Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 49

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#049 Did Ba Da seduce you first?


How long has it been?
It feels like it’s been about 10 years, but people can’t hold their breath that long.
I tried to be as rational as I could even in the situation where Kang Ba Da and lips met. What the hell is going on here?

“I didn’t drink.”

Did you eat chocolate with whiskey like last time? I had that thought for a moment, but it quickly disappeared from my head.
To be honest, I didn’t have time to think about this and that. I feel like my brain and heart stopped at the same time.

“Oh, yes.”

Then the lips of Kang Ba Da fell from me. Whether it’s exclamation or embarrassment. An unidentified exclamation came out without realizing it.
Kang Ba Da, who had actually done it, turned her head because she was embarrassed, and I looked at her blankly for a moment.

“Hey, it’s like…”
“Did you seduce Ba Da first?”
“What? What?”

I grabbed the face of Kang Ba Da and kissed it. Kang Ba Da with wide-eyed surprise
But for a while.
She closed her eyes.
I also got the pace right.


a renewed silence
Sneaking off my lips, I turned my head forward. Kang Ba Da also looked ahead without a word.
I’m not sure what to say in this situation. I just can’t think of any words because my head turns white.

“Wake up, Kim Ha Neul!”

In the meantime, he desperately regained his senses. When I shouted “Kang Tae-yang” three times in my head, my excitement seemed to subside a little.
By that time, my head started to spin a little bit. All the knowledge learned through various media outlets such as dramas, movies, and novels that I have watched so far was mobilized to find the answer.

“At times like this, if you let him in with a smile……”

Then I found out a very important fact. Usually, these ticklish kisses are made just before entering the house.
According to the drama’s script, Kang Ba Da should have already fled into the house by now. Unfortunately, this is a car owned by Kang Ba Da, and there is still a long way to go home.

I can’t drive right now.’

My heart beats so fast that I feel like I’m going to step on the accelerator without realizing it. I decided to remove the heavy silence first.

“…Shall we listen to the radio?”
“Joe, good!”

When I pressed the button, the radio flowed out with a calm voice. As the silence gradually receded, our awkward atmosphere returned little by little.

– We have a cute story today. This is a story from a 17-year-old Han Sarang who lives in Incheon. Hello, sister. I kissed my boyfriend for the first time a few days ago.
Our bodies rattled at the word first kiss. We laughed awkwardly because it was an ambiguous atmosphere to turn to another channel.

“Yo, kids these days are fast!”
“…Eh, the little ones are flapping.”
“Wow, you just looked like a real old man.”
“When I was young…”

Kang Ba Da burst into laughter at the light joke. Thanks to this, the atmosphere became much lighter, and we were able to listen to the story with a little comfort.

– I mean, I can smell garlic in my mouth, right? The school lunch that day happened to be garlic bossam. I didn’t brush my teeth.
Come on.
I took my hand to the corner of my mouth without realizing it. Fortunately, there was no special odor when I breathed and smelled it.
Then, as I looked back, I met Kang Ba Da. Seeing that my posture is similar to mine, I guess I thought the same thing.
We looked at each other and laughed awkwardly, like kids caught lying.

“Sae, come to think of it, we didn’t even eat dinner!”
“Well, yes! Aren’t you hungry?”
“A little bit?”
“Then just eat and go home. There’s a good restaurant around here……”

It’s quite late, so I don’t think there’s a place that’s open except for rice soup restaurants and bars.
I was trying to search for what was around me on my phone, but suddenly Kang Ba Da talked to me.

“…Ha Neul ssi.”
“I want to eat the food that Ha Neul cooked for me in a long time.”

That’s a good suggestion.
We’re not going to drink, but we don’t want to go to crowded places for no reason. What’s in the fridge?

“Then let’s go to my house…”

As I was speaking, I suddenly felt a sense of wonder. Isn’t this situation similar to what is commonly called “Do you want to eat ramen?”
Is this “Signal”?
With that thought, she stopped talking and looked at Kang Ba Da, and only then did she quickly shake her hands as if she had noticed the meaning of what she said.

“That’s not what I meant! I just really wanted to eat the food that Ha Neul cooked for me!”
“I see.”
“Don’t get me wrong!”
“I don’t get you wrong.”
“You just did it.”
“No, it’s not.”
“Ha Neul’s eyebrows are wriggling right now!”

Even though he said it, the face of Kang Ba Da turned red as if he was embarrassed. I burst into laughter because the figure was cute.

“Why are you laughing!?”
“Because you’re cute.”
“Well, don’t say such things recklessly.”
“You don’t want to listen to it?”
“It’s not that I don’t like it…” Anyway!”

Kang Ba Da that quickly turns its head out of the window. I watched the profile quietly.

“Why, why are you looking at me like that again!?”
“Because I can’t believe it.”
“I can’t believe such a cute person is my wife.”
“Stop! Stop! Do it!”

Puck, puck, puck!
Ba Da struck me on the arm with all its might. It hurt a lot, but I kept laughing because I could see that it wasn’t a dream.
* * *
: Ha Neul, you’re still sleeping, right?
: I’m going to work now! Don’t drink too much coffee, and cheer up today! Way to go!
: (Rabbit’s cheering emoticon)
I woke up thanks to the vibration of my phone, rubbed my sleepy eyes and checked the message. It was another amazing experience to feel good as soon as I woke up.
I buried my face in the pillow after sending a reply to cheer up with a simple emoticon. I was suffocated after about 30 seconds.

“…I have to get up.”

Oh, my.
After standing up, I stretched lightly. As I gradually fell asleep, today’s routine began to come to mind.

“First, work out.”

My daily routine is almost constant.
When I wake up in the morning, I do simple stretching and home training at the same time, and eat simple meals. Then take a shower and start working.
I sat in front of the desk after easily clearing the previous assignments according to the routine. It was no different than usual until now.


I couldn’t concentrate even though I put my hand on the keyboard to type. Because I kept thinking about last night.
A monumental kiss without the power of alcohol. It hasn’t happened much since then, but there’s no law to do that in the future.

I should at least buy underwear.’

It’s not a special reason. I’ve also made a lot of money recently, and it’s efficient to change underwear that I wear for the longest time of the day first.

“I heard that rice cakes that look good are good to eat.”’

I don’t know if this is a proper analogy. I searched the Internet and heard that wearing luxury underwear gives me confidence.
I was shaking my hands when I ordered how many won each man’s underwear cost. This is enough to afford to buy.
I’m the writer who shines on “Munpia Golden Best 5 weeks in a row.” Let’s just think that I ate a few chickens.

“As expected, money is good.”

I didn’t even think about window shopping before. Now, I was deeply moved that I could buy as much as I wanted if I had a strong heart.

‘Come to think of it, is this my first consumption for me?’

Looking back, I gave gifts to my family or nursery school after the first settlement, but there was nothing I bought to use. Simple exercise equipment at most.
I looked around the shopping mall to buy something while I was thinking about it, but there was nothing that caught my eyes except for cars.

‘…But it’s premature to buy a car.’

A web novel writer is a precarious job.
We don’t even know how long the profit will last, but it’s a waste in many ways to buy a car that doesn’t have much to ride around.

Let’s be satisfied with the model.

In the end, what I entered was a figure sales site. Previously, I used to buy a palm-sized model instead of a real car whenever I finished my work.
Even if it’s a model, it costs more than you think, so the price range varies from tens of thousands of won to millions of won.
Until now, only relatively cheap lines have been touched, but today I ordered a product called Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, which I only put in my shopping basket.
A few days later, I already laughed when I thought of a guy who would proudly sit on my shelf.

“My life has changed a lot.”

After meeting with Kang Ba Da, only good things happen to the point where I wonder if it’s okay to work out this well.
If you think about it, my writing began to be awkward because Kang Ba Da moved my father’s hospital room, which made me feel more relaxed overall.

“I already ordered a gift for Ba Da.”

It took some time because it was a product that came across Ba Da. I hope you like her as much as you’ve worked hard to get.

“I’m worried about Ye Na’s present.”’

Without Ye Na, it would have been difficult to get close to Kang Ba Da like now. Even if it was possible, it would have taken a very long time.
I want to repay you for the painting you drew last time, so I keep looking for it, but there were few items that caught my eyes.


I don’t think he’s interested in anything but painting. Even the magic girl I liked hasn’t even looked at the painting since I got to know it.

“I have all the art tools.”

Kang Byul, who was hooked on Ye Na, set the full set at all, so there were no more gifts for her.
After thinking for such a long time, I finally closed the Internet window. Ye Na gave me the greatest gift I could give, so I should too.

“The most valuable thing I can give you.”

It is, of course, a ‘writing’.
I wanted to give Ye Na a more meaningful gift than money can buy right away.
Considering her age, web novels seem a little difficult. Maybe we should steer towards fairy tales that are easy to understand.
Let’s make a book just for Ye Na. With that thought, I grabbed the keyboard again.
That evening I met Kang Ba Da again. Looking at each other’s faces, there was a little embarrassment, but the atmosphere was better than before.

“You want to make a fairy tale book for Ye Na?”
“Yes. But it’s not as easy as I thought. First of all, I’m studying in my own way. “

I confided my honest concerns to Kang Ba Da. This is because the writing was rarely written even though I held on to the keyboard all day long.

I thought fairy tales were too funny.’

The overall volume of the writing is small, and as illustrations occupy the main part. I thought I would be able to get the story out quickly.
The latest fairy tales were a little different from the ones I’ve known so far, such as “Red Hat,” “Gyeonwoo and Jingnyuh,” or “Beauty and the Beast.”

The overall framework is the same, but the sensitivity is so different.’

Maybe it’s because I’m too old to read a fairy tale. Even if I look at the fairy tales that came out these days, I have no idea what the interesting point is.
In addition, when I actually wrote it, I found out that I didn’t know much about Ye Na.

“That’s why. “What does Ye Na mean to you?”
“Yes. I think we should start there first.”

Just as Ye Na has been talking to us through the painting. I also wanted to convey my honest feelings through writing.
What kind of existence is Ye Na that we’re looking at her. How much you value her.
Perhaps he noticed my heart, and Kang Ba Da, which had been agonizing for a long time, slowly opened its mouth.

“Hmm… Ye Na is like a ‘fox’ to me.”

I spaced out for a moment at the unexpected remark. Then Kang Ba Da, who saw my expression, quietly swallowed a smile and continued to talk.

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