Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 33

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#033 All right, let’s just go like this.

One day, when it rained a lot like today. Kang Ba Da was kidnapped in an operation to shake Daehan.
At that time, I was able to escape by taking advantage of the noisy outside, but the memory of that day still bothered Kang Ba Da.

‘…You look like a fool.’

Thanks to regular psychiatric counseling, claustrophobia and fear of dealing with big men have disappeared a lot. Thunder was an exception.
Thanks to this, I always slept with my nanny on a lightning day, and it was a Kang Ba Da that felt disgusted by his childlike appearance. By the way.

“…I feel comfortable.’

Kang Ba Da in Kim Ha Neul’s arms felt the anxiety subside surprisingly quickly. This was the first time, I’m sure.
In particular, when Kim Ha Neul patted his head, his anxiety went beyond calming down, and he even felt cozy.

“You look like a big teddy bear.”’

The hand of Kang Ba Da, which embraced Kim Ha Neul, put a lot of strength.
Tatatatatak! Boiling-
Kang Ba Da opened its eyes to a sense of regular rhythm. Waking up her hazy mind, she fumbled beside her, looking for her phone reflexively.

“Hmm? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

Then suddenly, I remembered that I fell asleep at Kim Ha Neul’s house. Soon after, what happened the day before began to come to mind one by one.
Oh, my.
Kang Ba Da, which recalled everything she had done last night, suddenly came to her senses. Her face flushed red.

Oh, when did you fall asleep?’

I don’t know.
When I fell asleep, how long I’ve been doing that. Also, when did Kim Ha Neul disappear? Nothing is organized in a cool way.
The only information you can judge right away is that your clothes are fine without being messy, and that the regular rhythm from outside is the sound of cooking.


1. Someone is cooking.
2. The person is Kim Ha Neul with a high probability.
3. Kim Ha Neul has ‘sight’ to cook now.
In other words.
It means Kim Ha Neul is wearing contact lenses. In other words, he/she fully observed his/her bare face, which he/she fell asleep defenselessly.


Cultivation brought forth curses. I don’t even know what I’m in right now because I don’t have a mirror.
Did you get any pressure marks?
You didn’t drool, did you?
I wonder if he was talking in his sleep.

“Everything is the worst!”

What if Kim Ha Neul is disgusted by seeing himself like that? As expected, I just had to go back home.
All kinds of thoughts went through Kang Ba Da’s mind. When she was gripped by depression. I could feel someone approaching from outside the door.

“Ba Da ssi, you’re up… What?”

Kim Ha Neul, who lightly knocked on the door, tilted his head as he looked at Kang Ba Da covered with a blanket over his head.
I’m sure I heard a toss and turn. Meanwhile, Kim Ha Neul found the feet of Kang Ba Da sticking out of the blanket flinched.
Kim Ha Neul smiled mischievously

“Are you still sleeping?”
“Hmm. I’m in trouble if you don’t get up soon.”
“Oh my god!”

Come on.
Kim Ha Neul raised his finger and lightly scratched the bottom of Kang Ba Da. Kang Ba Da, embarrassed by the unfamiliar touch, jumped out of its seat.

“Mu, what are you doing!?”
“Why are you pretending to be asleep?”
“I just woke up.”
“Oh, you did.”

Kim Ha Neul suddenly put his face in. He narrowed his brows and stared at the face of Kang Ba Da.
Kim Ha Neul spoke again while Kang Ba Da held its breath due to a completely different nature.

“For someone who just woke up, he doesn’t have eye boogers.”

Come to think of it, Kim Ha Neul didn’t seem to have worn lenses yet. I don’t know how I cooked in that state.
More importantly, I came this far to see eye boogers.

“…I’m speechless.”
“Did you expect anything else?”
“What do I expect?”
“Hug like yesterday…”
“Wow! Argh!

Kang Ba Da quickly closed Kim Ha Neul’s mouth. Then, with his eyes, he clearly conveyed his intention, “If you say more, I will kill you.”
Kim Ha Neul snorted and tapped Kang Ba Da’s forehead lightly. Then he turned straight away and left the room.

“I’m going to eat, so hurry up and get ready and come out.”

Come on, you’re being treated like a child.
It’s not unreasonable to think about yesterday, but should I say it’s a relief that I don’t feel like I’m tired of it here?

‘…What’s a relief?’

You’ve completely ruined your image.
Kang Ba Da rose from its seat, swallowing its disastrous emotions. What has already happened is inevitable. You have to concentrate on your future work.

I can’t show this to my family.’

Although the time is rather tight, you will be able to meet the minimum base with fast washing and super-speed makeup.
Since then, Kang Ba Da has realized his plan brilliantly. It has been transformed into a neat and tidy shape.

“Good night, mother.”
“Come on, come on. How was your bed?”
“Thanks to your consideration, I was comfortable!”
“Hoho, I think so.”

Kang Ba Da was filled with anxiety at the strange words. However, Jeong Maria led her to the table without answering this table.
There, Joseph Kim and Cloud Kim were already eating, and Ha Neul Kim came to the table with the just-completed stew.

“Good night!”
“Come on in.”
“I’m sorry. I should have gotten up early and helped you. I’ve fallen asleep so deeply. . . . . . . . . . . “
“Hmm. Don’t worry too much. I rather liked it.”

Suddenly, Jeong Maria hit Kim Joseph on the back. Kim Gu Reum made a decisive blow to the feeling of not talking nonsense.

“Look at the dark circles in your eyes.” I couldn’t sleep a wink last night. Ugh!!”
“Don’t talk nonsense.”

When Kim Ha Neul made a rare serious face, Kim Gu Reum closed his mouth. She pouted her lips and didn’t say a word since.
a silent dining table
The face of Kang Ba Da, which roughly understood the flowing situation, heated up. Unable to raise her head, she silently raised her chopsticks.

Let’s just die, Kang Ba Da.’

I’ll just eat this.
Kang Ba Da swallowing silent screams with food. Meanwhile, Kim Ha Neul’s breakfast was delicious and she couldn’t stop using chopsticks.
* * *
After the eventful visit to Kang Ba Da was completed, I sat in front of the computer again after returning home.
Maybe it’s because I stayed awake last night, but I felt like I was about to fall asleep. The desire to write more strongly than he did.

“I want to capture the cute side of our empress.”’

Of course, it cannot be described as it is, but it would be a pretty good selling point if you adapt the unexpected charm of the empress to fit the novel.
Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do!
So convinced, I immediately started typing.

Deficiency is important.’

Work if you need money.
If you’re thirsty for love, you have a relationship.
If you crave revenge, you quietly build up your strength.
Originally, it is the desire that arises from want that moves humans. The characters in the novel are no different.
The protagonist of my novel, the infinite regurgitator ‘Siel’, suffered countless setbacks to prevent the world from collapsing. Then, when you get tired and try to give up everything, the empress “Mer” appears like fate.

“Mer is similar, too.”’

Mer who was assassinated in original history. She barely survives with the help of the main character.
Afterwards, he peeps into the same emptiness as himself in Siel’s eyes and thinks that he is the only one who can fully understand himself.
The main story of <Life after marriage> is to connect the hearts of the two slightly out of focus and finally save the world.

‘There’s no shortage of deficiencies right now.’

Even if you put aside the mind of an imperial woman who is close to obsession. The entire worldview, including the imperial family and the aristocracy, hinders the love of the two.
Although it has been sprinkled with rice cakes since before, if penalties are added, readers will inevitably feel that it is a sweet potato.
Therefore, compensation must also be given. It would be okay to use it as an event like Kang Ba Da brought me this time.

…It’s a cute event suitable for the Imperial Princess.’

After thinking for a while, I just came up with the right one. I immediately started tapping the keyboard.

“He’s waiting inside.”
“In the room?”

Siel was guided by the servant and entered the imperial woman’s room. Originally, it was a place where a single man could not step in regardless of the reason, but there was no one who could break the stubbornness of the empress.


Crack up!
As soon as I entered the room, Mer rushed in. She hugged Siel’s waist and rubbed her face from side to side.
One peculiar thing is that Mer was only waist-high. She looked like a child now.

“Siel, Siel, Siel!”
“…I heard you found me.”
“Yes, yes! I sang it!”

Mer’s energetic reaction, which was not usually seen. Siel looked perplexed.

“Is this Mer’s secret?”

a three-pronged girl who has been known to be weak since childhood She had never been seen outside until she reached adulthood.
To an academy that everyone goes to.
A social party of famous nobles, too.
He did not even attend the emperor’s succession ceremony.

‘That’s understandable.’

Her illness, which changes the age of her body at irregular intervals, is a terrible curse that Elixir cannot cure. Like himself, returning infinitely.
It was clear that political prestige would be greatly threatened, saying, “Is the Imperial family cursed?” when seen by others.
Fortunately, after a certain period of time, you will return to your original age. It lasts from a few hours at a short time, to a few years at the longest.

“It’s awful.”

When it will change.
When I’ll be back.
Because no one can tell.
She lived in a palace for a long time. At least, I can feel the “prelude” now, so fragmentary external activities are possible.
a secret that is only a fraction of the Imperial family Thanks to the Hwangnyeo’s direct telling me, I found out for the first time in this episode.

“Siel, give me a hug!”
“Hug me!”

Mer asks for a hug with his arms wide open. Siel began to confuse whether this was the noble princess he knew.

“Did you say that Jisung is influenced by his body?”’

Maybe because he looks like a child now, he seems to be very childish. However, the character does not go anywhere, so the unique stubbornness of the bull remained the same.

“Hug me!”

I was determined not to put my hand down until he hugged me. Eventually, Siel swallowed a small sigh and held the empress up.


She smiled brightly as she lifted the empress up high and set her eye level. Siel swallowed his saliva with a smile that was rarely seen.

“…Maybe it’s not as bad as you think?”

It’s okay to say this in front of a person with a serious incurable disease, but Siel thought this was okay.

Whatever you look like, Mer is Mer.’

Anyway, I decided to live only for her this time. Even if she becomes a grandmother, her mind does not change.

“Siel, Siel!”
“What’s wrong?”
“Please read a children’s book!”
“I refuse.”
“Please read it!”
“I don’t want to.”

a young empress whose expression cools down Siel sighed when he saw it. Thinking it must be a terrible curse too.

It’s pretty good.’

It is a penalty that can reveal the cuteness of the empress without destroying the existing character.
Of course, the behavior is different, but the experience and knowledge do not disappear. He will continue his career as a bookmaker.
At the same time, the main character Siel will have a new purpose to solve the curse of the empress, so it was a great episode in which the worldview naturally expanded.

‘Ye Na was a great help.’

Ye Na especially likes Kang Ba Da, so she sticks to the nursery every time she goes to the nursery. Thanks to hard observation from the side, the image of the young empress became quite plausible.
As expected, various experiences have a positive effect on writing. If I get a chance, I’ll try it as much as I can.

“That’s enough for today’s broadcast.”

We decided to look at the community response for the first time in a while. In the past, I couldn’t find anything even if I searched my posts, but now I can see quite a lot of posts.
[Reviewing the marriage][Reviewing if you think you’re going to win the grand prize.
[Life after marriage is awesome. Isn’t this plagiarism?]There were all kinds of speculative writings because the public has not yet disclosed who the target was.
There was a lot of praise, and more than that, there was a lot of aggression. There was nothing to pay attention to, but I was glad that people were talking about my writing.
[I drew fan art for you!]][Will you marry a Imperial Princess or not?][Too bad she doesn’t have much footage]However, if the interest in the empress seems to be greater than the story, is it my illusion?

“I heard that well-made characters eat up your work.”’

It’s going to be crazy if you show your younger self. In order to maintain balance with the main character, I think this side also needs to power up.
Of course, you can feel vicarious satisfaction just by saying that “a pretty and capable heroine likes the main character,” but there is a degree to that.
As soon as the balance between the main character and the heroine collapsed, it was clear that Yeondok would fall into the abyss.

I need to emphasize the main character’s performance.’

Siel has a blunt personality, so until now, there has been nothing to put forward except force.
In the process of caring for a young empress, if she reveals her human side little by little, she can maintain some balance.
I should organize the ideas that came to mind in my notepad and refer to them when I review them tomorrow.

“All right, let’s just go like this.”

Turn it off.
I stretched and let go of my stiff body. I was going to relieve my stress by exercising.
As a habit, I checked my phone and suddenly found an unfamiliar number on the screen.
: Hello, I’m Park Soojung, in charge of the Munpia contest. Is this the number of the type addict who wrote <Life after marriage>?
As soon as I checked the text, all the accidents stopped. After spacing out for a while, I managed to write a reply, holding my trembling hand.
: Yes, that’s right.
It’s finally here.
The end of a long life of obscurity has come.

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