Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 42 

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#042 Picasso’s Reincarnation

You look so young.’

A white office look that shows off its tight skin and presence without wrinkles. At first glance, he looked only in his mid to late 20s.
If I didn’t have enough information about the stars, I wouldn’t have thought I was 36 years old.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kang Byul.”
“I’m Kim Ha Neul. You can speak comfortably.”
“I won’t say no. But it’s completely different from the picture. “I think I know why our youngest chose Ha Neul…”
“Why the hell are you here!?”

Ba Da quickly shut her up. Kang Byul smiled meaningfully and shrugged lightly.

“This is my exhibition hall”.
“You lent it to me today.”
“He allowed me to visit.”
“…Are you really going to come out like that?”
“Oh, I’m scared. Ha Neul, are you watching?”

Perhaps I had completely forgotten my existence, Kang Ba Da flinched greatly. I couldn’t help laughing at her first sight of her.

“You two are on good terms.”
“I think it’s a little different from the sisters of chaebol families I’ve imagined.”

I mean, the two of them looked at each other’s faces for a while, and it was Kangbyeol that moved first. She spoke in a whispering voice toward Kang Ba Da.

“Youngest, your boyfriend has an eye for you.”
“Oh, come on!”

the vocal waters of Kang Ba Da It was so new that Kang Byul and I burst into laughter at the same time.
Kang Ba Da stared at us silently with its lips closed. But even that was cute, so it didn’t have a big impact on the trend.

‘I’m looking at you pretty bad.’

In the midst of this conversation, Kang Byul kept looking at me up and down. It’s such a clever look, you wouldn’t have noticed it if you weren’t paying attention.
No matter how good the atmosphere is, I shouldn’t forget who I’m with. Maybe I’ll be a more demanding enemy than Kang Tae Yang.
I don’t think that smile that’s smiling all the time is all sincere. Fortunately, it seems to be true to cherish Kang Ba Da.

“It would be counterproductive if it was too obvious.”

Usually women are much more tactful than men. In terms of brain science, areas that empathize with other people’s emotions are more sensitively designed.
It is not a very good way to simply praise Kang Ba Da as it was during the Kang Tae-yang era.

Let’s be as natural as we can be.’

You don’t have to overdo it.
Just focus on Kang Ba Da as you usually do, and be on her side no matter what happens.
Kang Byul’s eyes moved while organizing her thoughts. She looked at Ye Na with interesting eyes.

“Who is that kid?”
“We are children at a nursery school where we do volunteer work. My name is ‘Ye Na.'”
“Just in case, I’m asking you two…”
“No, it’s not.”

Kang Ba Da cut off quickly. Kang Byul immediately accepted whether she was deeply suspicious of him.

“You asked me to rent the exhibition hall because of that kid, right? That’s understandable. He doesn’t turn his head even though he’s talking. It’s a lot of concentration.”
“Right? Ye Na’s drawing skills are amazing, too! “I didn’t even learn it officially, but Monet’s paintings……”
“You talk like a mother, don’t you?

Kang Ba Da, which was talking with excitement, stopped talking. He hurriedly denied it, saying it was not like that, but he didn’t seem to feel bad.
an unusual appearance of a Kang Ba Da I stepped forward because I thought I would be dragged around by Kang Byul if I left it like that.

“This is what Ye Na drew.”

I opened Ye Na’s sketchbook that I brought just in case. There was a picture of “The Woman with the Yangsan” that we talked about yesterday.

“…You said you never learned to draw, right?”
“Yes, the situation at the nursery was so bad. I’ve never touched paint properly before.”
“So this is your first drawing?”

The brow of Kang Ba Da has narrowed. She looked up and down at Ye Na, and then she got a sketchbook from me and began to take a closer look.

“How old are you?”
“I’m seven years old this year.”
“Did anyone help you?”
“No, I drew it by myself.”
“Then did you copy it while watching it on your phone? The color here is somewhat different.”

Kang Byul constantly poured out questions, and I answered as sincerely as possible. As the story progressed, Kang Byul’s expression became serious.

“Is that all true?”
“Yes, we watched it together.”
“… It’s not that I don’t trust the two, but it’s hard to take it easily. Well, looking at that, I don’t think it’s a lie.”

Everyone’s eyes were on Ye Na. But she was only looking at the painting like a sunflower.

“It’s Monet’s painting again.”

As Kang Ba Da said, what Ye Na is looking at now was a painting by Claude Monet when he was staying in a city called Arjangteuille in France.

“Do you like Monet’s style?”
“Is it because of the colorful colors?”
“Hmm… That’s possible. Monet’s paintings at this time are generally bright.”

Monet had the happiest time of his life with his family at that time. The paintings drawn at that time were also mostly colorful and reminiscent of “spring.”
There is nothing like this to attract children’s attention because it was so much that people without any background knowledge could feel it.

“Huh? It moved.”

Then Ye Na came down from the scaffold. Without even looking at this side, she ran straight to the other painting.
Ye Na, who was looking around in the midst of numerous paintings, stopped in front of a painting. Only then did she look back on us.

“Huh? Oh, scaffolding?”
“I’ll move it and come back.”
“Thank you.”

I moved the scaffold to the position Ye Na wanted. Then she immediately begins to fall into her own world.

“Wow, you’re a funny guy.

Kang Byul, who was watching the scene quietly, laughed in vain. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her face.

“My taste is already firm.”
“What does that mean?”
“You said orphan, right?”
“…Yes, that’s right.”

The expression of Kang Ba Da answering became a little dark. However, Kang Byul’s eyes were always on Ye Na, so she didn’t seem to notice.

“The picture that child is looking at now. It’s by the French painter William Bouguero.”
“William Bouguero ramen…”

He is a neoclassical painter who opposes impressionistic techniques. a figure far from Monet, who is called the founder of the Impressionists
In other words, Ye Na doesn’t really like Monet’s style of painting. Finally, I was able to infer what Kangbyeol wanted to say.

“Ho-oh, Ha Neul must have already noticed. You know a lot about paintings.”
“It’s not something to brag about. You’re saying that Ye Na has a desire for her family, or a trauma, right?”
“…It feels a little strange to be called a execution. Anyway, that’s right. It is a widely known fact that infants and toddlers have a profound influence on character formation, so they must have been established in the unconscious.”
“… hmm.”

What Ye Na is looking at now is a painting that expresses the so-called “motherhood,” in which a woman lovingly hugs her child.
Although there is nothing that matches Monet’s “Lady with a Yangsan” such as painting style and composition. You can tie it up under the theme of ‘family’.
Kang Ba Da also looked quite serious as if he had noticed the fact.

“Then Ye Na…”
“It’s too early to judge. They might just be chasing a pretty picture. Let’s wait and see.”

We sat in a nearby chair and waited silently for Ye Na. However, despite our wishes, Ye Na continued to be blinded by family-related works.
Overall, I looked around all the paintings, but all the works that were fixed in one place for more than 30 minutes were only expressing motherhood or family.

“Oh, my God.”

I scratched my head in frustration. The heavy silence fell to the surroundings as if the others were not much different.
So far, Ye Na has never had a hard time or missed her parents.Or, I never brought up a story about family.
However, I just couldn’t express it, but the wound must have been accumulating in my mind without knowingly.

“Hey, you said.

Then Ye Na approached us. She ran as fast as ever and clung to Kang Ba Da, with a bright smile on her face.

“I want to draw!”
“Yes, yes! There are so many cool paintings here. It’s warm, it’s a circle, it’s a triangle, it’s a star! I want to draw Ye Na, too!”

Kang Ba Da smiles at the high tension that is rarely seen. Kang Byul, who was watching him, readily opened her mouth.

“Hi, Ye Na.”

Only then did Ye Na, who found Kang Byul, flinched. She quickly returned to the back of Kang Ba Da and hid herself.
After watching Kang Byul closely, she met Ye Na with a soft smile around her mouth.

“I’m Ba Da’s older sister.”
“Your sister?”
“Just call me aunt.”
“That’s right.”

When Kang Byul reached out to pat her head, Ye Na completely hid behind Kang Ba Da.

“He’s following you a lot”.

Kang Ba Da, who had been watching Ye Na all along, had been unable to control her expression for a while, but she seemed to have a lot of thoughts.
I hugged Ye Na with a quick hug because it seemed like things would get awkward if I left it like this.

“Do you want to go draw with me?”
“…With you?”
“What, don’t you like me?”
“Aren’t you going?”
“Ba Da said she’ll go to the bathroom for a while. Should we go get ready first?”
“Oh, my.”

I sent a message to Kang Ba Da with my eyes to rest, but she shook her head stubbornly after thinking for a while.

“Let’s go together.”

Kang Ba Da, which instantly made up its face. Ye Na came down from my arms and grabbed her hand.

“You too.”

Ye Na stepped in between me and Kang Ba Da and grabbed both hands, and Kang Byul, who was watching, burst into a small laugh.

“Ye Na is so greedy”.

Kang Byul stepped forward with a smile around her mouth. Following her guidance, we all headed to the studio, where Ye Na’s second painting was born.
* * *

“…I’m surprised. So far, I’ve seen so many kids called gifted children, but no one has as much talent as Ye Na.”
“Is it that bad?”
“It may be more than that. Maybe we’re looking at Picasso’s reincarnation.”

It was Kangbyeol’s evaluation that watched all the process of Ye Na painting for hours.
Honestly, I wanted to say that it went too far, but Kang Byul’s face was so serious that I couldn’t bring it up.

“What are you going to do with the youngest?”
“Don’t try to pretend you don’t know. I told you last time, you’re an adult now.”
“You mean sponsorship, right? If that’s the case, then I’ll…
“No, not that much.”

The stars shook their heads resolutely. She continued with a smile on her face.

“We need an optimal environment suitable for Ye Na’s talent. There are some things that Korean education system can never bloom that talent. The worse problem is trauma.”
“A desire for family. I don’t want to see the genius of the century buried in one subject. I’m still young, so I can fully recover.”
“Don’t tell me that…”
“I’m thinking of adopting Ye Na.”

Kang Byul’s determination shocked me as well as Kang Ba Da. Seeing our expressions, she shrugged her shoulders and continued.

“Youngest, if you’ll let me.”

The corners of the mouth of Kang Ba Da star drew a line. The eyes of Kang Ba Da when they saw him sank colder than ever.

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