For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 46


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Music shows go through two rehearsals.

Dry rehearsal and camera rehearsal.

We were the most insignificant of the minions. Thanks to this, I was able to see even with my eyes closed that the time between long and long rehearsals was the most time consuming.

Because of this, there were not enough fans to support us during the pre-recording.

And his Sanok and his main room

When I was a fan, I tried like crazy for that Olympic Games, but I’ve never been to them.

It felt a little funny to me that I was now doing what I had always heard only through word of mouth from other homemakers.

When I was a cotton ball, I was always swearing at the station guys because if there were few fans, my kids would die, but now I’m Unravel and cursing the guys at the station for not allowing our fans to come in.

One way or another, I lamented that I couldn’t make friends with the guys at the broadcasting station.

If there were a lot of teams making comebacks in the week their kids go on air, there was no pre-recording, but fortunately, there was a pre-recording today, the day of the music studio’s debut.

Although it was a handful during the pre-recording, it was good that the fans could come in and see us, and we could get even a little closer to the fans.

Of course, as we are newcomers, we will not pre-record alone, so we will mix with fans of other singers.

We hoped that our fans would be able to enter as many as possible.

All sorts of thoughts were floating around.

As I waited for a long time before the rehearsal, all my thoughts came to mind.

I was excited and nervous, and I was filled with anticipation and worry at the same time, but I tried not to express it in front of the members as much as possible, so it only got complicated in my head.

After we finished dry rehearsal by putting our names on relatively comfortable clothes and matching the movement of the stage, we sat in a corner behind a partition in the spacious waiting room.

“… I’m really thankful that my team leader scolded me back then.”

“right? Guess I didn’t, I got into an accident and hit him again.”

I laughed out loud when I saw Himchan and Kyunghwan hyungs sitting like jjuguri giving and receiving.

There were not many people who looked after the stage of a new group that just came out like us.

Even so, her nervous, blue lips were visible through the makeup.

The youngest, Sebin, felt sorry for her, and gave her a lollipop in her mouth.

It was the same for everyone who was nervous about making a mistake among the seniors in the same industry and the timid broadcasting station staff.

These were the members who bowed deeply to people who were neither interested in us nor friendly to us.

I was also rubbing my stiff hands and feet and looking at our members who were crumpled in one side of the waiting room.

Aside from the storm-like head, our children were a little pitiful.

“I did it in reverse order with my right foot and my left foot… .”

“Still, everyone did well without any major mistakes. Let’s just keep doing this.”

Why do people always make mistakes first?

Youngbin hyung, who lamented, and Hajun hyung, looked after the members thoroughly.

The manager hyung and the coordinators disappeared leaving behind the words that they were going to do something, so we stayed together and looked around little by little.

Don’t make a mistake, don’t make a mistake.

That was until I heard an eerie voice behind the back of my head, muttering with my mouth like a spell to not make a mistake.

“Wow, you really did debut.”

“… .”

A group of people dressed in matching outfits in purple velvet in this hot weather. One of them walked limp.

damn it

“Hajun-ah, are you happy?”

A goofy-looking guy with an unwelcome face spoke to our Hajun.

And at that moment, the expression on Hajun hyung’s face disappeared in an instant.

“Choi Tae-sung.”

“I should call you senior.”

“Who is it? Do you know anyone?”

“Uh, the kid who fell apart while preparing for debut together.”

A faint anger appeared on Ha-jun hyung’s face, probably because he had met the person he wanted to avoid the most, and then quickly dissipated.

“Congratulations on your debut. You survived well.”

“Oh, thank you. But it’s our first stage, so we haven’t practiced yet.”

So it seemed like he didn’t understand Ha-jun hyung’s words to stop worrying about us and just go on our way.

“Hey, is Youngbin here too? Does she memorize some dances now?”

“Hey, don’t talk too hard to a rookie. You are scared.”

It was nothing more than a gossip talking at the front or an anteater laughing while twisting it from the side.

In the meantime, he had a keen eye, so he was very busy checking to see if there were any seniors higher than him or idols who were more popular than them.

Controlling the sound of speech so that only us could hear it was a talent if it was a talent.

In other words, it was said that it would be beneficial to the mental health of our children, who are well suppressing the emotions that are rising now, if they are removed quickly.

Thinking that we should cut it off quickly before Juni hyung gets any worse, I approached Hajun hyung and smiled.

“Jun-hyung, do you know anyone?”

“Oh, a little while ago.”

“Ah, hello, seniors?”

“Hey, Ha-jun is more polite than you though.”

When I, who had a cool impression, put on a sad expression on my face and called my senior in a polite voice, the goofy smiled.

“I think the rehearsal is over. Do seniors also rest here?”

Seniors told me that they debuted first, but how are they not as popular as we, who have just debuted?

“We were all so nervous about the stage, so we were practicing the choreography, but the seniors are different. I guess this is the difference in experience.”

We work hard to prepare for the stage, but you seem to fall for it and don’t do that anymore, don’t you?

It seems that the goblin did not understand what I said with a smile, but it seems that he decided that the anteater was not a good intention.

“It’s good for a rookie to be energetic. Then be careful not to get hurt. Taeseong-ah, let’s go to the kids.”

The anteater almost half-forced the goby with curious eyes.

After all, the other members were looking at them with bored expressions behind them anyway, and they had more to lose than we would lose if we spoke out loud.

However, what was certain from this was that the group of idiots was well-known enough to receive a private waiting room.

There are various tastes in the world, and those tastes deserve respect… .

no. what’s wrong with the fan I guess their acting is great.

He grabbed Hajun hyung’s wrist and dragged him to the middle of the members, and inwardly comforted the poor fans of those idiots.

Because I knew that this floor was full of people with different looks and feelings.

We’ve only been lucky enough to meet good people.

“Who are these people?”

“I am the people of the company. It must have come out under the name of Demigod.”

Himchan, who had been quietly listening because Youngbin hyung was holding him, asked Hajun hyung in a voice full of dissatisfaction.

Of course, the team leader had already shown the bitter taste of the world once, so he kept his voice low.

Demigod, Demigod?

As I shook my head as if I was going to remember something, I felt Hajun hyung looking at me and stopped thinking for a moment.

“It’s okay, bro. I didn’t cross that line.”

“… Know. Don’t go out though. I hate you too.”

Ha Jun-hyung, who exhorted us with a lively voice throughout the rehearsal, looked very tired.

“We will be able to see our fans soon, so let’s do our best.”

“Yes. so be it But where did the manager go?”

When the youngest rubbed Ha-joon’s shoulder to cheer up the hyungs, Ha-joon, who smiled with a more relaxed face, asked Youngbin.

“You didn’t tell me where you were going, so I don’t know.”

Youngbin hyung, who was not caught in the gossip’s mess earlier, but suffered mental damage just like Hajun hyung, the corners of his eyes drooped slightly.

Looking at his face alone, the pity seemed to increase fivefold when the corners of the eyes of Youngbin hyung, who is more handsome than me, drooped.

“We start with what we can do.”

“okay. Let’s practice.”

So far, all we can do is do this.

And after checking the order of the choreography once again and matching the formation once again, I left the word that I was going to the bathroom for a while and quickly took up a space in the bathroom and sat down.

[Poing! I need help!]

Having a cell phone, I decided to call my fairy, who can be of the greatest help to me, as my cheerleader.

It was hard to believe when I heard that the fairy has a cell phone, and that she can even send messages with its fluffy paws… actually got a reply.

Fairy [ㅇㅋ] [Ah… . King Sejong the Great will be crying… .]

A guy called a fairy learns Hangeul and uses it every now and then. I let out a deep sigh.

* * *

that time. Jung Woo-jin admired the boxes brought by team leader So-hyun, who arrived late.

“Wow, the manager cares.”

“It was my first studio, and they said that I should take care of my fans and gave it to me.”

When many people applied for the pre-recording application so that the number of people who could participate was overflowing, team leader Sohyeon, who shouted joyfully, scolded Director Jeong Yoon, creating a short greeting time for the fans.

These boxes, which Director Jeong Yoon brought, would be a small gift for the grateful fans who endured until then.

Because there were not many people yet, it was not possible to arrange a place for fans to gather near the broadcasting station, but the children were able to interact with the fans for a short time even from a distance.

And the scene was scheduled to be broadcast through the GIVE app.

“Our kids need to grow up. With this stage, I have to shoot Unravel in memory.”

Team leader Sohyeon, who used to circulate not only the PD, but also the assistant directors and FDs, had a wretched expression on her face.

Both Unravel and ON Enter were clenching their teeth to bring out the best they could do.

Fans who were anxiously waiting for Unravel’s first album began to share with each other in search of what they had to do.

By checking the streaming (streaming) list, clearing the cache, and increasing the number of views of music videos registered on Wecam, everyone was working hard for Unravel.

Fortunately, a few home moms and fans who already had experience with idol virtues came forward and encouraged each other and were well on the way.

The so-called ‘Jeok-duk’ took their fancams and individual photos taken during the showcase, corrected them with their soul, and released them hotly.

Some were working hard on other radio programs to write song requests.

And someone else collaborated with the hommas and started uploading subtitles on the official channel videos of Fancam and Wecam.

As there are only a few, the immediate effect will be negligible, but the basics for our children’s business were being solidified.

And now, all that remained was for Unravel to show off their charms as much as possible through the music broadcast stage.

* * *

“You are doing well, and you will do well, so don’t be too nervous.”


Woojin-hyung, who said the same thing the 4th time, seemed more nervous, but we didn’t have time to realize that.

It was because a team of goblins and anteaters called Demigod went up for a pre-recording, and after a while it was our turn.

‘Poing, can you see us in front of us like we did last time?’


I was an ordinary person. Poing was necessary to get the most out of the stage.

It was not a place with only a few people from the company, like the evaluation made when creating idols.

It wasn’t even the showcase stage where fans and reporters alike came for the purpose of Unravel.

Some fandoms responded to other singers’ stages to some extent, but there were other fandoms that didn’t.

As an extreme example, discordant fandoms often protested silently when the other singer went on stage.

Of course, the pre-recording conducted by the broadcasting station wouldn’t have that extreme atmosphere, but we had to pay more attention because several fandoms would mix and match and watch us.

In fact, most people don’t even know who we are and don’t care.

Fortunately, Poing is only visible to me, so I was able to go to the stage first and take a look at the atmosphere there.

‘Poing, please take care of me.’

In this way, my fairy once again became a surveillance camera.

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