Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 11 

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#011 Oppa, who is that woman?

“…What’s this?”

All accidents in Kang Ba Da have stopped.
Some of them did not think that Kim Ha Neul would have prepared a gift, but most of all, the contents were unusual.

“A bracelet?”

What was inside was a bracelet.
It was a Kang Ba Da that I was proud to have seen quite a lot of accessories in my life, but I swear it was my first time seeing it. according to her instinct

“Did you make this yourself?”
“Just the design. I couldn’t think of any off-the-shelf items that I could give you as a gift.” So I tried my best even if I lacked skills.”

Oh, my God.
Kang Ba Da clearly recognized that he was “broken,” but was confused enough to not be able to manage his expression easily.
The impression from the fact that Kim Ha Neul designed it for himself was great, but the pure surprise was greater than that.

You designed this yourself?’

Originally, the essence of jewelry is ‘to make the wearer stand out’. However, too colorful designs eat the owner in reverse.
Conversely, if it is too modest, it is not worth as an accessory, so maintaining that subtle balance determines the designer’s skills.

‘…I want it.’

Kang Ba Da felt unfamiliar with her feelings. Regardless of the fact that it is a gift from Kim Ha Neul, it is a bracelet that evokes a desire to collect after a long time.
Overall, it’s a simple and easy atmosphere. At the same time, I thought I would look good in any clothes, and at the same time, I didn’t lose my original presence.
If Kim Ha Neul didn’t say he designed it himself, he would have thought that a world-famous artist participated in the production.

“It may be difficult to satisfy Ba Da ssi’s eyes, but please accept it with sincerity…”
“All right.”
“I like it.”

It’s not really that much.
It’s as if someone opened their brain, tore off the synapse, and then custom-made it to suit their taste. I couldn’t think of a proper expression.
Kang Ba Da lifted the bracelet with a very careful touch. I couldn’t help admiring the details one by one.

“There’s a letter inside”.

Small letters were engraved so that they could not be seen from a distance. First of all, it’s an alphabet, but I don’t think it’s English no matter how I look at it. Is it Latin?

“I wanted to give you something meaningful.”
“What does it mean?”
“Morsola. In literal translation, it means ‘until death separates us.'”

Oh, my…
I was embarrassed for a moment and almost made a stupid sound.
Fortunately, Kim Ha Neul did not seem to notice this side’s mistake. It’s just about how you designed the bracelet.

“The meaning of the spiral structure that entered here is ……”

Kim Ha Neul continues to explain with a serious face. Looking blankly at the scene, Kang Ba Da held its breath without realizing it.

“…You’re cool.”

Can a person be this cool? If you monopolize it, you will be blamed by the world. But even with that, I want to take it all to myself.

“I made it with that thought. It was helpful that I studied when I wrote a novel in which the Dwarp master was the main character. Ah! I talked too much by myself… “
“Ha Neul ssi.”
“I want to try on that bracelet.”

Ba Da raised its hand.
In response, Kim Ha Neul tilted his head as if he did not understand the meaning. Even the appearance of Kang Ba Da was cute, so I felt like I was going to burst into laughter.

“It’s a gift, so please fill it in yourself.”

Kim Ha Neul stared blankly at the face of Kang Ba Da and picked up the bracelet as if he had come to his senses belatedly.
Kim Ha Neul whines that she’s not used to wearing a bracelet. In the meantime, it was fun to try not to touch the flesh as much as possible.

“Am I the first one?”’

be extremely clumsy
Is this the first time Kim Ha Neul has filled other people with accessories? It made me feel excited to think like that.

“That’s great.”

That’s all I could think of.
I wish this time would last forever.
But time is fair to everyone. Despite her wishes, Kim Ha Neul eventually succeeded in putting on the bracelet.

“…I heard that I lose my bracelet often, so I made the connection strong. It may be difficult for you to wear it alone.”
“Then Ha Neul can fill it up now.”
“I’m kidding. I can ask the nanny to do it, so it’s okay.”

Kim Ha Neul scratched his head with an awkward expression. Then his sleeve fell slightly down, revealing the hidden bracelet.


For once, even Kang Ba Da could not hide its embarrassment. This is because the design of the bracelet Kim Ha Neul was wearing was the same as his.

“Is this a couple bracelet?”
“Oh, my. Yes, I made it in pairs. We promised to get married, but I thought we should have something. I think the ring will be burdensome.”

a request for
Kang Ba Da tried to suppress the wriggling corners of its mouth. How should I react here to look natural? No matter how hard I think, I don’t know.

“You don’t usually spill things like this, do you?”’

Actually, isn’t he a player, let alone a single? It was such a fatal remark that made me think. The heart seems to have already exploded because it couldn’t beat.

“Don’t you like it?”

No way.
I want to hold onto Kim Ha Neul’s face and kiss her right away. If it weren’t for the patience built up as a member of Daehan, it would have been.
Kang Ba Da took a deep breath and tried to calm down the burning emotions. I can’t get the answer if I keep being dragged around like this.

“Is there anything you want?”
“What do you want?”
“Yes, you gave me a present that I liked. I want to pay you back.”
“No. In the first place, I made it out of gratitude to Ba Da ssi.” It’s enough now.”

You’re only saying pretty words.
Still, I can’t back down from here.

“I have a personality that I can’t live in debt.”
“It’s embarrassing to say it myself, but honestly, I have pretty high eyes. I’ve received a lot of gifts since I was young. I could buy almost everything I wanted.”
“It’s not easy to meet my standards. If I have to argue, I have received more than I have ever given you.”

It’s sophistry.
There is such awareness.
But Kang Ba Da was in a psychological corner, unable to bear it without forcing logic.
At this rate, the balance is completely destroyed. Before that, you have to relieve your mind even a little. Even if you put money on the scale.

“As a member of Daehan, it is impossible for me to be in debt. So tell me what Ha Neul wants.”

The car is nice.
The house is nice, too.
I’ll give you anything.
I hope you can relieve this crazy mind a little bit. Kang Ba Da thought so sincerely.


Kim Ha Neul was silent for a while. He observed Kang Ba Da with his characteristic sinking eyes, and only after a long time did he speak.

“Are you going to listen to anything.”
“To the extent possible.”
“Of course…”

Come on.
Kim Ha Neul raised her fingers with a playful smile on her face. At the end of that, Kang Ba Da flinched without realizing it.

“What does that mean?”
“I want to buy Ba Da ssi’s labor force.”
“I’m a little short of hands. Let’s work with me today.”

His mischievous joke pouted Kang Ba Da’s lips.
* * *

“Wow! It’s Ha Neul!”
“What about chicken? What about pizza?” What about toys?”
“Do you think I’m Santa Claus?”

The children of the nursery school came out to meet the car, perhaps because they heard it. As soon as they saw my face, they grabbed my trouser leg and poured out their words.

“I bought chicken feet.”
“Chicken feet? Why do you eat that?”
“You can’t eat chicken legs because you don’t have them.”
“Not like that!”
“You’re still a child. There you go.”

I handed the children the envelopes that were full of both hands. Children who checked the pizza and chicken inside gave thumbs-up.

“As expected, you’re the only one I have.”
“Only at times like this?”
“I’m glad you’re older than me at times like this.”
“If the children can’t speak.”

I swallowed my laughter when I saw the guys who didn’t lose a word. They are rough overall, perhaps because of their surroundings, but they are not bad kids.

“…Oppa, who is that woman?”

The girls hid behind my legs and opened their mouths. Only then did the boys’ eyes turn to the new person.

“It’s my first time seeing a celebrity.”
“You’re a fool. You’re an idol, not a celebrity!”
“Aren’t you two the same?”
“It’s different!”

Since they were young children, they seemed to be too honest. Fortunately, it was all exclamations.
I turned my head back, and there stood Kang Ba Da with a slightly puzzled expression. It seems that he hardly knows what to do with the first situation he is experiencing for the first time.

“It’s okay. They’re all nice, so they don’t bite.”
“We’re not dogs!”
“He barks a little bit like that from time to time. Why are you biting people?”

Kang Ba Da burst into laughter at the real-time skit in front of my eyes. Perhaps a little relaxed, she waved at the children.

“Hey, hey! How old are you?”
“Are you a celebrity?” Is it on TV, too?”

The girls, who were relaxed just by that, ran to the side of Kang Ba Da. I swallowed a bitter smile at it.

“…As expected, your face is cheat-key.”

How many bribes I paid to win the hearts of nursery school children. However, Kang Ba Da relieved its guard with only a smile.

“You’re so pretty.”
“Ye Na’s eyes are so clear. So pretty”.
“Boys always make fun of me for having big eyes…”
“Oh, I guess it’s because Ye Na is so pretty.” I’m sure you’re jealous of Ye Na, too.”

He even has a good personality.
I brought him to the nursery without saying anything, but he could melt naturally. You can’t hide the insider’s genes.

“Haven’t you come?”
“Oh, sir. Were you healthy?”
“I’m healthy. But that person…?”

The director looked at Kang Ba Da with mysterious eyes.
Her eyes met and she came this way after asking the children for understanding.

“This is Kang Ba Da, who will help me with today’s work. And this is Director Kim Seong-ryeong, who is in charge of the nursery. He helped me a lot when I was researching data before.”
“Hello! My name is Ba Da Kang.”
“Nice to meet you. But…”

a curt talker Her eyes seemed to alternate between Kang Ba Da and me, and soon a benevolent smile caught on her face.

“I thought your expression was better than before, so Ha Neul welcomed a very precious guest.”
“Ah ha ha haha.

It was an ambiguous question and answer that could be denied or affirmed, so I laughed instead. Then Kang Ba Da stepped forward.

“Director, aren’t you short-handed?”
“That’s always not enough, but…”
“Then we’ll help you!”

The insider power of Kang Ba Da was extremely exercised, and she continued to speak affectionately. The director was told in a slightly embarrassed tone.

“No, it’s all hard work, so the next time college students come to collective volunteer work……”
“Oh, then wait a minute. Manager!”

The director’s eyes opened wide as his eyes shifted along Kang Ba Da. This is because men in suits flocked from the entrance to the nursery.

“Ha, Ha Neul. Are they…?”
“You said you had a lot of work to do, didn’t you?”

I could fully understand the director’s feelings. Because Kang Ba Da is very much out of the ‘normal’ category.

“Let’s finish everything today.”

I relieved the director with a light smile. The men who appeared in front of me were bodyguards from Daehan Group.

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