Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 48

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#048 Just drop it.

“I’m going to put the children to sleep for a while.”
“May I help you?”
“Will you do that?”
“Sure. I’ll be right back. Ba Da ssi.”
“Yes, go ahead.”

While the director and Kim Ha Neul were away for a while. Kang Byul asked with a mischievous smile around her mouth.

“I’m sorry. I called you while you were having a good time.”
“My legs have been shaking since earlier. How intense the two of them must have been before they came… “
“It’s not like that!”

The red-faced Kang Ba Da quickly covered Kang Byul’s mouth. She’s smiling at her brother’s embarrassment.

“So, when are you really going to get married?”
“It’s a contract marriage between you two.”
“What do you mean all of a sudden? We… “
“The habit of shaking my left eyebrow when I lie still remains. You’d better fix it if you can.”

Looking at the embarrassed Kang Ba Da, Kang Byul drank tea leisurely. After that, he continued in a soft voice as if he knew everything.

“I’ve been watching you for years. You didn’t think you could trick her, did you?”
“… Since when did you know?”

This is not a guess.
Kang Ba Da, which instinctively felt it, realized that it was meaningless to make further excuses.

“I doubted it from the beginning, and I knew the certainty from the reaction of you two just now.”
“You act like kids you’ve never even kissed before.”
“Just that?”
“Of course that’s not all.”

Kang Byul lined up the parts she suspected one by one. As the story continued, the expression of Kang Ba Da became more serious.
Most of them were really trivial, but when they were put together, they became quite plausible circumstantial evidence.

“Who can you fool because you’re so clumsy?” I also understand why Kang Tae-yang reacted like that.”
“Little brother?”
“I know, but I don’t know him.”

Kang Ba Da opened its mouth at the shocking truth. I thought I’ve been completely faking it, but I can’t believe I just closed my eyes.

“…And so?”
“So what?”
“What do you want from us?”
“I’ve told you everything so far. Get married and raise Ye Na well.”

Kang Ba Da tilted its head. Of course, I thought he would break up or threaten me with this as an excuse.
As if he had read the thought, Kang Byul continued, putting down the teacup on the table.

“What the hell do you think of her?”
“Well, I was a little angry at first. Looking at it closely, it seems that they like each other a lot to say that it’s a simple contract marriage. In particular, Kim Seo-bang cares about you a lot… “

Kangbyeol paused at an unprecedented response. She gazed at Ba Da with bewildered eyes.

“You didn’t know that?”
“No, rather than saying I didn’t know…” I mean, I’m not sure. I heard that men usually touch women they are interested in. Ha Neul doesn’t have anything in particular, and he doesn’t confess… “
“Oh, my.”

Kang Byul shook her head as if she were dumbfounded. Why does a person who is usually smart become a fool if Kim Ha Neul is involved?
Of course, that’s cute, but it’s a big deal if you do that in front of other people. I need to help her as an older sister who loves the youngest.

“You can go first.”
“Did I?”
“Okay. Change your position and think about it. Can Kim Ha Neul dash you first?”
“…Why can’t you do it?”
“Oh, what should I do with this innocent child?”

Kang Byul leaned against the backrest, pointing her forehead as if she had a headache. Kang Ba Da, which quickly approached her, rushed her.

“Please explain before Ha Neul comes.” What?”
“Wait a minute. I’m thinking about where to start.”

Kang Byul, who burst into laughter at the enthusiastic response more than ever, slowly took off her lips. As the explanation continued, the eyes of Kang Ba Da opened wide.

“Well, how do you do that!?”
“Is there anything you can’t do? Legally, we’re already married. The order is a little strange, but now it’s working properly.”
“I’m telling you in advance because it’s obvious that the chairman will get you if you leave it like this. Such a situation should never happen for Ye Na.”

Gangbyeol spread three fingers toward Kang Ba Da, which is still hesitating.

“I’ll give you three months.”
“Three months?”
“Yes. The lawsuit that brings Ye Na’s parental authority won’t take as long as you think. Before that, make Kim Ha Neul yours.”
“It can’t be possible all of a sudden…”
“You have to make the timing. If you live with Ye Na, do you think you’ll have a chance to do that?”

Kang Ba Da, which was weighing Kangbyeol’s words, shook its head slowly. Even I thought it would be difficult for me to make progress in the relationship after that.

“Man’s energy is not infinite either. Since the situation is so special, if you don’t signal actively, Kim Seo-bang may get tired first.”
“Like that!”
“Then make an opportunity and just drop it. I mean, show your older charm.”
“The charm of old age…”

Little by little, determination began to grow in the eyes of Kang Ba Da. Kang Byul, who saw it, smirked and whispered in her ear.

“If you try it, it’s not as much as you think. If you get used to it, you’ll like it better.”
“Sex. I mean. Sex.”
“Oh, sister!”

Kang Ba Da freaked out its streets. Kang Byul burst into a cool smile at the fierce reaction. She continued, wiping away her tears.

“Whoa. Three months. Remember!”

Kang Ba Da, whose face was red, bowed its head without a word. Kang Byul laughed for a long time at the sight.
* * *
after some arrangement of the story
Kim Ha Neul got in the car with Kang Ba Da. After taking her home, she was going to take a taxi back.

“I’m sorry it took so long. It’s not as easy as I thought to put the kids to sleep.”
“It’s all right. It could be.”
“Have you talked to your brother-in-law?”

However, what bothered Kim Ha Neul was that the expression of Kang Ba Da was not very good from a while ago.
Seeing the remarkable embarrassment of the word execution, something seemed to have happened between the two.
They didn’t seem to have a bad relationship, and Kang Byul kept looking at them, so I sneaked out of course. I think I was thinking a little short.

“Tell me if you have any concerns.”
“… There’s nothing like that in particular.”
“Did you know that your left eyebrow shakes slightly when you lie?”

Kim Ha Neul who says the same thing as Kang Byul. It’s because the family has seen it for more than a decade, but how on earth does Kim Ha Neul know that?

– Kim Seo Bang cares about you a lot, too.
The conversation I had with Kang Byul passed by in my head, and Kang Ba Da’s head began to become complicated again.

“… Does it mean that he observed me that closely?”

It may be an occupational disease of its own. Didn’t you draw a lot of pictures with yourself as a model when you made the cover last time?
Increasingly, Kangbyeol’s words feel like a fait accompli. Ba Da looked carefully at his face.


Then, when his eyes met with Kim Ha Neul, he quickly turned his head around. My heart was pounding and I couldn’t make eye contact.

‘Uh… I just wish I could get home soon.’

I needed time to organize my thoughts. No matter how hard I think about it, it was impossible to take the progress right away today. We still have three months left.
Then suddenly the car stopped on the shoulder. While Kang Ba Da was embarrassed by the sudden situation, Kim Ha Neul opened his mouth in a firm voice.

“Be honest.”

At that moment, Kang Ba Da literally felt like its heart was falling.
Were you eavesdropping on our conversation? Is that why you’re telling yourself to confess honestly?

“What, what!?”
“What did you talk about with your brother-in-law?”

I knew it.
Kang Ba Da was breathtaking. If you overheard the whole conversation, you would have noticed that you really liked him.
How can you push yourself like this even though you know that. Honestly, I think it’s a little too much, but it wasn’t necessarily like that when I think about the story Kang Byul told me.

– Money right now, and on the surface, you’re in the position of “gap.” I even nailed it as a contract marriage, can Kim Seo-bang cross that line?
– I’ll say it first…

– You have to confess.
Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud thud thud-
The heart of Kang Ba Da began to beat wildly. She turned her head out of the window, unable to face Kim Ha Neul.


Then Kim Ha Neul unsealed his seat belt suddenly, grabbed the shoulder of Kang Ba Da and forced him to see himself.
Surprised by the sudden physical contact, Kang Ba Da closed her eyes without realizing it. Kim Ha Neul asked in a worried tone whether he knew how he felt.

“What did you talk about and your expression is so serious. Don’t worry about it by yourself and tell me honestly. We can work it out together.”
“That, that, that…”

How can I say that with my own mouth?
Ba Da managed to swallow a horse up to the top of its neck. Maybe it’s because of the excessive heat, but my head is gradually turning white.

‘… No, is it now!?’

It occurred to me.
A situation where we face each other in a car where we are alone. I thought that Kang Ba Da was the “timing” that Kang Byul said.

‘Yes, I need to be more courageous!’

as an older person
With that in mind, Kang Ba Da opened its eyes. Then, Kim Ha Neul’s face looking at him felt like it was right in front of him.
Now the sound of my heart was so fast that I couldn’t even hear it. Kang Ba Da held its heart as if it were about to burst.
Why do my lips keep drying up, my dry saliva kept falling over. I hope that sound doesn’t reach Kim Ha Neul.

“Are you okay? Are you sick?”
“No, I’m fine. It’s just… “

Kang Ba Da looked at Kim Ha Neul’s face without a word. The brain that could not withstand the overload burned out, or it completely lost its function.
From then on, my eyes moved solely by instinct. Kim Ha Neul’s eyes, a tall nose, and lips connecting to it as if he were worried.
Eventually, it reached the point where only Kim Ha Neul’s lips could be seen like a beast that caught a prey.

“…You know what? Ha Neul ssi.”
“Yes, Ba Da ssi.”

If you call yourself Ha Neul.
He always answers ‘Ba Da ssi’. Kang Ba Da hoped that this relationship would be maintained forever.
How would his expression change if he kissed him first now? Will it still remain the same? Is it okay to approach like this?
As fear tried to encroach on my head again, someone’s voice rang in my ears.

– Just drop him off.
Kang Ba Da unfastened its seat belt. I wanted to transfer the sound of my heart beating faster than the car engine to Kim Ha Neul.


Their lips are covered.
There was a deep silence in the car.

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