Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 40

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#040 I just wanted to see it with my own eyes.

“Ye Na fell asleep.”
“That’s understandable.”

Ye Na painted for hours without a single breath. He was so focused that he didn’t even answer my name.
However, it seems that the energy consumption was severe, so after completing the painting, I fell asleep lying on the sofa as if I were collapsing.

“Do you want me to move you to the bedroom?”
“We’d better leave it as it is for a while. It’s a noisy time over there.”
“That’s true, too.”

Me and Kang Ba Da carefully changed their positions so that Ye Na could lie down comfortably, and then gathered in front of the sketchbook again and put their heads together.

“Ha Neul ssi, you know what this painting is, right?”
“Yes, it’s Claude Monet’s <The Woman with the Mountain>. He seems to have drawn it in his own way.”
“Memorizing the entire drawing?”
“That’s why I can’t believe it even more.”

Ye Na used only sketchbooks and various coloring tools to draw pictures. I didn’t copy the original in real time.

“When did Ye Na see this painting?”
“I should ask the director about that.”

I called right away, and the director, who looked a little tired, came to the lounge. He must be tired of dealing with the excited children.

“You must be tired, but I’m sorry. Director.”
“It’s all right. Is it because of Ye Na?”
“Yes. The truth is……”

We briefly explained the whole story, and the director, who heard the whole story, nodded at Ye Na’s sketchbook.

Last week, I went to the art museum in line with the training center’s own program. It was called the World Famous Painting Exhibition.”
“You must have seen this painting there.”
“There were a lot of things at the exhibition because of Ye Na, but now I understand a little bit.”
“Can you tell us the story in detail?”

The director began to talk with a slightly heavier expression. The more I listened to it, the more surprised I was and the face of Kang Ba Da.

“As I moved as a group, there were many things that passed by simply looking through, but Ye Na keeps insisting.”
“You don’t usually do that, do you?”
“Of course. Ye Na is very self-conscious and doesn’t say what she wants. But on that day, I whined that I wanted to see more paintings.”

Ye Na’s personality has been fully grasped over the years. It’s like a sample of a “good child”
First of all, I sometimes ask for something, and when adults ask me to do something, I tend to follow them.

But he’s honest with us.’

Maybe it’s because we got close to each other, but there were times when they asked us to do something together. Even that is almost nothing compared to other children.
It’s really not normal if Ye Na was stubborn. It’s more of an obsession.

“Ye Na moved separately from Mr. Park countless times. I was there until the exhibition closed that day, so I couldn’t even attend the next schedule.”
“Was there anything special after you came back?”
“Oh, come to think of it, I usually watched an animation with a magic girl, but yesterday I was watching YouTube related to painting. Is this relevant, too.

Kang Ba Da drooled over the pouring testimony. The director who saw him tilted his head while looking at Ye Na’s sketchbook.

“…Honestly, I don’t know if it’s such a special picture by my standards. Of course, I think I drew it well.”
“It’s usually like that’

No matter how genius Ye Na is, she is still only seven years old. I didn’t learn how to draw.
It was practically impossible to draw a popular picture as much as anyone who had no knowledge of art could understand it.
To explain the field of art, especially art, it would not be enough to fill up the library. In a way, it’s natural that the director doesn’t

The result is a result, but the process was shocking.’

When Ye Na first opened her sketchbook, I and Kang Ba Da watched it with a rather light heart. I thought the popular “Zolaman” would come out.
As if to ridicule our expectations, Ye Na boldly teased the brush and sometimes added paint with her fingers.
And after a few hours, the outline of the painting began to come out. Since then, we have looked at Ye Na’s back as if possessed.

“Director, do you have any pictures taken at that time?”
“Yes, here it is.”

The director gave us his phone. The photo showed Ye Na staring blankly at the painting.

“Oh, yes.”
“It really makes me speechless.”
“What’s wrong?”

When we burst out laughing, the director tilted his head as if he was curious. Kang Ba Da added a brief explanation.

“Do you see this picture here?”
“It’s similar to what Ye Na drew.”
“That’s right. Ye Na saw this painting and copied it. But isn’t the color weirdly different here?”
“It sounds like that, too. …”

As it was a mockup, the painting in the picture and Ye Na’s painting were almost similar, but there was one decisive difference. That the colors are strangely different.
At first, I thought it was just a difference in ingredients. It wasn’t painted on campus, it wasn’t acrylic paint.

“In the world, Monet is called the founder of Impressionism. Should I say that I draw a momentary impression that changes according to the light?”
“… hmm?”
“To explain it simply, it’s because of the lighting.”

Kang Ba Da slowly began to explain with Ye Na’s picture and a picture in her phone next to her.

“As it is an exhibition that has many famous paintings from the world in one place, it would not have been possible to coordinate all the works in detail. There’s a limit to the replica.”
“I suppose so.”
“If you look closely at this part, you can see that there are yellow lights in addition to white lights, right? You’ll probably feel much bigger in person.”
“Of course…”

The director’s eyes opened wide as he began to understand what he meant. Looking at him, Kang Ba Da nodded heavily.

“Ye Na saw Monet’s painting here for the first and last time. So I drew a picture based on the memory I saw at this time.”

Swing, swing.
Kang Ba Da turned on her phone and put “Woman with a Yangsan” on the screen. I adjusted a few things with the calibration application right after.

“Oh, my God.”

It became almost the same color as Ye Na’s. For a moment, I peeked into the world that Ye Na looked at. The director was so surprised that he covered his mouth.

“What’s more surprising is that I memorized all of that and drew it. I’ve never even learned how to draw properly. It’s a huge talent!”

Kang Ba Da that clench their fists with great excitement I can see as much as I know. She must have seen a lot of works of art since she was young, so she must have a good eye.
Even I, who learned how to write a web novel as a subject, recognized that Ye Na’s talent was great.
However, the director’s expression was different. She bit her lips with a complex expression.

“What’s wrong with you?”
“It’s because I feel sorry for Ye Na.”

Kang Ba Da tilted its head as if it didn’t understand. What’s the pity when the child has such a huge talent?

“Ye Na, you’re not even a servant”.

Servant syndrome.
It is a rare symptom among autism, which means people who show overwhelming ability in some areas than ordinary humans.
Some people draw the same view of the city after 20 minutes of descent over three days, or play any music once they hear it on the piano.
However, since it is clearly one of the symptoms of autism, most of the abilities are extremely poor except in certain fields. a story far from Ye Na in many ways

“It’s not that kind of problem. Ba Da ssi.”
“Then what the hell…”
“It’s money.”

The director who listened to me nodded slowly. However, Kang Ba Da still looked at us alternately as if they were not sure.

‘I’m sure it is.’

Of course it’s not her fault. It’s just that the world I’ve lived in has been so different. How much did Kang Ba Da have to worry about money?
It takes such an environment for a child’s talent to be in full bloom, and it takes quite a lot of effort and capital.
Moreover, art fields such as art and music are expensive talents that even a fairly middle-class family cannot even dare to afford.
In addition, even though they have given generous support, it is common that they cannot make ends meet with their talents.

‘Ye Na doesn’t even know who her parents are.’

I heard that he entered the nursery through a baby box. There was only a note with his name and birthday on it, and a small gold ring.
Since he was a child who had not even been registered for birth, it is almost impossible to find a biological parent. That doesn’t mean the nursery can afford to support Ye Na.
I summarized the story as briefly as possible and explained it to Kang Ba Da.

“…I see.”

Only then did the face of Kang Ba Da become colored with complex emotions. It must have been a problem that she never imagined. It’ll be a shock in its own way.
Ye Na and Kang Ba Da have different lives, but they’re so different. The facts that you knew vaguely suddenly touched your skin, so there must be a big gap.

“Sea, you don’t have to be sorry for nothing. I’ll do my best as far as I can reach.”
“We’ll help you, too.”

I spoke first on behalf of the troubled Kang Ba Da. Because she still seemed to need time to think.

“Thank you always. I’ll move Ye Na to the bedroom, so you guys can talk more.”
“Thank you.”

The director left the lounge with Ye Na sleeping in her arms. I spoke to Kang Ba Da staring blankly at the ground.

“Ba Da, don’t think too deeply. We guessed based on Ye Na’s drawing. We don’t know what we chose. You can do it as a hobby.”
“…That’s true.”

Kang Ba Da with a careful nod From Ye Na’s reaction, I think she’s already into painting, but it was also true that she didn’t ask her directly.

“Let’s take our time and wait and see for now. If Ye Na says she wants to draw, she can go and help her. Let’s do what we can first.”
“Yes, it is. That’s right.”

The eyes of Kang Ba Da were gradually focused. She smiled lightly at me.

“Thank you. You’ve cleared my mind a little bit.
“That’s a relief.”

Perhaps it was an empty word, but Kang Ba Da has returned to its usual appearance. She looked at me and raised the corners of her mouth.

“I’ll use what you owe me earlier.”
“Wasn’t that a joke?”
“I don’t be true.”

Kang Ba Da swallowed a smile and looked at me gently. It looked like a fascinating fox.

“You don’t have any plans for tomorrow, do you?”
“I do.”
“Not writing. You have a lot of stockpiles anyway. There were about 30 stacked.”
“…You didn’t hack my computer, did you?”
“I don’t know”.

Of course I’m joking.
It was frightening that the possibility could not be completely ruled out. It’s a number that’s strangely close to the approximate value. I’ll change my password when I get home.

“But what are you going to do?”
“I want to check it with my own eyes. How talented Ye Na is.”

The eyes of Kang Ba Da’s sea glittered.
Her eyes were only on Ye Na’s sketchbook. I was able to read out the strange aspirations contained in it.
At last I was convinced.
That she wants Ye Na.

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