I post translations for Korean novels under Modern Fantasy genre. So, from those hunters, regressions, to system novels, I will try to translate those that catch my interest. The translations here are half MTL. I polished and edited them with my very basic Korean I picked up casually. Coupled with my not-so-smooth English and you’ll found many mistakes.

Each novels I picked up are definitely novels I read and love. I hope you can give the same love. Although I made schedule for the releases, it’s not fixed especially the time. Don’t panic when I don’t update without news! I probably will be back soon.

There are ton of footnotes because I want to tell references that’s usually lost in translation. I hope you understand that!

If you’re interested in helping or need to contact me for another reasons, you can comment somewhere on the site or reach me out on discord Amajuns#5648! I’ll try to reply as soon as I’m online.

I hope you enjoy the translations!

Bye nyang ( ^>ω・^)ฅ ~☆・゚+。*゚・.+

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