Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 36

With The Legend. (2)

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The Kim Hee Sang effect was also felt in the drawing for the order of performances.

“My gosh! Team Kim Hee Sang and Awy! The order is also the last!”

The ball picked by Kim Hee Sang had the number 5 shining brightly on it.

Awy and Kim Hee Sang cheered and embraced each other.

The later the order, the greater the advantage in the competition.

“That’s too much…”

“This is not fabricated, right?”

At Lee Chun Ja’s words, the production team waved their hands.

As they were all big seniors in the entertainment industry, the production crew was very polite.

“We’re going to compete against Hee Sang Sonsaengnim, but being the first one to go…”

Lee Chun Ja cried out but stood up with strength.

Pinky Lady and Lee Chun Ja headed towards the stage, and the studio’s camera lights went out.

“Hyung nim! You should have told me that you were going to be on the same show!”

“Long time no see!”

As the veteran singers began to talk to each other, Awy also greeted the singers on both sides again.

Pluto was sitting next to Ian.


“Ah, yes.”

Pluto just nodded slightly then turned their gaze to the opposite side of Ian.

“Hey, don’t answer back.”

“We’re artists.”

Pluto nudged each other playfully and whispered. But everything could be heard, so it was 100% thought to be heard. Ian let out a sigh.

What are they saying in front of top-notch senior singers?

‘Did they already catch ‘that disease’?’

[They’re from MI Enter. They’re also proud to be Lure’s direct juniors… With Kim Seung Hoon out of the frame for dating, they must be thinking it’s their turn now.]

They started dating less than a year after their debut, and now they’re even going crazy with artist disease1The behavior of artists who become arrogant, entitled, or difficult to work with as a result of their fame and success. The title “artist” has the nuance that their success is because of skill or expertise rather than instant celebrity that often happens in showbiz. .

Even if they act like that, they’re just being stubborn and self-centered. I don’t know where they get that confidence from.

[Then what’s the use, they become MI Enter CEO’s push grinder.]

Push grinder, which means that even when the company tries to push them, they cannot handle it and end up getting ground2This is a very Korean-only term. So, the company pushed them well with support, etc to success, but they couldn’t handle those advantages well and got ground by external competition instead. .

‘I pray for that snobbery to last forever.’

It’s good if they don’t make as much profit as expected. If MI Enter fails, Ian will welcome it with open arms.

Of course, they won’t necessarily fail altogether just because one group failed to launch.

“Okay, first is the team of Pinky Lady and Lee Chun Ja Sonsaengnim!”

“Let’s see the stage performance!”

Three unknown Pluto members raised their heads at the news of Pinky Lady.

Lee Joo Hyuk looked over each Awy member once, with a determined expression. 

‘You know, right?’

‘I know.’

Each member who made eye contact with him nodded slightly.

Pinky Lady and Lee Chun Ja’s stage was said to be a sexy concept.

At this time, the attitude and expression of watching the stage were important.

They should never show that they like it.

If they cheer for it and laugh like a pervert because they can’t control their cheekbones, they’ll be caught on camera and shown on air.

In particular, fans will be disillusioned, thinking ‘Oh, they’re men after all’.

‘We have to put on a serious look.’

This was the answer Lee Joo Hyuk presented. 

‘Don’t smile. You should be concerned, worried, and nervous about your competitor who did a great job on the stage.’

‘Wouldn’t us look too much like stones?’

‘Then who cares, we’re rookies anyway.’

This is where the rookie shield comes in handy.

If they are later asked ‘why did you react that way?’, they can simply say that they were too nervous.

The spotlights gradually brightened the dark stage, gently illuminating it.


Pinky Lady came out in a tight, short dress.

As they swayed to the music, screaming cheers filled the studio.

In particular, Pluto’s reaction next to them was too hot.

‘It’s like a musical.’

The sound of the trombone and drum ring out cheerfully.

As Pinky Lady fell lively to both sides, Lee Chun Ja appeared.

It was in the form of when Lee Chun Ja sang, Pinky Lady danced and added chorus.

‘A bit… boring.’

The performance looked sexy. However, the song arrangement and composition of the song were static.

And Lee Chun Ja’s trot singing style strangely didn’t seem to fit well.

[There’s no highlight.]

After the first stage, they clapped obligatorily. 

“Our Pluto! The response was very hot. How was the first performance?”

“Uh… It was very good.”

The host didn’t know, but the member who was asked happened to be the dating member. When asked, he blushed and gave his answer.

And they’re not gonna miss this opportunity.

“Uh? Isn’t your face completely red? Did something happen between you two?”

Pluto couldn’t lift their head.

The host wanted to ask more questions, but it would be counterproductive to ask a rookie too difficult questions. Besides, they’re part of MI Entertainment, which is famous for their unusual fans…

He looked disappointed and turned his target to Awy.

“On the other hand, this side is very serious!”

“We are too nervous. They performed so well on stage…”

Lee Joo Hyuk answered promptly.

“Then, do you think Lee Chun Ja Sonsaengnim‘s team will win?”

“I think we are going to win.”

The host exclaimed at Lee Joo Hyuk’s resolute answer.

The veteran singers applauded the rookie’s spirit. Kim Hee Sang also nodded proudly.

The second stage was Triple Man and Kim Jung Soon, who competed with their singing ability.


“It’s no joke, really.”

When Kim Jung Soon sang the intro, admiration came out from here and there.

Despite the limitations of listening in the studio because the sound quality of the broadcasting station was not that good, it was still a thrilling voice to hear.

‘This is a bit regrettable.’

It would have been more touching if I had seen it on the scene.

Ian rubbed his arms with goosebumps. It was a moment when he envied the audience in the hall3In case you haven’t noticed it yet, the studio here refers to the place where all the cast watch the performances while commenting. Located behind the stage, most likely a decorated waiting room. The stage to perform is in a hall with the audience. If you have watched Immortal Song, it is similar to that.

Good things passed quickly, and the stage ended before he could fully appreciate it.

Ian clapped with regret.

The host looked around the studio and approached Ian.

“Awy’s Ian! You were so focused on the performance. How was it?”

“It was really… The best. I want to sing together.”

At Ian’s words, Kim Hee Sang, who was sitting in front, turned around to look at him.


“Of course, our Kim Sonsaengnim is the number zero.”

Ian nodded with a serious expression.

The studio laughed at Ian’s sudden change of attitude.

The third was Pluto and Park Sung Soo. They said this side would have a refreshing concept.

‘Good skills.’

Pluto wore pastel-toned costumes and danced gracefully, showing off strikingly beautiful dance lines4춤선 (chum-seon). A word mainly used by KPop fans that refers to the various analyses of the diverse charms of movements and dance skills that appear when dancing. Usually used when saying that someone looks good when dancing in general. Because non-professionals can’t point out exactly which dance element is good. .

When viewed as individuals that’s it.

[Not fun.]

Said Jin sarcastically.

Overall, Pluto’s choreography was strangely out of sync one by one. It stood out to the point that he wondered if they lacked practice.

‘I was like that when I was a trainee… They still look like trainees.’

[MI Enter isn’t the same as before.]

‘Is that so?’

Well, who would practice hard for a one-time performance.

Still, it was a stage with a veteran singer, yet they had no sincerity.

[Their director came out and opened MJ Enter. He hit it big there.]

‘If it’s MJ Enter….’

It was the company where Kim Young Joon went after betraying them.

Separately, Park Sung Soo’s refreshing concept was shocking, so the studio’s response was very good.

Kim Hee Sang also watched the stage with a big laugh.

“Pinky Lady! How did you like the performance?”

[He bit one thing.]

The host did not miss the opportunity to interview Pinky Lady.

“Park Sung Soo Sonsaengnim‘s transformation is really amazing.”

“You look like an active idol!”

Answered Pinky Lady with giggles.

Still, it’s been two years since their debut, so they didn’t show a single fluctuation on their face due to their good education.

As they skillfully turned the topic towards Park Sung Soo, the host turned his head as if disappointed.

The fourth was M.O.M. and Lee Seong Ho.

M.O.M. was a 13-member boy group famous for its fierce acrobatic choreography. And as expected, they filled the stage tightly with a large number of members.

“This will overlap with us.”

Muttered Park Jin Hyuk. After each stage, there was an intermission, and the staff was carrying a trampoline.



As the song began, one member drew attention with a backflip.

The remaining members of M.O.M used a trampoline installed behind the stage to jump in and then set up a choreography formation.

They dressed up in military-look and showcased a spectacular group dance.

As they danced fervently, Lee Seong Ho appeared among them when they bowed their waists.


“Aren’t they strong?”

“When did he go in there?”

When Lee Seong Ho took the lead with an explosive high note after the surprise appearance, Awy members were left speechless.

“Wow, don’t you think they’ll win?”

Lee Chun Ja said discouragingly. The audience’s reaction at the scene was overwhelmingly good.

[But the junior singers don’t sing that much, right?]

The previous stage was like that, and even now, the legends take charge of singing while the junior singers play a supporting role. At least, Triple Man had a large share in singing.

Maybe that’s why it couldn’t shake off the feeling of being backup dancers despite the spectacular stage.

However, Awy prepared a perfect collaboration with Kim Hee Sang’s part distribution.

It seems that not only Ian realized it, but the other members also didn’t think they would lose for some reason while watching seriously.

(With Lee Sung Ho and M.O.M’s powerful performance ended! We have someone to introduce before the on-site voting!)

Sonsaengnim, Awy. Please go to the stage.”

The host, who was hosting the stage scene, amplified expectations.

“I’ll look forward to your performance!”

“Fighting, Sunbae nim!”

“Everyone, fighting!”

Encouraged by the veteran singers, Awy and Kim Hee Sang left the studio and headed to the stage.

“You can’t leave out this person when it comes to legends!”

Awy entered the backstage and stood in a huddle.

It was a chant time to strengthen teamwork before going on stage, and this time, it was a formation that included Kim Hee Sang.

Sonsaengnim, please say a word.”

“Should I?”

At Lee Joo Hyuk’s words, Kim Hee Sang pondered and said.

“Being with you guys is an honor.”

“We’re even more honored!”

Whether Awy’s loud voice could be heard even outside, the audience was buzzing. The members closed their mouths quickly.

Kim Hee Sang smiled kindly as if looking at adorable grandsons.

“Let’s go perform without any regrets, over.” 

As Kim Hee Sang finished speaking, Jo Tae Woong mumbled.

“But what should we do with the chant? Shouldn’t we have made a team name in advance?”

“What do you mean, Sonsaengnim can also chant Awy.”

Is it okay? When Ian asked, Kim Hee Sang laughed and nodded.

Lee Joo Hyuk looked back at the members and said,

“Then let’s go perform without any regrets. We are who we are?”



Still unable to let go of his feelings, Jo Tae Woong called out the last letter of Kim Hee Sang’s name.

“Awy Sang? That’s nice.”

“Not bad.”

Awy and Kim Hee Sang added with a laugh.

“Then for our final performance! The rookie boy group Awy and a legend! It seems like this program was made for this person!”

The stage host continued his words in response to the PD’s hand gesture.

“The legend! It’s Kim Hee Sang!”


Those words elicited gasps of astonishment from the audience.

Who is Kim Hee Sang. He is a singer who represents an era.

If everyone were asked to choose a legend in the music industry, they would point to this person.

“Wow, crazy.”

“I’m glad I applied here. Really.”

The audience buzzed. Everyone had an excited expression.

Kim Hee Sang, who was thought to have retired due to no news for the past six years, had appeared unexpectedly.


As the stage darkened, the audience held their breath.

With the gentle sound of the wind, the backlight cast a faint silhouette.

A man running away, and another wearing a police hat chasing him eventually stopped and raised his hand.


The hand shaped like a gun was raised, and the sound effect from the stage startled the audience.

The man running away fell to the ground. The shooter watched it and then turned around, disappearing off stage.

On the other side, a man wearing a gat5갓. Korean traditional hat from the Joseon era. The black one that looks like it’s made out of a net. trudged in. It felt a light sense of rhythm in his walk.

The man with gat stopped in front of the fallen man, looked at him, and crouched down to close his eyes.

Then the stage went dark again.

Three seconds later, all the lights came on and the stage was lit. The fallen man was nowhere to be seen, and only one person stood with his head down. 

The wide brim of the gat made his face invisible.

“Who’s it?”

“Isn’t he a junior singer?”

Judging by his rhythmic footsteps, the audience assumed that he was a young person.

Soon after, the person with gat raised his head and revealed his face and the audience screamed.

The man with gat was Kim Hee Sang.

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