Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 44 

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#044 I’m responsible for today.

What the hell is he doing?’

Oh, my.
Kangbyeol, who was left alone, burst out laughing. I was speechless because I was so dumbfounded.

– You’re mistaken.

– I used my hands in advance in case you do this.

– If you really don’t believe it, check it out for yourself.
Words thrown by Kim Ha Neul passed through Kang Byul’s head like a panorama. What kind of confidence is he doing that?
Don’t you know who you are? It occurred to me for a moment, but the chances are extremely low. Kim Ha Neul’s original personality is like that.

– He’s not that easy.
Kang Tae-yang’s sudden remark. Did he really expect this to happen? I think I know the reason why the human being is surrounding
I think he’s a guy who’s pretty smart. He used marriage as his weapon, which he thought was definitely his card.
Of course it’s possible it’s a lie, but there’s no way you’re throwing a job like this that’ll only be found out in a day.

If it was acting, I should have an actor.’

He has taken succession classes since he was young and met countless people.
Thanks to this, I am confident that the ability to distinguish the other person’s lies is superior to anyone else.
Kim Ha Neul was 100% sincere when he saw himself. You can tell just by the unshakable pupils and the momentum that comes out of the body.

“…I mean the dry side.”

As expected, you have to meet in person to judge people correctly judge a personally. I didn’t think it was a big deal when I looked at the documents.
But it remains to be seen whether it is arrogance or confidence. Objectively speaking, Kim Ha Neul’s ability will never reach him.
If you have only trusted the protection of Kang Ba Da and Kang Tae-yang and stepped forward, you should be firmly prepared.

“But you chose a husband well.”

I think I know why the youngest chose Kim Ha Neul. The relief that was reflected in the eyes of Kang Ba Da when he blocked the way.
Kim Ha Neul’s firm values must have been a strong support to the youngest, who has been shaking from an early age.
To put it bluntly, if he had just stood by in that situation, he would have quietly buried it for the future of the youngest, whether it was marriage or not.

Kim Seobang, try acting cute.’

I’ll check it out myself.
Whether you’re the right man for the youngest.
* * *

“Congratulations to both of you!”
“Oh, congratulations! “When will you have the ceremony?”
“Oh, my. I’m going to cool it down as slowly as possible.”

The day after I met Kang Byul.
Me and Kang Ba Da visited the nursery early in the morning. This is because witnesses were needed to sign the marriage registration form.

– But who’s the witness?
– I can’t think of anyone in particular, can I call the lawyer or security team member who wrote the contract?
– Well, it’s possible.

I mentioned the people of the nursery school because of the appearance of Kang Ba Da that seemed to be somewhat undesirable.
If you ask my family right away, it will be noisy, and Kang Ba Da was out of the question from the beginning. Because they were the only beings that could be called the common denominator.

“Can we really stand as a witness?”
“Of course! You’re so special to us. We’d love to ask you.”
“What about me?”
“Of course, we can’t leave out Mr. Park.”

Fortunately, both of them were willing to sign. The rest had already been completed, so all I had to do was submit it.

“Are you going to marry me?”
“Yes. Ye Na, will you wish me a happy birthday, too.”
“Then you won’t come here anymore?”

Ye Na looked up at us with a blank face. Kang Ba Da smiled softly and stroked her hair.

“No. I’m going to come and see Ye Na.”
“Until when?”
“Umm…until Ye Na wants to?”
“Can you promise me?”
“Of course, come on!”

Kang Ba Da held out its pinky toward Ye Na. Then, Ye Na carefully reaches out her hand. The fingers of the two men were entangled.
on each other’s little fingers
I’ll stamp it with my thumb.
Even the palm copy.

“It’s a more complicated procedure than marriage registration.”
“Hoo-hoo. It’s for Ye Na.”
“Ye Na, do you want to go out with us?” Let’s go eat ice cream that Ye Na likes.”
“Oh, no. I don’t want to go.”
“What, what!?!”

Everyone opened their eyes wide at the unexpected rejection. This is because it was the first time in my life that Ye Na refused to go out.

“You don’t like ice cream?” Then should we eat pork cutlet?”
“No, Ye Na is busy.”

Ye Na turned around and disappeared somewhere. Mr. Park, who was noticed by the director, hurriedly followed, and we who were left behind were speechless for a while.

“Well, what have I done wrong!?”
“It’s not Ba Da ssi’s fault. It was a moment, but he looked worried. I think there’s a reason why……”
“You must be drawing.”

The director nodded. She smiled awkwardly at the door where Ye Na disappeared.

“Actually, Ye Na woke up late after you guys went yesterday. But he went somewhere without saying anything, so I followed him quietly.”
“Ye Na didn’t say anything?”
“Yes, then I’ll draw in the lounge. It’s late, so I’m telling you to sleep more, but you’ve been holding on.”

I and Kang Ba Da were simultaneously somber. Everyone now knows that Ye Na’s talent is outstanding, but there is a problem if it becomes obsessed.
Some artists often release their stress with a fanatical obsession with their work, because the ending was usually not good.

“Would it be better to take him to the hospital?”
“I think it’s better to leave it like that for now. Maybe it’s Ye Na’s only way to relieve stress.”
“That’s true, too.”

Pat, pat, pat.
When I was deeply troubled, the director approached and patted us on the back. She spoke out with a characteristic grin of benevolence.

“I forgot an important story. Ye Na is now preparing gifts for the two.”
“A present?”
“Yes, you said you have a painting you want to show your sister and brother, and you stay in the studio all day long.”
“Like that…”

When Kang Ba Da tried to go to Ye Na, the director raised his hand and stopped her. With a questionable gaze, the director continued to speak again.

“Now I’m going to wait for Ye Na to prepare comfortably.” As important as being loved, learning to give is also important.”
“I’ll order a proper meal, so don’t worry. I’m taking turns looking at it with Mr. Park. I don’t think it’s going to be that long.”

Kang Ba Da nodded cautiously at the director’s words, and I quickly changed the subject as I watched it. If we stay here longer, we’ll only care about each other.

“Then we have to stop by the district office, so we’ll go early. Call me if anything happens.”
“Yes, congratulations on your marriage once again.”
“Thank you.”

We greeted the director and left the nursery. Afterwards, he moved to the district office without delay and submitted a marriage report.

“Oh, there aren’t many people who come to submit it together these days. You two look so good together!”
“Oh, my. Thank you.”
“Oh, but you don’t have a ring yet. Are you trying to let each other in at the wedding?”
“Yes, well, right?”

Usually, government officials who face customers are tired of work and don’t talk. The employee we dealt with was particularly talkative.
Perhaps because of the appearance of Kang Ba Da, all kinds of eyes were drawn from the time I entered the district office. This kind of attention is always burdensome.

“You’re ready. Congratulations on your wedding!”
“Thank you.”

After many twists and turns, all the procedures are completed. We walked out of the ward office and looked at each other with a little awkward expressions.

“Now we’re really married.”
“Well, that’s right.”

There was nothing particularly different about being a couple. In the first place, I’ve lived my life thinking that I’m legally married.
However, it feels strange that the two of them go into the district office together and register their marriage, and others start celebrating our marriage.

“…It would look weird without a ring, right?”
“Well, I guess so.”

I looked it up and found that there are many people who wear it after the wedding. Usually, we wear couple rings before that, so we seem a little awkward.
You don’t have to be conscious of what others think.However, it’s kind of weird not to do everything others do.

“Come to think of it, we haven’t spent much time together recently. Would you like to go shopping if you don’t mind?”
“Yes, that’s!”

Kang Ba Da quickly nodded at my suggestion. I suddenly remembered the first time I met her, and my spine shuddered, but I tried to push my worries away.

“I’ll be fine today.”

Things have changed a lot since then. I strengthened my determination, recalling the text I sent a few days ago.
Space Bank Korea Media Co., Ltd.
The deposit is 37,200,000 won.
When I first saw this number, I counted it again and again because I thought I saw it wrong. Then, I called the CEO.

– Is 20,000 conversions funny? Yeon-dok is crazy, too. If I knew this would happen, I should have called 8 instead of 7.5 on the platform. Oh, my.

– So this is real?
– Yeah, man. Originally, we should settle the bill and give it to them only next month, but it is a special treatment for the founding contribution. The prize money for the contest will take some time, so wait calmly.
This answer came back and I spaced out for a while. It’s still at this level, but how much do they earn if they move on to a larger platform?

That’s why everyone is struggling to make a hit.’

Of course, it is still a lot of money compared to the assets of Kang Ba Da, and the structure of soft reading is bound to fall.
If I finish 300 episodes while maintaining my current tension as much as possible, dozens or hundreds of times more of the money I have earned so far will come in.

“If you make a webtoon here, too.’

It was so unrealistic that I couldn’t even laugh. Now you’ve ordered food without worrying about the delivery fee.

“I already gave presents to other family members.”

It’s the first time I’ve touched such a large amount of money, so I overspent a little. I bought health food and massage chairs and sent them to my parents, and I gave Kim Gu Reum a big allowance.
The only thing left is Kang Ba Da.
It would be impossible to give back as much as she did for me right now, but at least I’m getting out of the way I’m getting it.

I’m in charge today.’

You have to fill your stomach before you go to the battlefield. Before I confront Kang Byul, I’ll have to raise my mental index a lot.
With that determination, I took the wheel. Naturally, Kang Ba Da in the passenger seat stared at me.

“You should fasten your seat belt.”
“You’re not going to do it today?”

Kang Ba Da turned its head with a mischievous smile. At the end of that gaze was a seat belt. Memories of yesterday that suddenly come to mind.
At the time, the situation was so urgent that I didn’t recognize it, but when I looked back, I did something quite shameful. You’re going to make fun of it for a while.

“It’s awkward.”

Like this.
I let go of my seat belt and leaned straight toward Kang Ba Da. The embarrassed Kang Ba Da shook its head quickly.

“Now, wait! It was a joke…”
“Stay still.”

There’s still a long way to go to make fun of me. Only because you’re embarrassed about this, you’ll be punished by me forever…
As they fastened their seat belts on Kang Ba Da, their eyes suddenly met. Since the posture is the posture, it looks like something just before kissing.


Big, big!
When I recognized it, I felt like my face was burning. I quickly fastened my belt and coughed for no reason.
There was a subtle air in the car for a while, and we didn’t resume our conversation until a long time later.

“Oh, where shall we go?”
“…I have a reservation!”
“Wow, really?”
“Yes, you can look forward to it.”

There was a bit of an awkward conversation. Still, perhaps thanks to the open-mindedness, it began to return to its original atmosphere.

“Let’s just do what we prepared.”

Based on Kang Ba Da’s SNS and information from Ryu Yeon Hwa, the hair salon director, we planned a perfect dating course. If you keep going like this, you’ll get at least a flat blow.

“You didn’t overdo it, did you?”
“It’s not enough to bother you.”
“Okay. Then I’ll trust you today, Ha Neul?”
“Leave it to me.”

Scarlett began to run forward with a pleasant transmission.

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