Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 39

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#039 Do whatever Ye Na wants.

“I solved it.”

The call took less than a minute.
Kang Ba Da spoke his demands on his phone, and that alone solved all the problems. It’s like a magic lamp.

“I believed it.”
“You know you owe me, right?”
“Was it a paid service?”
“Of course.”

Kang Ba Da raised the corners of its mouth. a look of finally catching the gun I asked with a light smile.

“What do you want?”
“I’ll think about it.”
“If you don’t say it within today, it’s invalid.”
“Are you really going to be mean?”
“Who started it first?”

While exchanging such light jokes, the children of the nursery school led by the director walked out.
We ran quickly and took over the bags in the director’s hand. But compared to the number of people, the luggage was far short.

“Is this all you have?”
“No way. A person named Secretary Jang came yesterday and put the rest on the bus in advance.”

As expected, he’s my big brother.
You’re in good hands.
I heard from the director that in addition to simply loading the luggage, he solved all the small problems related to the nursery.

I’ll have to say thank you properly later.’

Since then, I have been handed the car key that the director was in charge of. I checked and it’s the same bus that I rented when I went to Legoland.

“It’s comfortable and nice here…”
“There’s no cockroaches.”
“I have a computer.”

The children expressed regret as they got on the bus. The facilities of the training center would have been much better than the existing childcare center, which was shabby.

“Everyone’s weak.”
“I can’t help it right now.”

In fact, I didn’t know how the nursery school had changed yet, so it was ambiguous to say something.
It is the worst if children’s expectations are raised for no reason and they cannot live up to them. Rather, it is just right to be a little disappointed like now.

“I have no choice but to trust you here.”
“Hmm. When did you two become so close?”

Am I?
I managed to swallow a word that was about to pop out reflexively. Of course, I want to strengthen my friendship with Kang Tae-yang and make him a strong ally. But.

You look like a thief who stole my daughter.’

Even if I don’t say I hate it outright, I feel like I don’t like it.
In the meantime, it’s typical of a tsundere to take care of him in his own way. It’s also hard to get closer from here.
However, I couldn’t honestly say, “In fact, I’m being threatened every time I talk on the phone,” so I roughly glossed over my words.

“Not necessarily. He just thinks I’m cute.”
“There’s no way he’
“What? What are you saying now?”
“No, never mind.”

I think I heard something very dangerous. The crisis detection sensor worked for the first time in a while, so I was going to ask again quickly, but Ye Na hit the player.

“Unnie! Ye Na brought all of them!”
“Our Ye Na, you worked hard.”

Thanks to you, I totally missed the timing. In the end, I had no choice but to step down for now, swallowing a little anxiety.

“Then I’ll start.”

The bus moved forward with a heavy engine noise.
After a while, we arrived at our destination. I don’t blink at all, but I had no choice but to be embarrassed
[To the wider world!]Large hanging banners and huge cloth covering the building. There were a lot of people dressed in Rudolph in front of him.

“Ba Da ssi, this is…”
“They’re our security agents.”
“Wouldn’t one or two people be enough?”
“Hey, if you’re going to do it, you have to do it properly.”

a firm sea of rivers
I was embarrassed by the absurd scale for a moment. The only security team member wearing Santa clothes walked forward and induced parking.
Until now, the children and other members of the nursery couldn’t take their eyes off the window with an expression of curiosity about what the hell happened.

“Guys, let’s get off safely.”

The children raised themselves up, forgetting to answer. The disappointment I had when I got on the bus has already blown away.
Meanwhile, Ye Na clung to Kang Ba Da. She was a girl who really suited the word gum stick.


Finally, when I got off the bus, a man in Santa’s clothes greeted me. It’s a face I’ve seen before.

“We’ve met before, right?”
“You have a good memory. My name is Ko Kang-cheol, who works for CEO Kang Tae-yang.”
“I’m Kim Ha Neul.”

That’s the one who took me back when I was called to a.k.a. Maybe Kang Tae-yang is the second most trusted person after Secretary Jang.
As its name suggests, it looks quite firm. Solid muscles protruded from the thick clothes, and the eyes covered under the sunglasses were unusual.

“It’s been a while. My lady.”
“Thank you for accepting my request despite your busy schedule. You look better in Santa clothes than I thought.”
“Thank you. Our employees are happy to have a new experience.”

Ko Kang-chul, who lies without changing his face. I can see Rudolphs sweating like rain.
I don’t know how I got my clothes in that short time, but the material was thick because it was a costume used only in winter.
However, contrary to my expectation, Ko Kang-cheol’s words did not necessarily lie.

“I’ll take care of you as much as you’ve worked hard.”
“Thank you.”

The word “thick” came out of Kang Ba Da’s mouth, so the smile on the faces of the security team members was not just for business.

“Do you have any clothes left?”’

If possible, I’d like to get a big bonus from Kang Ba Da. Ye Na approached me while I was thinking so silly.

“That’s right, little lady.”
“Oh, my”.

Ko Kang-cheol seems to have tried to smile softly in his own way, but the basic impression was so fierce that it was a problem.
Ye Na quickly hid herself behind me. Afterwards, he looked up at Kang Ba Da with watery eyes.

“It’s not Santa.”
“Ye Na, this is…”
“Unnie, you’re a liar.”

Traumatized by Ye Na’s remarks, Kang Ba Da stepped back with her eyes wide open.
Maybe it was the same as the Gogang Railroad that was hurt by the widespread attack, but he looked somewhat gloomy.
From the perspective of a third party, the appearance was quite interesting, but the eyes around him gradually became sore. I changed the mood with a dry cough.

“It’s a lot bigger than I thought.”
“Oh, yes! The CEO said, “Prepare an event for small customers.” If you’re ready, we’ll reveal it right away.”

I’m a little customer.
There’s no way Kang Tae Yang said such ticklish words. I thought that Ko Kang-cheol probably refined the language in his own way.
I looked back at the party for a moment. Not only the children, but also Mr. Park and the director seemed to want to be revealed quickly.

“Please step back a little bit.”

Sliding. Puffing!
Ko Kang-chul, who bit people back, manipulated the remote control.
Then, with the sound of party fireworks, a huge cloth flowed down, and the nursery appeared.

“Is this a dream or a real sight?”

Responses containing each personality burst out simultaneously. Indeed, I was also tongue-in-cheek at the sight revealed.
Once you look at the exterior, all the existing old walls and gates have disappeared, and clean fences and electronic gates have been replaced.
In addition, by surrounding various trees around the fence, it blocked the outside view and completely broke away from the existing atmosphere.

“Let’s go in.”

Since then, we have entered the building under the guidance of Go Kang-cheol, and we have more admiration than before.
a neat block of sidewalks
a state-of-the-art playground with artificial turf
Even a gym that was renovated from the auditorium.


There was no need to tap the calculator, just the things that were visible right away were the ones that made hundreds of millions of sounds.
I thought it would remodel the classroom at best, but isn’t it too big even if it’s big?

“The main building is this way.”

But I haven’t even tasted the main dish yet. Everyone, including me, quietly went into the building, forgetting even the exclamation.

“It’s a classroom for children.”
“Oh, my…”

The director, who was moved, covered my mouth. A modern, neatly-modified interior that removes both asbestos and wood floorboards.
There were educational computers and projectors, as well as personal pads for children’s digital classes on one side.

“This is the cafeteria.”
“Oh, my God, isn’t that the new oven that came out this time!? Even a digital refrigerator that automatically identifies and informs the contents that are lacking!? Can I use them all?”
“Of course.”

Nutritionist Park, who saw the cafeteria, fell asleep. Above all, he seems to like the arrangement of the refrigerator and the cooking space.
Since it is a renovated elementary school building, it used to be difficult for Mr. Park to handle alone. Thanks to remodeling, the movement path has been greatly shortened.

“This is the children’s bedroom.”
“This is…”
“We couldn’t have a private room because of the characteristics of the nursery. We gathered the opinions of the designers and tried to make the most of the children’s personal space.”

There were individual beds and cabinets in the bedrooms, and children could secure private space whenever they wanted.

‘Although it reminds me of the Home Office.’

In an environment where a small number of people have to take care of a large number of children, this is actually the best. Fortunately, the children’s reaction was hot.

“It’s a bed!”
“There’s a name tag on it!”
“It’s so fluffy! It’s awesome!”

The children, who originally slept with blankets on the floor, jumped into the bed excitedly.
The bedroom was equipped with a podium to take off your shoes and enter, so we could play together at the table in the center if we wanted.
In addition, there were gift boxes of various sizes on the table, perhaps because they cared about the concept of Santa.

“It’s Nintendo!”
“There’s a kickboard, too!”
“I’ll take this!”

The boys began to argue over popular gifts. The director and teacher Park quickly stepped up and mediated the children.

“Me too, us too!”
“Hurry up, hurry up!”

The girls who watched it all fretted, too. So I came into the next room with Kang Ba Da.

“This is mine!”
“This is my bed!”
“Let’s open the presents first!”

The girls immediately decorated their bedrooms using dolls and belongings they brought.
As expected, there were various gifts for girls here, but fortunately, each of them had such a firm taste that they did not fight.
However, what worries me is that Ye Na was standing still holding the hand of Kang Ba Da. He didn’t seem to be interested in a private bed either.
Kang Ba Da bowed down when it saw it. She opened her mouth slowly after keeping eye contact with Ye Na.

“Ye Na, is there anything you want to do?”
“What do you want to do?”
“Yeah. Don’t you like any of those gifts?”

Ye Na pondered for a while and eventually stepped in between the girls, and later brought a sketchbook and various coloring tools.

“You want to draw, huh?”

Ye Na nodded more clearly than ever. With those sparkling eyes, we looked at each other for a moment and swallowed our laughter.

“Do whatever Ye Na wants.”

Ye Na smiled more brightly than ever before. A smile naturally spread to our faces watching her.
* * *

“Ba Da ssi, this is…”
“Ha Neul, don’t you agree?”
“Yes. I honestly can’t believe it.”
“So do I.”

Me and Kang Ba Da looked at each other with quite serious faces. The cause was a single sketchbook before our eyes.

“Ye Na, did you do something wrong?”

Ye Na began to look around as if our reaction was unfamiliar. Kang Ba Da quickly waved and patted Ye Na.

“It’s not like that. On the contrary…

Ba Da swallowed its last words.
You can’t think of what to say. I felt the same way, so I could fully understand her mind.
a landscape painted on a sketchbook There was a painting there that was too original and artistic for a seven-year-old child to paint.
Ye Na seemed to be a genius.
That’s one of the best.

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