Hi nyang ( ^・ω・^)ฅ
I am Amalia, the owner and sole translator of this smol translation site.

Inspired by two romanization versions of the same name, ‘Maroo’ and ‘Maru’, I came up with ‘Maroon Maru’ that means ‘the maroon sky’1TMI. Maroo is the first version I encountered from 2012 Korean Drama ‘The Innocent Man‘ or ‘Nice Guy‘, where the main character played by Chan Hee(young) and Song Joong Ki is named Kang Ma-Roo. And the second one is from the novel ‘Life, Once Again‘ after the main character Han Ma-Ru. The word seems like Japanese but it’s a Pure Korean word, so I really love it. ♥ .

Maroon Maru mainly translate Korean novels under Modern Fantasy genre since 2021. I am not a professional translator with just enough self-thought Korean skills and not that fluent in English, so I ask for your understanding.

Please don’t copy, mirror, or repost any translations from here. Also be careful when sharing. These translations are not licensed, so if this site gets caught on by the publisher agents… I’ll have to take down my translations.

After letting go two novels as they became licensed, I have a new goal for running this site. Exposing more novels so they will get attention and get licensed.

I really love and fully respect the works and their respective authors. So, please support the original authors by purchasing or even reading the works at the official sites like Ridibooks, Naver Series, or Kakaopage2Ridibooks works the best with translator if you open it with browser and also the easiest to top-up cash. Naver Series have quite a lot famous novels that only serialized in Naver. If you can navigate a bit you also can scalp free Cookies or Free Pass from events to read for free. For Kakao… I haven’t tried it yet… !

If you need to contact me, you can comment somewhere on the site or send message with the following form! I’ll try to reply as soon as I’m online.

I hope you enjoy the translations!
Nyang ( ^>ω・^)ฅ ~☆・゚+。*゚・.+

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