Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 14

Debut Showcase. (1)

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After Ian’s additional filming was aired, ‘Black Out’ occupied the real-time search term. With the identity of the Killer that has been hidden under the veil and the realistic screaming performance of the Delivery Boy, it reclaimed first place in viewership rating in the same period.

-Wasn’t blackout super dope?

-So lit

-But who’s the delivery boy

-It said he’s going to debut as an idol?

Of course, the portal site’s reaction also exploded. This time the agency did not particularly do any marketing.

-Promoting a group that will debut soon (data alert)

(tl;dr) (NOruiningthispromotionpost)

They’re the group of black out delivery boy yup

-Second half of the year rookie boy band debut teaser

This is because people who have been watching with interest for a long time voluntarily posted promotion posts.

As word-of-mouth spreads, some Homma create home page accounts. It was to get a quick lead and attract followers.

-Shall we go film them?

-Showcase tickets still on sale go go

Showcase tickets were not free. Tickets, which had been priced at 10,000 won to prevent no-show1When a reservation is booked but no one comes up on the scheduled day or is canceled abruptly. , quickly sold out.

“It was sold out?”


And this news also spread to the trainees. Their eyes, which had sunken because they couldn’t sleep properly, were immediately filled with vitality.

“Crazy. Won’t we become superstars if it’s like this?!”

Everyone laughed at Jo Tae Woong’s fuss. Superstars just because the showcase is sold out once. He already drank too much kimchi soup.2 Referring to the idiom equal to “don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”.

But Ian also felt good. There was no mention of them anywhere, let alone the debut showcase in his previous life.

‘How was it in the past?’

[Well, maybe 300 people came?]

The 300 people in the past became 1,000 people. With the present gradually changing from the past, there is hope.

[I-One was in Gocheok. 20,000 people. A thousand is still far away.]

‘You. Don’t keep talking about them.’

As can be seen, Jin was also good at being a party-pooper.

“Guys, you know it starts now, right? Watch your words and actions. Also, say greetings diligently. You know, right?”


Manager Park Dong Soo made a new request. The trainees couldn’t control their gradually rising cheekbones and eventually screamed.

“Don’t regret if your face is stuffy like a steamed bun in the article pictures, so go home early and sleep.”

The manager sighed on how to control those fussy brats and left the practice room.

12th December 2017. They are finally making their debut.


Hannam-dong B Square3 Blue Square. A performance venue by Interpark. Not just music concerts but musicals (usually by foreign performers) are also held here. . Trainees in training suits went up on the stage. It was a performance hall with up to three floors, so the ceiling looked spacious and open.

“Owh, it’s cold.”

“Isn’t it bigger than expected?”

“We are performing here?”

Park Jin Hyuk looked around. The seats are not all full until the third floor. Only the first floor was scheduled to be filled. The second floor was the seats for family and acquaintances.

‘Isn’t the stage and audience seat quite close?’

[If you make a mistake, it’ll be obvious.]

Based on the water bottle placed in the center of the stage, the members took their positions. The debut showcase was scheduled to feature a total of three songs.

The first is a light ballad song, so they sit down and start. The second was a song in which Lee Joo Hyuk and Park Jin Hyuk participated. And the last one was the title song.

“Wow… What’s that?”

The sound of Ian warming up his voice without a microphone rang the performance hall. The sound engineers raised their heads and fixed their eyes on the stage.

“Such an amazing voice.”

“Don’t we need to turn down his mic volume?”

When each of them sat in a chair and took a posture, the sound engineer played the prepared AR4All Recorded. The music file where everything is recorded from the instrument and the singing voice. Tho, I think it should be MR in this case but… I just put what the author wrote. . A ballad song with a piano melody and feeling like a stormy lighthouse was played.

“The song is good.”

The sound engineer glanced at the stage while adjusting the sound. Choi Ian started the intro with a husky voice to suit the mood of the song.

They thought he was an incompetent visual member from a glance, but his voice is unusual. As the song reached the climax, they were amazed to hear the voice that easily hit the high notes. He has a good timbre and is rich in the vocal range.

“I once played Teacher5The Teacher title here is used to call people with great seniority or well respected in any field, regardless of the speaker’s affiliation. Kim’s live a few years ago. Kyaa~ Teacher Kim is a real legend. He was very amazing.”

“I’m so jealous you jerk. Are you bragging?”

“That’s not it. That guy feels like Teacher Kim.”

“Ah, don’t be over the top. To put soon debuted chicks and Teacher Kim together. If you want to compare, compare it properly.”

Am I exaggerating? He didn’t let go of his gaze on the stage while thinking that. At least, the sound engineer thought it was unrivaled than other idol debut teams.

After the ballad song ended, two ARs were played. The title was dominated by intense choreography with high difficulty.

“They’re going to make it”.

No one had a faster or slower tempo, whether they had matched the sum well. The choreography of seven people jumping at the same time was cool even for the same man.

* * *

Rehearsal is also like the real thing. The members watched the rehearsal video and gave feedback on what was lacking. The rehearsal video was scheduled to be uploaded shortly after the debut showcase.

“Seo Dam’s expression is so hard here.”

“Look at Jo Tae Woong’s wink. Disgusting…”

“What’s disgusting. Isn’t that too harsh? Then, how about you do something about that expression. I can feel the evilness from your smile.”

“What evilness! Aargh!”

Kim Ju Young and Jo Tae Woong giggled even while dissing each other. Everyone laughed at Jo Tae Woong’s joke. It seems it’s good to debut. They looked like they would laugh even when seeing a passing bird.

“It’s obvious that Seo Dam was looking at the lyrics below. You have to keep your eyes on the camera.”

“Ah… I guess I’m nervous.”

People don’t memorize all the lyrics when performing. The lyrics appear on the prompter located in the performance hall, which is often used at concerts and live broadcasts.

“We need to keep our expressions until the end, though? Look at Choi Ian struggling to death here.”

“Really? Eaargh…”

Ian hurriedly watched the video. At the end of the music, Kim Hyun found Ian’s loosened expression because it was hard for a moment. 6For those who don’t understand. Ian struggles with the dance, so after the music ends, his face shows that he just passed an ordeal even for a moment.

“Still, the choreography matched well. We can just do it like this.”

Lee Joo Hyuk patted everyone’s shoulders with a proud expression.

“Guys, we need to get ready soon.”

Manager Park Dong Soo knocked on the waiting room door. The members moved to a powder room provided in the performance hall.

The staff dispatched from the contracted shop7It’s rare for Korean celebs to have personal stylists or make-up artists. Mostly went to a place called “shop” to have make-up and hair styled before going to their schedule. touched their hairstyles and started to put on stage make-up.

Hyung, your head is bleeding.”

“Then, are you watering the plants?”

“Owh… I thought Christmas was already here.”

Everyone dyed their hair except for Jo Tae Woong and Ian, who maintained black hair due to their appearances in the dramas.

“I’m going to have purple hair for the next album.”

Jo Tae Woong muttered.

Park Seo Dam was dark green ash and Kim Ju Young was red. Water in each dyed hair color was dripping with the sweat flowing from the intense rehearsal.

“I’ll have to clean this right after the stage is over”.

“Woah, Ian received the make-up well.”

“His face is already complete.”

Despite the busy staff going back and forth, their chatter did not stop. Ian, who finished his make-up, changed into the prepared stage costume.

“Wow, our costumes are?”

“Isn’t that cool?”

When the staff brought a mobile clothes rail, all the members gathered. Each of them took out clothes with their name tags and looked at them for a long time. The stylist swept her nose at the appearance.

The specially made stage costumes gave the impression of uniforms. The details of the attached metal decorations were different for each member, so it seemed they have spent quite the money. It was heard that the stylist has 8 years of experience in cosplay costume alone.

“Guys! Before getting dressed, please attach the in-ear and mic first!”

The stylists and staff hurriedly told the members to take off their clothes on the spot. Park Dong Soo brought a large box and held it in front of them.

“Your in-ear monitors came out.”


“When CEO Lee comes, say thank you.”

When the debut teaser photo was taken, a stranger came to measure their ear sizes. It was because of the custom in-ears, which was a debut gift from the CEO of the agency.

[Isn’t it a named maker? Seeing each have separate designs, it’ll be at least 3 million.]


Each of their initials was engraved on the in-ears. It wasn’t just engraved, but embedded with cubic8Cubic Zirconia. A type of synthetic diamond. . It will sparkle beautifully when it receives the stage light.

“As expected of Light King God CEO Lee.”

“Wow… Look at how shiny this is.”

The members lifted the in-ear case with delight.

* * *

The members put on costumes with the help of the stylists and chatted loudly.

[It’s good that the kids aren’t nervous.]

‘They’re probably really nervous, though?’

[Oh yeah?]

After more than a year together, he was able to roughly grasp what they’re feeling. Although they used to talk a lot, the fact that they talk and laugh more than usual is proof that they are quite nervous.

After putting on stage costumes, make-up, and even setting the hairstyles, the tired trainees suddenly became idols.

“Aren’t you guys pretty cool?”

Hyung is cool too, though?”

When Lee Joo Hyuk spoke, the other members laughed.

Ian didn’t know because he didn’t think about it separately, but now that he thinks about it, the average appearance of the members is quite high.

The time was already past 3:30. There is a press showcase at 4 pm. The article was scheduled to be released immediately and the video was scheduled to be released after the release of the song at 6 pm.

These days, media companies are also taking and uploading videos one by one because they pay attention to video streaming sites.

“Guys, be careful with tongue slip. Whatever the question is, write it down on a paper first.”

Seo Su Ryeon, director of BHL Entertainment, sincerely requested. Dealing with reporters was one of the areas of education they received before debut. They had to be careful in answering because even trivial words were exaggerated to be published as an article. And it can be a plus factor if they take notes then answer even questions with obvious answers.

The press showcase will only show two songs excluding the ballad song due to time. This is because photos with choreography come out more diversely than static music.

“We’ll bring your family after the press showcase, so do your best.”

[Are your parents coming too?]

‘They’re busy and won’t be able to come, probably? How is it outside?’

[There are a lot of reporters, huh? There are more than before.]

It’s a stage where only reporters are invited, but there are more people than in previous life? Doesn’t it sound like he has been there before? Ian glanced at Jin sternly.

‘There are more people than before?’


‘It seems you must have been here in your past life? A press showcase for that?’

[Uh… I’ve been there. Don’t you know that the press passes are also traded in the back? Hommas buy press passes and come in advance]

Ian didn’t miss the momentary bewildered voice. In Ian’s eyes, Jin’s camera lens turned in a different direction. However, he couldn’t afford to think deeply. It’s time to go on stage.

Ian jumped lightly and relaxed his body. Let’s just do as much like the rehearsal. The members gathered one by one and formed a circle. When Lee Joo Hyuk reached out one hand silently, everyone put out their hands and covered it.

“Congratulations on your debut, guys. We’ll do well. We are who we are!”


Everyone shouted the group name while raising their hands overhead together.

The announcer in charge of hosting introduced them, and stage greetings began.

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