For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 19


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The representative’s expression looking at all the members standing on the stage was always kind from the beginning until now.

The other members, who didn’t know what was behind that kind face, flinched at the sight of denying the team leaders’ answers, but I made up my mind.

ON Entertainment’s representative, Park Jeong-gyun, earned the nickname of Director Ahn (the director of a certain basketball cartoon) who blackened the members without hesitation in the creation of an idol with a warm face.

The members of Unravel, which were obtained through hacking and hacking, struggled and led them to their debut safely, but until the beginning of their debut, the members were particularly shy when they stood in front of the CEO.

“The question will be asked individually, regardless of the team. Only the team leaders, please come forward.”

[Let’s see… .]

Team members took one step back and team leaders took one step forward.

I felt sorry for Ha-jun and Young-bin’s stiff shoulders, which seemed to be tense, but I persevered and adjusted my posture.

Before going on stage, I remembered the stories I had with the members.

Anyway, we worked hard, so let’s not get discouraged.

To be honest, it’s easy to say, right now, I felt like my head was going to keep going towards the ground. I was like this, but I was afraid that the other members would be terrified, so I straightened my back more. In the hope that other members will not be discouraged.

“Once you look at the number of people, Team A had a lot more options than Team B, but were you aware of the merits of the number of people?”

“… More numbers are not always advantageous.”

“Can you tell me why you think so? Does Team A have no merit in the number of people in this competition?”

[Did you say that you are good at dancing and that your vocals are not making any progress?]

The CEO who overestimates Himchan’s vocals. The letters expressing his thoughts seemed to be buzzing in my ears, so I almost stepped forward without realizing it.

It was a skill effect that I had practiced and seen many times, but it was not easy to keep my composure even when I saw the harsh evaluation given to someone close to me.

“You can change the choreography depending on the size of the stage, but it becomes difficult to transform it when close to half of the original choreography is missing.”

“Then you’re saying that Team B, who didn’t do the choreography at all, would have had an advantage?”

[You must have seen the stage? For an answer from someone who has actually choreographed… .]

This was one of the shortcomings of text messages.

Since emotions are not contained in a simple letter arrangement, it was difficult to accurately determine whether the other person’s feelings were regretful or dissatisfied.

I had to judge and respond according to the general feeling, but it was not easy because each person spoke differently.

“It’s not like that, but if it wasn’t for the content that Hajun hyung and Kyunghwan hyung arranged properly for, it would have been more difficult to compose the choreography.”

“is that so.”

[Were the members strong?]

I was sorry for Himchan’s answer.

Himchan worked really hard and passionately while preparing for the contest.

As I watched it all the time, I thought that it would have been better to get more points if Himchan showed off his skills in the previous situation.

Thinking too much about the team, it was a bit of a waste to pass it on to someone else’s ball.

“What kind of song do you think Woobin-kun’s voice suits best with?”

“Personally, I think it’s a little more appropriate when making a song with a refreshing feeling or a song for the season.”

[Although I know my own voice.]

Damn Kim Woo-bin!

Most of the questions we’ve been asked from time to time have been like this.

Questions that, if misspoken, can make you feel like you’re wrapping yourself up too much or that you haven’t done too much.

For example, I posed this question to Sebin.

“Are you satisfied with today’s stage yourself?”

Regarding this, Sebin clearly lacks something, but when he replied that he was satisfied because he did his best, he smiled and replied that he should have increased the amount of practice a little more so that there was nothing lacking.

[It is not beneficial for the person who has to stand on the stage to lack confidence.]

while doing something like thinking

Gradually, the president began to hate him.

What kind of subordinate would answer the boss’s question, ‘Are you tired of writing reports all night, can you present today?

I have only seen such a spirit in dramas and novels.

Most of the messages that I checked while glancing at whether the members’ answers to the questions did not like the CEO’s standards were mostly erratic.

Even if I didn’t expect compliments, I thought that I might still see a message or two saying that I liked it, but my heart became more and more frustrated.

“Jihwan-kun, do you want to debut?”

Are you suddenly coming in like this?

“Yes. I will definitely debut.”

So I gave the same answer.

If you like this kind of thing, it’s common sense to tailor it to you.

“I don’t really see any special talents or anything that will catch people’s attention.”

[Sometimes ago, I made a riot.]

It seemed that he was still skeptical of what ‘me’ had done before.

Considering the cost of making a team debut and investing, it was fortunate that he wasn’t kicked out right away, but that part has already been said through the head of the department, but he’s stuck inside.

I remembered that the community reaction that Deputy Director showed a while ago wasn’t too bad.

Considering that it was a temporary reaction, most of the responses were more favorable than expected. And at least up to the line of implementation, it was obvious that the community reaction would be shared every day.

“Even if a person like me may not be noticed right away, I thought that I could make the color of the team stand out. I believe that if I keep working hard and wait for the team to establish a stable position, I will have a chance to show myself more.”

My current mentality, which has been strengthened with skills, is hard enough that it will not be broken even if it is ripped to pieces by some venomous language. Thanks to this, I was calm enough to talk about my role and the direction of the team that I had been organizing and drawing in my head all along.

He didn’t look around and fixed his gaze on the CEO, but the fact that other members and judges were staring at him could make his skin sting.

It reminded me of the sad past when I had to solve everything from research to PPT presentations when I was in a group assignment at university. Even though I was shy in front of dozens of people, I was a wonderful person who did well without trembling.

“As the CEO knows, I am a member who had an incident once. That’s why I realized my mistake at the time with Ha Jun’s care, and now I’m working harder to fit into the team than anyone else.”


“I realized a lot about what a team is, and I thought about the roles I could do better than the other members and the roles I should take on this team. And now I seem to have found the answer.”

“What is the answer?”

It was a short time, but from the day I came back from the hospital to the dorm, I tried to talk to the members as much as possible every day. Even though they simply listened to the various stories they were struggling with, the members showed a more stable appearance.

I continued to ponder and think about the position that team leader Sohyeon told me about when he first brought me in.

What I can do in this group and what strengths I have.

“The members have distinct individual colors. When I tried to draw the melody only in the ranges allowed by each, I thought that it would be difficult to digest a balanced song if Sebin alone covers the midrange.”

Having said this, I held my breath for a moment.

“Fortunately, my voice goes well with any of the members,” the vocal trainer said during lessons. Then, being on the team has the advantage of being able to digest more diverse songs.

Words that I practiced and thought over several times in my head. I reread myself like that, saying that it was fortunate that it flowed more naturally than practice.

“and… What I’m going to tell you from now on is something I was thinking about in a business-wise direction, can I tell you?”

“Tell me.”

[Because it can be edited if there is a difference.]

Fortunately, the CEO seemed to understand well what he was going to say.

“How a wandering member was comforted by the help of the same team and became a part of the team, that alone becomes a narrative. Now, the public doesn’t go crazy about idols just because of their simple appearance. People have high standards. There are so many good-looking people who can sing and dance well.”

It was still awkward and not a very good feeling to have to package and sell myself as a product. Has it been ten days now? Until just a few days ago, I was just an ordinary citizen.

However, the CEO was showing little interest in whether this packaging was plausible.

[First of all, I should request editing of this part. Jihwan speaks better than I thought.]

“People focus on the stories they create. What kind of story do you have and what kind of story do you want to show in the future? When you want to be part of that story, that’s how you become a fan in the public.”

“I think Ji-hwan would be more suited to a conference room rather than that place.”

[You seem to have an understanding of your own situation, and you also have an understanding of the idol market.]

This representative uncle seemed to have a bit of a tendency to differ in his inner and outward words.

It occurred to me for a moment that I was acting like a nail that came out too much by myself, but the people sitting in the judges’ seats must have already made their choice the moment they saw our appearance for a week and today’s stage.

Maybe I came here just to check the things I want to check, to see if the letters we saw in the documents match with each other.

After that, the representative’s questions were over, and the other three judges did not ask many questions.

In the case of A&R team manager Kim Gun-wook, he was very interested in Ha-jun and Kyung-hwan, who compose and arrange the song, and Ha Yeon-soo praised the rarity of Young-bin’s voice, but he regretted that he did not do it properly on this stage.

And Sebin said that it would be good to increase the amount of practice because the pitch is easily unstable, but on the actual stage it will shake several times more than it is now.

What was curious was that Ha Yeon-soo did not ask any questions to Kim Woo-bin, and then looked at me and smiled.

Some of the questions were over, and we were still standing on the stage.

Director Jeong Yoon and the other judges murmured over us for a while and then said to us.

“I’ll announce it in a little while, so if you have something you want to say now, please do so.”

No one came forward. One day, Sebin came up next to me, and she was shaking so much that he took her hand. When he saw it again, Himchan was also next to her.

Guys, I said let’s be proud… .

Fortunately, it was as if he was hiding behind tall Youngbin and Hajun, but the chief of staff Jeong Yoon burst into laughter as he saw the three of us.

“The members we call from now on will be the final members. It’s a pity for the members who weren’t called, but please aim for the next opportunity.”

Did it suddenly change from what I knew about idol creation?

Originally, the members were selected and kicked out until the 2nd contest, but after arguing and arguing, the children were finally confirmed, but they immediately called the final member.

Hearing this, the members raised their heads and looked at the judges’ seats, but the faces of those who sat and looked at us were quite relaxed.

Min Ha-jun, Kim Young-bin, and Baek Kyung-hwan were called in turn, and the judges were a little nervous, and Kang Se-bin’s name was also called out.

Even though she had her skill turned on, it seemed that she was sweating profusely. Maybe it was because of her mood or not, Sebin’s hand, which was holding my hand, was also sweating profusely.

“Himchan-kun, do you remember that you highly admired your passion for dancing and put it in her debut group?”

“Yes. I remember.”

“It is no longer just dancing. Do you know?”


“If the vocals don’t get better in the future, it could be a problem. Talk to your manager.”

“thank you!”

It seemed like a warning, but in the end, Himchan was also said to have passed. And all that’s left is Woobin and I.

“… The judges agreed that Woobin’s voice was not suitable for this team. You have worked hard all this time.”

For some reason, Director Jeong Yoon’s voice was colder than usual, and a grunt could be heard from the side.

“Jihwan, are you willing to go to the office instead of the practice room?”

“There is not. I want to be on stage.”

“I am giving Jihwan a chance now.”


Director Jeong Yoon, who returned to his usual tone, continued speaking calmly, but I was not the only one to be shaken by that level. It’s because the hearts of the CEO and Director Jeong Yoon have been floating around since a while ago.

“Then there is nothing you can do. We can’t chase him away, so we have to go together.”

[Strange Guy]

“thank you.”

Poing, who had turned his back to the judges the whole time and pricked his ears, swung his tail as if nothing happened. Until before, I was nervous, and I watched him wag his tail from side to side several times and the tips of his ears tremble.

When the people in front of me didn’t like the kids who had a hard time yet, Ha Yeon-soo sunbae came forward.

“Come on, you too, each of you need to organize your own things and rest. Good job.”

“okay. It’s been hard, guys. Team leader Sohyun will take you home.”

The team leader, who had been looking anxiously at us from one side the whole time, came running and patted the members one by one. However, Team Leader Sohyeon’s eyes, looking at Woobin with his head down, were infinitely cold.

“Woobin, if we’re going to use her hair, let’s use it smarter.”

Woobin raised her head, clenched her teeth and ran outside.

“Team leader, why did Woobin tell hyung… .”

When our kind Sebin hesitated and asked a question to the team leader, saying that such a guy is also his older brother, Sohyun laughed bitterly and said he would talk to us later.

“Come on, the CEO gave me a beopka for a dinner party today, guys! Let’s eat meat!”

Knowing that everyone in the judges’ seat had left and we were the only ones left, the team leader took out a card and waved it, and we cheered louder than ever and ran around the team leader.

I was the one who drew the sketch to some extent, but I never dreamed that Kim Woo-bin would really do that.

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