Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 19

Are We Going To Exile?

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She said she liked him before his debut since he was a trainee at a large agency. Even after Diamond debuted, she followed almost all schedules, so it was a face he had always seen.

She was Kim Yong Min’s Top Seed Homma, who steadily uploaded old photos even after he went through a lawsuit and the military.

Heol, Noona?’

‘I came here just because you were coming out here.’

She was also someone who was present at the place to meet fans before P.I. broadcast1The one where all trainees went to the street to introduce and promote themselves to the public. . She also put an ad on the subway to cheer for his debut and even when he turned into an actor, she sometimes posted a message on the fan cafe that she wouldn’t be unstanning and she missed him.

‘Woah, I got goosebumps.’

He was late to recall the face since memories of the past remained faint. How can she still come to me even now that my body has changed? Ian glanced at Jang Min Hee’s direction, but his hand mechanically signed the album.

[This is a flower garden of the heart2I don’t understand this… Will update when I find a meaningful metaphor or something else. . It’s easy to write that you’re still stanning. Do you think she didn’t stan other kids during your hiatus?]

That’s true. They don’t follow only one singer unconditionally just because they’re a Homma. They are people who run for two or three groups at once if they have free time.

‘Still, is the sincerity to follow me all the way to fan sign common?’

[What kind of sentimentality is this from the guy who knows everything about this floor. Is she the only fan?]

Ian’s heart, which had been excited about inner intimacy for no reason, cooled. Even such a special fan unstanned and changed to other singers.

It’s just that Ian’s case is unusual. Who would think that Choi Ian’s soul and Kim Yong Min were the same person?

‘But, somehow… That’s too bad.’

Even though he was amazed and happy that it was him when she was stanning again, he still had a bitter feeling at the thought that at least that person would like Kim Yong Min until the end.

That is exactly how far the relationship between a fan and a singer is. One-sided to each other but are distant people who leave at any time.


When Awy was busy wandering around the fan signing event after finishing airwave music shows, the company received a casting request.

The other party was a person in charge of the year-end broadcast who watched them on Friday’s music show.

“Did you say that our kids got cast?”

Director Seo Su Ryeon, who was passing by nearby, came into the conference room.

“Yes, they ask to come out on the 29th.”

“Good. You said we’ll do it, right?”

“Yes, but Director Seo…”

What’s this, when we didn’t even dream of the year-end stage. Seo Su Ryeon sat in a chair smiling. It was unconditionally okay when a rookie was cast for the year-end stage.

However, the person in charge of the casting work did not look very good.

“No way…”

Seo Su Ryeon sighed and repeatedly pressed down her temple.

“So, we’re not singing our own song?”

“Yes. They ask to do a cover stage…”

“No wonder. I wondered why they were letting out a rookie when the casting had already finished.”

Evil broadcasting guys. Seo Su Ryeon ground her teeth. To raise ratings, the year-end stage prioritized casting from highly recognized idols first. Rookies from large agencies sometimes enter, but it is a stage that small and medium-sized rookies cannot even dream of.

“Who is it this time?”

“It is M.U.N.”

“What song do they ask for?”

When thought it was difficult to enter, but they couldn’t even sing their own songs and got stuck in other group cover songs. It is also not a big hit song, but a song released during the downtrend.

“Seriously. From when is M.U.N. We say it well and call them 1st Gen idols, but they’re just like the idols’ fossils.”

“I know, right. But didn’t Director Seo say you were a fan of them too?”

Seo Su Ryeon avoided the gaze of the employee. She kept whining as if regretful.

It was the broadcasting station’s fixed repertoire to include rookies doing covers of old idols. There are many well-known groups and also many good songs among 2nd Gen, but it is always the 1st Gen. 3 Wiki links here for those who want to look up more. I also put an anchor link to a simplified(?) note in the end of this chapter. Boy Groups and Girl Groups and TL NOTE

“Black Rush is also appearing, so pay attention a little please.”

“I’ve talked about that too, but they said the seats are already full and to call ASAP if not going.”

“Doing ancestor cosplay in the yard where there are no ancestral rites these days, huh.”

“Then, should I call back that we’re not going to do it?”

That’s a different story. Seo Su Ryeon shook her head. She had to be very grateful that they were cast. Since it’s better to even come out for a few minutes at the year-end stage.

Maybe we’ll be assigned to a stage next year. Seo Su Ryeon turned on the positive thinking mode.

“And I also got a call to come out on the 31st. At least, they don’t ask for a cover song here.”

“31st? Station M? Nice. You said we’ll do it, right?”

Seo Su Ryeon’s expression brightened up again, but the employee also had a sullen look.

“But… The stage location…”

At the following words, Seo Su Ryeon’s expression turned into a scowl.


[Hey, you’re screwed.]

‘What nonsense are you suddenly saying?’

It was a time when they were waiting indefinitely until the main broadcast after pre-recording. Disappeared Jin popped up suddenly and delivered an ominous word before disappearing again.

‘What’s going on? Where are you going?’

And as if taking over Jin’s place, manager Park Dong Soo called everyone.

“Guys, you’re scheduled for the year-end stage.”

Heol, really? Daeebak.”

“Didn’t you say we can’t go out at the year-end?”

The sleeping members abruptly woke up.

“First of all, Station K on the 29th. It’s a M.U.N. cover stage.”

“We aren’t singing our song?”

At Lee Joo Hyuk’s words, the manager nodded. Then the members ‘Ah.’ expressed some disappointment. If other unheard-of idols hear it, they will say they are full, but they wanted to come out with their own song if possible.

“But it’s a cover song of a great senior, so you have to prepare well. We’ll give a choreo teacher.”

“Is that so?”

“Anyone who has heard this song?”

Still, everyone was greedy for the stage, so their expressions became serious. They were already looking for the assigned song.

“I know. Joo Hyuk hyung also knows, right?”

“Me? Dunno though?”

It was a familiar song to Ian, but as expected, the youngsters of a generation looked as if they had never heard of it.

No way, did Lee Joo Hyuk still not know even like this? Even though Ian sang a verse, he shook his head. My goodness. They are idols who are legendary in a way, though.

“But if it’s year-end, all relatives will watch it, right?”

“My mom will like it. My aunt always said we couldn’t make money because our name is unknown. Do you know when I heard that? It was exactly 4 days after our debut!”

It felt really nasty. We have to quickly become famous. Park Jin Hyuk was especially burning with a fighting spirit. Park Seo Dam lowered his shoulders.

“My mom and dad also heard something like that at the reunion…”

At his words, the jealous remarks of numerous relatives and parents’ acquaintances who boast about their sons4엄친아(eom.chin.ah), abbr. of ‘엄마 친구의 아들’ or ‘mom’s friend’s son’. The perfect guy who becomes a comparison subject in parents talk. passed by in their minds, raising everyone’s motivation.

“Woah, that’s really mean.”

“Then, how should we decorate the stage?”

“Remix? Will it look rude to the original artist?”

Seven people sat in a circle at one point and whispered about the stage. Since today is also a partition waiting room, they should not be a nuisance to other groups.

“Isn’t it okay to change the choreography a bit?”

“How about letting the first verse be as it is and changing the second verse?”

Ian also added an opinion. But this much isn’t screwed up, though? Jin doesn’t make a fuss over this. Ian tilted his head. He looked at the manager and asked.

“Anything else, hyung?”

“Yeah, on the 31st. We’re going to do our song and they’ll give us about 5 minutes. Also doing a new year bell strike together.”

“Bell strike?”

No way. It’s not the place I think it is, right? Ian found Jin in the air. Jin, who brought popcorn, was scattering popcorn in the air. It was Jin who is practicing ‘other people’s misfortune is my happiness’.

“Hmm… It’s going to be very cold there of course.”

The manager showed them the text message he received silently. Everyone’s faces turned dark.

[Location: Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri Park, Paju]

‘Oh… Fuck.’

[I offer my deepest condolences. Go well.]

“Imjingak…? For real?”

“Are we going to exile?”

Imjingak, the exile for the year-end music events has been revived. It’s the northern region where the wind is at a different dimension but they have to perform there while shivering in the cold.

“What exile. Guys, do you know how hard it is for a rookie to go to the year-end stage?”

The manager hardened his expression. It was a low voice just in case anyone could hear it.

“Even if others call it exile, you shouldn’t do that. Many kids watch it on TV at the dorm because they couldn’t even go to this stage.”


“You have to watch your mouth, guys. Otherwise, you may not even be going to exile next year and be immediately buried into the ground.”

He was like a veteran who was in charge of Black Rush. Diamond was also called Imjingak-only group, but they weren’t even called when the group rode Mangdol Tech.

The members bowed their heads. Their nerves were loosened as they also often heard the encouragement words at the fan signing event.

“I’m sorry for letting down the mood, but don’t ignore my words. Let me know if you need anything.”

Hyung, then please buy a lot of hot packs used in the army.”

Ian replied with a resigned voice.


Awy, Year-End Stages Sortie… ‘To Present Explosive Stage’

ㄴAnyone is becoming idols, they’re going to lip-sync anyway lolol

ㄴWhy all kids these days looks like gay;;

ㄴEveryone are fugly except for one lolololol

ㄴBlargh~~~ homo smell

Are the comments in the latest order. Ian frowned and changed it to the order of best. Many of the best comments were already in total war5 총공(chong.gong). A word refers to all-out war in comment or voting especially by idol fandoms to support their favorite group. by fans and in a clean state.

“What are you doing there?”

“Hello, Sunbae nim!”

“What sunbae, call me hyung.”

Black Rush member Kim Young Hyun from the practice room next door approached Ian. Kim Young Hyun handed out the chocolate snack he was holding to Ian.

“Are you also for the year-end stage?”

“Yes, we’re going to Imjingak.”

Ah, Imjingak. Kim Young Hyun patted Ian’s shoulder with a pitiful expression.

“Eat more. No, you eat them all.”

“Thank you.”

Kim Young Hyun put the snacks into Ian’s arms. The snacks in the mouth were too delicious to say it’s okay and refuse.

“It must be hard to practice even though it’s the promotion period.”

“Still, I think it’s more comfortable than before debut.”

Since preparations for the year-end stage were urgent, the lights in the practice room were on almost all day. Ian also came out for a while because the heat in the practice room was so hot.

Kim Young Hyun glanced through Ian’s tablet screen and smiled bitterly.

“You shouldn’t be reading this already… Never mind about it.”

“But I still keep looking at it.”

Choi Ian can’t stop it because he habitually entered as soon as he was reincarnated. It was almost like an addiction.

Anyhow it is a job that needs people’s attention. There may be some people who do not see these comments at all, but there will be no one who only sees them once.

“Don’t look at the portal site’s comments. Only look at the fan cafe or bulletin board community dedicated to you.”

Kim Young Hyun searched and showed several communities while manipulating the pad.

Hyung must see them a lot too.”

“You’ll also get used to it when getting older like us.”

I’ll go. Work hard. Kim Young Hyun coolly went back in after getting a bottle of water from the water purifier.

[Wow. Snazzy sunbae.]

‘Is he? Is it snazzy?’

[Why? Are you jealous?]

‘Would I be jealous of what you say?’

Ian ignored Jin’s words and headed back to the practice room.

He looked like a cool senior, but would he be mistaken if he looked a bit lonely?

Just because you get used to it doesn’t mean you become dull. Like Kim Yong Min in the past and the current me. Ian tried hard to swallow his words.

Special Note
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1st Gen idols (late 90’s-early ’00) e.g H.O.T, Shinhwa, S.E.S., Fin K.L, etc.

2nd Gen idols (mid ’00-’11) e.g TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, Big Bang, 2PM, Infinite, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, Sistar, Miss A, F.T. Island, CNBLUE, etc. I was a fangirl from this era… And as Director Seo said, there are so many well-known groups to just mention a few.

3rd Gen idols (’12-around ’17), e.g. Exo, VIXX, NU’EST, BTS, Got7, AOA, Mamamoo, GFriend, Red Velvet, Twice, Blackpink, etc. My bones are buried in this era…

4th Gen idols (’18-now), e.g Stray Kids, Ateez, TXT, (G)I-DLE, Itzy, Loona, etc. Our kids Awy fall in this gen, yup yup.

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