Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 11

The 3 Great Improvisers.

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And High School 2017 starring Ian was aired. Trainees who heard the news couldn’t stay still. They gathered in the living room, taking the lead that they should do monitoring rather than Ian.

“Wow, isn’t it really damned scary?”

“Hey, didn’t he really look like a bully? Ian, you can’t be.”

“Somehow it felt unusual to crave for Kim Ju Young…”

“But, are there also bullies1Bully in here is iljin. Iljin is more complicated than the usual bully. They are closer to gangsters at the school level because they are more organized. Sometimes even backed by an actual gangster group. in America?”

The audio was full when several outgoing boys gathered.

“But he said that he played American football. Isn’t that what only insiders do in American series?”

“Wow, then have you dated a cheerleader?”

“We became famous, but his ex took the mound.”2 I honestly don’t understand this one.

“No! No dating!”

It’s getting more and more immersed. Sigh, kiddies3 Actual term used is choding or elementary students. . Lee Joo Hyuk calmed them down like a trainer.

“Guys, let’s lower the decibel. Another protest comes from upstairs.”

“Right. Please stop talking nonsense.”

Ian sighed. These were like cousins sticking to each other during the holidays.4 Some countries have the culture to go to their hometown, specifically parents or grands’ house, on holidays. So, separated siblings and cousins will be in one place.

“The real-time reaction came up asking who the bully boy was.”

Iyeol~ It’s lit.”

Ian’s tablet pad was already becoming a public good for this group. If you put two bunk beds in a small room, the room will be full. So it’s one room with four people. It was only a matter of time before anyone found out.

“Ian. Won’t you be called from other places after seeing that?”

Ei. Can that be true, hyung?”

It doesn’t even come out for a few minutes… Ian gave up his expectations. Still, there are times when people around support him because of his face and he loosens his heart. You should always be humble. If you let your guard down and get caught somewhere, it’ll be very tiring.

* * *

“Somehow everyone has no charms.”

Cha Jun Ho, director of an investigation drama about a profiler with memory loss and a veteran detective ‘Black Out’, was flipping over the profiles of aspiring actors one by one.

The role he was currently looking for had a scene where he was facing the main actor and it was a significant minor role that left decisive evidence. The actor he was looking for had to be able to handle this role.

It was a role urgently set because the writer often revises the script. So, he didn’t have time to choose so leisurely. While Cha Jun Ho was looking at several demo films, his ringtone rang.

[What are you doing?]

“Why is it? I am busy.”

[Ah, you bastard is so harsh.]

The person who called was Lee Sang Hyuk. He was Cha Jun Ho’s senior at the same university.

[I found a really nice guy, you know? Any seat in the drama you’re in?]

“This hyung is like a ghost. So, is it a request?”

[No, I just recommend it. The kid is quite promising.]

Cha Jun Ho raised his eyebrows. The master of discovering rookies. That Lee Sang Hyuk isn’t asking to put someone in but just making a personal recommendation? Cha Jun Ho changed his sitting posture and asked for bait.

“Do you have a demo?”

[There’s nothing like that. It’s coming out tonight. In my drama]

“Please tell me more.”

[I sent a picture through the chat. Buy me a drink later.]

After hanging up, Cha Jun Ho searched for Channel K’s schedule.

And the next day, an unregistered phone number will be stamped on Park Ju Min’s phone.

* * *

“Good. I think this is enough.”

Lee Joo Hyuk called Ian who was in the recording booth. The title song was finally confirmed as Jung Se Jun’s song. He heard from Jin that Awy’s self-composed song will only be included in their third album, but a song composed and written by Lee Joo Hyuk and Park Jin Hyuk was already scheduled to be included in the album. The future was already changing.

“Did I do well?”

“Good job. Especially ‘If we meet again’. I liked this part.”

“Good. It’s all over.”

Lee Joo Hyuk leaned his back comfortably.

“The song is good, hyungs.”


“I hope it goes well and the copyright comes out sweetly.”

Lee Joo Hyuk slapped the back of Park Jin Hyuk, who was counting his chickens in advance.

“If you think so, it becomes the opposite. Do you start filming right away?

“Yep. I have to go a little later. What about hyungs?”

“We have to do post-work. See you later.”

They groaned, saying that they’re still a long way off because it was still sloppy, but both of them looked good. Ian smirked. The song is really good. It’s not just Ian’s personal opinion.

He heard that their self-composed song received a high score in the blind evaluation that they gave to the agency people. Since it even made it to the final 3 for the title candidates, wouldn’t it be good to look forward to the next one?

* * *

Ian leaned against the back of the car. The one he was riding in was a van for Awy.

Hyung, can you turn on the air-con a little cooler?”

“Oh okay, sorry. I’ll lower it.”

Park Dong Su, who came as Awy’s manager, immediately adjusted the air conditioner. Although he was tenacious, he was not coercive to the members. He also had a kind personality, to the point a question arose if all this company’s people only gathered gentle people. Still, it was fortunate the person managing rookies was not someone who incites fear or suppresses.

Ian readily accepted the proposal received through Park Ju Min and was heading to the filming set.

[If it’s PD5Producer. Usually refers to a filming Director in the TV broadcasting field. Lee Sang Hyuk’s recommendation, is it Director Jang? Hm… No, is it him?]

‘You’ll find out if we go anyway. But why are you even guessing?’

[But I’m still curious.]

Park Ju Min was excited about the first casting proposal, so he left out the main information. Well, the person is nice, but a screw is missing somewhere.

It was a contact from Lee Sang Hyuk’s recommendation, but there was no detailed explanation and it was a suggestion that it would be good to just come to the set firstly.

There is no reason to reconsider for someone who hasn’t even made a debut. If he listens Jin says this is not much or something, it will bother him for no reason.

Ian was going to use Jin as his own Wiki after his debut. It was time for Jin’s information to be of little use in the current situation where he has to reveal what to reveal.

‘Still, I think I’ll have a few lines if I get a call.’

He was nervous because he didn’t receive the script in advance.

And the question of why there was no script in advance was solved. Ian was firstly surprised to see the director’s face. He was secondly surprised by the author’s name. And he was surprised again to see the main actor he will exchange lines with.

[Wow. Now that I see it, it’s not an easy combination to get together like this.]

Jin wandered around them as if it was interesting. Ian also nodded.

First, Writer Jung Ji Yoon. Because her fickleness is so excessive, the scenario she’s writing changes like playing chase. Because of that character, she is called the Queen of Scripts.

Nevertheless, the writing was good and the work continued. She is conscious of the director and actors whether she is aware of blowing side scripts. Therefore, she’s quite tolerant of the actor’s sudden behavior.

Main actor Jo Min Hwan. An insider in the entertainment industry that seniors and juniors say together. He was a person with a good personality, good sociability, and even splashing ideas.

‘I haven’t worked with that director, so I don’t know. What do you know?’

[Excellent directing skills and polite. Good at collecting opinions. But the downside is that he’s too generous. Put it badly, he’s gullible.]

And what the three have in common. That is the ad-lib lover.

The 3 Great Improvisers who will also become famous in the future gathered in one drama.

“First of all, I apologize for calling in a hurry without telling you in advance.”

“That’s not it, Director Cha.”

Ian greeted with a bow. Director Cha handed over the script.

“I enjoyed your acting in High School 2017. I heard from Director Lee that you have a good memory… You can do it, right?”

“Thank you for the opportunity.”

He’s polite too. Director Cha giggled. The Director asked for a few more things and immediately immersed himself in his work. It was a scene where the main actors talked while having lunch.

Without even looking at it, Ian stood in a suitable place and looked at the script. It was a delivery man role according to the director, but there were not many lines as expected.

‘Ad-lib lovers have gathered, but it’s too bad to just follow the script.’

[I know I know. You’re a fool if you miss this opportunity.]

Hmm… Ian immersed himself in the script. These days he was busy with the content for the album as the choreography practice and recording overlapped, so he was not familiar with the overall synopsis of this drama. Ian glanced at Jin.

[Honestly, I know well about the writer, director, and actors. But I don’t know because I don’t watch dramas well.]

The wiki is poor. Ian pouted his mouth and carefully looked at the script from beginning to end.

[How’s it?]

‘I think I get the hang of it?’

Hiya, this friend is so handsome”.

“Hello, sunbae nim.”

“Don’t be too stiff~ Call me hyung. You’re the delivery man? What’s your name? I can talk casually, right?”

“Yes, hyung. My name is Choi Ian.”

“The name is also worth the face. I’m Jo Min Hwan.”

Jo Min Hwan, who just finished filming, approached Ian. Playing a veteran detective, he was wearing a pistol holster on his side. The other main actor who played the profiler didn’t come because he had a solo scene.

“No wonder there were a lot of people around here.”


“People have been looking at you for a while, didn’t know?”

When Ian looked around, some people turned their heads. They were minor actors and the filming staff who were free. Even the actors’ staff stood around Ian. When Ian seemed to have noticed, the crowd scattered like dust.

“Hmm… There’s no need to run away like that.”

Ian scratched his head. In the meantime, a small woman rushed and fixed Jo Min Hwan’s makeup. At the same time, she didn’t forget to glance at Ian.

“Min Ji, you. Look at that, her ears are red.”

“It is not!”

“It is okay to watch openly.”

Jo Min Hwan laughed at Choi Ian, who spoke without changing his face. Then he told the staff around him, ‘I like him’. Some staff laughed. A camera filming the behind-the-scenes of the drama approached them due to the disturbance.

Choi Ian became quite brazen. Honestly, it would be a deception if he was shy about attention with this face. Ian set the line as ‘I know the best that I’m handsome and I’m the best’.

“But don’t you look too rich to be a delivery man?”

Jo Min Hwan’s stylist was already attached to Ian’s side. She stared at Ian’s face as if she were trying to satisfy her selfishness.

“Your bangs are long, so I think it’ll be okay if I touch them like this… Ah, do you have a separate staff by the way?”

Unnecessary interference can become an act of exceeding authority. Ian shook his head.

“No, not yet…”

“Min Ji, what about this oppa?”

Oppa will be upset? Jo Min Hwan lowered his shoulders. Still, he couldn’t hide his natural physique. Ian laughed haha. He has always been the same person.

Even during Kim Yong Min’s days, he was a person who carefully cared for each of the unnoticed minor roles. He is an actor who has just taken on the lead role currently, but he will star in two movies with 10 million viewers in the future.

“Did you finish reading the script?”

“Yes. But…”

“So there’s something?”

No matter if he is an ad-lib lover, Ian thinks there is a line to keep. Even in his previous life, Ian decided at least to match with the other actor in advance when he was playing ad-lib.

“This part. Can I add some lines?”

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