For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 18


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I came down the stage and looked at the faces of the other three members. On stage, he focused only on dancing and singing without saying anything special, but even below the stage, his heart was still beating violently.

There were no fans watching, and it was a small space that only the four of us could fill, but it was still the first stage for me.

We are smiling at each other without hiding our excitement and Team B looking at us like that.

I had the urge to use the skill ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ on Kim Woo-bin, but I held it down. The real face beneath that calm face will be known after this contest is over.

I remembered the limitation that a person who used it once could not use it for 3 hours, so I saved the skill for announcing the final result.

And in the space where Team B was watching us, all of Team A were nervously waiting for Team B’s stage to begin soon.

Youngbin, Woobin, and Sebin, who took their respective places on the darkened stage, maintained expressionless expressions of wretchedness and tension.

Like we did, Team B must have practiced countless times and matched their own breathing.

Although the beginning was chaotic, Youngbin somehow managed to find a balance, and they found their own way.

Now it was our turn to see the way.

Unlike Team A’s stage, which was bright in the beginning, Team B’s light fell on Woobin’s head at the beginning of the intro. Woobin started the first bar with a clear voice.

“Do not be sorry. I am not as broken as you turned your back on me.”

Unlike the creation of idols I had seen, the teams were divided, so I could not know the victory or defeat of this contest and the future progress, so I pricked up my ears to focus more.

I was very nervous about how it would go, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had heard this melody from somewhere throughout the first verse.

“The arrangement was better than I expected. It’s like a completely different song.”

“I know the lyrics, so it’s crazy, but the first part is completely different.”

“Certainly, Woobin hyung has a good voice.”

Ha-jun and Kyung-hwan admired the front part that gave it a different feel, and Himchan listened carefully to the tone and pronunciation of the first verse led by Woobin.

Meanwhile, the second pin light on the stage turned on and Sebin’s part started.

“Look at me, even if you throw it away and trample it, it won’t break. In the sea of ​​tears I shed, you are just an island floating alone. You can’t go anywhere in the endlessly connected me.”

The melody of the part that was originally rap. It seemed that he chose to connect a new melody rather than changing it to a ballad style.

Sebin’s voice still has an immature feeling, so the melody in the mid-range range suited her well, but the person who arranged that part seemed to catch it well.

And after the light on the pin pointing to the last remaining Youngbin was turned on, when the bridge was connected with Sebin’s voice and the harmonies that Woobin and Youngbin built one by one, I was able to realize the identity of the dazed feeling I felt.

In the melody added before and in the middle of the contest song, some of the works I made and the pattern I put in the graduation ceremony were included. Unlike the ones I made, it was cut into several words and entered in the middle of the song, so I didn’t realize it right away, but by the end of the bridge, I was convinced.

“This is where it comes from.”

“Jihwan, why?”

“Oh, no. I think I’ve heard the melody in the middle.”

When he fixed his gaze on the stage with an awkward smile to focus on Youngbin’s part that would be followed again, Hajun looked at the stage again without saying anything.

A good singer is not a good singer with good high notes, but good singers use their voices well even in high notes. And in that respect, Youngbin had a voice that I really liked.

Since each person has a different range, if you ask Youngbin to sing a nonsensical low-pitched song, a black story will occur, but fortunately, this song was a song that put the main melody in the mid-range and decorated it with a high-pitched part and a rap part.

Youngbin created a sound that filled her small stage by adding her own voice to the sound that Sebin supported and Woobin built up.

However, it didn’t seem to convey a rich story that would convince those who knew the original song of the song.

Most of them hid their expressions well, but a moment of regret passed on Ha Yeon-soo’s face, and I did not miss it, and I recalled the memories of the past.

Once upon a time, Unravel went on a program that reinterpreted a famous song from the past. It was an appearance with a certain level of recognition, but the opponent was an idol with a larger fandom.

In addition, the original author of the song was an idol, so he thought that he would not be able to digest the song of a desperate breakup, so it was even more chaotic because he made very bad comments about our children singing the song.

Of course, our kids did a great job. If I was alone, I may have lacked experience, but it was a proud thing that the four of us shared the parts that they could do best, melted their stories, and even received an apology from the original author.

If at least four people sang that song like back then, it would have been so intimidating that we thought we might lose.

Even if it wasn’t, the song would have been better if Sebin had supported Youngbin’s voice in the middle, but it was Woobin who mostly harmonized with Youngbin.

Woobin’s voice was so honest. When her voice, which gives a perfect feeling, was the main one, it was comfortable and good to listen to, but it didn’t fit well with Youngbin’s voice.

That seemed to be Woobin’s greed.

Only then did I understand why Poing didn’t care and she told me to be good to you.

After Team B’s stage was over, she tapped Himchan’s shoulder, who was clenching her fists next to her.

“Chan, relax.”


“To hit someone with that fist.”

Only then did Himchan realize that he was clenching her fists, and he took a deep breath and wiped her hands across his pants.

“You can sing that song so calmly.”

“Who arranged the arrangement? It was very natural.”

While we were chatting, Team B also came down the stage and we cheered on our other team, which had been struggling in our own way.

He tapped Sebin’s shoulder, who was depressed because of the stage, and encouraged him several times that he did well. Sebin, who came to dance as a specialty, said that ON Entertainment was the first time she had been a trainee or received proper vocal training.

Sebin, who didn’t even have the concept of learning how to sing properly, was now chasing after her trainer more terrifyingly than anyone else, and all the members knew that.

Because no one was able to perform a stage that was completely satisfactory, the other members who guessed Sebin’s heart like that also praised and comforted her gloomy youngest.

Youngbin, who led Team B, had a calm face. He seemed to be conversing with Ha-jun a little away from other people, so he didn’t interfere.

However, it was a little surprising that Woobin was having a conversation with Kyunghwan without showing any signs of nervousness. Does she know of some other source?

Curious, but she stifled the use of the skill once more, in case she hears the judges’ comments a little later.

“Team A and Team B will both go up to the stage.”

At that time, when we were hiding our impatience by reflecting on each other’s regrets and good things about the stage we had already passed, the tension that had barely been relieved by the voice calling everyone to the stage rose again.

“Team A and Team B both worked hard. Was it hard to touch and learn a new song within a week?”

The face of the CEO who spoke with a friendly smile could not be that kind. But he knew very well that he wasn’t the only one who was deceived by that face and shed tears.

“But I think the two teams interpreted the essence of the contest in opposite directions. The way the stage was set up and the atmosphere on the stage were definitely different. I think it would be good for each team leader to explain this part a little bit.”

Actually, that explanation was for the viewers who would be watching the broadcast, not for the judges. It was obvious that team leader Sohyeon and manager Woojin had already figured out all our videos and what they were doing in the company, organized them and uploaded them.

“Team A thought it was impossible to kill all the colors because the original song was so popular. So I decided that it would be more balanced to add the atmosphere of Team A to the original song, so I set the direction of the arrangement.”

“In Team B, I thought that the song itself was already so popular that anyone who heard it had no choice but to remember the original song. As a result, we thought that it was not appropriate to show our image, so we took off the packaging and took only the core melody and arranged it in such a way that it contained the image of Team B.”

I wondered what the two team leaders were talking about every evening, but apparently they had practiced in advance to answer the question.

Fortunately, both of them calmly explained their respective teams without trembling too much.

The manager opened his mouth to the representative’s question. The sharp glow of his eyes made the nape of his neck shiver for some reason.

“In this competition, we see how each team interacts harmoniously with the company and whether all members fulfill their respective roles as the main factors. In the opinion of each team leader, did all of their team members perform their roles well?”

“Yes. I think everyone did the best they could in their field.”

“At the beginning, it was a little difficult to come to terms with opinions, but I think that each of us has done our part in a lot of conversations.

I had the illusion that the sound of someone swallowing saliva was vividly heard. And I thought that now was the time I had been holding on for so long.

‘I can hear your voice and use it.’

It is different from the me at the time when I used it for the first time and wandered alone after using it.

I have been practicing all week to change my destiny to be kicked out of this competition, while comparing the effects of using and turning off the skills I have in my spare time.

As a result, he was aware that he could use this bizarre skill that brings out his inner feelings to six people at the same time, and he already knew that the larger the number of people and the narrower the place, the more confused he might feel about what someone said.

“okay? I don’t think it was.”

[Youngbin seems to want to hold everything, but it is greed.]

As the CEO, who was given the timing to speak again from Director Jeong Yoon, revealed himself as a striker, my heart seemed to be pounding as well.

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