Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 38

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#038 Money is the best.
– Don’t tell me you forgot my warning?

“There’s nothing wrong with dating.”
– Now you’re even joking with me. You’re not going to say let’s talk soon.

“It’s a family honor.”

If I talk to the second son of the nation’s top conglomerate, my ancestors will applaud me for doing well.

– Tsk. You’re arrogant.
Kang Tae-yang kicked his tongue when I generously accepted it. Fortunately, it didn’t sound offensive.

“You two are siblings.”

Even though the tone is different, the atmosphere is the same as Kang Ba Da. In particular, the tone when talking about “heavy” seemed to prove that the two were of the same blood.

– Be careful. I can’t forgive you more than that.
It was a word that had no object, but it was not difficult to notice what Kang Tae-yang was talking about. I’m sure it’s about skinship.

“…You were watching me, too?’

Park Soo-jung immediately came to mind, but it was quickly concluded that it was not.
Even so, I am confident that I have an excellent eye for people because I have experienced all sorts of hardships.
In my opinion, Park Soo-jung is incompatible with Kang Tae-yang. Regardless of the size of the force, it doesn’t fit physiologically like dogs and cats.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”
– You’re always a good. Anyway, the remodeling of the nursery is scheduled to end this week. You’d want to take the kids yourself, wouldn’t you?

“Thank you for your special attention.”
– Don’t be mistaken. Because this is just a deal. I will deliver the schedule through Secretary Jang.
The phone was cut off without notice. I shook my head looking at the blackened screen. He may sound a bit cranky, but he takes good care of his own people.

“By the way, the remodeling is over?”

It’s already been over a month. How long has it been under construction to fix it?
One day, I went to the nursery because I was curious, and there was a huge tent around it. There were even old men in suits around restricting access.

“You’re not a human being…” You’re not gonna use it as a laundry, are you?’

At first glance, I heard that Japanese yakuza run an orphanage for money laundering.
Of course, Kang Tae-yang is not a gangster, and he already has a lot of tax havens and paper companies. The more you have, the better.

– Because this is just a deal.

– We always get more than we give.
Kang’s past remarks that suddenly pass through my head. By this point, I began to be genuinely worried. I think I’ll have enough of that.

“…But isn’t it a good thing for both of us?”

In fact, childcare centers before Daehan Group intervened were not properly supported. I had a hard time taking care of the children’s meals.
However, now it has become a place that buys food, clothes, toys, remodels, and even takes you to an amusement park.
Whether Kang Tae-yang uses the nursery as a tax haven or not, everyone will be happy if he manages it properly.

It’s not bad.’

I began to worry quite seriously.
I’ll ask you next time.
* * *

“Hey, you said.

Entering the training center where the children stayed, Ye Na, who heard the sound of a car, quickly ran out. Ye Na cried in the arms of Kang Ba Da.

“I missed you…”
“I saw you last week, too”.
“I miss you everyday!”
“Oh, really?”

Ba Da patted Ye Na on the head. Then Ye Na sobbed and mumbled her lips as if she was trying to hold back the tears that were about to pour out.

“This brother is very disappointed.”

I turned my head and pretended to cry because I was playful at the sight. Then Ye Na flinched noticeably.
Since then, Ye Na has been thinking seriously while looking at me and the face of Kang Ba Da alternately. It really hurt my feelings there.

“Wow, is it snowing or raining? It’s been over a year since I came to see Ye Na. Ye Na fell for the witch.”
“Did you just call me a witch?”

Kang Ba Da scolded me as if it were absurd. I know very well that I’m being childish myself, but that’s the way people feel.

“Ah, now I can’t come here because I’m upset.”
“Oh, my”.

When I sat down on the floor and covered my face with my hands, Ye Na flinched and stepped toward me. No, exactly as it is about to.

“Ye Na, that’s a lie.”
“Is it a lie?”
“Yes, Ha Neul is deceiving Ye Na now. You can’t believe what a bad villain says?”
“Excuse me.”

She cried at the revenge of Kang Ba Da, but she didn’t even look this way. Ye Na’s eyebrows between the two of us were very frowned upon.

“My sister is a witch…” “My brother is a villain…”

Ye Na rubs her temples as if she’s confused. It was so cute that we waited quietly for the result.

“No matter how much you do…”

Wouldn’t he choose me?
Honestly, that’s what I thought.
How long have we been together? There was a belief that I would definitely be chosen by the power of time and effort. But.

“Ye Na, Ye Na!”

Ye Na held the hand of Kang Ba Da.
In a cry that popped out without realizing it, Kang Ba Da criticized me with a look like, “Did you really expect it?”

“Should I go drink with my sister?”

Shake your head.
Ye Na shook her head. Since then, Ye Na seemed to be looking at me in despair, but she willingly moved on.
Ye Na approached me with a firm grip on Kang Ba Da’s hand. Then he grabbed Kang Ba Da in one hand and held me in the other.

“Ye Na likes both.”
“Ye Na will release the bad curse!”

Ye Na let go of her hand at the same time and pressed the character clock on her wrist. Then a splendid music came out from the inside.
It seems to be a toy that Kang Ba Da recently bought for the children. As we watched it blankly, Ye Na shouted, raising her hand high.

“……Mask Rider!?”
“No! It’s the magic girl, Mary!”
“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry.”

For some reason, Ye Na started her engine. Surprised by the sad eyes, I had no choice but to close my mouth.
After spinning around in place and completing the “transformation” of manners, Ye Na reached for the head of Kang Ba Da.
While tilting her head, Kang Ba Da lowered her body to meet Ye Na’s eye level.

“Bad curse, go away, ppyong!”
“…Wow, the curse has been lifted! “Thanks to Ye Na, she’s back as a princess!”

Ye Na became so proud when Kang Ba Da met her. Put your hand on your waist and pose arrogant. I burst into laughter, which was very funny to see those two.
Then two pairs of cold eyes immediately fall into it. Especially on the side of Kang Ba Da, it was like a real witch to twist the corners of her mouth.
Unable to overcome the stinging gaze of the two, I opened my mouth to the beat.

“Will you release the curse?”
“Acting cute.”
“Why am I paid!?”
“The curse on my brother is too strong.”

Kang Ba Da, watching the scene, turned its head and held back its laughter. She glared at her, but her shoulders moved up and down.
I sighed inwardly and humbly accepted the karma I had built myself.

“What kind of aegyo should I do?”
“Why is it a puppy.
“My brother’s curse is so strong that I need to protect myself from it. You have to bring the soul of a stray dog and sacrifice it for him.”

Isn’t that too formal?
Besides, she’s more like a sorcerer than a witch. There were many parts I wanted to tackle, but I didn’t have the courage to bring it out of my mouth.

‘…Ye Na is not easy either.’

The agony was short.
Since it’s like this, I’m officially working on it.
I’ve even done that famous ‘Pokemon part-time job’. I’m confident in playing along with the kid level.

“Come on, now!”
“Spacing out…”
“…Chung-han! You let your guard down!”

Suddenly, I started to tickle Ye Na’s side. The past year has never been wasted. I’m very aware of her weakness.

“Laughing out loud!” Stop! Stop! Oppa!”
“It’s not you! What a villain!”
“Oh, no! “Hey!”
“Whoa. Your sister has already been brainwashed by me. Mary, you’ve been tricked!”

Ye Na looked at Kang Ba Da with a shocked face. Embarrassed by the sudden skit, Kang Ba Da paused for a moment, and then carefully opened his mouth.

“Hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh! You’ve been completely deceived, Mary!”
“Oh, my”.

Oh, my.
When I saw Ye Na’s expression, I realized something was wrong. I was going to lose moderately, but I was too into teasing.


a stifling silence that came down suddenly This is a sign that the bomb is about to explode.
Sure enough.
Tears streamed down from Ye Na’s eyes.

“…Mary lost.”
“The magic girl shouldn’t give up here!”
“There is no hope now.”

Anyone can’t help but flinch when such a word pops out of a child’s mouth. Kang Ba Da was also restless and waving its hands in the air.
Then someone gave me a cool slap on the back. When I turned my head, the director was staring at me with a pathetic face.

“I was wondering what you were doing when you weren’t coming in from outside…”
“Wonnie, I’m!”

Ye Na quickly rushed into the director’s arms. Ye Na, who was held in her wide arms, stared at us with tearful eyes.

“You’re definitely upset. “Well…”

I leaned down quickly before it was too late. As she slowly looked into each other’s eyes, Ye Na flinched and hid behind the director.
The sight stung my chest for no reason, but I reached out to Ye Na with a relaxed smile.

“Ye Na, let’s go see our new house.”
“A new house?”
“Yes. Santa came and decorated Ye Na’s house. Let’s go see her with us.”
“You’re stupid. There’s no Santa in the world.”

Who the hell is he, the one who buried Ye Na in the dirt of the world. Kang Ba Da intervened when I thought I would find out who it was.

“Santa Claus is waiting right now.”
“Of course. When did you see your sister lie?”

Shake your head.
Ye Na shook her head quickly. If you feel that the temperature difference is too big from when I talk, is it too narrow inside?
While swallowing the bitter heart, Kang Ba Da stroked Ye Na with a soft smile.

“With the director and friends. Let’s all go see Santa! Ye Na, can you bring your friends?

Ye Na, who wiped away her tears before she knew it, smiled brightly and pulled the director’s collar.
In response, the director looked at Kang Ba Da with a worried gaze, and quietly went inside in her eyes filled with conviction.

“Christmas is a long way off, so where are you going to get Santa?”
“There’s a way.”

Kang Ba Da called somewhere with a confident look on his face. The other person answered the phone before the phone rang even once.

“It’s me, chief.”

As soon as I grasped the intention of Kang Ba Da, my head nodded automatically. There was a human in front of me who could do more magic than a real witch.
Money is the best.
I shook my head and checked the next schedule.

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