Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 10 

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#010 My Imperial Princess.

“Whose phone is it?”
“I got a call from the publishing company. This work was ranked in the top of the contest.”
“Oh, really!? Congratulations!”

Clap clap clap!
Kang Ba Da smiled brightly and congratulated me. It was already confirmed when Kim Ha Neul left to talk on the phone, but he pretended not to know.

‘Cause you don’t know I’m an empress.’

I thought Kim Ha Neul might notice. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to know yet.

– A person named Hwangnyeo sent me a huge donation. Oh, this may seem like a small amount of money, but it’s usually 100 won…
Kim Ha Neul’s expression, showing off like a child, tried so hard to protect the corners of his mouth.

Thank you, nanny!’

I couldn’t figure out how much to send, so I was stamping my feet, and I thought I’d send about a million won.

– How about sending 100,000 won?
– Isn’t that too little? How much I regretted sending 10,000 won last time… What if he thinks he’s ignoring him?
– I don’t think that’s the kind of person you think. The amount won’t matter much. I heard you haven’t used the card you gave me yet.
– That’s true, but…

– As I found out, it seems that few people send 10,000 won. 100,000 won should be enough to convey your feelings to the extent that it is not burdensome.

– Is that so?
Thanks to the nanny telling me the right price, I was able to adjust the speed safely. I didn’t know it was this hard to give a present so it’s not obvious.

“You can go through the publishers for external things now.”

Kang Ba Da immediately prepared for the acquisition after learning about the situation of “Daehan Media,” where Kim Ha Neul had been involved. I hoped Kim Ha Neul would write comfortably.
Personally, I found out that the CEO’s reputation is not bad, and he said he would show his skills enough if he had a backseat. I decided to make them ‘real’.

How can you even name the publishing company Daehan… Is this fate that you’ve only heard of?’

Although it was taken over with a rather light heart, I did not intend to do it roughly since Daehan’s name was included. We need to create conditions to be fully independent.
In the process, it is natural that Kim Ha Neul’s support is provided. I was satisfied because the CEO tried to take care of it on his own, even though he didn’t bother to talk about it first.

“You’ll be surprised if you find out later, right?”

He may be moved by saying that he supported and supported him from the bottom. A solid build-up over a very long period of time. A touching narrative that comes from that!
Kang Ba Da kept laughing at her perfect plan. Watching him, Kim Ha Neul smiled awkwardly.

“Ranking is not a very significant indicator. It’s not like the inflow is increasing.”
“But it’s still in the top 200 out of thousands of works, right? If you keep using it, you’ll definitely be ranked higher.”
“It cheers me up when Ba Da ssi says so.”
“Well, then, I’m glad. The more successful you are, the easier it will be for my family to admit marriage, so work hard!”

In fact, it has nothing to do with the success of the work. Whether the family opposes it or not, I have no intention of forcing my relationship with Kim Ha Neul.
However, if you push too openly, Kim Ha Neul will doubt you, so a “surface reason” was needed.

“That’s true, too. Definitely. I don’t have anything to say right now. It’s not a decent job.”
“What’s wrong with the writer?”
“To be exact, I’m a web novel writer. It’s not a job with a good perception, and I’m sure my parents’ generation especially won’t see it well.”

Kim Ha Neul smiles with a bit of a sad expression. Kang Ba Da was a little heartbroken because it felt like the years had been buried on its face.

‘My dad wouldn’t really care.’

Of course, if your son-in-law is a self-made CEO or a well-known family member, you’ll like it. That’s the story of seeing Kang Ba Da as a “family resource,” not a daughter.
Unless there is a gambling addict among the descendants anyway, I have enough money to hand over to my descendants. What’s important about a son-in-law’s job?
If it’s not for someone like a slug or pillar west, they’ll accept it. In that sense, Kim Ha Neul is a bonus point.

Be nice to your family. I work hard, too. They don’t even reveal a woman.’

The last one is especially important.
It is often said that “a man’s nature is revealed when he has everything.” As soon as I received 5 million won, I remitted all of it to my parents, which was reliable enough.

You’ll be able to build up your confidence quickly.’

Perhaps because there are no works that have been very successful compared to the period of effort, Kim Ha Neul seems to have shrunk overall. But that will be resolved soon, too.

“This drama has a great feeling.”’

The works that Kim Ha Neul has written so far have been pretty good, but <Life after marriage> was really fun to watch except for his good feelings.
I’ve never left a trace on the net in my life. I was so busy reading it that I left a comment without realizing it.

Ha Neul can do it without any manipulation.’

Since there were so many people participating, there were quite a few people who forcibly raised the ranking by manipulating the number of views. It’s not like I haven’t thought about that for a second.
It is not difficult to increase views with money and write recommendations. But is that ranking meaningful for Ha Neul?


It’s an insult to Kim Ha Neul. If you truly believe him, you just have to wait silently and cheer like now.
a success achieved purely by one’s own hand Kang Ba Da knew better than anyone that there was a value that could not be converted into money.

“Ha Neul ssi.”
“I’m sure it’ll work out. No, it’s okay to fail. You can use that failure as a stepping stone and go higher.”
“Way to go for it!” Got it?”

When Kang Ba Da raised his fist and posed for a fighting pose, Kim Ha Neul burst into laughter as if he were dumbfounded. She was ashamed of her actions for a moment.

“Yes, fighting. We.”

Kim Ha Neul hit his fist lightly. Just as someone threw a stone into the lake, there was a small stir in the heart of Kang Ba Da.

‘…I touched it.’

I held hands and crossed my arms in front of people. Why does this little bump make my heart flutter?
Kang Ba Da was speechless for a moment because it was hard to understand why.
* * *

“That’s for sure.”

Kang Ba Da is the “yellow woman.”
You can bet your entire fortune on this.
I thought it was an unusual nickname and sponsorship. When the worry that I had been worried about became a reality, my temples throbbed.

“…I was wondering if it could be.’

The first time I began to suspect was when the empress left a comment. The ID on the membership information was none other than “Sea0707”.
The word smelled of Kang Ba Da. Who puts “Sea” in their ID? Even the number after that…

– Ba Da, when is your birthday?
– July 7th.
– Your birthday is the same as mine.
– Oh, really?

It was roughly glossed over, but how much I tried to hide my embarrassment. When did he start reading my novel?

‘…I know all the personal information.’

It’s like getting a pen name.
A phone call would be enough for her.
Anyway, it’s not a big deal for Kang Ba Da to read my novel. What’s important is that she wants to hide the fact that she herself is an ‘Imperial Princess’.

[It’s fun]

Suddenly, the comment she left passed through Kim Ha Neul’s head. It was clearly the anger that heroin kidnapped and imprisoned the main character.

I guess he revealed his ID on purpose.’

Although he has been on a web novel serial site for quite a long time, I have never heard of the news that “The Imperial Princess” left a comment.
Even if you leave your unique nickname behind. He was famous for his unique move, which he silently sponsored every time.
At first, I thought the princess managed the comments so that only the writer could see them.

If it did, it would have been rumored.’

In other words, this may be the first time that the empress has left a comment. There were many uncomfortable aspects to think that it was a simple mistake.
Not only is she extremely unlikely to make a mistake because she plans every little thing, but what is the probability that it happens to be my work?

It’s more like impossible.’

As expected, she’s a scary woman.
At the same time as a warning that you’re watching anytime, anywhere. It is clearly an implicit message that it will kidnap and mystify in case of emergency.
Kim Ha Neul has two main options for this. One was to break through the front, and the other was to match her rhythm.

First of all, you have to match it here.’

It is ridiculous to even describe the difference between Kang Ba Da and his weight class as “desperate.” It’s not time to make a big deal out of it.

“I have no choice but to use it as much of it.”

Whatever the purpose of Kang Ba Da is, she is reading <Life after marriage>. Then I can use this situation in reverse.
It periodically reminds me that the writer’s thoughts are buried in the work, and sends a subtle message in the novel.

It’s not different from the direction of the novel.’

Anyway, the big context of <Life after marriage> is similar to what our couple look like now. I’m sure you’re feeling Ba Da of course.
Therefore, if you continue to show the active heroine and the main character influenced by it. It will be enough to confuse Kang Ba Da.

‘… Well, that’s enough for the bill.”

As a writer, I’ll have to show my appreciation. Anyway, she read me through as a reader.
I can’t believe she’s been reading web novels for a long time, but it was rather nice to get a glimpse of her different side.

“I’m also thankful that you didn’t touch the work as you please.”

After learning about the identity of the empress, I was worried that she might manipulate it in the name of “for me.” Fortunately, there was no sign of it at all.
It is not mentioned on the recommendation board or in a specific community, and the number of views has not suddenly increased. It’s just that the rate of settlement of incoming personnel has increased.
Of course, she could manipulate it as much as she wanted, but she was just convinced while talking to Kang Ba Da.

“Way to go for it!” Got it?”

Kang Ba Da raises her fist and poses for a fighting pose. If even that was acting, it looked so pure that I couldn’t trust people anymore.
I was ashamed of myself for doubting her and tapping the calculator until now. I let go of my thoughts for a moment.

“Yes, fighting. We.”

I hit my fist lightly. It was only for a moment, but the soft skin of Kang Ba Da was transmitted through the skin. It was a pleasant tremor.
I paused for a moment because I felt unfamiliar, but I came to my senses by biting my tongue slightly. Finally, I took out the prepared gift from my bag.

“Here, take this.”
“…What is this?”
“The clothes, the hair. You’ve only received this and that so far, right? So I wanted to do something for you.”

This was pure sincerity.
Whether she used me as a tool for her comfortable life or not. It was a clear fact that led me to a better life.

“I didn’t know what to give, so I had a hard time.”

How many things in the world cannot be obtained if Kang Ba Da decides to do so. I pondered for a long time because I couldn’t think of a present that she would like.

“…Can I take it?”
“Of course. I brought it to give it to Ba Da.” Don’t look forward to it too much. It’s really nothing.”

Perhaps he had never thought I would give him a present, and Kang Ba Da, which seemed to be embarrassed, slowly opened the box as if hesitating.

“…What’s this?”

Kang Ba Da’s eyes opened wide after checking the gift.

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