Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 17

Hope They Don’t Go Through That.

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After Thursday’s music show, Friday was the day of a music show at public station K.

[You’re going to have a hard time today. You didn’t have something like this in your past life, right?]

‘It’s my first time seeing openly setting the stage to film on the way to work.’

‘On the way to work’ for rehearsal that starts at 6:30 am. Since the press and fans gathered together to take pictures, of course, they had to finish all preparations at the shop from dawn, and they had to take care of the plain clothes they wear.

If asking is there any order for ‘on the way to work’, then it isn’t. If there was an unusual fandom, there is the case where they would jump over the fence and run to the singer.

“What if the reaction is not good when we get off?”

“A great senior has already passed by too.”

“Ah, what the. It’s like I’m going to be traumatized when I hear that.”

The members who had already woken up giggled. Seeing that they laugh a lot, they must be nervous. To warm up the atmosphere, Ian said.

Eii, it’s not that bad. There is me.”

“Woah such a jerk, but I can’t refute it because it seems right.”

“I wanted to hit him for a moment, but when I saw his face, I quit.”

Ian’s narcissistic face was persuasive. But there was another reason.

“Because we went to the cafe yesterday, a lot of people will come though?”

As yesterday’s proof shots and videos were uploaded, the community started to heat up with a post saying ‘Do they really recognize?’.

‘They really recognized.’ ‘No, it’s fake, there were so many people, so how did they recognize?’ ‘Wasn’t it the agency’s work?’. As many such comments come up, Awy fans, who participated in the recording, posted proof of the public recording photo card and started the talk of ‘Go tomorrow for real?’ ‘Go and find out?’ in earnest.

“But seriously, how did you know?”

“It’s just a feeling. I’m good at things like that.”

Lee Joo Hyuk asked curiously, but he couldn’t say ‘In fact, the soul of a former Homma who followed me told me’ so he covered it up that his hunches are unusually good.

“Are you not a human, but a robot?”

“You got me. Human, you must die.”

Jo Tae Woong poked Ian’s cheek. Ian responded with a grumbling mouth.

“Guys, we’re here”.

“How do I look?”

“The back hair is pressed. Didn’t the hairstylist boss tell you not to lean your head against the backrest?”

Ian touched Jo Tae Woong’s hair, but the pressed hair could not be saved. Jo Tae Woong got out of the car with a resigned look. As soon as he got out of the car, he opened his eyes wide at the flash. In addition, cheers of fans were also heard.

“What’s going on?”

“They’re probably taking pictures as a courtesy.”

Ian got out of the car, grabbing Jo Tae Woong by the shoulder. Lights were twinkling everywhere.

There were more crowds than Ian expected. Was there anyone who could gather these many people among the singers who came out today?

He headed to the marked photo zone with the members. They shouted the group’s slogan and took time to take pictures in the order of left, center, and right.

“Ian saranghae!”

“Tae Woong is sexy!”

A person who appears to be a male fan shouted. The members burst out to laugh.

[He’s not a fanboy with a high probability.]

‘Then who’s it?’

[A proxy photographer. It’s probably because singers are more aggroed by men than women, so they shout like that.]

They are people who attend all kinds of schedules, take pictures, and sell data. Does this make money? But surprisingly, it really makes money. Hommas who can’t run on schedule due to circumstances buy it or those who buy for personal collection.

[Your fans who came yesterday are here again.]


Ian found the blue dot. Two dots away from the photo zone were sparkling at the entrance of the broadcasting station.

“Really came?”

“Who? Yesterday’s fan?”

The members looked at Ian at his surprised sound. The members left the photo zone and waved their hands at the fan Ian found on the way into the broadcasting station.

Looking closely, it was also a fan that Ian remembers the face. Since he couldn’t forget the fan’s very happy expression even until he lay in bed and slept after the schedule.

“Yesterday, in front of the cafe!”

“Hello! Are you here to see us again today?”

Lee Joo Hyuk and Kim Ju Young also took a step closer, as if they had remembered. Of course, the opposite side shouted and made a fuss. Ian also greeted the blue dot behind that fan.

“You came yesterday, right? Pre-recording.”

“How did you recognize me?!”

I didn’t even go to the cafe, though? The surroundings are more surprised by the fan’s fuss.

“I know everything.”

“I’m going to pre-recording today, too!”

“Oh yeah? Then I’ll pretend to know you even on stage.”

There may be controversy over preference to only one fan, but when would he do it again after this fourth day of debut. And if there is a controversy, he can also notice other fans one by one.

Ian also laughed along with the fan’s ‘kyaaar’ laughter. The other members looked at Ian as if looking at a strange creature.

“I guess Ian is a ghost. Ian told us everything yesterday, too.”

“Woah is Choi Ian a maphack?”

Fans laughed at Jo Tae Woong’s voice. Is this how I get the ‘maphack’ nickname.

It was crowded and they couldn’t go forward, so the manager dragged them in. But it was enough time to become a hot topic.

Several reporters who heard the source nearby wrote articles, and reporters who received the articles posted articles one by one.

Awy, ‘7 Flower Boys With Fluttering Coolness’

[Pic] Awy, ‘Came Yesterday, Right?’ Rookie Idol That Recognizes Fans

As the years of experience accumulate, it is easy to recognize people who are always present. However, it is not easy for a rookie who just debuted to recognize fans who participated in the pre-recording once. It was early in the morning, but keywords related to Awy emerged as real-time hashtags and disappeared.


Why does this broadcasting station film all singers on their way to work from dawn? It was because of this time. There is a dry rehearsal schedule in the morning.

‘Why are you doing this when all the pre-recordings are already being sent out? Isn’t it inefficient?’

[It’s a tradition. After the broadcast, all gather together and say greetings to the PD.]


It was also like that during Kim Yong Min’s time, but it hasn’t disappeared yet. Ian clicked his tongue.

In the hall where the stage will be held, the production team and the cast sit in their seats and watch the stage.

If you wait with a large name tag with your name on the chest, the staff will call the group with a mic and hold rehearsal in turn.

The order of Awy was right in the middle. They’re not in the front order since they’re ‘hot debut’.

“Will all the seniors watch us live?”

“Big burden.”

Ian smiled meaningfully while listening to the members’ lamentations.

‘If it’s a big burden now, what to do later…’

[Why later?]

‘…Can hear it right?’

[Woah… Although it’s a rehearsal, it can’t be done roughly.]

The order right after the singer performing on stage had to wear in-ears and mics in advance to speed up the process.

Therefore, the sound of the person right before you flows out through the in-ear. Just music sounds? Even the sound of breathing can be heard clearly.

Jin was shocked to hear the song playing from one of Ian’s in-ears.

[So bad at singing. All thanks to AR.]

‘If they’re doing it while dancing that much, it’s good.’

[Isn’t it deceitful for you to say that?]

The order right before them was Galaxy Boyz, who had the last broadcast today. When someone’s voice cracked through the in-ear, the members’ expressions slightly hardened.

They’re at the peak age to act cool, and in addition, the order right after them is a girl group. Ian smiled quietly as he saw the members suddenly looking for water.

“Next, Awy please come out.”

The production team and singers watched closely the rookie group that got up fast and went up to the stage.

“It’s their debut stage today.”

“Isn’t he the Delivery Boy? So, it’s this group.”

The production team glanced at them as they organized the movement of the singer in front.

“So, he finally debuts.”

“Do you know anyone? Where I’ve seen him often before?”

Among the singers waiting in their seats were some acquaintances who made their own debut as different groups after being trainees together.

‘Ah, my throat is a bit tight.’

Whether the other members were nervous or not, Ian warmed up his voice comfortably with in-ears on. When his powerful good voice resounded through the hall, surprised looks were felt.

“I’ve never seen a rookie warming up his voice like that.”

“Good spirit~ What to do if his voice cracks after coming out like that.”

There were small murmurs from the seats, but Ian couldn’t hear them because he was wearing in-ears. Several members arranged their ear mics, the rappers Lee Joo Hyuk, Park Jin Hyuk, and main vocalist Choi Ian lightly grabbed the hand mics.

“Always by your side! Hello, we are Awy!”

After short maintenance, they did a group greeting.

“Standby, Awy AR please.”

The song began with the staff’s sign and Ian picked up his mic. It was a slightly stiff and low voice, but it couldn’t hide his natural singing ability.

It was an appearance that did not lose any single note while performing a perfect group dance with tight beats.

“Oh? They’re doing good.”

The PD looked at the stage as if it was unexpected. Rookies are often burdened with this place where everyone is gathered, so they might crack their voice or the choreography doesn’t match. But this group was disciplined as if it was a live broadcast.

“You can put them in.”

“Not bad.”

The PD discussed something with the person next to him. The nodding person next to him was the PD in charge of this broadcasting station’s year-end music festival.


After the dry rehearsal, Awy headed to the waiting room. Today was also a partition waiting room. When can we use the private waiting room in the new building?

“Guys, we have two more rehearsals left. Get some sleep.”

Everyone sat on the floor at the manager’s words. It’s not only in the morning. There is an intermediate rehearsal and a final camera rehearsal. And even pre-recording.

There is interim leave time, but those who do not have a separate schedule are waiting indefinitely at the broadcasting station.

“And you all know that there’s a fan signing event afterward, right?”


“Then I’ll lie down first.”

“Ah, Choi Ian. That’s a foul.”

Ian lay in the corner to hide his momentary dark expression.

[Why do you look so dead?]

‘I thought of bad memories about the fan signing event.’

It was when Choi Ian was Kim Yong Min when he was active in Diamond. Most of the controversies over singers’ fan signing events are the controversy over discrimination, such as that singers repeatedly say the same thing and are insincere or that they respond well to pretty girls.

On the contrary, there are also insults received from people who idols think are fans.

Diamond was really one of the most unheard of with only 70 people coming for the capacity of 100 people where people win just by buying two albums. Because of that, there were only old figures1고인물(go.in.mul) or stagnant water. People who belong to it(fandom or anything) for a long time. left that everyone who attended every time was familiar.

And if there’s a new face? Most of them were trying to hold entertainers’ hands at a low price as if looking for a host bar2I hope you know what it is. A more known concept on the Japanese side. .

‘I seriously don’t like you.’

‘Can you tell me why you don’t like me?’

‘Just don’t like it. I don’t understand why you’re the main vocalist and why you have a lot of parts. Practice singing more.’

And when that long-time fan, who knows her face well, openly disparages his efforts in front of him, it hurts even if he was an entertainer who is familiar with criticism.

‘When is the next coming out? I’m tired.’

‘What should I do for you to be better?’

‘Your dance this time is bad. Practice dancing more.’

Malicious slander by a person who he thought was a fan. Of course, most of the fans who said this were kkappas3까빠. Fans that both love and hate their star. and malicious individual fans who liked other members more than himself. Still, they were the remaining people who were fans of their group.

Under the right of being a fan, they dare to spend money to go to the fan signing event and come to abuse power as if they were the president of a company.

‘I purposely wore a low-cut shirt to meet you. How’s it? Nice, right?’

And he did not shy away from harassment since people are not interested in unheard-of idols even if there is a controversy.

‘I’ll always be cheering for you, Yong Min-ah.’

Of course, he also remembers real fans who come often, but the memory of hearing bad words remains a trauma and cannot be forgotten for life.

‘I spent this much money on you, so you can listen this much, right?’. Compensation mentality. When their fan heart cools down, the usual faces that always attend disappear one by one.

After all, idol singers can be replaced with other young people like shopping for them.

[Can’t you just openly say that you don’t like it or don’t do it?]

‘I couldn’t. They could go to a better group if they wanted, but they were everything to me.’

[I’ve heard of such things happening, but there was an experienced person here.]

Ian smiled bitterly. The time when the face he always sees suddenly couldn’t be found and accidentally saw that person holding a light stick of another group.

The under-populated fan signing events where empty seats are gradually increasing. The times when they don’t have money to go to music shows and events don’t call them saying that they’re not popular.

‘I hope they don’t go through that.’

[And you who became Choi Ian, too?]

‘That’s right.’

Ian laughed at the members who got up halfway at one point and silently had a pillow fight.

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