Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 45 

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#045 Welcome back. Loki.

“How did you know I like this place?”
“I happened to see Ba Da’s SNS last time. He wrote there that he wanted to come again next time.
“Ha Neul, do you do SNS, too?”
“No. I went in because I was wondering if there were any pictures to refer to when I drew the cover last time.”
“Hmm. I see.”

Kang Ba Da nodded with an expression of “I know everything.” In fact, I was surprised inside because I went in and checked every day, but I didn’t bother to show it.

“Ha Neul, do you like it?”
“Yes, it’s better than I thought.”

What we’re eating now was a high-end dish called “Truffle Chayarin Pasta.” It costs about 40,000 won per plate.
Pasta made using only egg yolks and thinly ground mushroom truffle called diamond in the ground.
The price was so vicious that I wouldn’t have thought of it if I were my usual self, but it was an exception for today.

“It’s very attractive because the scent of butter and truffle is mixed. I want to make it myself later.”
“Oh, you’re going to make it for me, too, aren’t you?”
“Of course.”

In addition, he also ate a somewhat unfamiliar name called “Diabola Chalcicha Pizza.”
It was a pizza with a slightly spicy taste like the name Diabola, with one of Italy’s sausages as the main dish.

“It’s a little unique.”
“In what way?”
“The flavor of the cheese is different. I saw the menu earlier that mozzarella cheese and whipped cream cheese were mixed together, so I guess that’s why.”
“That’s right. If you eat it with wine, it’s really great.” I think it’s too early today, so would you like to come and have a drink sometime in the evening next time?”
“I’d be happy to.”

We smiled lightly at each other. Since then, we have enjoyed various dishes and talked about our recent daily lives.

“What do we do after eating?”
“Have you ever played VR games?”
“No? I just listened to it a few times.”
“Then join me today.”
“It sounds fun!”

after a meal
We moved to the VR room nearby. As I entered the entrance, the person at the counter looked at me and greeted me.

“Kim Ha Neul! You punk, you were alive.”
“How have you been, Monster?”
“I’m always the same.”

He is the president of the VR room and the main dealer of our proud <Semi-underground attack team>, ‘Rumper Monster’.
As its name suggests, it is a large and quite rugged appearance that reminds us of the commonly called helchang. He is a warm-hearted man.
His eyes naturally shifted to Kang Ba Da as he was greeting me. His eyes opened wide.

“Is this your girlfriend next to you?”
“Hello! I’m Ha Neul’s wife, Kang Ba Da.”
“Oh, yes. I’m ‘Moon Young-chul’ …” Your wife?”
“Yes, we got married today.”

Moon Young-chul’s eyes turned to the smile of Kang Ba Da. He began to stare at me with the look of some mortal enemy.

“I’m sorry, but the heavens will lend me a moment.”
“What? Oh, go ahead.”
“Thank you.”

Moon Young-cheol briefly asked Kang Ba Da for understanding, and then took me into the corner. Then he walked on a choke.

“You punk! You’re getting married and you don’t even contact us? Is it funny how we spent three days and nights catching the Baek Mountain!?
“It’s a misunderstanding! I haven’t raised my esophagus yet. I only submitted my marriage registration first because of personal reasons!”
“You’re not lying, are you?”
“Of course. I’m not going to call my brothers when I’m getting married because I’m crazy.”

Moon Young-chul finally loosens his strength in his hands.
Of course, we’re playing with each other, but this man needs to know his strength. Even if I fight sincerely, the moment I get caught, it’ll be very dangerous.
Didn’t you do something related in the past? We’ve talked quite a bit so far, but it’s plausible to see that you never tell us what you’ve done before.

“Where did you get that pretty wife?”
“It fell from the sky.”
“What, are you a fairy? I’d believe it even if it was real by looking at its appearance. Anyway, it seems that things went well, seeing that you’ve gotten better. How is your father?”
“Thanks to you, he was discharged from the hospital a while ago.”
“There you go. You’ve worked hard on it. Say hello to your father.”
“Yes, thank you always.”

Moon received a lot of help from him in many ways. He used me as a part-time worker or bought me a meal because he was in a tight situation.
After such a short hae-hoo, Moon Young-chul and I returned to the counter. Kang Ba Da looked at us and tilted its head at us.

“What did you talk about?”
“Guys’ conversation, please.

Kang Ba Da looked at me with dim eyes. While thinking about how to explain this for a while, Moon Young-chul stepped in tactfully.

“Ha ha, he’s a brother I really cherish, and I said hello to him because it’s been so long since I saw him.” As an apology, we’ll give you the best room, so feel free to use it!”
“Brother. But you have to get the money right.”
“Okay. I thought you would never get married, but tears cover your eyes just by bringing such a beautiful wife.”
“Oh, my God.”

The expression of Kang Ba Da was softened by the appropriate complimentary remarks. After hitting each other with just our eyes, we immediately moved.

“I’ve worked part-time before, so you know how to use it, right? I’ll leave the drinks here, so have fun.”
“Thank you.”
“Jesu, if this guy does something stupid, call me.”
“Brother, stop saying weird things and get out of here!”

The conversation ended in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to Moon Young-chul’s consideration, we monopolized the entire single room.

“Do I wear this on my head?”
“Yes, yes. With this remote control in both hands…” All right. Now, would you like to press the button on the right remote control?”
“This? Wow!”

Kang Ba Da’s admiration burst out as if the screen was connected. I smiled as I shared the view she saw through the screen ahead.
Perhaps because the waiting screen was space, Kang Ba Da turned its head around and liked it.

“What’s this? What’s this?”
“Don’t you feel dizzy?”
“Yes! Wow, there was something like this.”
“Would you like to try the most famous one first?”
“Yes, yes!”

Seeing him having fun like a child made me laugh. I took advantage of my part-time experience and held her hand carefully.

“Don’t be surprised. I’m just adjusting the remote control. Can you see the word “Beat Saver” in front of me? Move your hand over there.”
“Ee, like this?”
“Yes, you did well. Click now.”

Along with the driving sound, “Beat Saver,” one of the most famous games in VR, was executed.
It’s a game where you split a notebook flying from the front with a lightsaber to the music. It is one of the games that people of all ages enjoy.

“Aren’t you going to join Ha Neul?”
“It’s a one-man game. I’ve already played a lot, so let’s play another game together when Ba Da gets used to VR.”
“Yes, I see.”

Kang Ba Da with a slight nod She was smiling all the time, as if she liked the other world before her eyes.
Watching him, I quietly took out my phone. Watching yourself floundering in the air is one of the fun things about VR.

“Are you ready?”
“You can choose the song you want from the list. If you press the button on the side, the music will start.”
“Then I’ll try this one.”

What Kang Ba Da chose was a song by a famous girl idol. It’s not that difficult, so it’s suitable for beginners to learn the game.
Soon the song came out with the prelude, and notes began to fly forward. I picked up the camera expecting the dignity of Kang Ba Da to collapse.


If I were an NPC in the game, a question mark would now float over my head. I lowered my phone and looked at Kang Ba Da with dumbfounded eyes.

‘It’s ridiculous.’

Kang Ba Da carried on the combo perfectly. Even the movements are as neat as the dance. I was confused by the completely different appearance than I expected.

“Oh, you’re avoiding the wall.
“The rules are simpler than I thought.”
“I must have chosen a song that’s too easy.”

I thought it was a lie to say that I was doing it for the first time, but it was clear that I was a beginner when I saw the combo break whenever new gimmicks came out.
What’s more surprising is that you never get hit twice by the same gimmick. Thanks to this, Kang Ba Da received an incredibly high score as its first challenge.

“Have you tried it before?”
“No. It’s my first time doing VR.”
“…You adapt very quickly.”
“The rules themselves are simple, so all you have to do is move according to the notes, right? It’s not that different from dancing.”
“Well, that’s true.”

Kang Ba Da tilted his head as if what was difficult, and immediately began to choose the next song. The song I chose this time was the famous ‘Canon’.

“Wait! That’s a remix version…”

What Kang Ba Da just chose is not just a canon variation, but a version of “hard remix” that made the difficulty difficult. It’s a pretty hard song for me, too.

‘You’re going to fail in no time.’

This time, I didn’t even hold my phone. This is because it was obvious that he would retire in less than 30 seconds anyway. That’s what I’m looking at.


Surprisingly, Kang Ba Da survived for more than a minute. Of course, there were a lot of things that I missed because of the high level of difficulty, but I didn’t expect to endure this song in just the second play.

“I think I’ll finish the race.’

My prediction went astray. Kang Ba Da laid down its hand in the middle. Why did he give up when the completion was just around the corner?

“…Ha Neul, my arm hurts so much.”

I see.
Physical strength was the problem.
Because there were so many notes and the speed was so fast, there were times when I had to swing my hand like crazy even if I dealt with it accurately.

“Wait a minute.”

I immediately peeled off the VR of Kang Ba Da and wiped the sweat with a towel next to it.
She rubbed her hand as if her arm was hurting, and the pouting of her lips seemed something unsatisfactory.

“I could have done better.”
“It’s my first time, but that’s good enough.”
“No, I’ll try again next time. I need to build up my stamina first. “I didn’t think I would give up because my arm hurt…”

I swallowed my laughter and handed a drink to the grumbling Kang Ba Da. Maybe it’s a characteristic of Korean group people, but she’s definitely very competitive.

“You have a great talent for games.”

Of course, I don’t know what it would be like in other games, but I thought it would be fun to play games together.

“Would you like to try another game?”
“Let’s do it together this time.”
“All right. Let me see.”

I picked out the game by looking at the screen.
Except for the heavy physical consumption, the two searched for works to do together.

“Ha Neul ssi.”
“You can operate it without using a VR machine”.
“That’s true. Just looking at the screen… “

While talking, I suddenly turned my head to the gaze I felt next to me. Kang Ba Da was looking at me with dim eyes.

“Oh, I see”.
“Why do you look at me like that?”
“As expected, Ha Neul is a man, too.” You can manipulate it yourself, but earlier, my hands were slightly like that… “

It’s a very selfless thing to do. As he said that again, there was nothing to refute. So I nodded softly.

“Well, that’s true.”
“How can you accept it there!?”
“Because it’s true. Were you offended?”
“Well, that’s not the case, but…”

Kang Ba Da stumbled when it broke through head-on. Lost what to say, she eventually turned her head with her lips pouted.
I, who looked just cute, chose the game without a sound of laughter. Meanwhile, Kang Ba Da pointed to a game.

“What game is that?”
“It’s an online game. You’re fighting with someone else with a gun or a knife.”
“It’s going to be fun! Can you make two servings?”
“It’s possible…”

It was a game that I really enjoyed at one time, but it was a very difficult game, so I didn’t want to recommend it to anyone else.
Usually women don’t like games like this. I thought so for a moment, but I was going to because I was such a competitive person.

“Can you show us how to do it first?”
“Well, then, let’s take a break and look around.”

After playing the game, I got up from my seat and put on VR skillfully. When I held the remote control in both hands, I suddenly felt nostalgic.
Thanks to Monster’s consideration, I used to enjoy it once after finishing my part-time job.

“Ah, this cool, heavy sensation.”

It was not unfamiliar at all even though it was my first time holding it in a long time. There was a time when I was crazy about this, so if it’s natural, it’s natural.
When I entered my ID like a habit, the remote control in my hand turned into a lightsaber as the game loaded.
[Welcome back. Loki.]* * *
Meanwhile, as soon as Kim Ha Neul logged in, a notification was issued to everyone who was connected to the game.
[The immortal devil is back]]It was one of the existing systems in the VR battle game ‘Soul Fighter’. A phrase that appears when a ranker who has not been connected for more than 6 months enters.
It is a malicious system that was made to step on Ranker, who returned after a long time, and only one of them had the title of “the immortal devil.”
[Title: Rocky is here!!!!]: Hey, Rocky logged in to “Soul Fighter.” Check it out! It’s a time for revenge!
└ Cool time again lol.k.a.a.a.
└ What? This is real.
└ Why did you come back when you disappeared after eating the overwhelming No. 1 ranking?
└ I guess he was bored. It’s supposed to be a salmon game.
└ Ha, SB, I’ll fall for it one more time.
└ Why?
[Title: Why did you come back?]: It’s the same with the update, and compared to when we were active, the level is really different from the sky and the ground. Don’t make my memories dirty for no reason.
└ Yes, I.
└ No, it’s still Rocky.
└ This can’t be done even with Rocky Doubtful. Now there’s only stagnant water left, so it’s leveled up, and because of Loki, I ate a lot of lightsaber down.
└ No, it’s still Rocky.
└ I’m curious.
└ Why did he join as a duo?
└ ???
In an instant, the community began to be noisy. People who heard the news began to access the game one by one.
It was the beginning of the so-called “Rocky & Sylvie Reid,” the longest-running legend in the history of the soul fighter community.

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