Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 13

Delivery Boy Kim Tae Min. (2)

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Ian’s filmed scene was aired the very next week after he filmed it.

The Profiler, the second protagonist in the play, fails to do profiling properly in the aftermath of memory loss, and the reasoning is strangely deviating.

The Detective originally badly viewed him as a parachute1 A nickname to call someone who gets placed in a job because of someone higher. Nepotism. , so he quarreled with him about every single thing.

And eventually, they argue over matters related to the case and the Detective tries to investigate alone, excluding him from the investigation.

However. The Detective, who is far from being an intelligent person, faces difficulties in the investigation and visits someone to get any help he can 2 Used a metaphor here. The Korean version is quite cute. “Even to borrow a cat’s hand.” .

And Ian’s first appearance appears from the back. Even from a distance, the tall height like a door and the wide shoulders are caught in the middle of the screen. The vest with a large delivery app embroidered on it felt like it became a fashion because he wore it.

The Delivery Boy’s face is zoomed in when he looks back at the Detective’s call. A rebellious expression with a frown.


Heol crazy super handsome


-What’s his name brrr

People who were running the drama in real-time reacted immediately.

Real-time reactions continued even though he disappeared far away on a motorcycle and the scene changed.

The company distributed the prepared articles of course.

Who’s The Handsome Delivery In ‘Black Out’? ‘BHL Ent’s Next Group AWY, Choi Ian’

AWY, Unveils Debut Concept Photo… The Eye-Catching ‘Black Out’ Delivery Boy ‘Choi Ian’

The drama ranked second in viewership ratings at the same period, so the ripple effect was greater than expected. In addition, the acting was not inferior to the handsome face.

Who Are In The Group Of The ‘Black Out’ Delivery Boy? Child Actor Jo Tae Woong, ‘K-Star’ Kim Hyun…

Along with Ian, the former child actor Jo Tae Woong and Kim Hyun, who made his face known in audition programs, also start to rise and fall.

And the next week. The next episode of ‘Black Out’ aired.

The beginning of the play was suddenly dark.

In the small semi-basement kitchen, water dripped down from the old plumbing, and trash was scattered everywhere as if it had not been cleaned for a long time. And things that appear to be bloodstains wet all over the wall.

The angle moves to the floor. A woman’s white feet are visible through the gap of the open bathroom door. The Serial Killer, which the Detective and Profiler were looking for, committed another crime.

The camera briefly illuminates an unidentified woman, and when it comes back to the living room, a large man is lying in the middle of the living room. Is the culprit sleeping? However, he was rigid with no movement.

The camera briefly illuminates the man’s firm hands then shows the face of the body.

-That crazy criminal, again?

-Showing it in detail like this, is Officer Min dead?

Heol fuk?

-Not Officer Min wtf

The man’s identity was the handsome delivery boy who came out just last week. He was covered in blood and his unclosed eyes were out of focus.

Plop, plop. The sound of dripping water wets the quiet dawn. Tears fell from his eyes, which soon became a cold corpse, and faded out. After such a shocking opening, the main story begins.

* * *

Delivery Boy Kim Tae Min was in a bad mood because the Detective’s words he heard a few days ago did not leave his mind.

He glances around the neck of the customers receiving the food while going out for delivery. Then, he shakes his head. I have to know my position. Am I police?

What am I doing playing detective? Detective Park Hae Jun will only give thanks and say, “Hiyup, eat this”.

“Ah shoot- It can’t even make money…”

Let’s not worry about it. The Delivery Boy gets back on the motorcycle.

The Delivery Boy runs along the alley with food. He presses the bell. It’s delivery~.

The front door opens. The squeaking noise was loud as if it had not been oiled. The camera shows an exceptionally enlarged view of a man’s neck.

“34,000 won.”

The Delivery Boy glances at the man while on the phone then lowers his head again. The wireless earphones in the Delivery Boy’s ear played music.

“Thank you.”

“Please work hard.”

The Delivery Boy gets the cash handed over by the man and gets on the motorcycle.

No way. It can’t be, right? The Delivery Boy doesn’t go far, stops and looks back. A faint scar on the man’s neck. And the fishy scent that touched the tip of his nose. Like something he smelled before…

“It can’t be.”

Shall I check one more time? The Delivery Boy seemed to think for a while and laughed spontaneously.

“Ah, Detective Park ruined me.”

As he thought of Detective Park, who made him worry for nothing. Sheet! It got on his nerves. It’s all because I’m low on sugar. He went into a nearby convenience store to buy candy or something.

* * *

“Who is it?”


And the Delivery Boy finds the man again.

“The delivery had arrived.”

“I forgot something.”

What’s it? The food came well with nothing missing. My ‘wife’ is also eating well? The man opens the door for now. The grumpy-faced Delivery Boy seen earlier gives out a can of drink.

“It’s a service. The boss didn’t give it to me before.”

“Is that so?”

The man accepts the soda can with a subtle gaze. The Delivery Boy took advantage of the gap and peeked near the slightly bowed neck of the man.

He didn’t see the montage closely, but the scar on the man’s neck was sure. The Delivery Boy managed his facial expression. He turns around with an indifferent look as if he is not interested in anything.

Good, now go up3 Basement level rented rooms are quite common in Korea in case you’re confused why going up. and go over that alley… Then let’s contact Detective Park.

The Delivery Boy goes up the stairs at a pace that is not too hasty nor too slow.

Even though the actions were well calculated just in case he notices it, cold sweat flows on his face. Thump, thump. His heart was beating rapidly.

The Delivery Boy felt as if he were climbing to the mountain top even though he was only going up one floor.

‘But why can’t I hear the door closing yet?’

And it was finally the moment to take the last step.

“Aah- Got caught.”

The Delivery Boy falls forward with a dull sound. And the sound of dragging echoes through the hallway.

* * *

Eugh, it felt like someone stabbed him in the head with an awl. A hot liquid runs across his forehead. His closed eyes are slowly open.

The Delivery Boy crumpled his face in pain. He closed and opened his blurry eyes a few times to focus.

A semi-basement with a damp atmosphere. Scattered disposable containers. He can hear unusual pounding sounds softly.

Eugh… Ack…”

The Delivery Boy groaned because he couldn’t bear the pain. Where is this… He tried to get up, but couldn’t.

Because someone tied his limbs together. He was lying blankly as if he had not yet figured out the situation.


The Delivery Boy looked up at the slightly resonant voice. The man who enters the bathroom raises his upper body with a calm smile. He was all covered in blood.

He becomes alert at the particularly visible bloodstains on the white tiles. He found someone suspected of being a serial killer, so… The Delivery Boy twisted his body like crazy. Yet he couldn’t even move an inch as his limbs tied so tightly.

“Don’t do that too much. It’ll hurt.”

“Ugh… You… What kind of bastard are you!”

“You know that.”

When he found a white hand sticking out above the bathroom, he slammed his shoulder on the floor. The man, the Serial Killer, sat leisurely in the bathroom. And he gulps the soda placed on the sink.

“How… How do you…”

The Delivery Boy looked at the Killer with an incomprehensible look. How did he know? I didn’t look at him openly. I also deliberately adjusted my steps. But why?

There was no sense of incongruity in the Delivery Boy’s actions even to the viewers. It was normal as if he had not suspected the Killer in any of his actions.

“This, I drink it well.”

The Killer who finished the drink got up and walked to the Delivery Boy. The Killer puts an empty can in front of the Delivery Boy. The camera closes up the empty can.

The expression of the Delivery Boy, who was still full of questions, spreads surprise as if he had attained enlightenment.

“Hh… Hhhhh…”

“Such a pity, you’re handsome. Even young.”

The Killer enters the bathroom again and approaches as he drags something. The Delivery Boy is shocked and crawls toward the front door, twisting his whole body.

It was the last attempt, but it stops in a few centimeters due to restricted limbs. The Delivery Boy screamed.

“Eagh… Aaaagh!! Is anyone there?! Save me!!!”

A voice that shouts loud enough to become hoarse maximizes desperation. The Delivery Boy’s eyes shake relentlessly as the Killer approaches a span away. He shakes his whole body so much due to fear, that his jaw also shakes. He breathes like a person with hyperventilation. It was an extreme act of a person who was about to face a killer.

“Hh… Huk… Sa… Save… Huuk….”

“You would’ve become my ‘son’ though.”

The Killer raises the ax with both hands. A silhouette of the ax is briefly shown and the screen suddenly turns black.

Whack. There’s a dull sound. After 3 seconds of silence, production sponsor banners appear and the episode ends.

* * *

“Woah… Creeeepy.”


The trainees, who were huddled together in the practice room, exclaimed only then. Kim Ju Young turned off Ian’s tablet pad. Ian quickly hid it in his bag in case it was caught by the company people. Because there was an order from the company not to look at the Internet reaction for no reason.

“I thought Ian was really crazy.”

“It’s crazy, really.”

Hyung, please teach me how to act.”

Ian scratched his head. It’s not the time to be immersed in the afterglow like this… Ian tapped Kim Ju Young on the shoulder.

“Hey, look at my dance.”


When they got up, other trainees jumped up too. The debut showcase was just around the corner. They had to be more thorough because the group’s concept was perfect group dance.

“But how did the culprit know?”

“Isn’t he just a person who’s suspicious of everything?”

Kim Ju Young tried to watch Ian’s movements, but the question was still not resolved. Park Jin Hyuk had no idea.

How did the Killer know the Delivery Boy was suspicious of him? The trainees did not erase the question.

Six people stared intently at Ian. Ian, the only one who knew the reason, smiled calmly.

“Well. Why did he know?”

“Hint pliz.”

“The drink.”

The driiink? Some of them frown. But we still don’t understand? Jo Tae Woong was thinking with a serious expression on a rare occasion and “Woaah!” shouted.

“Ah! Aah! Crazy!”


“Jo Tae Woong, don’t go nuts and tell us quickly.”

Jo Tae Woong makes a fuss and Lee Joo Hyuk nods. The tactless Park Jin Hyuk urged to tell the answer.

“The drink’s can shown earlier!”

“What’s with that?”

“It wasn’t a drink for business use!”


Beverages sold at restaurants come with a separate label for business use. Delivery is the same. If the boss hadn’t given the service, of course he should have given him a drink for business use. Not a drink from a convenience store.

Park Jin Hyuk, Park Seo Dam, and Kim Hyun, who did not understand, belatedly admired that.

[Wow, even when I look at it again, the writer and director are really perverts…]

‘What perverts, they have good directing skills.’

The episode aired today was a decisive moment when the Killer’s face was revealed. And Ian was satisfied that he appeared in that part.

There were times when he ground his teeth due to the script in the days of Kim Yong Min, but now the defense of the writer and director came out on his own.

[I can’t believe they’re already thinking of soaking you in blood, sweat, and tears. That’s why they’re perverts.]

‘Why’s that?’

[Originally, the more you roll and roll actors, the better it is.]


Ian stared intently at Jin while checking the movements one by one under Kim Ju Young’s guidance.

[Sigh, what do you know.]

The fanatics go crazy about this. Jin swam softly in the air.

* * *

After that, they couldn’t watch the next broadcast due to the practice time. But in the next episode.

Detective Park Hae Jun, who was dispatched after receiving a report that a scream was heard, finds the body of Delivery Boy Kim Tae Min.

A crack appeared in his stiff expression. He sighs and grabs the arm of the Profiler who just arrived at the scene.

“Hey, I was wrong.”

An apology came out of the mouth of the straightforward and stubborn detective. The Profiler raised his eyebrows.


“I have to catch that bastard. Help me.”

His voice is calm, but his eyes blazing with anger. The Profiler is determined again by his resolution.

“Right… We have to catch him.”

Kim Tae Min also allowed the main character to wake up. The Delivery Boy role took up more presence than Ian thought.

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