Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 12

Delivery Boy Kim Tae Min. (1)

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S#31. Alley In Front Chicken House (Day)

-Hae Jun, who fought with Ji Won, finds someone in the alley.

-Delivery Boy tries to run away on a motorcycle but is caught by Hae Jun.

Hae Jun – (hand beckoning) Hey, delivery.

Delivery Boy – Aish, why’s it.

Hae Jun – Don’t you have anything to say to me.

Delivery Boy – What’s it.

It’s said to be a shoddy script, so there was no action description and no proper situation explanation. But it’s a role facing the main character nominally, shouldn’t the writer pay a little more attention to the minor role’s acting directions?  Well, directing is the director’s business.

Ian thus created a new character. Delivery Boy’s name is Kim Tae Min. Why is he a delivery man when he’s still young. Because the family situation is not good.

Why does Delivery Boy avoid Hae Jun? He went to a juvenile detention center for committing a crime when he was young and it was set that Hae Jun was the one who put him directly.

Seeing that Hae Jun suddenly starts asking if there’s anything to say, it’s like treating Delivery Boy as a petty criminal. Adding theft to his crime.

Ian wore a vest handed over by the staff. The multi-pocket vest was engraved with a large delivery app mark. It was a PPL1 Product Placement. An advertising technique by inserting product/brand image as props in a movie/drama in return for sponsorship. It’s a pretty smart ad because it’s not annoying. as it was not covered with tape2 If it’s not sponsored, they should cover it. Sometimes they use fictitious names, but only on important things. separately.

Hae Jun – Haven’t you seen anyone suspicious while going around here. Someone with a scar on his neck.

Delivery Boy – How do I know that. Just how many people I saw passing by.

Hae Jun – Hey, you have a good memory.

Smart enough for the detectives to catch him directly because of his good memory.

Hae Jun – (show the montage to Delivery Boy) Look at it well. It’s a guy with a scar like this on his neck, okay?

Delivery Boy – Ah, I’m busy.

Hae Jun – If you happen to see it while doing delivery, call me.

Delivery Boy is annoyed and takes Hae Jun’s business card.

The script ends here. Ian continued to wait and one more scene was filmed in the evening. Ian roughly ruffled his hair.

“‘Kay, let’s go right in!”

At Director Cha’s words, Ian handed the script to the manager. Park Dong Soo held out his fist while receiving the script, saying to do well. Ian smirked.

Holding props prepared in advance, he stood in front of the chicken house following the director’s instructions. The cue sign came and Ian carried the delivery bag then loaded it onto the motorcycle.

“Hey, delivery.”

“Aish, why’s it.”

Ian, no, currently fictional figure Kim Tae Min, looked back annoyed. Jo Min Hwan, in the form of a detective, approaches Ian.

“Don’t you have anything to say to me.”

“What’s it.”

Jo Min Hwan puts his face to Ian. He even sticks his body like a large detective giving pressure. The rebellious Delivery Boy lowers his eyes at the detective’s intense stare.

Ian added a line here.

“Wha… What’s it.”

The detective’s gaze staring intently as if he really found something. Wondering if the rookie had forgotten his lines due to repeated lines, the director was about to shout a cut.

“Agh… I really didn’t do anything!”


Jo Min Hwan responds as if he had been waiting. Director Cha’s eyes lit up. The camera director tactfully zooms in on their faces. Breathtaking atmosphere. Ian shouts here.

“Ah, I forgot one chicken leg! Is that such a big fault?!”

“I don’t know if it’s anything else, but chicken leg is a crime, you delivery beggar brat.”

Jo Min Hwan hits Ian in the back of his head. Ah shoot! Ian rubs the back of his head annoyed. “So… Am I being arrested?” he looks sharply and cowers his body. It was such a pathetic appearance.

They continued to say the given lines then Director Cha shouted a cut. It passed without NG in just one try. The Director asked Jo Min Hwan, who was coming to monitor.

Hiya, you bring wit into a simple situation. As expected of Min Hwan ssi. Was this why you both were talking to each other in the corner?”

“Director, I didn’t do anything. That friend suggested it.”


“Yes. Wow, he has a handsome face and also has good ideas. Such an excellent guy. I also learned today that there are delivery beggars3Referring to those delivery men who stole a portion of the food they deliver. . Did Director Cha know?”

“Yeah, I heard it from my daughter. Ian ssi? Come and monitor.”

To think that he brought the issue that went around the community in the situation where he just received the script. And that also to add his own lines. There was a truly daring side. And the Director, who is also an ad-lib lover, smiled happily because he liked it.

“Director Lee didn’t recommend for nothing.”

“That person… Who is that person?”

“Ah, that’s surprising. Writer Jung. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be writing a script?”

And another person was watching that. It was Writer Jung Ji Yoon, the Queen of Side Script. Writer Jung had arrived at the scene, after wondering if she would be able to write well when she saw the filming at the scene.

It’s urgent but even she came to watch the filming, the assistant writer scrambled next to her. Then, they opened their mouths toward the approaching Ian.

“Shoot… Crazy handsome.”

“Hey, you’re a writer. Oh my.”

His look was unbelievable on the screen, but it was no joke when he came close. The assistant writer’s face has already turned red. Ian greeted with a 90-degree bow.

“Our drama writer, Jung Ji Yoon.”


“Writer Jung, let’s monitor it together. I think we can use something.”

Ian actually can look back on his acting from a more variety of angles through Jin, but he quickly approached at the Director’s proposal.

‘Uh… I don’t like it, but.’

[Why? It was a good job, though? If you don’t like it, ask to film it again.]

Ian slightly raised his head. The staff all had dark circles. It’s already a mess because of the side scripts, but he thought the atmosphere would be completely weird if a minor wanted to film it again.

Director Cha was paying attention to Writer Jung. The dialogues fit well and the chemistry between actors was considerable. He wished that the script would be sent sooner after seeing this and come up with an idea.

Writer Jung stared at the monitor silently for a long time. Then she suddenly got up. The director’s wish worked.

“I… have to go.”

“Writer Jung… Does something come to mind?”

Even the staff around them pricked their ears at the director’s voice full of anticipation. Side scripts are tiring for actors, tiring for the director, and also tiring for the staff.

Everyone looked at Writer Jung with expectation, since she’ll be completely running on the highway once her blockage cleared.

“Ah I can’t. Ji Hye.”

“Yes. Writer Jung, here you go.”

The assistant writer hurriedly took out a laptop and opened it. The writer sat on the floor and danced on the keyboard. Director Cha burst into laughter with delight then covered his mouth with his hand.

“Ian ssi, you acted so well. Thank you very very much.”

For inspiring Writer Jung. Director Cha eagerly held Ian’s hand. In addition, Jo Min Hwan also tapped Ian’s shoulder. His face was also full of smiles.

Ian has nothing to film after this. He appears only briefly in text messages that he had seen the person in the montage somewhere.

“It’s nothing. Director Cha.”

“Let’s do one work together with me later, okay?”

“Is hyung taking care of me?”

Ian laughed. It is absurd that this proposal is made by 10 million actors in the future. Whether it was not an empty talk, Jo Min Hwan received his phone from the manager and handed it out to Ian.

“Of course~ Here, put your number.”

“Uh… For now, I’ll put my number, hyung. But I can’t use my phone.”

“Can’t use it? Why? Is it broken?

“I gave it to the company. Manager hyung!”

Why gave it to the company? Director Cha also looked at Ian. Even until Awy’s manager Park Dong Soo rushed to give out a business card, Jo Min Hwan had an expression that he didn’t understand.

“For now, if you contact this side…”

“You gave it to the company?”

Jo Min Hwan, who received Park Dong Soo’s business card, asked back. Ian also tilted his head. Is there a problem?

“I have to be first in music shows to get it back.”

“First on music shows? You’re not an actor?”

“I’m not, I’m from AWY… We’re debuting in December.”


Yes. Ian nodded. Jo Min Hwan exhaled in disbelief. Seeing that Director Cha also had a face hearing it for the first time, it seems that he had never heard it from Director Lee Sang Hyuk.

“Hey, I thought you were a rookie actor because you had an actor visual and also good at acting.”

“Haha. Thanks for the compliment, hyung.”

“Wow, look at this? So, you haven’t even made an official debut yet, but you even suggested an ad-lib? Wow, you punk.”

Jo Min Hwan smiled with admiration. He is polite, had a good-looking face, and even knows how to take care of his share. Above all, he liked that he was good at acting and passed through the scene without being blocked.

“I saved it for now. I’ll text you.”

“Yes. Hyung. But do you know this? Hyung is the first celebrity to get my number.”


See? I’m this kind of person. Jo Min Hwan shrugged at the people around him.

“Then you must be busy now, right?”

“Yes, Director Cha. There’s not much time left until our debut…”

“Seeing Writer Jung like that, I think there will be additional filming though….”

“Is that so? I don’t know if I can make the time.”

Ian looked back at the manager. Park Dong Soo shook his head.

“No way!”

Writer Jung, whose ears were open even though she was tapping the keyboard, got up suddenly as if possessed. She strode over and grabbed the director.

“Director Cha. There is a scene where he will appear. You have to hold him.”

“How’s it, can’t you make time?”

The Director, who quickly changed his stance, looked at Ian.

“It’s not a scene that comes out a lot, though? It won’t take a long time.”

“Do you think the script will come out quickly?”

“Tomorrow. I’ll write it by tomorrow.”

Writer Jung thought Ian was a rookie actor and was careless, so it felt like someone hit her in the head. Because rookie actors will run coming here no matter when asked to come right away. However, to think that he’s busy!

This is because what she was urgently writing now was the lacking parts about the criminal and the scene in which Delivery Boy recognized that criminal the foremost.

Besides, the reason why she can’t just force him to come out is that this shoddy side scripts situation was the writer’s fault in the first place. It is even more so since they didn’t make the offer a few days in advance because it was a one-time minor role.

The director and the writer stared at him eagerly. Jo Min Hwan, the assistant writer, and staff members. Everyone thought Ian was the one who could break through this sleepless situation.

Ian looked at Park Dong Soo. Park Dong Soo checked the schedule on his cell phone. If Ian came out more, it would be beneficial for the company as well.

[You’ll need to follow the choreography hard. Can you do it?]

‘…I should try it.’

He had to take additional filming of the music video. An additional photoshoot was also left. And he had to practice choreography. In between, he needs to film self-produced content. Then the only time for additional filming was practice.

“You need to cut practice time.”


The manager seemed to have the same thought, so he approached the writer and the assistant director to coordinate the schedule.

He saved the sleep of the drama cast, but he could not save his own sleep. A future is clearly drawn where he sleeps in the corner of the practice room. Ian’s mind went blank.

It didn’t feel bad though. It’s also a better choice to show his face more because in the end, his ad-lib worked and the amount increased.

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