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As yesterday was long, today came so quickly.

I couldn’t sleep from talking about Poing and myself for a long night.

However, I barely woke up and the school uniform I saw the next morning contained the affection of the eldest hyungs, who hadn’t slept longer than the night I didn’t sleep.

“You can wear it roughly.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Me, Kyunghwan hyung, Himchan, and Sebin’s school uniforms were all ironed as stiffly as if they were grass fed, and the shirt worn under the school uniform jacket was also clean with no stains on the wrists and nape of the neck.

Youngbin hyung and Hajun hyung prepared the uniforms we wore roughly.

“It won’t be as good as what your parents take care of. Still, I don’t see where our kids go and die.”

“If someone bullies you at school, tell them first.”

The school that aspiring celebrities attend is usually fixed.

The size of the agency I’m in, the group I belong to, or the popularity I have in the group and class within it only changed, but it wasn’t much different from the existing school.

“Thank you, Juni hyung and Youngbin hyung.”

“Go quickly.”

“Don’t sleep too much.”

There was a sense of pride in the faces of the two eldest brothers who saw us off with a calm expression.

We, who wore rough-washed, crumpled school uniforms, awkwardly touched the hem of the stiff uniforms, looked at each other and smiled.

“I have to study a little today.”

“Aren’t you supposed to do a little bit too much?”

“Ugh… . Stop sleeping!”

We were separated from middle and high school by one wall, and we boarded the same bus side by side and headed to school half-dozing.

* * *

The eldest brother, who sent his younger brothers to school, sat down with a tired face.

“Anyway, Himchan’s facial swelling hasn’t gone away, but I’m glad that he wore a school uniform properly.”

“I’m going to die of sleep… .”

Yesterday, four months later, I gave up most of the night’s sleep for my younger siblings, who must have been exhausted.

I felt sorry for the younger brothers who had to leave for school like early in the morning, but more than that, I was so sleepy now.

If I lay down quickly now, I can sleep for less than two hours.

“Let’s get some sleep and go to work.”

“Yes. I need to set an alarm… .”

Ha-jun and Young-bin laid themselves flat on the living room floor.

* * *

Following the wishes of the two eldest hyungs, the members returned to the company after finishing their time at school vigorously. When we arrived, Woojin hyung welcomed us.

“I’m here?”

“Huh? Where have you guys gone?”

The look of the manager who greeted him as if he had been waiting in the practice room gave him a puzzled expression.

“Hajun and Heath are with Danwoo hyung.”

“Yeonsu sunbaenim and manager? Because of that concert?”

“that’s right. Let’s go quickly too.”

For some reason, when I saw Woojin hyung’s smiley face, all of my worries that I might be scolded today for yesterday’s events were all gone.

The world is cool… ? Does that mean you trust us that much?

Thoughts were floating around, I quietly walked as my brother was leading. The place we arrived at was a larger conference room than where we had previously gathered together.

“Uh, are all the kids here?”

“Yes. Everything is here.”

Ha Yeon-soo, who greeted us friendly, smiled as we watched us carefully.

“You said you were scolded by Tim Kim yesterday?”

“Yep… .”

“It’s all that big. What can I do better in the future? Even if Tim Kim told you that, you know that it is not personal malice, right?”

“Yes. We were wrong… .”

“okay. You made a mistake and got scolded, so you don’t have to make the same mistake in the future.”

We haven’t heard yet what the purpose of being called here is, but as the seniors in the music industry tapped on our shoulders one by one and comforted us, the shoulders that had been stiff for me and the other members were relieved a little.

Hajun-hyung and Youngbin-hyung, who looked at us like that, had calm expressions.

It seems that they have already gone through this process before us.

“Come on, sit down. First of all, I finished talking with team leader Kim So-hyun about the concert schedule. I also got permission from Director Jung Yoon. You know I’m preparing for a national concert, right?”

“Yes. I heard it.”

“It will be held for two days in Seoul, of which I will perform with you on Sunday. As you said, I can give you three songs. One of them will be sung with me. I think there are about three weeks left. Is it possible?”

Ha Yeon-su asked with a smile, but he had to answer that it was possible even if it was not possible.

It was an opportunity that would never come to us again, except that it was difficult here.

“Yes! We will make it possible!”

“I really want to do it!”

We were thirsty for the stage.

We are rookies who will soon be forgotten if we don’t diligently put our face stamps anywhere.

“Okay, rookies are like that. As Hajun and Youngbin said, the kids are energetic.”

Looking at Hajun hyung and Youngbin hyung with a smile, it seemed that something was going on when they were alone.

“Now, one song needs to be sung by your title, so shall we decide on the other two songs?”

The two-hour meeting that ensued sucked our spirits down.

I had vaguely thought that there must be a good reason for being considered as one of the top male balladers in Korea.

Obviously, the range was wide and the voice was nice to hear.

It was Ha Yeon-soo, who sang mournful love with a voice that melts the heart, moving freely from mid to high notes.

If you look at the list of karaoke favorites, there are always a few of his songs on the list.

And today, Ha Yeon-soo found out in person another reason why he was able to maintain his popularity and ability.

I, foolishly, forgot for a moment that Ha Yeon-soo’s other nickname was the stage master.

His stage was of a kind that could not be made with ordinary passion.

“Then, let’s do something roughly like this and practice for a duet from time to time.”

“Yes… .”

Unlike us, who withered after the meeting, Ha Yeon-soo patted our shoulders with a fresh face and left the conference room.

Woojin hyung, who supplemented and organized opinions in the meantime, looked quite tired.

“Now, let’s go to the practice room.”

I’m tired because I’m tired and I have to do something.

Even before debut, there was not enough time to practice, but after debuting, that time became tighter.

For a stage where you do not know when or how to stand up, you had to set the angle of the choreography and practice not to disturb the pitch while doing the choreography.

Because it’s better to sing while running until your lungs burst than to get ripped off by the crowd while lip syncing clumsily.

And as the end of the day approached, the team leader appeared.

It was as if he could hear Himchan swallowing saliva behind his back.

Just yesterday, I was greeted with words like that, and if I can see the person in charge and be okay with it, then that would be a great person in its own way.

“I know that because Woojin will guide the preparations for the concert with Yeonsu. Your music studio has been caught.”

The team leader calmly informed us, but we could not respond calmly.


“Are we going to the music room?”


The children, who were like dried radish, became as vivid as roses filled with water.

It’s so easy for our kids to understand… .

“Music value. Do you know where it is?”

“Of course I do! SCTV.”

“Can you do it?”

“of course! You can do it right now!”

When Himchan answered with clenched fists as if he had been depressed, the team leader, who had been speaking expressionlessly the whole time, smiled.

“It’s too much right now, and the schedule is in 2 days. Still, time is tight. First of all, I posted a notice on the fan cafe, so please take a look. Oh, have you all joined the fancafe?”

“Yes. Everyone has signed up.”

“Yeah, don’t eat chicken breast for dinner tonight, but eat stir-fried pork. I will allow it.”

Not crispy chicken breast, but stir-fried pork.

Not only me, but all the members’ faces brightened.

“Ah, chief. Can I post on our fan cafe?”

“Yes. Instead, get confirmation from Woojin before posting.”


“Ah, if there is anything you would like to recommend for your fan club name, let me know. I’ll put up the final vote after the fans applied.”

I was so moved that I couldn’t even post a greeting on the fan cafe, so I asked the team leader if I could write a letter and got permission.

The fan club name contest must have been posted, so I was curious to see what kind of opinions there would be.

I wondered if the cotton ball I belonged to before was still there, and I wondered what other opinions were coming out.

If I recall, the name of the fan club that competed with the ball of cotton seems to be a puzzle.

I thought the name was pretty good, but I also liked the cotton ball more than that, so I thought that it would be better to become a cotton ball again this time as well.

“Ah, Jihwan, let me see you for a moment.”


The team leader who was about to leave the practice room called me with a face that seemed to remember something, and I could feel the gaze of the members with question marks on their faces… I had no idea either.

The only thing that immediately came to mind was yesterday, but since we had already talked through Woojin hyung, it was not likely that we would talk about it again.

As if the conversation wouldn’t be long, the team leader stopped not far from the practice room and looked at me.

More precisely, the gauze on the forehead.

“… In the future, please be careful.”

“Yep… .”

At this point in time when the music room stage was set, the gauze on my forehead was a concern in many ways, so I answered calmly.

“I got a call from Ga-young.”

“Yes? Brother?”

“Yes. They didn’t know you had a phone, so they contacted the company.”

“Ah… Yes. I forgot to call you yesterday.”

I should have called back when I got home, but the road up to that point was too eventful.

Besides, I was thinking about talking with Poing yesterday, so I didn’t even have time to think of him.

“We plan to release a unit album sooner or later at Dawn, and you and Hajun suggested a feature there.”

“I understand Juni hyung, but me?”

“Yes. They said that your voice would go well with this album. do you wanna do it? By the way, Hajun said he did.”

“Ah… .”

For a moment, the worries passed.

Dawn’s fandom was different from Ha Yeon-soo’s fandom.

People who love the unique sensibility and voice of dawn. Because their ears and evaluations were at a level that could never be ignored.

However, there was no better opportunity than this to make a name and raise Unravel’s voice even a little.

“Yes, I will. I have to do something.”

“Yeah, well thought. I was worried because I thought working with Gayoung would be scary, but I’m glad.”

Looking at the smiling team leader, I couldn’t help but smile awkwardly.

While recording the title song with Gayoung, I murmured to the team leader to help me because I suffered so much that I could die, but I seem to remember that.

“Honestly, it doesn’t make sense for us to choose work in our current situation. But is it a secret from the members?”

“Ah, I thought it would be better to talk about it after you’ve done porn. And this time, the collaboration was officially discussed, so there are some things to talk about with each other.”

After patting me on the shoulder and telling me to go in carefully, the manager disappeared back to the office.

For some reason, she looked like an older sister who was exhausted from overtime work and looked like a zombie.

“Chief, pack your meals and go to work.”

“I’m worried about you, boy.”

Still, it seems that he didn’t hate his worries, but there was a slight smile in his voice.

All of a sudden, I wanted to see my older sister who was abusive I couldn’t see now.

And I felt a little bit choked up.

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