For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 47


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“Are these rookies from ON Enter this time?”

“Yes. He seemed to be paying attention this time.”

“Hmm… .”

Even though it was cable, Park Se-Nal, who is in charge of the music broadcast PD, was known as a pretty influential person.

Since he has mainly made entertainment shows that use music as a source, there are rumors that he completely trusted Se-na Park and made a program on SCTV, where there was no music broadcast.

“He’s fine.”

And another nickname for PD Park Se-Nal was filming.

The rookie film PD Park took was a nickname mixed with jokes, but the ripple effect of those words was not small.

The idols who came up for rehearsal were nervous and made mistakes, and as the mistakes increased, the assistant director, the camera director, the lighting team, and all the staff who were busy running in the field naturally hardened their expressions.

However, this idol in front of me, who had a debut showcase a few days ago, was the same as other rookies until they came up on stage because they were frozen.

He caught who was filming himself well, and the choreography was almost at the level of a group dance.

“CEO Park sharpened his knife. What was his name?”

“Come on unravel. Team leader Sohyun brought them.”

“Ah, if Team Leader Sohyun was here, the kids would have been well taken care of.”

Team leader Kim So-hyun had gone through several other agencies before, but until then, he was mostly dedicated to discovering new talent and educating them on the basics.

Most of the children selected by Team Leader Kim So-hyun had good personalities, and some even took the top ranks.

He knew that he received love calls from quite a few places when he left the existing company, and there was also a place where he talked about being treated like a manager.

When he refused all of that and said he was going to ON Entertainment where Director Jung Yoon was there, everyone who heard the rumors about team leader Kim So-hyun, one by one, tilted their heads.

Then again, team leader Kim So-hyun made a pretty good rookie and appeared.

“The song isn’t bad, the mask and the choreography are okay, so let’s pack some of them.”

The assistant director next to him responded to the words of the PD who was thinking of a new program recently.

“I got a business card from Team Leader Sohyun.”

“Okay, after all, it’s only you.”

“Only in words?”

“Ah, maybe. I’ll make sure to tell the manager your name.”

“I only trust you!”

Park Se-nal thought it was time to graduate from the assistant director, who had been rolling by her side for quite some time.

Se-Nal Park, who lost her appetite while watching the assistant director running around, getting more energetic at every word, asked the camera director.

“how is it?”

“Ugh, all the kids these days are tall.”

As if the stage had already ended, the rookie idol went down to greet each other with their backs folded. When the rookie performed his first stage without any major mistakes, Se-Neol Park responded with a bit of ingenuity and was happy to reduce the wastage of time.

“Ah, not that.”

“Give up all the quotes and ask what?”

When the camera director, who had been working with him for a long time, shook his head, Park Se-nal, who was scratching the back of his head, laughed.

“I can’t fool our director Yeom’s eyes. haha”

And Se-nal Park, who had made up his mind, called the assistant director again.

“Let’s do an interview with them!”

* * *

We smiled at the team leader who felt sorry that they would have made a better stage if we had a little more time, and we called both the team leader and Woojin hyung to shout our own fighting together.

Unless the broadcasting station sings for ratings, most of the stages of music shows are there.

To the extent of adding some effects or adding a video as a background.

Other than that, if you want to make a more glamorous or wonderful stage, the company’s money goes into it from then on.

So, what we chose was to play a video that the company had prepared in advance using lighting just like in the showcase.

I’ve already figured out the stage movement, and now it’s like a real battle.

It wasn’t a live broadcast, but I had to show the stage in front of our fans and other people in this hall, so it was no different from a live broadcast from my point of view.

When I checked the microphone and checked the in-ears, I could feel the members’ gaze.

“Let’s do it, we.”

“Yes. Let’s do it.”

Youngbin hyung, who tried to speak calmly in front of his younger brothers even though his fingertips were trembling, was special.

When I finally went up on stage, my heart started pounding at the bright lights and cheers.

Standing in the middle of the stage, I tried to soften my expression in front of a mixture of curiosity, affection, and indifference.

Maybe I am now addicted to this stage.

I realized that there are people who look at me with eyes that look exactly the same as my gaze when looking at Unravel, that it creates a lot of excitement.

There was a person who wrote Unravel on the slightly-toned cobalt blue paper we used to take the concept photo and shook it with Unravel.

Guess it’s a cheering method I don’t know yet, there were people waving luminous sticks while singing along in the middle.

While concentrating on the choreography and singing, he smiled with his gaze on the direction Poing was moving.

During Sanok, photography is unconditionally prohibited.

However, there are always people filming secretly, and there are many who came in behind the scenes.

Poing checked the side where there was such a camera once, and I smiled at that camera once in my spare time when I was looking at the camera taking me and the center camera.

When I was a fan, I was angry and cursed at people who came in behind the scenes, but now, when those people see the singer they originally wanted to see, they want us to see it too.

In the short time that barely occurred after the stage with the intro and the title song was over, everyone hung at the end of the stage, waving at the fans and joking around.

I’m just sorry, sorry for not letting you in much, and sorry for making you wait so long.

He smiled saying he was so sorry.

I felt so sorry for our fans who couldn’t even eat and waited in line to sit on the floor and endure the endless delay.

Himchan made the fans laugh by mimicking Sebin’s part, and Hajun hyung told me to eat something delicious when it was over.

Sebin smiled shyly and said I love her, and made a big heart with both hands.

Youngbin hyung said he wanted to see him with a recalled face, and Kyunghwan hyung looked at people with a little blank eyes.

When the allowed time was over and we came down from the stage, Woojin hyung, who had a face that reminded us as much as we did, slapped us on the back and gave us praise for hard work.

“How do you feel?”

Team leader Sohyun asked with a smile at us, who had gathered in the waiting room again, and then, as if waking up from a dream, I spat out a word.

“Weird. It’s different from the show.”

“that’s right. to be something… . Ummm, I was mumbled during the show, but now I’m throbbing.”

A clear focus was found in Kyunghwan’s eyes, which had been dazed. Team leader Sohyeon, who looked at us with a slightly peculiar look, who spoke their feelings one by one, continued.

“Should I do better?”


“We have a long way to go, chicks.”

It felt strange as if I had just returned from a different dimension, so I tried to change the mood by stabbing Chani who was next to me.

“Your interview is here!”


It was said that not everyone was given ample time for the interview just because it was the debut stage, but for some reason, they even took out a waiting room and prepared an interview place for them.

The sisters of the dedicated team who had been waiting in another place ran to them, retouched their stage costumes, fixed their makeup, and touched their sweaty hair.

Some even brought a portable fan to cool off the sweat and fanned it.

“The hospitality is already Shusu.”

“So. We really need to do better.”

I immediately responded to Woojin hyung’s joking joke and looked down at the stage costume he was wearing once again.

The navy blue jacket had a different length and design for each member.

Youngbin hyung and Kyunghwan, who are taller, had long jackets that came down to about the thigh, while Hajun hyung and Himchan slightly covered the pants line. Sebin and I were the length across the hip line.

The sleeves and neck collar decorated with gold thread looked luxurious, and the details were different for each member, so it was no secret that our puppies cheered and cheered as soon as they saw the outfit.

Thanks to the sleeveless shirt worn underneath, I could afford to live, but if the shirt had long sleeves, I would have died.

As soon as we got off stage, we carefully took off our jackets and cooled off, put on our jackets again, and moved to the room where the interview was prepared.

We couldn’t hide our excitement throughout the trip, thanks to the team leader’s remarks that we had a chance to meet the fans who were waiting for us outside rather than the interview.

“Wow, what are you really doing? Am I okay?”

“You look like Choi Himchan today too, so stop it!”

However, he was so nervous that he saw the fans and froze.

He was much less nervous than the other members during the show and during the broadcast, so why is he doing this?

Fortunately, there were no provocative questions because the interview was going to be in the middle of a music show, and the host was a member of Golden Hour, so it was more stable.

After the interview, when we diligently greeted each other, he came next to us and gave us secret support.

“Gyeom praised Unravel a lot. I will support you!”

“thank you! I will do my best!”

After that, as the team leader and manager hyung led, I walked slowly and for some reason before leaving the building, I covered my eyes with a black cloth, and moved carefully following the guidance of the people in the company.

And when I took off the eye patch, I was speechless at the dazzling glances in front of me.

“Congratulations on your Unravel debut!”

“I’ll let you only walk on the flowery path from now on!”

“Unravel is cute!”

Even when I looked down from the stage, the twinkling eyes were so close.

The mouth did not open as if it were standing.

Maybe a hundred people? There were way too many people around us than we thought.

“Hajun-ah, I need to say hello.”

We didn’t say anything and kept looking around, then Woojin hyung approached and whispered.

“two three! Hello! This is the future Unravel that we will solve together!”

“Hello! This is the future Unravel that we will solve together!”

When we all greeted together like a conditional reflex to Ha Jun hyung’s call for two or three, a great cheer was heard, and the sound of shooting shots could be heard from all directions.

“We are so stunned that there is a place that we did not expect. Everyone, I’m sorry.”

“no! Don’t say sorry! We are all right!”

When Ha-jun stuttered, the words that it was okay came from all over the place.

“I think we are more nervous than when we went on stage.”

With no microphone or other equipment ready, every time we spoke, the fans held their breath and focused as much as possible. Kyunghwan hyung spoke with a slightly muffled voice, and he laughed softly.

And I… .

“Everyone, I’m sorry. Thank you so much.”

Have you ever received such blind affection and trust from someone other than your family in your life?

At this moment, I think I know very well why Unrable was watching the fans on the concert stage and crying, so tears came out in the end.

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