Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 4

Acceptance Contract Given to Him.

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BHL Entertainment occupied an entire building. First of all, Ian liked that they had capital power.


Image management is important. Ian greeted everyone from the moment he entered the agency building.

“Wow, did you see that?”

“Awesome, I thought there was some kind of walking light.”

“Ju Min ssi really strike it big.”

BHL Entertainment employees, who were returning from lunch, opened their mouths wide at the sight of Ian brought by Park Ju Min.

Park Ju Min puffed up for no reason at those responses. It was a shocking appearance even just from across the road, so it was natural.

The female employees rushed when Ian entered the conference room. They scrambled to and from each other saying ‘I’m going in’.

The reason is that he has to write down simple personal information before auditioning. And of course, the documents had to be brought by an employee.

“What’s all this fuss about? What’s going on?”

Heok, Director! It is a jackpot!”

“Ju Min ssi did a street casting and brought him here. It’s really dope!”

The passing by Seo Su Ryeon, a director of BHL Entertainment, joined them in front of the conference room. She couldn’t figure out the features with opaque sheets, but she liked that he has white skin for now.

“Is he that amazing?”

“His face is incredible!”

“I saw a halo at that moment.”

“He’s just a celebrity, a celebrity.”

Is it enough for the employees to unbuckle and run like this? Who is it did he bring.

While Seo Su Ryeon was wondering. Park Ju Min, who had just printed and brought the documents, triumphantly walked through them. Anyone who saw it might think that he scored a goal in a match between Korea and Japan.

“Would you also want to come in with me, Director?”

“So you are confident, Ju Min ssi? Finally, Ju Min ssi will shine too?”

“Because I found an epic gem.”

“Is that so? Can I come in too?”

Park Ju Min has been the youngest of the Planning Team for 3 years.1 The youngest in here also refers to the lowest in ranking. Because in Korea’s corporate system, seniority and rank are directly proportional except in some cases.

He had brought some fine trainees since joining the company, but they flew to other agencies a few months later. They were tempted by other agencies. In short, he did all the work and someone else got the result.

Since then, Park Ju Min has been doing what he was told to do without any motivation. It’s been a long time since his confident attitude.

“You’ve been waiting long, right? Can you fill out the documents before the audition?”


And Seo Su Ryeon, who followed Park Ju Min, hardened like a stone statue on the spot. She saw the light. Epic gem? Approve. A very golden approvement.

* * *

[The soundproofing isn’t good.]

‘I know.’

Ian smirked. The employees’ fuss was loud.

‘By the way, the woman who was about to come in seems didn’t like me.’

[I don’t think so.]

Seo Su Ryeon, who was about to follow Park Ju Min, hardened briefly on the spot then suddenly ran out of the conference room.

[She just said ‘CEO is above, right?’.]

‘What, can you do wiretap?’

[Huh. I can record it if you want.]

It is a very scary camera. Ian wrote down all his personal information and leaned against the backrest. It seems she liked it enough to summon the CEO.

It may not be understandable to be anxious with this face, but sometimes those with striking appearance were released from the debut group to paint the overall picture of the group. 2 About the visual balance. It will be just a thorn in the eyes.

Although those kids came in because they wanted to be idols, people said ‘You look like an actor.’ and gently blow air around. And most of the time, they tended to fall to that temptation.

Ian warmed up his throat. Ah- aah, this body has a wide vocal range. As he went up to the high notes smoothly, his inborn vocal cords also seem to be good.

What kind of a damn cheat body is this that has everything. Maybe it really was born to ask to be an idol.

Perhaps the latent luck in Kim Yong Min’s soul was well applied to Choi Ian’s body as he returned to his original body.

‘So, how’s it now?’

[They said they can write a contract right away without auditioning?]

‘I don’t quite like that…’

[Anyway, the CEO said ‘Let’s still have an audition.’. Oh, going down. They’re putting chairs in the practice room.]

This camera has bizarre hands and also capable of multitasking. There are still some doubtful aspects, but he thought it was good the Grim Reaper gave a helper.

It’s a little tough, but it’s fortunate since it’s on my side, right? Ian closed his eyes and thought about what to sing until the employee came.

“You can audition now, right? Can you please follow me?”

Ian opened his eyes.


“You said he’s that handsome?”

“Yes, because he is. CEO Lee, you have to get the contract out right away. You will regret it if you miss it.”

Lee Byung Hun, CEO of BHL Entertainment, swept his chin at Seo Su Ryeon’s fuss. It was rough because he didn’t shave.

His company was preparing for the next boy group following Black Rush.

He has been preparing really ambitiously for a few years and had mobilized all the company’s manpower. The next group is a 7-member group and only selected the best out of more than 30 trainees who received auditions periodically.

[Exclusive] ‘Black Rush’ Younger Brother Group Is Coming… ‘BHL-BOYS’ Revealed

After the company’s training, set next year as the debut due date, distributed articles to the media, and debut initiation was on the way. There was a problem with the plan that was supposed to lead to a solid foundation.

One trainee came to the company with his parents and notified his resignation!

‘Our Young Jun is sick, so please cancel his trainee contract.’

‘Mother, you know that our kids are about to debut soon. Young Jun is the main vocalist.’

‘Enough, please cancel it.’

They said it was a health problem and even took out a medical certificate, so as the CEO, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and terminate the contract.

However, he had an estimation from a glance as a CEO who is well aware of this floor. Kim Young Jun transferred to another company under the table. It was also a big agency that could make him let go of an immediate debut.

‘Did you hear? That Young Jun went to MJ Entertainment?’

‘There is industry reputation, but how could they steal a kid from debut group?’

‘Do the kids know this news? It’s no good if they know…’

It was the situation when songs had been received to some extent and the choreographer also had been hired in advance, but one person suddenly left.

Besides, although that trainee was not of the main vocalist grade, he was skilled second only to a main.

Back to now, the main vocalist with a great face was not so common even if you hastily selected someone for an audition.

However, to give up the 7-member group and make a debut as a 6-member group, even numbers are not good considering the choreography. Because one person will be buried or the shape is not symmetrical.

After thinking about it for a long time, a person who made the company in a fuss appeared.

* * *

An improvised audition hall with portable chairs was set up in the practice room. Perhaps rumors had spread about the new warrior, so almost everyone was gathered except for the employees who were away.

Employees who could not sit on the chairs sat on the floor plopped down on the floor. Wow, this much? CEO Lee just skimmed through the personal information that Park Ju Min had copied in anticipation and nervousness.

It was such an urgent document, so of course, there was no identification photo.

“I am sorry. It is a trainee audition since a while. So, there will be a lot of employees.”

“It is okay. It would be nice to have a lot of people watching.”

The conversation with the employee who opened the door hastily was heard. First, his voice is good. CEO Lee, who raised his head, gasped and swallowed his breath before maintaining his poker face.

If it is that visual, it is acceptable even if he is clumsy on stage. Oh my god, where in the world did you get that guy from. Was it Planning Team’s Park Ju Min? I’ll give him a lot of incentives later. He coughed in vain, trying to hide the corners of his lips that were about to rise.

“There are… so many.”

Wow, he is handsome even with a troubled smile. CEO Lee glared at the employees around him. If you bend over from the beginning, the kid’s manner will get worse. No. If it’s that face, it’s okay to have a bit bad manner. CEO Lee’s heart fluctuated.

On the other hand, Ian was a little nervous. It was the first time in his long audition life that all employees came out to watch.

Ian put the guitar on his back to the front. Because first impressions are important. He lowered his upper body to 90 degrees.

“Hello. My name is Choi Ian, 17 years old. Please take good care of me.”

The employees cheered and applauded regardless of the CEO’s attention. The CEO did not appear to be authoritative.

Regardless of the ranks, the atmosphere was warm and the feeling was very good. Jin who was floating beside said ‘Am I right? It’s a good company’ with a shrug.

“Hm hm… I saw you brought a guitar, so you must have prepared a song? Can you play it for us?”


“You don’t have to be nervous. Take it easy.”

Wow, he doesn’t speak informally3It’s hard to convey this in English, but the CEO talks with a friendly yet respectful speech. Characterized by -yo endings. . Choi Ian, who used to live in a small company, gradually liked this company. It is common to bluff and speaks informally at first meet just because they are CEO, although they are from nothing to see companies that have nothing.

This CEO did not put airs as the CEO and spoke politely. He wondered if this was due to Ian’s overwhelming face.

“Then I will get started.”

Ian cleared his throat and put his hand on the guitar. It was a song by a male singer who became an American teen star. It was an attractive song that started with a low note at first but struck a high note at the ending part.

“… Oh my gosh.”

As soon as they heard the first verse, the eyes of the CEO, the Director, and other employees became hazy. His voice is… so good.

The serene low notes and the occasional scratching of the vocal cords’ voice matched the song well even though it was not rock music. At the last neatly rising high notes, they almost gave a standing ovation.

Oh my gosh, he also sings well with that face. A female employee let out an exclamation.

As the sun was setting, Ian left BHL Entertainment with a grin. What happened to the audition? The acceptance contract given to him informed the outcome.

* * *

“Such a pity. Such a bummer. Shall I grab him right now and change the contract?”

Ei. That is not cool.”

Seo Su Ryeon dissuaded CEO Lee’s assertion that he should go immediately and change it to an artist contract instead of a trainee contract.

“Still, I hope he can contact us soon.”

“I know, yeah.”

CEO Lee and Seo Su Ryeon came out to the hallway and wished eagerly. It was truly a gem not to be missed.

Thank you for your hard work! Energetic voices were heard from a practice room next door. Trainees from BHL Entertainment, who were practicing dance, were leaving the practice room.

“Guys, stir-fried pork for today. Call?”

“Ah, I’m bored of stir-fried pork… How about pork cutlet?”

“Pork cutlet call!”

“Uh? Hello!”

“Hello CEO Lee!”4 It’s not sounds nice in English. “Annyeonghaseyo Daepyonim!” Sounds better, but hard to read. I want to change all the ‘hello’ to ‘annyeonghaseyo’ but it’s too much, right?

Trainees, who were wiping sweat with towels, greeted the employees loudly.

Right, I thoroughly trained them in greetings. CEO Lee, who was somewhat pleased, nodded.

“Do you guys just see CEO Lee and don’t see me?”

“Hello, Director Seo!”

Seo Su Ryeon said with a snicker. It was a joke, not a harsh tone.

“Who just came? It was busy.”

Huh, someone just auditioned. All the employees came in, you know.”

“Really? So, there must be something.”

“It was a total jackpot. I wish he could sign the contract right away.

“Is that so?”

“But I still have a good feeling. I think he will sign the contract.”

One trainee retorted soullessly.

“What contract… It would be nice if he won’t resign.”

He is the future’s AWY member, who began his trainee career at the age of 8, went through 3 failed debuts, and moved back-and-forth between agencies.

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