Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 34 

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#034 Are you trying to seduce me?
: Writer, can I speak to you?
: Can you call me in five minutes?
: Yes, sir.
I took a deep breath. My heart began to pound at the first situation. It finally hit me that I won the grand prize.
Rarely nervous, I took a deep breath again and relaxed. After repeating it several times like that, I felt my excitement gradually subsiding.
Just in time, the phone screen lit up and informed that the phone was ringing. I pressed the call button calmly.

“I got a call.”
– Hello! I’m Park Soojung, in charge of this contest. I contacted you because the writer received the grand prize.

“I see. Thank you.”
– Yes, yes! We sincerely thank you for meeting a good work.
Maybe it was because he received it too calmly, but somehow I felt embarrassed on the other side.
But for a moment, she professionally began to talk about it right away.

– Let me introduce you to the award ceremony.

“An award ceremony? Was it supposed to be like that?”
– No! This is my first time. Since it’s a large contest, the story was directed to serving the writers in personally.

“Hmm. I see.”

It’s annoying.
That was my honest impression. I don’t want to go on stage and get the attention of others.
Wouldn’t it be enough to just talk on the phone with a big promotion like before? It’s not like you don’t know the personalities of web novel writers.

“Do I have to participate?”
– Yes, it’s necessary.

“What happens if I don’t attend?”
– We’ll have to have an internal meeting, but in the worst case scenario, the award could be canceled.
You’re coming out stronger than I thought.
Seeing that the answers are popping out without any blockage, this question seems to have been expected. That’s true, it’s hard to host an award ceremony without the winner attending.

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

It is also a great opportunity to observe the awards ceremony organized by large companies and meet other artists.
In fact, when writing a novel, there were quite a few cases of describing events organized by the imperial family, which would also be helpful to experience.

“What’s the schedule like?”
– Same as the date of the contest announcement. It’s going to be broadcasted in real time through an Internet broadcast.

“It’s a little sudden. There must be a lot of writers who don’t want to reveal their faces.”
– Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. If you don’t want to, you can get the award on behalf of our staff.
Then you don’t have to participate in the award ceremony. Such thoughts passed by for a moment, but Park Soo-jung continued as if she had expected them.

– Since the superiors have different views from us… I managed to persuade him that even the deputy prime minister could not admit it. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could attend and shine the occasion.

“You’re going through a lot.”
– (Laughs) Thank you for your understanding.
I understand.
So far, I have met various facts while working part-time, but it was not limited to customers.

– He has no sense of ownership.

– I told you not to do this!
– This is why you work part-time for the rest of your life.
There were also many CEOs who showed off their dirty looks without taking care of the minimum hourly wage. People who forget even what they ordered and get angry first.
That’s all. Whenever I tell a story about my military experience, I always get a response, “Does that make sense. buy that muchI’ve endured a year.
Thanks to this, I could feel Park Soo-jung’s anger just by listening to her voice.

The person in the middle has the hardest time.’

Let’s just relax and think of working part-time in a 100 million won show window. Looking at it, I’m also getting married to Kang Ba Da on a contract, and how hard it must be to add one more.
It’s not bad in terms of building an image. It would be better to see a son-in-law on a big company broadcast than a semi- unemployed man without a decent work.

“I will attend.”
– Thank you! We will send you the detailed schedule by courier with the invitation! If you need anything else to wear to the party, we can rent it out.
When Park Soo-jung expressed her intention to participate, she began to explain in an excited voice. The pressure as a person in charge seems to have been considerable.
If <Life after marriage> which showed overwhelming performance compared to other works does not receive the grand prize, the credibility of the contest itself will be reduced.

– Your partner can accompany you if you want.

– Yes, there’s a party for the writers after the award ceremony. Have you heard of “Writer’s Night”?

“Just a story.”

Naver holds a party every year with webtoon and web novel writers. One of them is a party called “Writer’s Night.”
It’s a celebration of writers who are serialized in Naver’s web novel, but this time it seems to be going to be held as an award ceremony and a bundle.

“It’s not a must, is it?”
– Of course, it is, but I hope you can come with your partner if possible. Please!
Park Soo-jung with suspicious emphasis. Maybe it’s because I get the grand prize. Like it or not, I’ll be one of the most popular people on the day.

“Does it matter who it is?”
– Um… Please refrain from anyone related to the publishing company.
It was a matter of course.
From the platform’s point of view, it is beneficial to sign contracts with excellent writers directly. You want to avoid other publishers coming in and stealing writers.

– Do you have any more questions?

“No, thank you.”
– All right. If you have any questions or need anything later, please contact me at this number!

“Yes, thank you.”

I hung up after a casual greeting. I lay down on the bed and made up my thoughts for a while.


The only person that comes to mind right now is Kang Ba Da. But would she really want to attend a meeting like this? I’m sure you have your own schedule.

I’ll have to ask first.’

If you say you’re really busy, I can go alone. It is a much more reasonable plan than if you don’t ask for it and get caught later.
After a short thought, I immediately pressed number 1 and called Kang Ba Da.
* * *

“Welcome, invitation and ID…”

Park Soo-jung’s body, which was mechanically spitting out words, hardened. She opened her mouth unknowingly as she looked at the man and woman handing her ID cards.

“Hwa, it’s the empress!”’

Kang Ba Da, who recently became famous as a real model for the empress in <Life after Marriage>
Park Soo-jung has long been an avid follower of her, so I could recognize her at a glance.

“…You can’t capture that beauty with a camera.”

I’ve seen a lot of people doing Instagram celebrities, but most of them were chimeras created by “makeup + lighting + photoshop.”
But Kang Ba Da was different. It is much more lively and pretty in person than the photos posted on Instagram. The pictures that I’ve been a fan of so far are so bad that’s why.
In addition, while most of the usual photos were expressionless, now they look even brighter with a small smile around their mouth.

“You dress neatly, too.”’

The dress code for the ceremony was “Semi-Formal.” It feels like a basic suit style with a bit of casualness.
Therefore, Kang Ba Da was wearing a black dress that showed her shoulder line. There was an elegant charm that caught the eye even though there was not much exposure.

“But who is this person?”

The man next to me was great, too. If anyone stands next to Kang Ba Da, they will become a relative squid, but their presence does not die at all.
Who could it be?
I’ve never seen this face before.

“No way…”

The list of people attending today passed quickly in Park Soo-jung’s head. Among them, there is only one person who can participate in the award ceremony with Hwang.

“Are you a type addict?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Oh, my God.”

an involuntary remark Park Soo-jung was aware of her mistake and quickly closed her mouth.
I asked Kim Ha Neul to bring me a partner, and I wanted him to come with Kang Ba Da. I really didn’t expect it to come true.

I’m glad I’m alive!’

Due to the sudden order to prepare for the award ceremony, whether to organize the budget or invite writers. How many nights did I stay up?
Thinking that the reward for such hard work had returned, I was so moved that I felt like tears were about to pour out.

“Are you okay?”
“Yes, yes! Of course! It should be okay! You’ve been confirmed. I’ll guide you two by myself!”
“Team leader!”

Suddenly, an embarrassed voice came from behind, but now it’s time to scratch even a handful of power.
Park Soo-jung turned her head toward the back and put tacit pressure on her. Then the team members turned their heads with a tearful face.

“It’s okay if we go by ourselves…”
“No! They’re going to win the grand prize, so we can’t do that. Please, I’ll do it myself! Let me guide you.”
“Well, go ahead.”

Kim Ha Neul, who was rarely embarrassed by his earnest attitude, nodded without realizing it. For a moment, the eyes of Kang Ba Da became fierce…

“Excuse me, but can I ask you to shake hands?”

When Park Soo-jung suddenly reached out to herself, not Kim Ha Neul, Kang Ba Da, which did not grasp the meaning, tilted its head.

“I’ve been a fan of Kang Ba Da since I had less than 1,000 followers! I really like Bom, Yeoreum, Gaeul, and Winter who are raising them at home! Also, the manager at the fan cafe ‘The Story of Ba Da’ ··…”
“Now, hold on!”

As Park Soo-jung told her story without any blockage, the embarrassed Kang Ba Da quickly grabbed her hand and shook her hand.
Then Park Soo-jung’s eyes turned red. Soon after, she opened her mouth looking at Kim Ha Neul in a wet voice.

“I will never forget this kindness!”

Kim Ha Neul eventually lost his words due to Park Soo-jung’s unpredictable move.

“You’re a unique person.”
“I think you’re a big fan of Ba Da”.
“There should be one or two people like that.”
“Wow, it’s a celebrity!”
“…You’re making fun of me, right?”

Kang Ba Da looked playfully at Kim Ha Neul. Kim Ha Neul shrugged his shoulders and said,

“Thank you for coming with me.”
“Don’t mention it. I’ve never had a party like this before. I was curious about what kind of atmosphere.”
“It’s your first time?”
“I’m completely excluded from group politics. I was banned from all social parties.”

Kang Ba Da looked a little bitter. Seeing it, Kim Ha Neul could see that she had endured more frustrating times than she thought.
Perhaps he had read Kim Ha Neul’s signs, Kang Ba Da suddenly raised its head and shook both hands.

“Don’t get me wrong. Thanks to that, I can still live a relatively normal life. I’m rather grateful.”
“That’s a relief.”
“Of course, even to Ha Neul. “Thanks to you, I got to wear this dress.”

Kang Ba Da leaned at an angle. Then her collarbone line stood out even more.
Kim Ha Neul felt his eyes turning unknowingly. Maybe it’s because it’s a rare bare skin, but my eyes turn instinctively.

“What’s wrong with you?”
“My eyes are burning today.”

Kang Ba Da could not have known its gaze. She thought it was worth choosing a dress while spending the night with her nanny.

“How do you like my dress?”
“You look great.”
“Is that it?”

an almost automatic reply Kang Ba Da, which did not hear the desired answer, dug in again, and Kim Ha Neul turned his head.


He looked up and down at Ba Da with a blank expression on his face. She flinched at the appreciation of the work.

“I don’t know much about fashion, but isn’t it the best in the dress code of semi-formal? First, the collarbone line stands out by boldly revealing both shoulders. Also, while covering the chest as much as possible, open the center line to focus your attention ··”
“Oh, I see! Stop it.”
“Would that rather stimulate the imagination?” To sum it up in a word.”
“It’s enough!”

Kang Ba Da quickly closed Kim Ha Neul’s mouth. He’s obviously doing that on purpose, seeing him smile wickedly. I can’t say anything.
However, Kim Ha Neul, who received a signal even though he stopped her like that, did not know how to stop.


Kim Ha Neul only smiled softly around his mouth, but did not open his mouth again. The appearance made Kang Ba Da feel bad for no reason.

“Are you trying to seduce me?”
“Then do you want to come over?”

I won’t lose a word anyway.
Kang Ba Da was embarrassed for nothing and turned to the stage. Just in time, Park Soo-jung came up to the podium and began to shout out comments.

“First of all, I would like to thank everyone who is here today. From now on, we will begin the award ceremony of the ‘The Best of Heaven’ contest.”

Clap clap clap, clap!
a crowd that has filled the surroundings before they know it The ceremony began with their loud cheers.

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