Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 43 

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#043 I’m going to show my courage, too.

“I’m thinking of adopting Ye Na.”

Hearing that, I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with Kang Ba Da before coming to the exhibition hall.

– What kind of person is she?
– Um… She’s a very nice sister to me, but I’m not sure how it’s going to be for others. To be honest, there are times when I’m scared, too.

– It’s scary?
– When I was young, I saw my older sister and my older brother fighting like blood. Literally bloody.
Apparently, Kang Ba Da himself does not know why the two fought, but since then, both have been taken to the hospital covered in blood.
They were in their early to mid-20s when Kang Ba Da was just becoming a middle school student. In many ways, it was a time of vigor.

– My younger sister is very proud of herself. That’s how much he’s obsessed with his own. If you can’t have it, you’d rather break it?
– That’s a bit scary.

– I haven’t seen my sister fight since then, but just in case, be careful with what you say or do if you meet her.

– I’ll keep that in mind.
And now.
I realized the words of Kang Ba Da when I saw Kang Ba Da star with a cool smile. She was a bolder and more determined person than I imagined.
He also had such a great love for art that he ran a private atelier and bought paintings by masters that cost billions each.

“Youngest, if you’ll let me.”
“Ye Na is not an object.”

Kang Ba Da stared at Kang Byul with fierce eyes. She turned slightly as if to hide Ye Na from Kang Byul’s gaze.

“I’m sorry if it sounds like that, but I don’t intend to take back what I said. Ye Na’s talent may make a mark in human history.”
“Even if Ye Na doesn’t want to?”
“Do you think there’s any credibility in that statement?”

Kang Ba Da swallowed its silence.
Everyone here watched all of Ye Na’s painting process.
Ye Na completed her own painting for hours without a single sigh. With a happy smile all the time.

“Ye Na never hesitated while drawing. Although it’s a mockup, it means that you already have all the pictures you’re thinking about.”
“That doesn’t mean I drew a sketch. Even when I saw the color card for the first time in my life, I picked out the color I wanted to express at once. Only a seven-year-old. You didn’t even graduate from kindergarten. Ha-“

Kang Byul shook her head as she was speaking. As such, Ye Na’s talent was bizarre.
well over 200 kinds of professional paints
There are more than 10 kinds of yellow colors, and as soon as you see them, using them properly is something that no one here can do.
Ye Na who takes it for granted.
It also made sense that Kang Byul’s eyes were turned upside down.

“Of course, it’s not that there was no trial and error. It took hundreds or thousands of times for others to realize it instinctively. It’s a human loss to put a child like this in a nursery.”
“If you don’t intend to take responsibility, leave it to me. I have a son the size of Ye Na. I am confident that I will provide a quality environment.”

Ba Da bit its lips.
It’s not necessarily true, but it’s hard to refute. It felt even more so because the sincerity of Kang Byul, who loves art, was buried in it.

“Of course, I don’t intend to take it by force. Because I know how much Ye Na follows you, exactly you two. “Forcing him to bring him is like giving him another trauma.”
“What do you want to say?”
“I’ll reverse what I said last time. I’ll fully support your marriage, so you guys adopt Ye Na and raise her properly.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Instead, it is a condition that we accept the educational curriculum that we offer and sign an exclusive contract with our atelier for five years after becoming an adult.”
“Wait a minute.”

I, who was still listening, intervened. The eyes of the two women, who were sharply opposed in the air, pour out to me.
A lot of pressure that’s about to rip off my whole body. But my hawk house is the second in the world.
It was bearable enough compared to the officer who was banging with a field shovel or the lady who fell over the stand full of wine.

“For now, both of you, calm down. I don’t think it’s something to talk about where Ye Na is.”

The two nodded slowly. I’m fast asleep now, but I don’t know when I’ll wake up.

“There’s a rest room. Let’s lie down there for now. “
“I’m going home for today.”
“I understand roughly what the context is, but we also need time to think. We have to listen to Ye Na’s opinion.”

My words clearly divided the two faces. Kang Byul’s eyes became fiercer than ever, and on the contrary, Kang Ba Da opened its eyes wide as if surprised.
I’m sure it is.
The two measures she suggested may seem reasonable at first glance, but the reality is completely different.

I’m being dragged too unilaterally.’

Unlike married Kang Byul, there are too many things to consider in Kang Ba Da. Above all, they haven’t even had a wedding yet.
If you say that you start with a child before you get married, all kinds of strange rumors will follow you. It is a proposal that anyone can’t readily accept.

If I leave it like this, the execution will take Ye Na.’

Maybe it’s a solution for everyone, but the decision you make after thinking hard enough and the choice you’re pushed back are bound to be different from the attitude you take.
Once my opinion is second, Kang Ba Da needs time to organize its thoughts.
She’s having a hard time saying goodbye. I have to buy that time here.

“It would be better to make a separate schedule and meet again. In the meantime, let’s organize each other’s opinions.”
“I’m in trouble if I’m mistaken. It’s a proposal that I made considering the huge bleeding. It’s a big mistake to think that I’ll offer the same conditions again next time.”
“The execution is something you’re mistaken about.”

The brow of Kang Ba Da has narrowed. To be honest, I’m a little scared because of course. I thought I might be covered in blood like you.
However, I do not intend to step down. Because there’s a river ocean and Ye Na behind me.

We need to cut the flow once.’

If you take a step back, you have to concede two feet next time. That’s why sometimes you have to move on even though you know you’re going to get stabbed.

“My brother-in-law provided that we fully support marriage. But it’s not a deal in the first place.”
“We’re already legally married.”

Kang Byul opened her eyes wide as if she had never expected an answer. an easily unbelievable appearance

“…Joking is too much.”
“I don’t joke about this. It’s already been three months, so it’s impossible to file a lawsuit for annulment of marriage. I wrote my hand in advance just in case you come out like this.”
“Are you serious?”
“Of course. Of course, my family can separate me as much as they want, but you should be prepared to stain Daehan.”

This is nothing but a bluff.
I know the fact best.
However, bluffing can turn into momentum as much as possible depending on one’s use. What is needed is an unwavering shamelessness and conviction enough to deceive oneself.

‘I’m already on the edge of a cliff.’

There is no new change.
This is something I’ve already been determined to do since the moment I signed the contract. Rather, it has only been too smooth so far.

‘This is my only weapon now.’

It won’t be difficult to erase me from the world if Daehan starts in earnest, but it’s a different story to be tied up with a legal system.
If we break up, there will be word of mouth that Kang Ba Da is a divorcee in any way. Reporters can smell this stuff really well.
[The youngest daughter of Korean group got divorced!][The youngest daughter appears][Out of wedlock?] [The reason he’s been hiding]Of course, the group will spend a huge amount of money to cover the mouths of reporters, but there is no reason for the saying, “A horse without feet goes a thousand miles.”
Families who care about Kang Ba Da will not be happy with this situation itself.
It’s the same with the star in front of you.

‘Kang Ba Da is not even a location where a political marriage is needed anyway.’

It’s practically close to grazing.
I don’t know if it’s before we get married, but if we’re already legally tied up, we won’t even try to undermine the reputation of Daehan.
He had the guts to lay such a calculation on the ground. Of course, if things go wrong, I’ll have to look for my grave instead of my honeymoon house.

“If you really don’t believe it, check it out for yourself.”

Kang Byul’s eyes began to shake at my imposing attitude. Her eyes turned behind me.

“Far, sea, no? You weren’t so reckless. Huh? Hurry up and tell me it’s a lie.”
“Unnie, the truth is that…”
“Let’s talk about the details next time.”

He quickly interrupted the two. Talking more here is definitely a losing business.
I naturally took over Ye Na and took the hesitant Kang Ba Da out of the building.

“That crazy…”

There was a pretty vicious murmur in the back, but I heard it with one ear and spilled it. You have to go as far as possible before Kang Byul comes to her senses.
I put Ye Na in the back seat and fastened her seat belt. Kang Ba Da, which was standing blankly, was quickly pushed into the passenger seat.

“Ba Da ssi.”
“Ba Da ssi, stop waking up.”
“What!? Yes……”

Kang Ba Da that barely answers She seemed to be in a hurry to fasten her seat belt herself, so I fastened her belt myself.

“Now, wait a minute! I can do it… “
“Stay still. It’s done.”

Finally, after all the preparations, I quickly climbed up and stepped on the Excel. Scarlett moved forward vigorously as if she had read my mind.
How much did he run like that’s
I was able to breathe a sigh of relief only then, away from the exhibition hall of Gangbyeol.

“Phew- I got out of it somehow. First, let’s take Ye Na to the nursery and discuss it among ourselves.”
“Ha Neul ssi…”
“I think my family is against our marriage. First of all, it is legally irreversible, so one by one, in the direction of turning one’s mind ….”
“Mr. Ha Neul!”

At the traffic light, I turned my head toward Kang Ba Da. But she could hardly make eye contact with me and rolled her eyes around.

“You know, there’s a… That’s the thing. . . . . .
“Speak comfortably. Because I’m your husband.”
“No, I mean!”

It was a joke to relax, but the reaction was more intense than I thought. I think it’s time to get used to it.
Meanwhile, Kang Ba Da thought her voice was too loud, and only after turning her head and looking at Ye Na, she continued.

“…Actually, we’re not married yet.”
“Well, that’s… I haven’t submitted my marriage registration to the district office yet. I’m sorry. I didn’t think this would happen. “

I was speechless for a moment.
Kang Ba Da turned its eyes out of the window.
We haven’t been so quiet for a while.
It wasn’t until the horn sounded in the back that we started moving forward again.
* * *

“I prefer Ba Da to the mountains. If possible, toward the East Sea rather than the West Sea. Keep away from the coastline.”
“Excuse me, Ha Neul ssi.”
“Please hand over my hard disk to the publisher. If you’re the CEO, you’ll take care of the dangerous contents on your own, except for the stockpile.”
“Wake up! Why is Ha Neul dying?”

Ba Da shook Kim Ha Neul by the shoulder. However, despite her efforts, Kim Ha Neul only smiled as if she had lost her mind.
It’s been like that ever since I heard that I didn’t submit a marriage report. Even on the way back from dropping Ye Na off, she did not recover.

“I heard ignorance makes you brave. Don’t tell me I’ve already lost my last life line. You’ll be executed as soon as you confirm the truth.”
“…I see you joking, you’re fine.”
“Does it look like that? Hahaha.”
“Oh, really! You can do it!” If you do it!”

Kang Ba Da screamed in frustration. Then Kim Ha Neul slowly stares at her. As a result, Kang Ba Da, embarrassed for no reason, slightly lowered its head.

“You can go register your marriage with me now.” The ward office must have already been closed today. Even if it’s tomorrow right now…
“Will I be able to hold out for three months?”
“Don’t worry. I will protect Ha Neul no matter what.”
“Ho? That’s quite a compliment.”

Kim Ha Neul raised the corners of his mouth. Kang Ba Da, who saw him, quickly added a back remark.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong! It’s just that I don’t like someone touching my people.”
“Is that really it?”
“What more do you want!?”
“I’m asking for a lot.”

Kim Ha Neul with a mischievous smile.
Ba Da shook its head at the sight. If you let your guard down for a second, it’ll come right in. Thanks to you, I’m relaxed, but I’m very annoying.

“What the hell did he say?”
“It’s about my little sister. I told you. If you can’t have it, you’re a person who breaks it down.”
“That’s why it’s even more so.”

At that moment, Kang Ba Da looked at Kim Ha Neul in a serious atmosphere. He was looking ahead at nothing, and the gaze felt colder than ever.
Kang Ba Da could easily read out the emotion. Kim Ha Neul is angry now.


Such questions passed through Kang Ba Da’s mind. I’ve never shown that look before. Does that mean he’s that angry?
Kim Ha Neul suddenly turned his head as if he felt the gaze of Kang Ba Da. Each other’s eyes met in the air, and Kang Ba Da seemed to sink in the moment.
This is because his eyes, which had chilled the surroundings a while ago, changed in an instant.

“I’m just like Ba Da ssi.”
“I can never stand touching my person.”

A calm smile hung around Kim Ha Neul’s mouth. A touch of relief wrapped around Kang Ba Da’s body like a fog.
The moment I found out why he was angry. This person had a mysterious belief that he would protect me no matter what I did.

“…Thank you.”
“Thanks to you, I’m also going to show my courage.”
“You’re already doing well enough. Anyway, I’ll stop by the ward office tomorrow. First of all, submit the marriage registration form, and about Ye Na ….”

Kim Ha Neul won’t know.
How did you bring it up? I’m a person who doesn’t know what’s going on. Even now, he is busy explaining his plan.


Kang Ba Da looked at Kim Ha Neul’s chattering face and felt the corners of his mouth rising without realizing it.
Someday, Kim Ha Neul will know. How much influence he had on his life. What made you decide at this moment.

“Ba Da ssi, are you listening to me?”
“Yes. I even heard that my younger sister wanted me to press her nose.”
“I didn’t say it that hard.”
“…That’s right for now.”

Kim Ha Neul scratched his head.
Kang Ba Da burst into a small laugh, and the two talked for a long time in a lighter atmosphere.

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