Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 31 

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#031 I wish the world would perish

The view of the room caught the eye of Kang Ba Da that decided to do so. This is the land of opportunity, overflowing with Kim Ha Neul’s secret (?) information.

Usually, it takes 30 minutes to an hour for one person to wash, and since Ha Neul is a man, there is a strong possibility that the time will be cut in half. Then you have about 15 minutes to explore freely. Since it’s been about 30 seconds since Ha Neul left, I have about 14 minutes and 30 seconds left. No, I’m a fast-moving person, so I have to watch 5 minutes shorter. Think of plenty of places in there that I can check…..’

The brain of Kang Ba Da began to spin faster than ever, and she immediately took action after completing the calculation in an instant.

“First of all, the definite one!”

The first thing Kang Ba Da reached out was Kim Ha Neul’s graduation album, which was stuck in a drawer. She unfolded it without hesitation.

“So cute!”’

After checking the photo inside, Kang Ba Da covered his mouth and screamed silently.
When Kim Ha Neul was an elementary school student, he had something unsuitable for his age. It looked more so because it was a sporty type with short hair.

You didn’t wear glasses back then.’

Maybe it’s because the prescription of the glasses is high now, but they tend to become mild just by wearing them. This is a completely raw look.
As if he doesn’t even like taking pictures, his lips sticking out are the biggest attraction.

It’s not in the group photo.’

Only one individual picture remains as a picture. In addition, albums from middle and high school didn’t even exist at all.
Maybe it’s because of the “hard school days” I heard one day. Thinking like that, I felt sorry for being emotional.

“That’s how much I have to be nicer to you.”’

There is no turning back the past years, but the present and the future can be changed as much as possible. It was a Kang Ba Da that I decided to be nicer to Kim Ha Neul.

“Fortunately, you have a college album.”

Come to think of it, all my friends said they met at the university. Kim Ha Neul just graduated, but I still wondered what she would look like.
When the album was released, there were quite a lot of pictures this time. Not only relatively ordinary individual photos, but also group photos taken with friends.

Why are there so many women?’

Looking at the pictures taken with his colleagues, there were many women around Kim Ha Neul.
I counted the numbers myself because I thought I was overreacting, but the gender ratio is definitely different.
Of course, Kim Ha Neul’s expression remains unchanged compared to other photos. I mean, I’m not particularly conscious of women.

“…What is she?”

There was one person who was particularly eye-catching. Photoshop must have worked well, she was a pretty shiny looking woman, always sitting next to Kim Ha Neul.

“Here. There.”

At the same time that his position blocked other motives, he was only in a clever position to be closest to Kim Ha Neul.
If it’s not a picture of only men, it’s always next to Kim Ha Neul. This is 100% doubtless, sleep and do not needless.

“I’m sure I’ve seen this face somewhere…”

The problem is that I keep getting a strange sense of visibility like someone I know. In response, Kang Ba Da turned over the paper to find out the woman’s identity.

“What are you doing?”

Kang Ba Da was startled by the sudden ringing of the ears. She instinctively shook her head as she tucked the album into a drawer.

“Oh, I didn’t do anything.”
“Ba Da ssi, do you know when I’ve been here?”

Kang Ba Da pouted its lips at Kim Ha Neul’s mischievous question. If a person came, you should say that you came, what if you don’t even pretend to be popular?
It’s even been less than 10 minutes since I went to the bathroom. It is so fast that I wonder if it is washed properly.
If it wasn’t for the subtle scent of body wash from Kim Ha Neul’s body, he would have really suspected it.

“I’m kidding. I just came in. I turned on the hot water, so go and wash up comfortably.”
“I see.”

The identity of the woman who couldn’t confirm Kang Ba Da was annoying, but I decided to postpone it for a while because I could find it as much as I want later.
Still, Kang Ba Da comforts itself, saying it was a meaningful time. While she was packing the clothes Kim Gu Reum gave her, she suddenly realized that she had overlooked a very important problem.

If I wash up, I’m totally bare faced!’

God, I don’t want to die for that.
But you can’t help but wash up. I always carry basic tools, but falling asleep with makeup is also a problem.
During Legoland, we had our own measures thanks to thorough preparation, but now we are completely defenseless because it was a sudden decision to stay out of the night.

“What if I put Ha Neul to sleep first?”

Such thoughts passed by for a moment, but soon shook his head. Chronic insomnia is an impossible spell for him.

“Do you need anything?”
“…a sleeping pill.”
“Ha Neul, are you taking your medicine well?” I heard you went to the hospital last time. What did the doctor say?”

If Kim Ha Neul takes sleeping pills, there may be a possibility. With that in mind, Kang Ba Da pours out words in a hurry. Kim Ha Neul scratched his cheek while looking at him.

“I didn’t pick up.”
“Sleeping pills. I received them at first, but I think I got resistant to them because I took too much of them in the military.” He said he couldn’t give it stronger.”
“So you didn’t get anything?”
“I don’t have any depression in particular……”

The most peaceful means have vanished in vain. But you can’t hit the back of your neck. Kim Ha Neul’s decision to put him to sleep first.

“Do you need sleeping pills?”
“No, I’m fine. I just asked because I was curious if Ha Neul was going to the hospital properly.”
“If that’s the case, don’t worry. I’ve always been a good boy who listens to my teacher.”

On the other hand, the picture on the elementary school album looked a little bad. But now is not the time to argue about that.

“Can’t you sleep with Cloud?”’

Unfortunately, it is rejected.
In the first place, I slept in Kim Ha Neul’s room because Kim Gu Reum nailed it, saying, “My room should not be small.”

“Then, what’s left…”

The eyes of Kang Ba Da turned to Kim Ha Neul. Exactly with the glasses he’s wearing.
I heard that without glasses, your eyesight is so bad that you can’t even recognize the face of the person in front of you.
If I take off my glasses, they won’t recognize me without makeup. You can hide it for a while and return it after you put on makeup tomorrow.

This is the only way!’

Kang Ba Da reached for the glasses. Then Kim Ha Neul leans back and lightly avoids it.

“…Ba Da ssi?”
“Can you stay still for a second?”
“Just a moment.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!
Despite the request of Kang Ba Da, Kim Ha Neul never gave up the distance. He shook his upper body like a boxer and avoided all the hands of Kang Ba Da.
From the middle, I swung my hand with all my might because I had a bad feeling, but I couldn’t even touch Kim Ha Neul’s glasses.

“Oh, my gosh!” What kind of person is that?
“Are you okay?”

I worked so hard that I couldn’t breathe. Kim Ha Neul puts her face close to her as if she was worried about it.


All of a sudden!
Kang Ba Da, who was looking for a chance while breathing out, managed to grab Kim Ha Neul’s glasses.

“I finally got you. What?”

Is it because Kim Ha Neul was aiming for a break when he was off guard? The two fell to the floor in a friendly manner as the body-bashing of Kang Ba Da entered the orthodox.
Meanwhile, Kim Ha Neul instinctively hugged her to protect Kang Ba Da. Thanks to this, the two became completely in close contact.
Two people taking a moment to figure things out.
It was Kim Ha Neul who came to his senses first.

“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine! What about you, Ha Neul?” Are you hurt? Didn’t you hit the back of your head?”
“I’m fine. I’m fine.”

Kang Ba Da naturally turned its head to the place where Kim Ha Neul’s gaze was directed. There was Kim Ha Neul’s shattered glasses.
Although it achieved the desired purpose, it was Kang Ba Da that became heavy because it had never intended to harm Kim Ha Neul.

“…I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. I was going to change it soon anyway. I’m also thinking about getting LASIK at all.”
“Leave everything to me!”
“We’ll talk about that later, and can you come down for now?”

Only then could Kang Ba Da reflect on its situation. To put it bluntly, it is a posture riding on Kim Ha Neul.


As soon as I recognized it, I could feel his solid muscles through the skin. It seems that the statement that he exercised for two hours every day for his health was real.
Oh, my.
Kang Ba Da, which was heated up, covered its face with both hands. I didn’t even know how to deal with this situation.

“I’m sorry! Wow!”

Aside from the touch, Kang Ba Da, which was too sudden in the current situation, tried to get up in a hurry and got a cramp in its leg.
Kim Ha Neul, who was watching the whole situation, sighed quietly. Then, he grabbed the waist of Kang Ba Da and laid it on his side.

“Now, wait, wait, wait!”
“Yes, just a moment.”
“Oh, my”.

Kim Ha Neul immediately started massaging. With his calf held, he stretched his legs or rubbed them very familiarly.
Kang Ba Da shuddered with shame but eventually opened his mouth at his touch, which was so skillful.

“…Why are you so good at this?”
“I got a ‘Life Guard’ license as a school support project. Thanks to that, I worked part-time as a lifeguard at a water park.”

What the hell hasn’t this man done? Along with such questions, Kim Ha Neul’s unhesitating remarks were reassuring.
Time goes by like that.
Kim Ha Neul slowly opened his mouth.

“Are you okay now?”

Thanks to Kim Ha Neul, Kang Ba Da has all the rats on its legs. But she just covered her face without even thinking about getting up from her seat.

‘I hope the world will end like this.’

I was too shy to face Kim Ha Neul. I don’t know why this happened to me or where it went wrong.

“First, wash up.”
“Be careful not to step on broken glasses.”

Kang Ba Da opened its eyes.
Kim Ha Neul is turning his head to see if he was considerate of himself. After confirming it, Kang Ba Da quickly grabbed his clothes and left the room as if he were running away.
a solitary room
Kim Ha Neul, who confirmed the sound of Kang Ba Da entering the bathroom, barely breathed out his breath.

‘…It was dangerous.’

Kim Ha Neul sighed again, looking at his hands as if they were still warm.
It was hectic because it was an urgent situation, but it did not mean that the touch disappeared from the hand.

“Your skin is so soft.”’

Soft and smooth.
It was only today that I realized the meaning of what Ye Na once shouted.
At first, it was a massage that really started as a first aid, but as soon as I heard the question of Kang Ba Da in the middle, I realized something different.
Then, a very difficult physical reaction came, so he hurriedly sent out Kang Ba Da. I just hope I didn’t get caught.

– Keep your sympathy.
Kang Tae-yang’s remarks that suddenly pass through my head. Thanks to this, Kim Ha Neul, who came to his senses a little, hurriedly got up.
Cleaning up the wreckage of his shattered glasses like his own mind, Kim Ha Neul cleared up his complex emotions.
* * *

“I put the blanket down in advance. Ba Da, you can sleep over here.”
“Oh, thank you.”

Kang Ba Da with dried hair sat down.
We haven’t spoken for a while since.


I was suffocated.
If you swallow your saliva, the sound will sound like thunder. In fact, I still couldn’t believe that I was alone with Kang Ba Da in the room.

“In this house…”

It’s new, but my house doesn’t have that wide floor space. Since we split the room into three on that subject, each floor space is quite cramped.
I don’t even have that common bed, so I’m going to lay down on the floor with a blanket and lie alongside Kang Ba Da. It’s not that far from each other either.

“I shouldn’t have left Ba Da ssi alone.”

I didn’t expect my mom to open her mouth while I was in the bathroom for a while. There was no way to stop it because the whole story had already been told.

“I can’t fall asleep.”

Aside from insomnia, there’s no way I can fall asleep easily when I’m alone in my room with Kang Ba Da.

“Calm down, Kim Ha Neul.”

I am the intellectual of this age.
I won’t do anything to endanger my life by being obsessed with a moment’s sexual desire. What is needed to overcome this situation?

“Ba Da, you were looking at my album earlier, right?”
“What!? That’s true, but…”
“How far have you seen it?”
“I only watched elementary school and college videos. It’s real!”

Kang Ba Da made excuses in a hurry. He must have been very embarrassed because he was caught secretly watching it. At this, I swallowed a light smile and continued to talk.

“Is there anything else you want to see?”
“What do you want to see?”
Yes, I think it’s hard to fall asleep right away anyway. If you have any questions, I’ll show you.”
“Then a diary.”

Kang Ba Da answers as if it had been waiting. A little embarrassed, I shook my head quickly.

“I don’t raise such things.”
“I saw it over there”.
“I heard you only looked at the album.”
“Of course, I meant the contents. Anyway, this… This.”

Kang Ba Da pointed to the thick note that was stuck in the drawer. an object with a lot of dirt on one’s hands It’s a diary for strangers.

“Oh, it’s not a diary, it’s a writer’s note.”

I took my note out of the drawer. I can’t see it well because I don’t have glasses, but the touch of the cover gave off a nostalgic feeling.
Kang Ba Da, who was looking at my reaction, asked, tilting its head.

“What’s that?”
“It’s a notebook that I wrote down one by one whenever I came up with ideas since I was young. It’s the process of me becoming a writer.”
“Show me, too!”
“Wait a minute. First, check……”
“Hey, that’s not fun!”

Kang Ba Da rushed at me. We quarreled for a long time, tossing and turning, with our notes in between.

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