Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 47

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#047 You guys just need to get ready to move.

“Why did you call me?”
– This is upsetting. We don’t have to call each other when something happens, do we? You said you wanted to go eat together.


Kang Byul swallowed the silence for a moment at the voice of the cold Kang Ba Da. This time, Kang Byul said in a slightly grumpy voice, as if she was really upset.

– You’re with Kim Seobang right now, right?

– Come to the nursery. I need to talk to you two.

“Childcare center? Are you there right now?”
– Yeah, so you’d better be here as soon as possible. Something pretty funny happened while you guys were playing around.
Ba Da bit its lips. Her hand holding the phone began to shake, and Kim Ha Neul felt it and went down the stairs silently.

“…No matter how much you mess with Ye Na, I won’t let you go.”
– Don’t scratch my insides and come quickly.
The phone was cut off unilaterally. Kang Ba Da stared blankly at her phone as if she couldn’t believe it.

“Did you finish the call?”
“This is not the time. Hurry up.
“Hold tight so you don’t miss it.”
“What? Argh!”

Kim Ha Neul started running down the stairs carrying Kang Ba Da. Kang Ba Da, embarrassed by the sudden movement, quickly hugged his neck.
Kim Ha Neul, who arrived on the first floor in an instant, ran with all his might to the parking lot.
He immediately put Kang Ba Da in the passenger seat, and quickly climbed into the driver’s seat and grabbed the steering wheel.

“Please fasten your seat belt.”
“Ha Neul ssi, calm down a little…”
“Let’s go.”

Scarlett, who was heated by Kim Ha Neul’s relentless kick, began to run on the road.
Scarlett stopped with a rough break. Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da, who arrived at the nursery at the shortest speed, quickly got out of the car.

“Two people…”

The director rushed out at a sudden noise. She looked at the two with a slightly puzzled eye.

“Director! He’s… Where are you? What about Ye Na? Are you all okay?”
“Sea, calm down for now.”

Pat, pat, pat.
The director carefully embraced Kang Ba Da. She felt her excitement subside a little at the touch of the director patting her back.

“Kang Byul seems to have made a pretty mischievous joke.” It’s not like that, so don’t worry.”
“What’s going on?”
“I’ll explain that from now on.”

Everyone’s eyes were turned to the voice from the back. There stood a river star with one corner of his mouth pulled up with his arms crossed.
Kang Byul, who was slowly looking at people, suddenly trembled. This is because I faced Kim Ha Neul’s eyes, which sank coldly.

“What kind of person’s eyes…”

Because she’s been through a lot of difficulties in her life. Kim Ha Neul was somewhat different, even though he was confident that he would not blink under considerable pressure.
It is the gaze of a commonly called top predator who is ready to bite the other person’s neck as much as possible if given a chance.

“Kangsan, it would be fun to stick it with that bear.”’

Kang Byul’s head suddenly remembered a person with the same eyes as Kim Ha Neul. I hate to admit it, but the person who is like the heir of the biggest group.
If the two meet, how will they look at each other? Such curiosity rose little by little in Kang Byul’s mind.

‘Well, let’s call it a day.’

As soon as I heard the youngest’s cold voice, I was so upset that I played a prank. I think it’s time to wrap it up.
Thanks to this, I could see how sincere Kim Ha Neul was to Ye Na and Kang Ba Da and how much he was determined. It wasn’t a very bad outcome.

“Yes, I lost.”

Kang Byul raised her hands and made a gesture that seemed to surrender. A ray of doubt arose in the eyes of everyone who saw him.

“Unnie, how can that be…”
“I’m sorry. I sincerely apologize for playing a prank on the two.” So can you stop your husband? I think you’re really trying to kill me.”

Kang Ba Da turned its head and looked at Kim Ha Neul. Kim Ha Neul also turned his head without realizing it and met each other’s eyes.
Two people flinching and turning their heads straight away. Kang Byul snorted at the sight.

You two are dying of love you. All right, die. The beast is just like a puppy to the youngest. Kang Taeyang, there’s a reason why he’s surrounding you.’

While Kang Byul stuck her tongue out inside, she thought that the youngest had a good husband.
Surprisingly, there are many people who are willing to throw themselves to protect their family even in front of an opponent with a clear difference in power.
However, if such a vigorous mind goes too far, it harms the family, and now that I see Kim Ha Neul, I don’t think I have any worries.

“Ba Da ssi, it’s a misunderstanding.”
“I know! Ha Neul wouldn’t do that. I know that best.”
“Actually, it didn’t exist at all…”

The corners of my mouth wriggled unknowingly when I saw the two people filming an untimely skit in front of me. Kang Byul bit her tongue to hold back her laughter.

“…You’re mean.’

Kim Ha Neul as the youngest’s husband began to truly like him. Looking at Ye Na’s painting, the scale that had already been half-tilted began to fall sharply.
Of course, I wanted the two of them to grow up properly. I didn’t mean to push you.

“Oh, my.”

A sigh that came out without me knowing.
As everyone’s eyes turned to him, Kang Byul shook her head and pointed to her back.

“All right. Let’s go in and talk first. Ye Na prepared a surprise gift for you guys.”
“…Ye Na?”
“Yes. I’m in the final stage just before I come out. It should be done by now.”

Kang Ba Da looking at the director as if that was true. She nodded her head softly.

“It would be better to see it in person than to explain it.”

Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da, who were curious about the words, tried to calm down their fighting spirit that had been burning until just before, and moved to where Ye Na was.
While on the move, Kang Ba Da stared at her sister with dim eyes and said.

“Why did you come here?”
“Of course, I came to seduce Ye Na.”
“Do you really have to go this far?”
“If you’re a Korean group member, you have to win whatever you want.” Of course, there are exceptions like today.”

Kang Ba Da tilted its head at the mysterious words. Kang Byul, who saw him, opened her mouth again with a small smile.

“I’ve changed my mind.”
“You’re going to give up on Ye Na?”
“It’s the other way around. I still want to treat Ye Na’s trauma and develop her into a world-class artist. I just realized that the role was impossible for me.”
“What on earth are you saying…”
“You’ll find out when you see it in person.”

While we were talking, we arrived in front of the lounge. Kang Byul pulled the door very carefully and looked inside.

“I guess it’s over. Come on in.”

A small art room for Ye Na. Kangbyeol, who confirmed the inside, opened the door wide and brought people inside.
As soon as they entered the art room, Kim Ha Neul and Kang Sea opened their mouths wide. They could hardly forget their words in the landscape before their eyes.

“This is…”
“It’s a gift that Ye Na prepared for you. It’s her first work as an artist.”

A picture filled with a huge campus several times bigger than Ye Na.
The combination of colorful paints seemed to be enough to describe it as a “work” as Kang Byul said.
Previously, Ye Na’s paintings were nothing more than a famous painting. It was obviously different.

“It’s a talent that doesn’t make sense no matter how many times I look at it.”

Kang Byul smiled despondently, but the two could not listen to the words. This is because she is completely immersed in Ye Na’s painting.
The picture was relatively simple.
The family members are spending an outing in the blooming garden. The child runs around the field excitedly, and the couple watches the child lovingly.
As the composition was simple, the message delivered was also clear. The desire and love for a happy family were conveyed to the heart.

“…It’s Ye Na.”

Ba Da swallowed the horse.
Ye Na must have put all her energy into it, lying on the floor and whispering. It was safe to say that her full body of paint was a piece of work.

“…This is us.”

Everyone nodded at Kim Ha Neul’s words.
The faces of the three people in the painting were not depicted in detail, but strangely, I could tell who they drew.

Anyone can’t help but admit it when they see this.’

This was why Kang Byul gave up adopting Ye Na. She wasn’t a talkative child, but her paintings were more talkative than anyone else.
Ye Na clearly conveys what she wants through her paintings. Now that you’ve seen this, you can’t be presumptuous.

“Now only the two of you have to make a decision.”

Kang Byul’s eyes glanced at the two. Shortly afterwards, her eyes drew a smile in a line.
This is because the two people who ran forward were looking at Ye Na’s condition. At that moment, all the worries that remained in Kang Byul’s mind flew away.

“It looks good, right?”
“I know. That’s what the director said.”

Kang Byul swallowed a bitter smile as she looked at the head of the nursery school standing next to her.
At the same time, I thought she was a really formidable person, unlike her appearance.
She also played a big role in creating this situation.

– If you help me, I will support the nursery for the next 20 years. I’m sure all the kids here can live a decent life.

– I’ll just take your word with thanks.

– If you’re expecting additional support from Kang Tae-yang or Ba Da…

– It’s not like that. I’m old enough, so I don’t think the optimistic situation will last as long as I am now.

– Then why…

– Because Ye Na doesn’t want that.
The director drew the line decisively without negotiation. You said it’s a matter that has already left your choice.
Later, the director showed Ye Na’s studio to Kang Byul, and as a result, the current situation was created.

“It’s a complete defeat.”

I’ve never lost so neatly. Kangbyeol smiled as he retracted his old memories. She opened her mouth quietly.

“We will provide cultural support for nursery school children. While I’m alive, education programs and various cultural experiences will be provided free of charge.”
“I’ll take it with thanks, no problem.

The two are still talking with their eyes fixed on Kim Ha Neul and his party. Their faces contained a gentle smile.
* * *
After a while, we gathered in the director’s office and talked. Ye Na has been laid down in the bedroom.

“The situation has come to this, but unfortunately, you can’t adopt Ye Na right away.”
“Is it because of the birth report?”

Kim Ha Neul nodded at the director’s words. Ye Na is legally classified as an “abandoned child” because her biological mother did not register her birth.
For adoption, something called “birth report documentation” is needed. If you are not a biological mother, the process of getting it issued is very difficult.

“I’ll take care of that for you.”

At this time, Kang Byul stepped out. As if she had already known all about Ye Na’s situation, she continued while drinking tea leisurely.

“You guys just get ready to move.”
“What do you mean moving?”
“The two are living separately now. We haven’t eaten yet, but shouldn’t we all live together to provide Ye Na with the right family?”
“Uh, uh…”

Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da smiled awkwardly at each other, who had never thought of living together.

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