Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 46 

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#046 I made up my mind.

“Have you ever played a gun game?”
“It’s my first time playing a game, and I’ve done live-fire.”
“… live ammunition?”
“In the past, clay shooting was my hobby. At that time, I touched this and that, and I ended up touching live ammunition.”
“Then it’s easy to understand.”

Soul Fighter is a game that is greatly influenced by one’s skills among VR. If clay shooting was your hobby, you wouldn’t have much trouble shooting.

“First, I’ll show you what kind of game it is.”

When I pressed the start button, a stage filled with neon signs appeared in my view. a man of distinctive clothes loading across the street

“Is that a person?”
“Yes, it’s online.”
“There’s something like an emoticon on your head.” I think you’re sticking your tongue out.”
“I’m provoking you because you think I’m a beginner. It’s been a while since I came in, so there’s no rank.”

On the other hand, his opponent is a platinum-grade expert. Maybe it’s because it’s a net game, the matching system is caught without distinction from beginners to rankers.

It’s just the right level for warming up.’

Considering that it has expensive customization one after another, it seemed to be an old item. However, a smile spread around my mouth.

“Your opponent is a gun. Will it be okay?”
“Of course. You’ll probably look good with a gun, so watch what your opponent does.”
“Yes, fighting!”

10, 9, 8.
The count began with cheers. In the meantime, I learned my senses by swinging a sword in the air several times.

Something’s gotten thinner.’

Did you get downgraded?
Even if you look at it roughly, it feels like the heat box has decreased significantly. Of course, it’s annoying from the standpoint of using the lightsaber as the main weapon, but it wasn’t enough to care much.
3. 2. 1. Game Start!
While checking this and that, the count ended before I knew it. At the start of the game, the opponent fired a double-handed gun in both hands.
Of course, it’s not as fast as it really is because it’s a game. It’s like 5x the rhythm game.

“Are you laughing?”

An emoticon with a sneering expression came to mind over the other person’s head. Maybe the opponent was sure I was a beginner, but I think he was trying to end it with this surprise attack.
If a guy who doesn’t have a ranking stands blankly with a lightsaber, he’ll only look like a newbie drunk on the famous light-novel mulberry.

“It’s true to some extent, but…”

Let’s teach!
I swung my sword and bounced off all the incoming bullets. Then the other person’s face is colored with astonishment.
The distance between us quickly decreased because the completely careless opponent had used the front dash toward me.
Come on!
The wielded sword slit his throat. I sent a thumbs-up emoticon like a habit to my disappearing opponent.
[Winner: Loki][Score: 0p → 1380p]Perhaps because of the MMR, the score soared to the gold grade at once. I looked at my body, leaving the results window behind.

‘I’ve definitely become dull, too.’

Two bullets that passed by.
I wouldn’t have missed a single shot if I had my old feeling. This is because the lightsaber has become too thin. It’s because it’s been a while.
I’ll be more careful next time because I’ve experienced it this time, but it may be a little difficult to show perfect gameplay like before.

“Wow… What was that just now? What was it? You just bounced all the bullets with a knife, right now? Right?”
“It’s not as fast as I thought. Considering that you were playing the Canon Variations earlier, I think you can avoid it while looking at the gun.”
“It’s absolutely impossible. The speed is different. What’s the rate of course. Are you a person? I want to dissect it!”
“If you say that, it doesn’t sound like a joke, so please refrain.”

Since then, Kang Ba Da is a system of games, the type of weapons, etc. I just asked all the questions while watching the fight.

“…I think this is enough theory. For the rest, it would be faster to learn by doing it yourself.”
“I’ll do my best not to disturb you”.

The ocean of Kang Ba Da is full of motivation. I helped her access, and I ran a simulation of how far I could go.

I think we can manage to get to Dia.’

Like popular games, soul fighters are rated in the order of Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger.
It’s a global game, and there are more soloists than duo, so it won’t be too hard to raise the initial ranking.
As you go up, the proportion of fixed teams will naturally increase. In particular, from the master, the sum of each other is more important than anything else, so it is difficult alone.

“Ha Neul, I’m ready!”
“Okay, let’s enjoy it with a light heart.”

I don’t have any regrets about ranking anyway, and I’m here to enjoy Kang Ba Da today. I thought it was enough if she was having fun.

“What do you mean?”
“I’ve already started, but I have to finish it. “If I have more cards than wins, I can’t even sleep today because I feel unfair.”

Oh, my.
I burst out laughing at the serious tone. I think she underestimated her competitive spirit.

“What’s your goal?”
“Of course, 1st place!”
“It’ll be hard in a day.”
“Then let’s try it all night.”
“Aren’t you going to work tomorrow?”
“It’s up to you, Ha Neul.”

Beyond VR, I could see what Kang Ba Da would look like. I shook my head and did the math for a moment.
I rarely play duo on my account, so my MMR is not that high, but the more I win consecutive games, the faster my score goes up. Considering the current number one score…

“Will it be okay to win 50 games in a row?”’

That’s enough to meet the No. 1 ranking. It’s impossible to win first place with a total score within a day, so you should be satisfied with winning the head.
A round usually takes about 1 to 3 minutes. Considering that it was about five minutes including the matching time, it seemed possible without having to stay up all night.

“Well, let’s give it a try.”
“Let’s go!”
“Oh, my god.

While it turned on, it became a content that even challenged the king, but this moment was just fun because it was with Kang Ba Da.
* * *

“Wow, that crazy guy.”
“I’m speechless because I’m so dumbfounded.”
“Is that a person? No matter how it’s a game, how do you bounce all machine gun bullets with a sword!?”

A VR cafe near Seoul.
The Soul Fighter Promotion Association, which rented the entire cafe at the news of Rocky’s appearance, lamented.
Everyone was proud of their skills as it was a rather manic game, but everyone who met the Rocky couple was in despair.

“Loki, though, who the hell is her character? My shooting skills are ridiculous. Is it right for Newbie?”
“Once you look at the data, it’s like that. There is a high possibility that he sold a new account. I’m getting better and better.”
“That’s the biggest problem. In the previous edition, I even calculated the angle of dotan and shot it!”

Everyone here has faced Rocky in his prime. Those who have felt a wall that cannot be crossed at least once.
So the defeat by Rocky was acceptable to some extent, but the team member was a completely separate story.

“I checked all the current rankers except Rocky. I don’t even know if I contact the rankers. What the hell are you?”
“If someone isn’t lying, it means it’s a complete new face. Where did such a monster come from?”
“My personal skills are good, but it’s a problem because they work so well together. There’s no time to squeeze in.”

People sighed and turned their heads. There was a screen showing the ranking score of the current soul fighter.
──<Loki & Sylvie>──
– Score: 3,232p
– Ranking: 19th (41,504↑)
– Record: 48 wins and 0 losses (48 consecutive wins)
It’s an unbelievable ranking chart. A new wind blew on the ranking chart, which had not changed for a while. The Rocky couple are really climbing nonstop.
The horse came in 19th, and most of them were defeated above it. The only people who haven’t lost yet are cowards who ran away because they were afraid of falling in the rankings, and the combination of first and second place.

“I just lost 2nd place!”
“Crazy. What’s the ranking!”
“Wait, there’s still a window of results… It’s out!”

Finally, the second-place duo was defeated by the Rocky couple, and the people gathered at the cafe looked at the result window with their breath held.

“…Do I dream now?”
“…That’s really possible.”
“…I know. You know who’s won 50 games in a row before. The score is being copied. Only the kids who ran away with all kinds of excuses became fools.”

Everyone who confirmed the results was speechless. The ranking of the Rocky couple rose 17 steps at once to become “second place.”
By this time, people’s eyes began to gather in one place. There was a young man and woman in their 20s sitting there drinking coffee leisurely.

“It’s really just you guys now.”

Cloud & Jin.
The two are a real couple, defending champions who have topped the Soul Fighter Duo category for the past few months.
The two scratched their heads as if they were in trouble due to everyone’s anticipated gaze.

“What do you think, honey?”
“At least not today.”
“As expected, right?”
“No, what are you talking about!? You’re not trying to run away because you’re scared, are you?”
“Be careful what you say. “Mr. Chairman.”

The promotion chairman, who raised his voice to the woman’s cold gaze, swallowed his dry saliva. It was like facing a beast, not a person.
As the atmosphere became ugly, both hands were raised from the man’s side. He continued, “Don’t get me wrong.”

“I don’t mean to run away. Rather, it’s the other way around.”
“It’s the opposite?”
“How many consecutive wins has Rocky team won?”
“I just won second place, so I won 49 consecutive games…” Ah!”

Only then did Chairman Jinheung, who understood the man’s words, nodded. People around him urged him to explain quickly.

“Hwang, what are you saying about that?”
“The Rocky team is now playing 49 consecutive games, 49 times in a row. I’m a human being, but my condition is bound to drop. In fact, didn’t the reaction speed drop quite a bit in the second place match?”
“Then, no way…!”
“We want to face each other when we’re in full strength.”

The people burst into admiration. Even if it’s not as much as Rocky’s fake name, the two before me were also considered to be writing a new myth.
──<Cloud & Jin>──
– Score: 3,322p
– Ranking: 1st place (-)
– Record: 515 wins and 337 losses (27 consecutive wins)
Although it wasn’t as overwhelming as Rocky. They were the champions of their own who won first place with steady efforts and are now 19 consecutive wins in defense.

“Of course we’re champions now, but we’re officially challenging him with awe of the immortal devil, Rocky.”
“I believed you, damn it!”
“Revenge everyone!”

Clap clap clap, clap!
There was a burst of cheers. A cool smile settled on the faces of the two, who took it leisurely as if they were used to it.
* * *

“You did it splendidly.”
“It just happened.”
“So are you going to accept this challenge?”

No matter how long I waited, I thought the opponent ran away, but I contacted the No. 1 team through Moon Young-chul.
According to him, when we are in full condition, we want to compete properly with the “best four wins out of seven.” That’s it. Just the pants that this side wants, too.

“The timing is a bit off.”
“Is something wrong?”
“Yes. I’m just here to relieve my stress today, and I’m going to be super busy for a while.”
“About how long does it take?”

I looked at Ba Da for a moment, but she was not in a state to answer questions. I’ve already burned all my lack of stamina with just the tenacity to win first place.

“I’m in a hurry for about a month.”
“What, is there anything I can help you with?”
“It’s enough now.”
“Still, if you need ‘power’, tell me anytime.”
“Thank you for just saying that.”

Moon Young-chul emphasizes the word power. I could feel sincerity in every word. I’m a very affectionate person in many ways.

“Anyway. Wouldn’t it matter in a month?” I think my sister-in-law will be sad if it ends here. I’ll adjust the date.”
“Can I do that?”
“I want to see it in front of my eyes, too. How incredible you guys are. Everyone’s making a fuss.”

Moon Young-chul held out his phone. There was a video of us playing that someone had already shared with the community.

“I’ll contact you after discussing with Ba Da a little more.”
“Go ahead.”
“Thanks to you, I had a lot of fun. I put the game fee in your account.”
“No, you punk…”
“We’re leaving now!”

I walked out of the store as if I were running away with Kang Ba Da, and Moon Young-chul shook his head with an absurd smile.


When I came out of the store, I had a new problem. There was no elevator in this building.
Currently, Kang Ba Da was literally shaking its legs, so it seemed impossible to go down the stairs alone.

“Are you okay, Ba Da?”
“…I don’t think so.”
“Do you want me to give you a piggyback ride?”

I was half joking, but surprisingly, Kang Ba Da nodded softly. I couldn’t even get bitten now, so I gave her my back.

“This isn’t the first time.”

I don’t know if it’s because I carried him on my back at an award ceremony. If you go down the stairs anyway, the parking lot is just around the corner, so it doesn’t take a lot of effort.
So I began to carefully go down the stairs with Kang Ba Da on my back. It’s not that there’s no pressure on the knees, but I didn’t just hate this atmosphere.

“…Ha Neul ssi.”
“Yes, Ba Da ssi.”
“I made up my mind.”

Kang Ba Da whispering in one’s ear
Do you mean that you will eventually go to the competition and win first place? I can’t believe you’re determined in the midst of this. You’re so competitive.
With that thought, while waiting for the next horse, Kang Ba Da brought up an unexpected word.

“I’ll bring Ye Na.”
“Go ahead. What am I supposed to say?”
“…You’re very willing to accept it?”
“Why? Did you think I would stop you?”
“At least I thought you’d ask why.”
“I already know that.”

Kang Ba Da was still on my back and quietly raising its head. I feel like I’m saying that I want to see my expression.
But I went down the stairs looking only forward. If I show my expression now, I feel like my heart will be revealed.

‘…I can never say it myself.’

The way you look at Ye Na is so lovely. I can’t help but laugh when I watch it.
Since then, I’ve already expected this ending to some extent. No, maybe I was hoping for the most. Ye Na was very special to me, too.

– Did you come here to film YouTube?
When the child who looked up at me with empty eyes started running from far away when he saw me someday. The feeling was indescribable.
In fact, we looked into the problems related to adoption from the beginning. There was nothing I could do on my own. Then I met Kang Ba Da.

“Two could do it.”

More precisely, I thought that anything would be possible “with Kang Ba Da.” As we spent time together today, such thoughts became stronger.
It’s hard to imagine going back to life without her, apart from the question of money.

“Are you really not going to ask me?”
“Hmm. What’s the reason?”
“I had a lot of fun with Ha Neul today. I thought I could do anything. and treating Ye Na’s trauma.”
“…I see.”

I think Kang Ba Da thought the same thing as me. Something bubbled up in my mind.
While he was silent because he couldn’t know exactly what the emotion was, Kang Ba Da continued to talk again.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?”
“People in the world will see us very strangely. Why do you have to adopt? Isn’t it actually a hidden child? I’m sure I’ll get all kinds of bad words.”
“You’ll be surprised if I tell you the number and level of malicious comments I check a day.”
“…Oh, my.”

Kang Ba Da sighed, leaning her face completely on my back as if her spirits were loosening for nothing.

“I’ve been thinking all day to say this.”
“Oh, really?”
“Don’t treat me like a child! I’m going to stop getting off.”
“I’m not going to let you go.”
“Oh, really…”

If it’s meant to be~♬
Then the bell rang from behind.
Kang Ba Da struggled to take out his phone while rummaging through the bag he was carrying on his side.
Her body was solidified for a moment through the skin in contact.

“It’s my little sister.”
“Take it.”
“Please put me down.”
“Let’s just talk on the phone like this.”
“What the hell are you talking about!?”
“Oh, I’m hanging up!”
“…You’ll see.”

Beep, beep, beep!
Kang Ba Da patting me on the back as if I were complaining. Fortunately, the tension seems to have eased.

“Why did you call me?”

Listening to the voice of the cold sinking Kang Ba Da again, I sensed that the time of the showdown was just around the corner.

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