Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 23

What Kind Of Confidence Did You Have?

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Awy spent time playing board games on their own even during the waiting time. However, unlike before, they didn’t turn on the group live broadcast.

This is because there are people who will think that it is natural later on if they continue to broadcast live during the waiting time then complain when they don’t.

‘You must have come here to take pics too, right?’

[Uh. I thought I was going crazy. It’s cold, so I couldn’t even take pictures.]

‘Couldn’t take it?’

[The camera didn’t work because the sensor froze.]

It was truly a story that could not be heard without tears.

“Hey, paste this on my back too.”

“Okei, just right.”

When Ian showed his back, Jo Tae Woong pasted a hot pack as if smashing his back. Ian groaned ‘kkeaargh’.

“Ah, why are you not doing shuttle properly?”

“Customer, you did not choose the kindness option when placing your order.”

“The service of this place is unfriendly, it is a 1-star review.”

Ian pasted a lot of hot packs and put on his costume. Fortunately, though, it is a little warmer because the costumes are in the form of uniforms.

And that thought evaporated as soon as they came to the backstage. The wind was not felt because the screen blocked it, but the temperature itself was cold.

“Guys, let’s go without any mistakes again today. We are who we are!”


Now they stood in front of the stage shouting the familiar slogan.

A small cheer was heard from the audience. They were fans of Awy who came even in this cold weather.

The screen was showing the ongoing stage inside the broadcasting station.

[So, they didn’t go to exile because they’re MI Ent, huh?]

‘MI Ent? Those guys?’

[There was Lure in the line-up, so it seems they came out by tying both together.]

Pluto, a rookie who debuted two months earlier than Awy, was dancing on the stage. MI Ent was that same company who slapped the nephew card during Kim Yong Min’s time.

‘How was their grade?’

[It was meh for the large size.]

Oh yeah? Ian glanced to the back. Everyone is white and handsome, whether they’re picked looking from the face.

Ian vowed to surpass that group next year and looked to the front again.

The prepared song begins, then the main dancers Kim Hyun and Kim Ju Young perform the intro dance break.

[There are quite a lot of people filming you.]


Ian took a deep breath and skimmed through the places Jin had marked. He heard it was a first-come-first-served basis without recruiting fans’ seats, but it seems they waited for a long time seeing the sparkles in the front row.

‘…It’s nice.’

Not only that but shouts were also heard from here and there that he felt butterflies on his stomach.

Those were shouts that he didn’t hear when he came here during Diamond days. He was a mangdol, so it can be said that there were very few loyal fans who would break through the cold.

He even heard “Aish, what are those guys.” right at the front.

[That Homma got perfect attendance.]

But it was different now. Being able to see the fans who came this far with his eyes, Ian felt grateful for Jin for the first time.

In the short silence after the dance break was over, the dancers rushed in and took the position when the camera caught the audience seats.

Today’s stage concept is Revolutionary Army, so two people were raising the flag and preparing to wave it at the very back. Dancers were also dressed in uniforms.

And, an accident occurred as expected of a live broadcast + outdoor stage.

‘What’s going on?’

When Ian started the intro and stepped back, Lee Joo Hyuk gestured his chin at Ian. He tapped the mic while leaning back and drew an X with his index finger.

‘There’s something with the mic!’

The next verse is Lee Joo Hyuk’s part. Ian took the mic from Lee Joo Hyuk’s hand and gave his mic to him.

‘What to do?’

It was fortunate that Ian’s position was in the back, but the chorus was Ian’s turn. In the meantime, the mic must be replaced.

[The staff also noticed, no worry.]

Perhaps because he shook the mic hard toward the staff, a staff member was rushing up to the stage.

However, there were about 30 dancers on stage alone, and in addition, the choreography was wide and intense. The distance is about five steps. The staff faltered as he got on.

[What the, a newbie? Why so slow?]

Ian rolled the broken mic back like bowling and raised both hands to ask the staff to throw it.


The staff hesitated and threw the mic high. Ian glanced at the angle of the mic flying in a parabola. It would be a major broadcast accident if missed, but Ian was confident enough to catch it.

Ian’s part approached just in time, so he looked straight ahead and stretched his hand high. He brought the mic that came in like in the movie to his mouth and sang his part.

That situation, which Ian felt was long, took place in just 5 seconds. Cheers came from the audience in front.

[Woah sheet… Scary.]

‘I think my legs are going to melt.’

[What kind of confidence did you have? Anyway, it’s a relief that you caught it well.]

‘It’s just that I had a good hunch.’

Ian smirked when the stage was over.

[But it didn’t get caught on the screen.]


[Live broadcasts have a lot of bad cams.]


Bad camera1The actual word is 발카메라 or ‘foot camera’. A slang referring to badly taken angle pictures or videos like taking it with your foot. In a live broadcast with multiple cameras, usually the director behind the panel isn’t good at choosing which angle and what timing to show things on the screen. So, many fans usually complain when the screen shows unrelated angles at the wrong time. E.g. Member A’s solo breakdance is up but the screen shows all members. … It would’ve been great if it was stuffed in the broadcast. Ian made a folder phone greeting at the audience with a sad face.

Lee Joo Hyuk patted Ian on the shoulder saying that he did a good job, then Kim Ju Young rushed to Ian’s back and hugged him by the neck.

“Woah, you’re so dope.”

“It was dangerous, but the result was good so that’s okay. You can’t do that again.”

“That is right, hyung.”

“It’s fortunate that didn’t happen. You did well though.”

Those are what they said, but other members also patted Ian on the back. It seems they heard it from Kim Ju Young in the meantime.

Ian was able to give up his disappointment at members’ compliments.

‘But, didn’t you hear a weird sound?’

[Hmm, well? What sound?]

‘Did I hear it wrong?’

I thought I heard something… like a bird. Ian tilted his head and headed to the waiting room.


In the already cold and far away Imjingak, spectators don’t gather much when only singers with a small fandom gather.

So as expected, the vicious broadcaster jerks tend to take a top popular cast as a hostage and this year’s target was a female idol.

“Woah, isn’t it too cold?”

“Look at the wind, crazy.”

Fifteen minutes before midnight, the cast who went on stage jumped on place trying to get rid of the cold.

Awy was no different from them. They tried to share the heat by sticking together, but suffering sounds came out in the piercing wind.

“Do you know what’s the poorest king in the world?”

“What’s it?”

Choi jeo im geum.”2Minimum wage. The closest English one is “Do you know what king wrote books? King Author”. I can’t explain in detail as idk much history, but im-geum means wage in Hanja but a pure Korean word for a title in the Shilla(?) era.


“Pfft… Ah, I laughed… My pride hurts.”

They were half out of their minds because of the cold. They giggled even at dad jokes which they wouldn’t normally laugh at. In the end, they tried to overcome the cold by doing random dances, including shuffle dance.

Hyung, didn’t you bring blankets?”

“Ah, right. I forgot. I had asked Dong Soo hyung to bring it, though.”

At Park Seo Dam’s question, Ian rushed backstage. Just in time, Park Dong Soo was bringing an armful of blankets.


“I was surprised you weren’t there. So you’re already on stage?”

“Yes, thank you. Go back inside, hyung.”

After receiving Park Dong Soo’s blanket, Ian came out to the stage.

Thankyoo thankyoo.”

“Whether it’s broadcast or whatever, let’s get covered first.”


The moment when Ian was about to hand out blankets to the members. It was a high-tone scream of Imjingak’s hostage, Luna Girls.

Ian also didn’t notice because he and the members were in a circle sticking together, but Luna Girls were wearing skin-colored stockings with miniskirts as stage costumes. They were dressed in a cold outfit even just by looking at it.

‘Did the manager not take care of them?’

In the intense strong wind, they grabbed their skirts and trembled. The skirt was not a tight-fitting skirt, so it seems that humiliating pictures will be captured if taken wrong.

Sunbae nim, please use this.”

Ian approached them and held out his share of the blanket. Luna Girls Kim Joo Yeon’s eyes turned red after receiving the blanket.

“Thanks a lot…”

Ian even handed over the instant hot pack.

Sunbae nim, please use mine too. It is new.”

Other members also handed out blankets to Luna Girls. They were bummed actually, they wouldn’t feel colder than those in skirts.

“Tha… Thank you.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Luna Girls bowed and hurriedly tied the blankets around their waist. Awy moved back far away. It would be better if a girl group and a boy group were not attached together.

Hiyeol~ Chivalry, huh?]

‘Chivalry or whatever, I only thought that they’re going to freeze to death when I see such a sight.’

[Yeah, right. Besides, they are Luna Girls. It’s good to look good.]

‘Come to think of it….’

Luna Girls will rise to the top female idol starting next year.

Then, won’t we come up as a social media issue later as a manner idol? It would be nice if they could mention us on a broadcast… Thinking like that, the cold was tolerable.

“I hope it ends soon.”

“I can’t feel my feet…”

Sticking to each other again, Ian and the members continued to talk while shaking their jaws. Otherwise, they felt that their faces would freeze and harden.

[You know what? Even if you’re having a hard time, the pictures come out really well.]

‘In the frank appearance sticking to each other like this?’

[It comes out pretty since you turn pale in the cold. The breath also supports the atmosphere.]

The twinkling marks from the audience seat didn’t show any signs of disappearing. Usually, he would look at the signs and make a pose, but it was humanly too cold.

Finally, time passed, and the host lifted the mic. Fortunately, only Luna Girls were interviewed.

“What is your new year’s wish?”

“I hope our members stay healthy in the new year…”

During Luna Girls’ wish time, Awy also said their wishes.

“My wish is to be supported by a boiler right now.”

“Ah, I want to go to the sauna.”

At the end of a great feast of words, the New Year’s countdown finally began. Then soon, ding-, the bell rang.

“Yeah! The new year of the Dog 2018 has come!”

After the bell rang and the broadcast ended, Lee Joo Hyuk spoke quietly.

“Guys, you’ve worked hard for the past 3 weeks.”

“Then see you later with a smile?”

Of course, it was Jo Tae Woong who responded. To think that such a meme came out in this situation3It’s a Korean meme with the full text being “Guys, you’ve worked hard for the past 3 years, see you later with a smile”. It was written in a graduation book message by a class leader who ‘hard carried’ his classmates. His message is eye-catching since he put a line of song lyrics for each of his classmates’ messages as they were gone when asked to write a message. It’s a pretty funny yet sad story. . Seriously, his quickness is outstanding. Ian and members laughed frivolously then returned backstage.

-Luna Girls fan went to Imjingak review

…terribly cold, but the fking agency jerks put our kids on stage dressed in skirts. ㅠㅠㅠ I thought the kids would be cold that I wanted to give them my hot packs, but someone gave them blankets and hot packs


When I looked it up, it said they’re Awy. They had really good mannersss

ㄴThanks for review!

ㄴI was also worried a lot seeing it, but I’m gladㅠㅠ

ㄴLeft right away after giving the blankets, they’re cute lololol

-A parrot came to M station’s year-end stage?


Singing the fan chant enthusiastically with a stuffy voice lolol

ㄴpa lolol rrot lololol

ㄴWas watching thinking that Ian is so cool, but I become conscious because of you lolololololol

ㄴI mean the picture is so movie-like, but why is the sound like that lololololol

ㄴDmnd Imjingak Parrot lolololol

-Came after watching Imjingak parrot

Grabbing the mic is so damned awesome, but I can’t focus because of the sound lolololol So funnyyy lolololololol So, what’s his name? What do I watch first?

ㄴStanning? First, watch the group fan cam of Godramu-nim4Probably a Homma/fansite name.

ㄴNewcomer welcome! There’s a stan starter guide in the notice, so take your time and read it!

That scene, which made Ian depressed because it was not stuffed into the camera, became a hot topic in an unexpected way after the broadcast ended.

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