Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 41 

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#041 Why are you there?

“You’re the youngest!”

Crack it!
Someone hugged Ba Da hard. Kang Ba Da nodded with a slightly embarrassing expression.
It was the development I had expected from the time I contacted this person, so I could accept it relatively humbly.

“Unnie, I’m suffocating…”
“Let’s stay like this a little longer, shall we?” How long has it been since we’ve seen each other? You even contacted them all first. Did the sun rise in the west today?”
“We saw each other last month, too.
“It’s been so long. Him!”

Gangbyeol, the fourth of the Kang family, did not loosen up from his hands. When Kang Ba Da, which sighed, patted her back, she finally stepped back.
Kang Byul looked at Ba Da with a smile and poured out questions.

“What have you been up to? Did you have a meal? When are you going to bring your boyfriend? Huh? Huh?”

In the end, Kang Ba Da raised its voice. If you keep being dragged around like this, you’ll never know when you’ll get to the point.

“Our youngest has grown up a lot.” I stopped her from making noise. This sister is touching, but on the other hand, she can’t hide her sadness.”
“If you keep doing that, I’ll just leave”.
“That’s not going to work. Black tea or coffee?
“…Just water is enough.”

Kang Ba Da shook its head and sat on the couch. It hasn’t been long since we met, and I felt like I was already exhausted.
Kang Byul raised the corners of her mouth at the sight. She opened her mouth as she sat across Kang Ba Da.

“What’s going on?”
“I have a favor to ask of you.”

The phrase “please” narrowed the gap between the eyebrows of the lecture. Usually, the youngest doesn’t want to owe money to others, so he doesn’t act like a baby without being very considerate.

“If you’re asking me to support your boyfriend’s marriage, it’s impossible. She’s the opposite.”
“I hate everything because I’m a pillar western or a shutter man. “I dare never see you play and eat with the money our youngest has earned.”
“Hey, did you do a background check on me?”

The snow of Kang Ba Da sank coldly. The average person would have frozen just by that, but the opponent was not good.
Kang Byul is also a member of Daehan.
Even unlike Kang Ba Da, he was a true successor who was fighting on the front line. Kang Byul lifted her tea cup leisurely.

“Think of what. Do you think there’s anyone in my family who doesn’t know about you? You openly moved your parents to our group’s hospital room.”
“No matter how much…!”
“Ocean, you’re an adult now.”

Kang Byul put down the teacup again and faced her opponent with cold eyes. Kang Ba Da flinched in the shape of a strange sister.

“The chairman said he wanted the youngest to live freely, but since you have the last name ‘Kang’, it can’t be possible, right?”
“I’m past the age to be silly. But to warn you as an older sister who loves the youngest, you’ll be out of the lab soon.”
“Whose choice?”
“It’s not fun if you tell me that, either. Shouldn’t you learn to flap your wings yourself?”

Kang Ba Da stared at the opponent without saying a word, and Kang Byul also did not avoid that gaze.
How much did they face each other like that, Kang Byul raised both hands and put up a white flag.

“As expected, a woman in love is scary. “Our youngest member, you’re so busy”.
“Go, what are you talking about all of a sudden!?”
“Until last year, I couldn’t look you in the eye. You were just cute back then, but now you’re like a nice group member. I understand why my younger brother takes care of it himself.”
“…Little brother?”
“Oh, my mistake. Pretend you didn’t hear what I just heard.”

Kang Byul winked. However, Kang Ba Da knew very well that she was never the type to make this mistake.

What does the little brother take care of? Business? Nursery? Or is it your little brother who reached out to the lab?’

Kang Ba Da tried to maintain a blank expression, but its head became more and more complicated. The pouring information made my head dizzy.
However, we should not forget the original purpose of visiting this place. Kang Ba Da sat down, pretending to be calm.
Kang Byul asked a question, raising the corners of her mouth, as if she had read that the signs of Kang Ba Da had changed.

“So, what can I ask of you?”
“…I came to rent a private exhibition hall owned by my sister. If possible, with the studio.”
“Personal reasons.”
“Then will you lend it to me?”
“Yes, please. As a younger brother.”
“Oh, my.”

Instead of answering, Kang Byul held black tea in her mouth. Looking at the determined snow of Kang Ba Da, it seemed that he had no intention of backing down.

“Not for free.”
“Tell me what you want.”
“Give me all your shares in Daehan Electronics.”
“I see.”

Kang Byul coughed in vain at the unexpected acceptance. The tea must have been stuck in my throat, and I was moving up and down for a long time because of the loud coughing.

“Can’t he even joke around!?”
“I can give you as much as I want if you’re an older sister.”
“Just in case, I’m telling you in advance, but your marriage problem can’t be with Korean Electronics stocks. It’ll be hard to bet everything you have.”
“…You’re the president, aren’t you the president?”
“I don’

Kang Byul wiped her mouth with a handkerchief. It means I can’t tell you any more. That alone has given me quite a bit of information about Kang Ba Da.

“Go back now. It’s almost time for guests. If you tell your secretary the schedule of your visit, he’ll take care of it on his own.”
“Daehan Electronics shares…”
“Never mind. Can’t you be my sister and do something like that?” For your information, there are CCTVs all over there, so don’t do anything weird with your boyfriend.”
“Well, I don’t do that!”

The face of Kang Ba Da turned red.
Kang Byul, who saw him, stood up from her seat with a small smile, and Kang Ba Da also rose up at the tacit congratulatory order.

“Then go home safely. Next time, I hope you come because you miss her. What?”

Kang Byul, who was turning her back, became stiff for a moment due to the unfamiliar touch she felt behind her. When I barely looked back, Kang Ba Da hugged her.

“Fa, is it Ba Da?”
“Thank you, sister.”

Feeling the gaze, Ba Da slightly blushed and stepped back. When Kang Byul looked at her blankly, Kang Ba Da waved both hands.

“Next time, let’s go eat alone. I found a good restaurant.”
“Uh, uh, yeah, yeah.”
“I’ll be going now.”

As if embarrassed, Kang Ba Da darted out of shame. Kang Byul, who was staring blankly at her back, smiled lowly.

“…Can a person change like that?”

I didn’t know that Kang Ba Da would touch me first. Ever since she became an adult, she’s been bowing down.

“Because I’m Kim Ha Neul.”

What the hell did he do to our youngest? A little curiosity began to spring up in Kangbyeol’s mind.
Kang Byul gently closed her eyes and recalled the warmth of Kang Ba Da that hugged her. Then, a smile was drawn around his mouth.
A little bit of time has passed.
The secretary knocked on the door carefully.

“CEO, we have a guest.”
“Tell him to come in.”

Come on.
Kang Byul’s smile disappeared in an instant and returned expressionless. At the same time, a familiar man came into the room.

“Long time no see, little brother.”
“I’m the CEO now.”

Kang Tae-yang sat down without saying a word. His eyes glanced over the table.

“There was a guest who came first.”
“Why did a person with a heavy butt come all the way here?”

Kang Tae-yang slightly poked, but Kang Byul did not respond at all. The eyes of the two were tangled in the air.

“I grabbed the tail.”
“Drug designer?”

Kang Byul sat down with a firm expression. Because it was such an important story.

“You came to see me…”
“Yes, he was associated with Atelier. It seems to be sold as a set with art.”
“Who the hell is he?”

Oh, my.
The stars gnashed their teeth. Having a hobby of collecting works of art, she ran an atelier with her favorite artists.
I tend to pay a lot of attention as it is my favorite field, but I could never hear that there was a drug dealer hiding in it.

“I don’t know that yet.”
“We’ll hand over our information.”
“It’s nice to communicate.”
“I have to ask you to catch cockroaches in my house.”

Kang Byul took a thick booklet from her desk drawer. It was a booklet containing the personal information of all the artists and employees of Atelier.
The moment Kang Tae-yang reached out for the booklet. Kang Byul also put her hand on the booklet.

“Don’t stare at me like that. It’s just that I personally want to ask you something.”
“Mr. CEO.”
“No, I’m asking you this.”

The two looked at each other silently for a while. It was Kang Tae-yang who took off his lips first in the increasingly heavy silence.

“Say it.”
“What do you think of Kim Ha Neul?”

Kang Tae-yang’s eyebrows wriggled. He glared at Kangbyeol as if to grasp the true meaning of the words, but he could not achieve his will.

“What does it mean?”
“Literally. What do you think of him?”
“Was the first customer to come to Ba Da?”
“You asked the question first.”

Kang Tae-yang sighed as she saw the serious expression of Kangbyeol. After a long pause, he opened his mouth very slowly.

“Not a bad guy.”
“…That’s a very generous evaluation.”
“I just evaluated it objectively.”
“How many people received more than average in that excellent evaluation?” Except for your family, isn’t it like Secretary Jang?”
“The small talk is over.”

Kang Tae-yang got up with a booklet. Even a farewell that resolved the question did not stop him.
Kang Tae-yang, who was heading straight for the door, suddenly stopped walking. He said, holding on to the door handle.

“Don’t mess around for nothing.”
“Oh, did you like your brother-in-law that much?”
“No, I’m saying this for you.”
“He’s not that easy.”

After saying that, Kang Tae-yang left the room. Kang Byul, who was left alone in the room, thought about something quietly, and soon called her secretary.

“What’s your schedule for tomorrow?”

The eyes of the stars glistened coldly.
She thought she would check with her own eyes what kind of man Kang was like who had seduced two people in that short time.
* * *

“Wow, wow!”

Ye Na screamed with happiness as she entered the exhibition hall. It was very fascinating to see this reaction for the first time even for me, who had been together for more than a year.

‘…It’s magnificent to me too.’

First of all, it was larger than a public exhibition hall of considerable size. It seems that the humidity and temperature are also maintained constantly, as if they are paying attention to maintenance.
What was more surprising was the paintings hanging in the exhibition hall. The works of young artists collected while running a personal atelier are also great, but what is more noticeable is that

“Is that “Goch” by any chance.
“You recognize it right away.”
“…Is it genuine?”

They’re all genuine?
I was speechless for a moment. In addition to Vincent van Gogh, there were quite a few other famous artists such as Millet and Monet.
Of course, there are many cheaper paintings than you think, as everyone drew thousands of them in their lifetime. It is a relative standard.
Just by looking at Gogh’s haystack, which was auctioned in 2021, for 42.3 billion won, you can roughly see the value of the paintings collected here.

“Money doesn’t mean you can buy it.”

Since the price is the price, it usually goes into the personal collection of chaebol. Unless there are special circumstances, they never come back to the world.
It was a glimpse of how great Kangbyeol’s wealth and connections were who owned by these paintings.

“Ye Na, do you like it?”

My favorite was of course Ye Na. She was staring blankly up at the painting as if she could not hear the words of Kang Ba Da.
Kang Ba Da, which swallowed the laughter, brought a prepared foothold and put it in front of the painting. After that, she lifted Ye Na up and put her on top of it.

“What do you think? It’s different from what you see from the bottom, right?”
“You can watch as much as you want until you miss Ye Na today.”
“Sure. There’s a place next to it where you can draw, so tell me anytime.” Got it?”

Ye Na opened her eyes wide. She seemed to look up at Kang Ba Da for a moment, and suddenly opened her arms and made a motion as if she wanted to hug her.
While tilting her head, Kang Ba Da did what Ye Na wanted. Ye Na whispering in a low voice.

“Thank you, sister. I love you!”
“Huh!? Well, yes… Do you love me, too?”

Ye Na turned her head again and began to appreciate the painting, and Kang Ba Da turned to me, covering her mouth as if she were deeply moved.

“Did you hear that?”
“Yes, well…”
“Ye Na told me she loves me!”
“Don’t put too much meaning on it.”
“You’re just jealous, aren’t you?”

As if Kang Ba Da had penetrated my heart, he looked at me with a playful smile.
Was it that obvious?
To be honest, I’ve never seen Ye Na bring up “I love you” before. I’m a person who speaks very carefully compared to my peers.

That’s how much you like it.’

Ye Na is concentrating as if she’s being sucked into the picture. To her, this place would be like heaven. Then will Kang Ba Da look like an angel?
Certainly, it is something that no one can do to allow unreleased works of masters to be seen right under the nose or even alone.

“Hmm. Was it because of that kid?”

Then someone popped up from behind. Kang Ba Da, who confirmed his opponent, opened his mouth in surprise.

“…Why are you coming out there?”

Thanks to you, I was also able to know who the opponent was.
Her identity was ‘Gangbyeol’, the owner of the exhibition hall and the fourth child of Daehan.

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