Entertainment Life With A Camera

Title: Entertainment Life With A Camera
Alternate: 기레기와 함께하는 연예계 생활, Entertainment Industry Life With A Trashy Reporter, My Second Life as an Idol
Author: PJay (피제이)
Genre: , , , , ,
Chapters: 340
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Synopsis: He almost became a Hallyu star and his biggest career in showbiz was placing 12th in an idol survival program.
The drama he rejected were enormously successful, but every drama he went into were destroyed one after another.

Table of Contents

Volume 2
041 – Someone Comes to Mind When I See You.
042 – I Want to Hear Your Sound.
043 – Why Don’t You Look at Noona’s Camera?
044 – A Bright Fool Is Better than Evil Editing.
045 – Hyung, Are You Dissatisfied with Me?
046 – Me of That Time to Someone
047 – Advertising Is Love.
048 – I Don’t Want Send Parachute!
049 – Hyung, What’re You Doing?
050 – What Will be the Song’s Title?
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