For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 48


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Kim Ji-young, who has consistently liked Unravel since her idol creation, rushed out of her house with her camera on a notice suddenly posted by her agency.

She was scheduled to pre-record Unravel’s first official music show today, but she was unfortunately not on a first-come, first-served basis, and was refreshing her bulletin board, waiting for Ji-Young’s Sanok review.

At that time, there was an announcement on the official SNS that Unravel and fans would hold a surprise mini fan meeting near the SCTV station.

When she said that she could see all of her if she came within the set time, she hurriedly put on her hat and called her taxi to arrive.

One of the good things about selling new idols is that there are quite a few opportunities to see my stones up close at the beginning… What a surprise fan meeting!

There was a small expectation that ON Enter would make things a little better.

While exchanging Nyangtok with acquaintances on cellphones from time to time, people who appear to be agency staff approached them, arranged their seats and delivered cautions, and the tension at the site was extremely high.

It was as if the children were coming out soon.

After a while, as her members covered their eyes with a black cloth, held the people’s hands and walked out cautiously, Jiyoung unknowingly covered her mouth.

‘crazy! cute!’

The members’ lips with their lips slightly opened as if they didn’t know what they were talking about were like dogs on a walking leash and following their owner, so it seemed that the sound of sickness would come out.

What’s more, you’re not wearing a uniform-style stage costume.

Of course, strictly speaking, it wasn’t an eyepatch, but Jiyoung, who had piled on stone jjamba, was covered with bean pods that even looked like a concept.

Each time the members touched each other’s shoulders, they flinched and looked around.

‘That jolbo-like figure is cute too… .’

And when the eye patch was released, the fans, who had been holding their breath in accordance with the instructions of the people in the company, all at once greeted their idols.

“Congratulations on your Unravel debut!”

“I’ll let you only walk on the flowery path from now on!”

And Jiyoung also shouted out the words she had been patient with.

“Unravel is cute!”

The members, who were looking around with their eyes wide open in the noisy atmosphere, did not say anything and were frozen, so a staff member approached and whispered something.

At that time, Hajun, the snout of truth, bit his lip and shouted a slogan, and the other members followed.

As a rookie, I was caught up in a strong slogan, and my mother’s smile came to mind, and I started taking pictures of the new members with the camera I brought with me.

As if everyone was very embarrassed, Ha-jun barely spoke and apologized, but Ji-young, who couldn’t see our baby dying, shouted again.

“no! Don’t say sorry! We are all right!”

“that’s right! Don’t be sorry, guys!”

Then, at least faintly, a smile appeared on Ha-jun’s face, and Kyung-hwan, whose voice was a little muted, spoke out as if they were very nervous.

Whether it was because the seat was made hastily or the broadcasting station didn’t allow it, the microphone wasn’t ready, so I had to keep my ears up to listen to what the kids were saying, so I was a little annoyed.

I’ll even prepare a microphone for you. It must be difficult for the kids to come on stage.

At that time, Little Hwan, who had a good laugh on the recent Achang broadcast and is also active on the GIVE app and radio, suddenly apologized and started crying.

“Huh… ?”

He was a member who didn’t like it very much at the beginning of the haunted stage and thought it would be better not to go up there.

However, after the accident, he changed to look like a completely different person enough to even joke about remodeling on the community.

“Jihwan, why are you crying… .”

“Jihwan! I love you! do not Cry!”

“We will do better!”

Words of comfort to Ji-hwan erupted from all sides. At the same time, her fan next to Ji-Young was also in tears as she thought that Choi Ae was a small Hwan, so she hurriedly took out her tissue from her bag.

“Hey, even this… .”

“Ah, thank you, hmm… .”

Seeing her struggle to swallow her tears, Ji-young felt that even herself was getting salty, so she patted her.

There are always people I see when I go to events, so sometimes I have a good mate.

The feeling of unity that she likes the same idol is quite full, so Jiyoung, even as a former fan of another idol, tends to bring snacks or unofficial photo cards to give to nearby fans when she goes to fan meetings or concerts.

“There is nothing I can do for you guys,” she said. And yet, because so many people came… .”

Already in her team, as the little boy in her team began to cry and say thank you and sorry to her fans, she heard screams coming from all sides.

“It’s because our Jihwan is worried. Everyone, go ahead!”

“Why are you crying on a good day?”

“Unlike our Jihwan, there are a lot of tears. Everyone, it’s okay!”

Ha-jun started to soothe the sniffling fans, and Kyung-hwan and Himchan, who were next to Ji-hwan, comforted Ji-hwan. In the end, Himchan hugged Jihwan and turned him around and patted him on the shoulder.

Even Sebin burst into tears at that sight, and while Youngbin comforted Sebin, Kyunghwan and Hajun stepped forward.

“Is it true that everyone came to see us?”


“Wow… . I feel really good right now!”

“We too!”

When I started talking to the fans naturally, giving and receiving one word at a time, fortunately, the fans quickly settled their emotions and started waving to the members and responding.

In the meantime, Ji-hwan and Se-bin, whose eyes were blushing as if their feelings had been resolved, also came forward one step further and waved their hands together, saying thank you and love.

In a way, it’s not a very large number.

Ji-young, who was the home of an idol with a large fandom, was devastated by watching the group’s members burst into a big bottle with dating rumors in their midst and ruin her team.

Then, by chance, on this show, I found out that the rapper I liked, D.P., was making his debut as an idol in ON Entertainment under the name of Hajun while he was neglecting other idols, and naturally joined his group.

At the time when Jiyoung was doing her best, there were a lot of home moms around her, and there were also many fans who liked the photos she took.

As a result, he often went to off-group meetings, and he was a person who worked hard not only at the kids’ fan signing events, fan meetings, and concerts, but also at the studio.

To Ji-young, who had such experience, the number of people waiting at the scene and the fans running out was quite a number for a rookie, but it was not a huge number.

Even so, the members all said that they would do better because their eyes were moist. I suddenly remembered the time when I first joined, and it was a natural comparison.

‘They only did modestly pretty things in front of thousands of fans from the beginning.’

When I didn’t know anything, I just believed everything my idol said at face value, but the more I stayed on the board, the more I heard stories from all directions.

She used to get tired of hearing that watering was done as a tribute to her fans and that she behaves very differently at fan events.

He was hopeful when he first heard of the dating rumors through another home page.

Kids are human too, so they can fall in love. But getting caught was another matter.

It is true that they are dating, but if they are fans, they confidently ask for their trust and support.

This time, though, it’s ON entertainment, so I dig into it, wondering if there’s a basic personality, and I fell in love again, and since I’ve been through something, this time I drew a line and tried to love myself, so I was wary of myself.


“Everyone, it’s good that we like it, but we must eat rice. I take care of myself so I don’t get sick.”

Seeing Jihwan, who had been in a car accident recently, worried about his fans with a worried face, all the boundaries and worries seemed to melt and disappear from his heart.

Yes, the line is originally meant to be crossed.

Jiyoung decided to cross that line today.

“That’s right, there’s a saying left by a certain senior in the past! We do not take responsibility for your life! But I want to get a lot of love!”

“What is it!”

Himchan and Jihwan, who had grown up so much, were arguing next to each other, but he added a request for love, and everyone burst into laughter as to what it was.

Today, Ji-young’s hands and eyes are sharper than ever, as she made up her mind that she would definitely get a shot of her life for business. Jiyoung didn’t realize it, but she had several like-minded fans holding the camera next to him.

Unravel members exchanging conversations even briefly sang the title song and ‘Maybe’ and ‘Blink’, which were composed by Hajun and Kyunghwan themselves.

We couldn’t even see the choreography due to the small space, but all the fans thought it was good to be here because of Unravel’s live voice.

Since it is unknown when Unravel will be able to hold a bigger concert, each of these live performances was precious.

And suddenly, as the promised time was running out, a staff who looked like a manager approached him and whispered something to Ha-jun, and Ha-jun nodded.

“Everyone, it has been a really great gift for us because you got together so suddenly today. Was it a good time for you too?”

“Don’t go, guys!”

“I love you Unravel!”

Fans, who sensed that it was the last time, cried, and in the meantime, the members seemed to have recovered as much energy as their usual condition.

“We want to stay here with all of you, but if we do, we might be arrested by the policeman!”

At Himchan’s words, Sebin, who was next to him, sighed deeply, and the fans were delighted, saying that the youngest Ontop already showed signs of that.

“I want Unravel and you to be together for a long time, and I want Unravel to remember you and Unravel for a long time.”

“We’ll see you again, definitely.”

Contrary to my initial impression, Jihwan greeted me with a soft smile, and Youngbin added a word.

“It has been a future unravel that we will unravel together until now. thank you!”

“thank you! Thank you, everyone!”

“Please make sure to vote for the fandom name for Gongka! Thanks for coming!”

“Be careful and go home!”

This surprise fan meeting was being broadcast in real time through the GIVE app. After hearing the members’ tears and heartfelt thanks, all the fans began to spur more sales around them.

It started when ON Enter gave a counter tribute to all the fans who participated in the mini fan meeting, and the fans who were there posted one or two on the bulletin board and SNS.

Thanks to this, people started talking about how things are handled better than ON Enter’s first time making idols.

The counter tribute items that were originally prepared for the fan signing event were postcards signed by the members, photo cards of the members, and simple snacks.

No one intended, but naturally, the fandom started to come together more firmly with the mindset that we must protect our children.

And in the aftermath of that, Unravel’s title song, which rose to 48th in the early morning of the first day and disappeared out of the top 100, climbed up the ranks day by day and re-established itself in the lower ranks.

In addition, the number of people who joined the fan cafe steadily increased, and at the same time, the number of views of the title song was increasing day by day.

It happened in less than a week, so CEO Park Jung-gyun said that now is the right time, and honed the public relations team to send out the article a few more times.

There was also an article about a junior singer appearing at Ha Yeon-soo’s concert.

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