Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 9 

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#009 You will love me

“It’s strange.”

I mumbled as I looked at the monitor. On the screen, “Life after marriage is awesome,” which I’m currently serializing, was on the screen.
It’s a screen that I watch dozens of times every day, and it’s nothing new because it’s already been repeated for nearly a decade. Every day was strange these days.
[Fighting][I’m going]][Wow… It’s ticklish!]When I wake up from sleep, positive comments are piled up. It’s very pleasant, but I was also a little embarrassed by the sudden change.

I was going to fold it.’

Is it the gray light banjo that is commonly referred to in martial arts? My work, which was not a malicious comment, but a non-blind comment, began to come alive.

I think the readers have noticed.’

Readers are not fools. They also know that works that are reproduced for free can be stopped at any time if no indicators are found.
Therefore, if you see the year-round view of the work you are enjoying reading, you may give one more comment to cheer up.

If I were a loser, I’d look forward to it.’

But it’s already at least.
It has come too far to be revived. Even now, it’s a contest period, so thousands of works are pouring out every day.
My work is stuck at the bottom of the deep sea, so I can’t see the so-called ‘tteoksanggak’ at all. The indicators that need to be folded are clear.

“Hmm? But this person…”

There was a person who stood out among the new comments. I quickly checked the profile because I thought it was impersonation, and it was you.
Level 99.
I mean, I was at the highest level.
Nickname is “CENTE”.
I’m a familiar person. Along with the Pungshin Warrior, he is considered one of the five named readers.
[It’s really fun from the middle, but I’m so sad about the sweet potatoes in the beginning] I think that’s the barrier to entry. Writer, do you have any thoughts on remaking it?]Looking at the sincere comments, I was in agony for a moment. If it’s what a reader says, I’ll ignore it to maintain the subjectivity of the work, but this feels a little different.

“I can count the times when Suho-ryeong leaves a long comment……”

Because they read so much, it is difficult to put great affection into one work. In fact, 99% of the comments are simple words like “fighting”.
However, the fact that he left a long comment means that he is disappointed. Wouldn’t it be worth considering a remake at this rate?
[I think the same as “CENT” too] I’ve seen your novel several times before, and this one feels the best.]A comment from “Fungshin Warrior” that came up while I was thinking. Seeing it, I felt a spark of hope rising deep in my heart.
Let’s read my work again from the beginning. The analysis of why readers’ reactions have changed significantly comes first.

‘Plots aren’t that different.’

Since he had his own experience as a writer, he maintains the form of “Victory Conclusion” well. Nothing much has changed in terms of plotting.

“…Are you a character as expected.

I feel this again, but my character in the beginning was not attractive. This is because it has set the direction with an narrative-oriented story, so it has killed the characteristics as much as possible.
an emotionless protagonist
an obedient heroine’s reaction
Even the surrounding supporting roles that are consumed as tools.
In my novel, they were all just ‘dolls’, and I managed to show my readers a puppet show.

‘But the second half is different.’

The characters got out of the way I put it and started acting selfishly. In particular, it is safe to say that the heroine “Mer” was born again.

“Do you know the story of Persephone?”
“… Is that why you kidnapped me?”
“You seem to know.”
“Do you think I’ll like you if I do this?”
“That’s bound to be the case.”

Mer, the queen of the Ilian Empire, smiled gently at the man she loved, Siel.
Clap clap clap!
She clapped, and the knights waiting outside came with something very carefully.

“…What is this!?”
“It’s ‘Elixir’ that even the dead can be saved.” This will cure your friend.”
“Do you want to make a deal with me?”
“Yes, I got it right away. I’m offering you what you need, and you’re offering me what you need. What do you think?”

Looking into Mer’s eyes filled with conviction, Siel felt the emotions that had been worn out by repeated death slowly fill up.

“…Is this anger?”

It must be because he felt ashamed to see her save Elixir, who could not be saved no matter how hard he struggled.
an ugly jealousy of an imperial woman
Mer is like a mirror. She is so clear and transparent that she keeps bringing her ugly inner self out.

“…Mer. As expected, I can’t love you.”
“No, I don’

Mer shaking his head firmly.
Born as the youngest member of the royal family, she was never found in her life, always yielding to her siblings.

“Siel, you will love me.”

Mer lifted Siel’s chin and forced eye contact. His eyes trembled as he never showed his feelings.

“I’ll make it so.”

Reading the scene uploaded yesterday again, I realized how active the character “Mer” has changed.
Originally, he was always obedient to the main character and was only a minimum support that restored his mental state. Now you can see the royal family’s blood-like force.

“The reason why this happened is…

It’s because of Kang Ba Da.
Thanks to the contract marriage, the burden of making this work a fee has disappeared.
Thanks to that, I threw away the closely planned plot and just wrote what I felt. In the process, the image of Kang Ba Da and the empress overlapped.

“Thanks to you, the main character changed, too.’

The main character, Siel, has the ability to ‘infinite return’. But that’s all. No matter how hard you try, only the ‘process’ will change. The defined future has not changed.
As the unhappy future was repeated, the main character’s emotions continued to wear out and became insensitive to everything. Saving the empress was also a simple whim.

I was going to do it with a cider pass.’

Like a common regression, he intended to use the cheat, “This guy does bad things in the future, so I kill him in advance,” but the development has completely changed as the character of the empress has changed.

“What if the empress becomes the only one who changes the future of the main character that has been repeated infinitely?”’

The emotionally worn protagonist will try to ‘use’ her somehow. Then the embers of hope will revive, and the dead emotions will slowly open their eyes.
The main character who tries to take advantage of a woman’s heart and the heroine who knows it but firmly believes that the relationship will turn around someday.

It’s going to be fun.’

When I roughly caught the frame, I noticed which part and how to modify it.
If you skip the frustrating part briefly in the beginning and slowly build up the process of changing Heroine’s emotions, the reader will be more immersed.

There aren’t as many elements to modify as I thought.’

There is no need for a grand remake. A day or two is enough to modify.
I’m going to start writing right after I make a decision. Suddenly a new notification appeared on the screen.
[It’s fun]I doubted my eyes for a moment.
It’s the first time I’ve seen a Hwangnyeo leave a comment. Not only me, but he only sponsors other works and never leaves comments.

“…Your level is lower than I thought.’

Of course, I thought you were a full level.
Of course, it doesn’t mean much to the level. No, rather, it’s more joyful news for me. It means that I satisfied the picky taste of the empress.
I tried to press like quickly, but a notification came out saying, “Comments that have already been deleted.” I think he deleted it right after leaving a comment.

But the sponsorship… “What?”

The notification was updated, so I checked quickly and Hwangnyeo sent me a donation. However, the amount was more than I imagined.
[100,000G]I wonder if I’ve seen it properly, so it’s accurate even if I look at it again and again. You sent me 100,000 won. Of course it was the best patronage of my life.

‘Yes, I know for sure now.’

Even after coming this far, my half-disturbed mind completely burned. If you modify the beginning part of this, it will appear ‘must’.
With confidence, I started typing straight away. It’s been a long time since I’ve had fun writing.
* * *

“Did you hear anything from photographer Kang?”
“He signed with Cheil Media.”
“…What about writer Park?”
“He’s close to Photographer Choi”.

Choi Jin Cheol, the representative of the small publishing company “Daehan Media,” buried himself in a chair. I sighed automatically at the gloomy reality that was just around the corner.

“I really need to put down the sign now.”

The growing web novel market in recent years. As such, the number of full-time writers has increased, and the number of publishers has naturally increased.
As usual, however, the number of people who can reap the fruits of success is limited. The Korean media was culled from the market.

It’s a repeat of the vicious cycle.’

I couldn’t get a good piece, so I got pushed out of the platform. The promotion cannot be given to other writers as much as it has been pushed out, so the merit of the management itself falls.
It was natural for writers to shake off their good fortune and get out of other management.

“Are there three more works left?”

The contract works have been reduced one by one. The number of works in series is now less than the number of employees.
In fact, I had been thinking about lowering the signboard from the beginning, but I forced it here because of my responsibility for the artists I belonged to.

“How long do you have left until the end of the series?”
“The Thousand Trillion Chaebol After Divorce” has been sent to the end. <SSS Class Slave Hunter> has about 10 episodes left.”
“There’s one more thing.”
“Writer Kim Ha Neul?”

Kim Ha Neul.
A writer who has been with the Korean media since his first debut. He is sincere and has a good personality. The only regrettable thing is that there are no plausible hits.

That was a big problem for us.

There were a lot of good works.
Management didn’t put other people’s promotions properly, and rather, we received more feedback. In fact, he is an honorary employee of the Korean media.

I wanted to be with you until the end.’

The reality was not so easy. The company’s immediate debt alone is enormous. I have no face to see my wife because all the expenses for renting the office are at my own expense.

“Call the writers and thank them for all this time. I will contact writer Kim directly.”
“CEO, are you really going to fold it?”
“Well, then, what are we going to do?” Suddenly, a masterpiece that can cause our company explodes, or a chaebol that wants to take over our company falls from the sky? Your salary is three months behind.”
“I don’t know if it’s possible in the future.”

Park Do Jin, the last employee of Daehan Media, shrugged his shoulders. He turned the monitor and showed the screen to Choi Jin Cheol.

“Kim Ha Neul, this work is unusual.”
“It’s not unusual at all right. You messed up the surface in the beginning. He’s probably stuck at the bottom of the contest.”
“I’m on the list.”

The word ranking means that it has entered the top 200 where “ranking” is marked in the contest. Then it means that the number of views for the latest version is at least over 100.

“…It’s true, isn’t it?”
“Selections are also growing rapidly. The early indicators that collapsed are also recovering.”
“Is this possible?”
“Cheetah is stretching.”

There’s a meme among the writers that says, “Cheetah is smiling.” It is a self-help joke that one day his work buried in the deep sea will be spoiled.
However, there is a reason for everything to be dismissed as a “meme It was literally a “miracle” that a work that had already died would come back to life.

No one goes down to the deep sea to see the work unless it’s a perversion.’

It’s 200th place in the contest ranking alone. There is another work on Today’s Best. It’s literally the minimum standard for attracting readers.
Who would see a work that didn’t even pass the standard? There are occasional quirks called ‘deep sea expeditions’, but it’s not easy to satisfy their eyes.

“Two of the five major constellations have been attached. In addition to that, the support of ‘Hwangnyeo’ is also included.”
“What, they’re hard to gather even at the top of the contest. Did someone write a recommendation?”
“Not yet. The writer turned the beginning upside down, and I think that’s pretty important.”
“Come out for a second!”
“Oh, see you at the CEO’s seat…”
“Come out!”

Choi Jin Cheol, who pushed Park Do Jin away, quickly sat down and began reading Kim Ha Neul’s writings. His hand, which lowered the wheel, became faster and faster.

“…What, it’s fun, isn’t it?”
“Right? I haven’t seen a work like this in a long time.”

Because of the nature of the job as an editor, dozens of works are read a day, so even reading often feels like a “work.”
People who started because they liked reading novels at first get sick of it later. <Life after marriage> was purely fun.

“…I’m in trouble.”

However, Choi Jin Cheol couldn’t be happy. If it is this work, it is certain to be paid, but no one can guarantee how far it can go.
In addition, if the work is paid, I will have to watch up to 150 episodes even if I can’t. Even if it is serialized every day, it takes at least five months to complete.

‘…Our company can’t afford to hold out.’

The best way for each other is to release the contract. Kim Ha Neul didn’t even receive a previous tax, so he can finish it neatly.

“But that’s a relief. Writer Kim succeeds in the end. I’ll go with a good feeling for the end.”
“Are you going to let go?”
“You both have a family.”

a colleague on the verge of success after a long wait I was sad that I couldn’t be with him until the end, but Choi Jin Cheol believed that this was the best.

It’s a miracle that we’ve come this far.’

When Choi Jin Cheol sighed and stood up. Suddenly a phone call came to his seat. I checked and found out that it is a completely unknown number at all.
Is it a debt call?
Choi Jin Cheol, who had been thinking for a while, answered the phone.

“This is Daehan Media.”
“What? What did you just say…”
“Really!? Yes! Of course! I’ll be right there!”

When Choi Jin Cheol, who put down the phone, hurriedly put his clothes on, Park Do Jin quickly grabbed him.

“Where are you going?”
“Do Jin, there must be no law for a person to die.”
“I can give you a delayed salary. Double that, too.”

When Park Do Jin tilted his head at an unknown word, Choi Jin Cheol tapped him on the shoulder.

“I’ll tell you when I get back. You never move and stay here. Answer the phone as soon as you get it.”
“…You’re not running away, are you?”
“If you’re going to do that, it splashed right away. Oh, and call writer Kim Ha Neul, too! I’ll push you as much as I can, so use it up! (Laughs!

Hurry up!
Choi Jin Cheol left the office, leaving only that remark. Park Do Jin shook his head as he looked at his back.

“…Ah, I don’t want to get a job again.”

Park Do Jin is confident that the CEO ran away. He looked around the empty office blankly, then picked up the phone with a deep sigh.

“Writer, did you rest in peace? I’m Park Do Jin. You were ranked in the top of the list of works this time ….”

I trust you just one more time.
With that thought, Park Do Jin continued to talk.

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