Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 12 

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#012 Oppa is sold out guy.

“Are you using this warehouse?”
“No. It’s been around since I first came into this building, but I don’t even dare to clean it up.”
“Then can we clean it up for you?”
“Oh, it’s all right! It’s not enough to clean up overnight, but it’s dangerous because there are many sharp items. It’s enough now!”

The director dissuaded the bodyguards.
Because the elementary school that was closed a long time ago was being renovated and used, the warehouse was filled with all kinds of items, including old desks and chairs.

“Hmm. I think this room is the biggest, but it’s too bad to leave it alone. It looks perfect as a children’s study room.”
“That’s right. Assuming that you dispose of everything, I don’t think it’ll take as long as you think.”
“If you bring in the waiting children, I think today will be enough.”

Despite the director’s concerns, each of the bodyguards began to extract estimates. The conclusion was, ‘It’s possible if you’re given time.’
Perhaps he felt the director’s embarrassing gaze, and the bodyguards laughed generously and brought it up.

“It reminds me of my son.”
“My daughter is this age, too.”
“Most of our team has families.”

The children were not even approaching their tremendous force, but they just smiled brightly as if they were used to it.
As a result, Kang Ba Da, which was watching the whole series of situations, slowly opened its mouth.

“Ha Neul, this is all you have for today, right?
“First of all.”
“Director! I’m going to stay here all day today. You can do whatever you want. While you’re at it, call a cleaning company and work together.”
“Thank you, miss!”
“What? You have to thank Ha Neul.”
“Thank you, young master!”

The guards bowed to me.
Oh, my God. “Master”. This is the first time I’ve ever heard such a name in my life. Surprised by this, I waved my hand quickly, and they burst into laughter.

“As expected, you have a good eye.”
“I heard you caught a snatcher before, too.
“Yes, that was close to being in big trouble. He didn’t even take the security team out because he was frustrated that day. “Thanks to you, we’re not cut off…”
“Don’t say anything weird!”

The security team’s old men turned around with a pleasant smile. It didn’t seem to be a high-handed relationship like the image that often appears in dramas.

“Now even the uncles…”

The level of difficulty of targeting increases day by day.
No, now it’s just a lifetime assignment.
As I began to give up, I tried to look away. Anyway, it’s good to score points for people around Kang Ba Da.

“Oh, my. How can I help you said.
“Don’t worry too much. We do everything because we like it. Is there anything else I can help you with?”
“Please braid my hair”.
“Ye Na, this is…”
“It’s all right! Now, sit here.”

Kang Ba Da starts braiding Ye Na’s hair. He must be the youngest of the five siblings, but he is quite good at handling young children.

“When I was in college, I went to educational volunteer work as a club activity. I like babies, too.
“It’s not a baby.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Miss?”

Kang Ba Da accepts the words of children who are chattering and braids their hair skillfully. I stared blankly at the figure.
Then someone elbowed me in the ribs. When I turned around, the director was looking this way with the corners of his mouth pulled up.

“How many children are you planning to have?”
“I think Ms. Ba Da will be a good mother. Being kind-hearted suits you very well.”
“…I’m not very nice.”
“You have a poor evaluation of yourself. Who would volunteer at a nursery school every month in this world?”

It was a misunderstanding.
I’m doing volunteer work as a kind of ‘atonement’.
It started when I came to find out about “orphan,” which is often set as the background of the main character of the web novel, and then I met the eyes of children who were dead black.

– Did you come here to film YouTube?
The children’s first words choked me. I bought chicken in both hands and went there thinking that the kids would welcome me.
No matter how well-intentioned the action is, the person who actually accepts it may not feel that way. That’s when I first realized.
Children who have lost their choice of life, as well as eating and wearing. I thought money could easily buy the hearts of the poor.

“That’s why it’s even greater.”
“You didn’t run away and faced it.”

The director continued to speak calmly as if he had seen through my heart.

“I opened the nursery with a heart of volunteering, but the reality was not so easy. As I got tired of life, I couldn’t control my emotions and got angry at my children.”
“Since the director was the first to eat it. No wonder the laughter disappeared from the children’s faces. But look at the children now.”

I turned my eyes away.
Ye Na shook her feet back and forth and accepted the touch of Kang Ba Da, and the boys were laughing while eating pizza.
Some of them were quite courageous, and they talked to their bodyguards. At least for this moment, happiness was in everyone’s face.

“You gave it all to us as a gift.”
“…I’m embarrassed, so please stop.”
“Whoa. So how many children are you going to have? Imagine how pretty a daughter who looks like Ba Da would be.”

Perhaps you noticed how I felt, the director evoked me with a mischievous joke. Thanks to you, I was able to organize my feelings calmly.
She’s a daughter who looks like a Kang Ba Da. I imagined it for a moment and I think it would be really pretty. When I saw Jingu’s son before, he was so cute.
The little one said, “Uncle, uncle!” and followed me, and it was so lovely.

“If my son comes out, the girls will cry.”

I’m sure it is.
Indeed, the power of genes is great, because all the family members of Kang Ba Da had clear features and attractive appearances.
I’m sure so are the children of Kang Ba Da.
I’ve never been dissatisfied with my appearance in my life, but I hope I look more like Kang Ba Da. Is this how fathers feel?

“I’m sure you are.”
“Right? How about five people?”
“… Wouldn’t that be a little hard?”
“It’s just right to be crowded.”

I smiled lightly. It won’t happen, but if you truly marry Kang Ba Da. I thought it wouldn’t be bad to have children.
* * *

“Did I…?”

While braiding Ye Na’s hair, Kang Ba Da, who was eavesdropping on the story of the director and Kim Ha Neul on one side, suddenly fell into thought.

“If you have a child that looks like Ha Neul…”

The corners of my mouth twitched automatically when I thought of him smiling broadly. I’ve never thought I’d have a baby, but it might not be bad enough.

“But isn’t five too many?”’

[Laughing]Reflecting on the director’s words, Kang Ba Da shrugged. A son who looks like him and a daughter who looks like Kim Ha Neul, I think it would be just two.

“What are you doing?”
“Huh? Oh, sorry.”

When her hand stopped for a moment thinking about something else, Ye Na looked up. Only then did Kang Ba Da come to its senses and play with its hands busily.
Meanwhile, I noticed Kim Ha Neul disappearing somewhere with the director. It seems to bring drinks to the bodyguards.

“It’s Ye Na.”
“When did Ha Neul start coming?”
“Oppa? Um…”

Ye Na raised her fingers and began to spread them one by one. Then he frowned as if he was in trouble when there were more than ten.

“…A lot!”

It seemed that he could not count more than ten. Kang Ba Da, who looked so cute, was lost in thought with a smile.

You said you’d come every month, so did you go there for over a year?’

What an amazing person.
He wouldn’t have been very well off either.
Usually, only money is sent, or even if it comes, it only stops once or twice. To be honest, they’re all “other’s children.”

“Are you your girlfriend?”
“Yes, but?”

Suddenly, Ye Na closed her mouth. When Kang Ba Da felt something strange and tilted its head, Ye Na opened her mouth again.

“Did you kiss your brother?”
“… Huh?”
“You didn’t?”
“I did. I did it.”

Actually, I’ve never done it, but for some reason, I felt like I was losing if I said I hadn’t. Then Ye Na went on calmly.

“…Why do they ask that?”
“Ye Na did.”

Kang Ba Da was briefly embarrassed by my voice.
It was because it was such a cold tone even to hear it on its own. However, Ye Na said with her eyes fixed on the front as if she didn’t care.

“Ye Na kissed my brother first. My brother has to marry me.”

The hand of Kang Ba Da, which was picking its head, hardened. Looking closely, Ye Na’s body was shaking little by little. Did you keep swinging your feet to hide this?

“Isn’t there a huge age difference between Ye Na and you?”
“Men like young women.”

But you’re too young.
I don’t know where I heard that, but I was very embarrassed and thought about how to explain it for a long time.

“…Ha Neul oppa is going to marry you?”

Come on.
Then Ye Na turned her head and made eye contact with Kang Ba Da. A silent message in her eyes was delivered to her.

“…What is it?”

He is a child who has not even entered elementary school. It would be just an expression of “very good,” such as “I’m going to marry my dad when I grow up.
An awkward atmosphere hovered between the two, overshadowing the fact that they had been talking affectionately until a while ago.


It was Ye Na who broke the silence first. Her expression seemed to crease gradually, but soon she began to burst into tears.

“Ye Na is going to get married!”
“…There’s something in this world that you can’t have no matter how hard you try?”
“No, it’s not!”
“What’s going on?”

Kim Ha Neul was surprised by Ye Na’s crying and ran to her. He tilted his head, alternately looking at Kang Ba Da and Ye Na.

“…Ask Ye Na.”
“Oppa! You’re going to marry me, right?”

Ye Na cried and grabbed Kim Ha Neul’s trouser leg.
He patted her on the back for now, leaving his embarrassed feelings behind him.

“Huh? Right? Right? You’re going to marry Ye Na, right?”

Kim Ha Neul, who was trying to answer naturally, paused for a moment. This is because I felt a huge pressure from the back.
Kim Ha Neul, who couldn’t bear to look back, brought up words as his instinct told him to survive.

“My brother…” It’s sold out guy.”

Like a lie, Ye Na stopped crying. I don’t know exactly what sold-out man means, but I seemed to have noticed the meaning with the woman’s instinct engraved with DNA.
For a moment, Ye Na’s expression was completely wrinkled and eventually burst into tears.

“Oh, my, Ye Na.”

The director, who was watching the situation from behind, ran and hugged Ye Na quickly. Then he slightly nodded toward Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da.
The two, who noticed the meaning, quietly left the nursery with embarrassed expressions.

“Ba Da ssi is not a child…”
“A member of Daehan never loses even a little thing to others. Even if the other person is an elementary school student.”
“I’m a kindergarten student.”

Kang Ba Da, which was embarrassed even after he spoke, turned its head. Kim Ha Neul, who was staring at her side profile, swallowed her laughter.

“But I watched it again.”
“To be honest, I didn’t think you’d get along so well with your children.”
“…Ye Na rang.”
“It’s okay. He’s a lot more brilliant than I thought. I’ll be right back.”

For a moment, he tilted his head at an unknown word, and Kang Ba Da soon understood Kim Ha Neul’s words.


Suddenly, Ye Na jumped out of the nursery. Kim Ha Neul shrugged his shoulders, and Kang Ba Da smiled small.

“Yes, Ye Na. “Did you call me?”
“Oh, I’m sorry.
“It’s okay. Are you sorry, too?”
“Yes! This time, Ye Na will braid your hair!”

Kang Ba Da disappeared again inside, attracted by Ye Na’s hand. Kim Ha Neul, who was watching the back, rolled up his sleeves.

“Director, I’ll help you too.”
“Oh, well, let me ask you this.”
“Just leave it to me.”

The nursery rejuvenated for the first time in a long time. Everyone worked hard to keep this warmth, and gradually came to fruition in the afternoon.
It’s been quite a while.
Pride began to settle on people’s faces.

“Hey, this works.”
“Thank you for your hard work. Seniors.”
“Thank you for your hard work.”
“Oh, thanks to you, we worked comfortably.”

Employees of special cleaning companies and bodyguards greeted happily. This is because the warehouse was completely emptied in a day due to the efforts of the two groups.
Thanks to this, a whole classroom-sized space was created. The dust disappeared thanks to the cleaning company’s disinfection.

“The wooden floor and the door may get thorns in the children’s hands, so we should take them all out.”
“The asbestos is carcinogenic. We’d better replace the ceiling altogether.”
“There are not many children, so it would be okay to build a library on one side.”

Old men who came up with remodeling-level answers while looking at the neat warehouse. Hearing the dizzying conversation, the director quickly stepped forward.

“Well, we don’t have the money for that…”
“It’s all right, sir.”
“I just checked with our foundation, and they said they have some extra funds this quarter. I think I can support the remodeling cost and children’s clothes.”

In addition, digital devices to create an educational environment for children or children’s books are obtained by connecting them to local centers.
At the pouring words of Kang Ba Da, the director was restless as if he didn’t know what to do, and eventually burst into tears.

“Thank you. Thank you.”
“How can you cry on a happy day?”
“Oh, my. As I got older, I only shed more tears. Ha Neul, thank you too. Thank you. You are the benefactor of the children.”
“Ba Da ssi did everything. What.”

Naturally, I turned to Kang Ba Da, and I burst into laughter as I looked at the cute ribbon at the end of her hair.
Ye Na said she would braid her hair, but it seems that only the ends are twisted loosely and fixed with a ribbon.

“Do you want me to let you go?”
“No, I love it.”

Ba Da shook its head playfully. It was impressive that the ribbon was tied up quite tightly, so it was hard to untie.
On the other hand, Ye Na was sleeping soundly in her arms, as if she had completely liked Kang Ba Da. The director tried to accept it, but Kang Ba Da shook its head.

“I’ll stay like this a little longer.”
“It must be heavy…”
“Not at all. This is easy.”
“Hoho, Ba Da will be a really good mother.”
“Well, shall we!?”

Kang Ba Da flinched over here. I think it means to prevent difficult questions.
It doesn’t look good to say that you don’t want to have a child in front of the nursery school director.

“No one came to volunteer today?” Usually, there’s at least one person every time they come.”
“Oh, that’s–“
“Hmm? What happened?”
“It’s because the atmosphere in the neighborhood has been a little scary lately.”

The director’s face was shaded.
After a moment’s hesitation, she carefully opened her mouth.

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