For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 44

And after that(5)

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After a short conversation with Ha-jun, I entered the dormitory with a complicated head.

On the living room floor, the members were spread out and drooping like the last time, and even their faces were all spectacled, so I had a strange feeling whether to laugh or cry.

“… … Looking at it like this, it’s so ugly that it’s swollen.”

“What do you mean?”

When a crucian carp came and Himchan mumbled with a face that looked like an older brother, Kyung-hwan, who had his face on the cool floor, responded.

“I think the two probably won’t… . That’s heaven.”

In the meantime, he shook his head at the smirk.

Still, normally, the second game would have happened right away, but today it was either because I was out of energy or because I was angry.

As we approached Youngbin’s side, our Sebin, who was as cute and pretty as a baby fox, didn’t even talk about her face.

“My bastard, what is this face?”

“Tongue… .”

“Hey, you suffer a lot because of the hyungs who are lacking.”

Sebin took my hand and placed it over her eyes as she procrastinated and patted her head, pitying her youngest child, who was procrastinating and clinging to her side.

“Your hand is cold, so it’s cool.”

“Kicking hands and feet helps in times like this.”

When she said that my hands were cold, Youngbin, who was next to her, took her remaining hand and put it on his forehead.

“What is all this… . Were you very angry with the manager?”


“Looking at hyung’s face, it’s a little odd, huh?”

Youngbin’s face, which was still white and doughy, looked paler, but she decided not to ask.

Then Himchan, who had his cheek on the floor, got up and sat down.

“Jihwan, I’m really sorry. I’ll be careful every day so that I don’t get into an accident outside.”

“I’m sorry too. It’s something I should have just put up with once and for all.”

“Uh-huh, stop. both are done I ran in ignorantly and hit my head. I will be more careful in the future.”

Himchan’s face, which has been cut from tears, is so… He looked so sad that he couldn’t say anything.

I guess we were too excited.

At first, when I saw Myung-jun’s face, I was careful even to breathe, but in that short time, my usual appearance came out.

“You haven’t contacted your senior yet?”

“who? Hagyeom-senpai?”

“Yes. I will contact you.”

“But should I say Hagyeom senior, or should I say Myungjun senior?”

“Um, shouldn’t we say Myeongjun sunbaenim when we see each other on the radio or Hagyeom sunbaenim in the music room?”

He responded appropriately to Himchan, who was worried about how to save his name, and pulled out the hand he had handed over to Sebin and Youngbin and pulled out his cell phone.

I didn’t think about it until recently, but when Chani asked, I suddenly started thinking about the title too.

Since there are many people whose real names and stage names are different, it is not easy to start with a first name.

Youngbin looked at my hand as if it were a pity, but he tried to pretend he didn’t know and opened the Nyangtok.

Since I saved Myung-jun’s number, he must be automatically registered as a friend on Nyangtok.

[Senior, this is Jihwan.]

What if the number 1 in the sent message disappeared immediately? In the meantime, a reply came.

Hagyeom sunbaenim [Jihwan, are you okay? What in the hospital] [Yes Yes. They say it’s a wound that doesn’t even need to be sewn up at the hospital, so you just need to disinfect it well.]

Hagyeom sunbaenim [Aigoo… I endured it for ten years, so I’m glad it wasn’t a big wound.] [I’m sorry. Are you very surprised? I will be more careful next time.]

Hagyeom sunbaenim [Next time, don’t jump in, Inum child!] [Yeah haha… .]

Hagyeom sunbaenim [Are you really broken by the team leader? It’s all about blood and flesh, so tell the kids not to be too sad

[Yes, because we were wrong… .]

Hagyeom sunbaenim [I’m glad you weren’t seriously injured though, so take a good rest!]

Myung-jun was a senior who coolly omitted periods.

I wish he hadn’t left out the question mark… .

As the mobile phone that was set to vibrate continued to vibrate, the other members were all looking at my hand with curious faces.

“Senior, do you want to listen to Team Leader Sohyun?”

“Okay… . so be it.”

“But was our team leader famous? How does Hagyeom sunbaenim know our team leader?”

The conversation, which had continued for a while, stopped for a moment when Hajun entered with the sound of a door lock.

“Brother has come. A bunch of accidents.”

“Wow! Brother, are you going to eat?”

Our Choi Himchan had been weeping as he was covered in tears and runny nose in Hajun’s clothes before, but now he is alive again and his eyes are shining as he looks at the convenience store envelope.

Maybe it wasn’t just me who was embarrassed by that look, but Hajun, Youngbin, and even Sebin’s faces were at a loss for words at seeing Himchan like that.

“… Your recovery is so fast, our Himchan.”

“Hehe, that’s my only strength.”

Our Himchan, who is good-natured, recovers quickly and dances well, but lacks a bit of insight.

I could feel the leader’s sorrow at the sight of Ha-jun, who sighed deeply because he thought maybe he liked him.

“Let’s eat first. I got permission from the manager. We didn’t even have dinner.”

“Wow… .”

“Did your brother buy this?”

“Huh. Why are we asking you to buy rice today?”

Himchan was next to Ha-jun, who casually spit out easy-to-cook food and put the food in the microwave.

“What money does your brother have?”

“I have more than you, so I eat. If you shed that much blood, you need to replenish it.”

When the table was spread out in the middle of the living room, and a packed lunch, cup rice, and sausages were placed on it, the table was full.

“Ah, it’s perfect to have ramen broth here… .”

“Are you going to be scolded again tomorrow morning because your face is swollen?”

“I just want to eat! That’s it.”

Youngbin said a word to Sebin again, as if regretting it, and Kyunghwan came with chopsticks.

It was even strange to see the members moving and preparing to find work to do on their own now.

“Today, our charm leader Hajun robbed his pocket, so let’s all applaud!”


“Clap clap!”

The members clapped and trembled at Ha-jun, who suffered the most from being beaten around all day, and his ears turned red, unlike the face that pretended to be nothing.

“let’s eat.”


Seeing the members busy eating happily brought out laughter.

They are like my bastards who are equal in front of food.

In an instant, the storm-like meal was over and Himchan sneaked over to me while I was cleaning up the tables.



“If there is any scarring, I will make sure to earn money and have you have surgery to remove the scar.”

“Don’t worry too much, because there are no scars left at the hospital.”

He came slowly, so I was trying to talk about something, but it seemed like he was still concerned about his injury.

Even though it seemed infinitely light, it was so unique that he showed it once in a while.

“Go wash up quickly and go to sleep. We have to go to school.”

“Oh, right. Oh, I don’t want to go to school… .”

“Don’t talk about school!”

“I just forgot.”

It was already well past midnight, so the three people who were still underage started moving their bodies one by one, sighing as the ground went out.

“First wash Sebin. You’re the worst waking up in the morning.”

“I can wake up… .”

“Okay, why don’t you wash it right away?”

Ha-jun, who had even set the order of washing in the order in which he usually wakes up the most, took out his laptop from the room and put it on the table.

“Isn’t your brother sleeping?”

“Yes. To sleep with a little touch of the lyrics I wrote.”

“Your brother also sleeps before it’s too late.”


Today, I thought again that it was fortunate that Hajun and Youngbin held the center of the team.

They must have been very tired, but in the meantime, they took care of their members and comforted the mentally exhausted children.

Without the eldest hyungs, I wondered if these gangs would have been able to debut.

One by one, everyone went to their seats and lay down, and then I lay down on my seat, and Poing came up from where he had been and lay down on my arm, accustomed to it.

‘Did you learn that skill or something today?’


‘I was very upset today.’

‘Did you eat your forehead because of the riot?’

‘It’s not cracked, it’s slightly cracked.’


My fairy’s credibility in my words seemed to be at the very bottom.

‘What happened? Tell me. I’ll listen.’

Poing’s tail moved swiftly on the duvet, probably worried about the wound.

There seemed to be something he didn’t like.

‘The only thing you can look at is your face, but you can’t even take care of that face.’

‘OMG. It’s too much to say that there’s nothing to look at other than your face.’

Poing, who has always been kind to me, went to a radio shoot today and fell asleep listening to what had happened, and then slapped me on the forearm with a cotton bat.

‘Motion nerves! With no horns! Are you crazy?’

‘Aww, stop hitting me!’

‘You have to hit it until you come to your senses!’

To be honest, it didn’t hurt to hit me at all because my front paws were like soft bats, but I was so angry that I let my forearms hit my forearm until my anger went away.

‘I’ll be more careful in the future. Get angry, huh?’

‘quite! If I just take my eyes off you!’

He stroked and patted his buttocks hard to appease the angry little fairy, but it did not subside easily.

Should I buy some real churros?

‘How long do I have to go to receive that education?’

‘It will be over soon. If you hadn’t picked a random one at that time, we wouldn’t have to go through this trouble!’

I really want to hit the former me who thought it was a dream and randomly picked me at that important moment, but what can I do about the past?

After getting rid of the second anger, I rested my cheek against Poing’s procrastination’s slightly curved back.

‘You know, Poing.’

‘Say it.’

‘Woojin hyung, that is, manager hyung and Juni hyung, why do you keep acting like a supporter to me?’


‘Yes. I’m not trying to get my share of it like I’m not a member of Unravel. But I just thought that if Unravel went well, I wouldn’t be able to get it. Is this wrong?’

Poing, who had been turning his back until then, hurriedly turned around and laid face to face with his eyes.

‘It could be because you haven’t considered the life you have now as your own.’

‘Do I think it’s my life?’

‘Don’t live just because you live, dear.’


‘Sir, let’s say that Unravel was really successful later on. So what are you going to do?’

‘Huh… Well? I do not know.’

‘Looking at what you’re doing right now, if the goal of making Unravel succeed is achieved, it’s like a human being enough to just die.’

‘Eh? Not that much.’

Poing, who had always had a rough face, was looking at me with his eyes closed today.

‘It means that you should not equate the success of Unravel with your life too much. I was given the opportunity to live a happy and regret-free life, not this life to achieve a certain mission.’

As I listened to Poing’s words, something felt confused in my head.

I thought that what I wanted to do in this life was to help Unravel succeed, but after listening to Poing, I wondered if that was not enough.

‘Does Foing think that I have reversed my purposes and means?’

‘I’m glad I’m not very stupid.’

At that moment, a blue night sky appeared in Poing’s red eyes.

‘Let’s finish education quickly and stay with me, fairy.’

‘Don’t bother sticking around!’

‘I have to watch so I don’t have an accident.’

‘Even if you’re not looking, you shouldn’t have an accident!’

For some reason, it felt like I had just stepped on the first step firmly.

As expected, I closed my eyes thinking that I was lucky that Poing was with me.

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