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Kim Woo-bin’s behavior was really out of the expected range.

I knew he was a sneaky bastard, but I didn’t think he’d use his files that way.

What I did didn’t matter.

Deputy Ahn heard him briefly during Team B’s stage, so he only said one word.

The song he was working on was split and used, so maybe the assistant looked at it?

I thought that Team B would have entrusted the arrangement to the people of the company, so I reasoned that the sound source stored on the company’s public PC was not properly used.

Team B didn’t have anyone composing or arranging, so I also thought that it was the best in the tight time frame.

Workroom No. 5 was not very well equipped, and because it was small, ordinary people did not find it very often. I just use it for temporary work or storage of things that come to mind from time to time.

So, I did not write a name in particular, and just like other work songs, I created a folder called ‘Hwani for practice’ on the desktop and saved it.

laughter came out.

I accidentally bought and hit it, so I had to make a song to be made in the future in advance.

And somehow, I changed it to a state with my taste added and saved it.

I wanted to know what kind of comedy this situation, which Kim Woo-bin uses, is.

Deputy Ahn was the person who looked after most of the songs I was working on, so he immediately noticed the strange thing and seemed to have checked with the A&R team during that short time.

Usually, the A&R team and the lyricist and composer work as a separate team, but there were people in ON Enter’s A&R team who made their own songs.

It was a place where people with above-average skills were gathered because it was impossible to do the overall job of planning, producing, and managing albums without extensive knowledge in related fields.

So, little by little, I was able to learn how to handle devices and programs.

Stealing a future song, which I thought was a big accident, seemed to have a good effect on me, so I was both bitter and fortunate.

* * *

Team leader Sohyun, who could not go to eat Korean beef with this number of people who could not even debut, called manager Woojin as well, took us in two cars and went out to the sparkling downtown.

it’s a downtown I didn’t even live in the countryside… .

It was a funny word to me, who lived in the middle of Seoul and lived in a dormitory for a week, but it was actually uttered by the members who had been only going back and forth between the company and the dormitory for a longer time than me.

Embarrassed, I stood next to the team leader and manager.

To be a true fan, you have to be able to say that it is not. not like that

Watching the pork belly, neck, and marbled pork belly sizzle with a sizzling sound, we each sat down to our liking and were busy eating. Occasionally, they quarreled in the form of small wraps.

Ha-jun, who was distracted between the sesame leaf onion and the lettuce onion, was criticized for showing the same image as Hwang-hee and Jeong-seung, who said that what you said was right and what you said was right.

After making fun of the crowd, I wrapped my neck in Myeongnamul and ate it.

We were so excited that we ate real meat after a long time, and we were as excited as we were drunk with Coke and Cider.

In a lively atmosphere, Sebin hesitated and finally asked a question to team leader Sohyeon, who was eating fried rice in marbled soybean paste stew.

“Team leader, are we really going to debut now?”

“… Let’s eat and talk, you bastard.”

“Why are you killing my baby!”

“Since when has Sebin been your child?”

“It is my app from today.”

Even the members who were working hard on the meat plate couldn’t hide their pounding hearts and threw their eyes at the team leader. Eventually, team leader Sohyun complained and I surrounded my child.

Ann, who has suffered a lot in Team B already, why does he kill his ki while having a good meal?

“I’ll tell you the details when I go to the dorm. That’s not what I’m talking about here. First of all, I will prepare for my debut. all of you.”

Team leader Sohyeon, who was waving at me, eventually put down the spoon she was eating and talked a little so that people around her could hear it.

Sighs of relief flowed from here and there when they said that they would prepare for their debut.

If it was normal, I would have had to prepare for the second contest and calm myself down, but the fact that we can be together now without any further member changes seems to be the most important thing.

When the meat party was over, team leader Sohyun bought ice cream with his own money and gave each of them to our mouths.

You won’t be able to eat for a while, so eat as much as you can today.

“Wow… Eat meat for lunch and even ice cream. I wish it was like this every day… .”

“It’s delicious to eat all three meals a day.”

As the composition of the members changed, I was also worried about how different Unravel would be from what I knew. The number of cards I have will decrease by that much, but I think about whether I will be able to live a happy life by paving flower paths in front of the children.

But when I saw Sebin and Kyunghwan, who looked so excited, giving and receiving, Youngbin’s smile that seemed a little relaxed, and Himchan’s smirk at Hajun, only laughter came out.

I decided to be content with that because it wasn’t the image I had seen before I joined the school, hugging each other and crying.

At least now, the members in front of me agreed knowingly and unknowingly that a person named ‘Kim Woo-bin’ wasn’t here, and they were laughing rather than crying.

Seeing that the members didn’t say anything even though he was suddenly cut off like this, it seems that he was pretty good too.

After that, we arrived at the dormitory and were told that we could change into comfortable clothes and rest for the rest of the day.

And before the team leader who had said the story left, the door of the dormitory opened and Manager Jeong Yoon entered. Kyunghwan and Himchan, who seemed to be rolling on the floor until now, were sitting upright at the speed of light, which was fast enough to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

“Sorry for breaking the mood. However, I came here because I thought it would be good to wrap up today’s discussion at least.”


The manager was seated in the middle, and team manager Sohyeon and manager Woojin were seated behind the manager.

With a small table sitting on the opposite side of the six men, the already narrow living room of the dormitory seemed even cramped.

“As usual, there would be a second contest, and then the votes of the fans were going to affect the member selection. However, a member with impure intentions was discovered, so we decided to change direction in a hurry.”

The atmosphere that settled down in an instant was so heavy that I felt the weight of the air for the first time in my life.

“I have been tricking other people’s work as my own and telling them to use it for arrangement, even knowing whose work it was.”

At that moment, Hajun-hyung’s gaze, who was sitting across from me, touched me for some reason.

“And finally, after it was confirmed that trainee Kim Woo-bin was trying to violate her contract, she was asked to leave the dormitory. The company is planning to respond strongly, so don’t be shaken.”

And, who seemed to hesitate for a moment, Director Jeong Yoon sighed deeply and lifted up the glasses again.

“I’m telling you because I think you should know because you are people who have been with each other directly, but Woobin was going to transfer to another agency.”


“why… ?”

The members looked at Director Jeong Yoon with expressions that they did not understand at all. This was something I was not aware of, so I was quietly waiting for the next words.

“If we had simply discussed the transfer with the company, there would have been no problem. As you all know, a company is a place where you make stars by investing in the gemstone called you.”

Usually, trainees sign a contract from several months to a year, and the company makes a basic investment in the trainee. The company pays for all lessons and living expenses, and a small down payment comes and goes at the time of the initial contract.

“Woobin signed a temporary contract with another company without consulting the company. The sound source I used this time was also found on my personal cell phone.”

“A cell phone?”

Ha-jun also had a cell phone for emergency contact with the company, but it was not Ha-jun’s personal cell phone. The rest of the members were all living without cell phones, and this was what was written in the contract.

“Did you know that someone who regularly cleans the dormitory comes and goes? He and team leader Sohyun found it while checking the dormitory.”

Only then did I understand why team leader Sohyun spoke so coldly to Woobin.

The stories that followed were spectacled.

He said that he discovered the cell phone only two days ago during a cleaning job, and he didn’t know who it was at the time, but he said that he was waiting for the members to speak voluntarily rather than hastily interrogating the members because he was about to compete.

The cleaning work was frequently announced through the manager hyung in advance, and the team leader or manager always checked to make sure that trainees did not bring in prohibited items.

From the perspective of the company and myself, maybe I was really lucky, and from Woobin’s point of view, I didn’t have much luck.

From the beginning, team leader Sohyun said that he did not check the conversation.

When I told Deputy Ahn about the sound source, the team leader and superiors who were in charge of us became known, the team leader said that he turned on his cell phone just in case.

As soon as the mobile phone was turned on, a notification of missed calls, text messages, and Nyangtok messages appeared at once, and among them, a familiar name of a person in the same industry was shown, so he checked the content of the text.

Of course, I couldn’t believe all of those words, but whatever the circumstances before and after, Kim Woo-bin’s violation of the terms of the contract turned out to be inconceivable.

Sighs and sighs erupted from the members. After watching the situation silently, I had no choice but to say a word to Director Jeong Yoon to protect the members.

“We don’t know anything about it.”

“Yeah, I think Woobin was there with us, too, but we were lucky to be able to solve it before it completely left our hands.”

As if he had barely let out his emotions, Director Jeong Yoon’s voice changed again to be gloomy. And for me, the content of the idol creation to be changed was more important than what happened to Kim Woo-bin.

“Then what happens to the audience voting?”

Youngbin also asked if she was curious about the same thing as me, and the tension started to revolve in the moody atmosphere for a while.

“The center of her debut title song will be decided by audience votes. See you tomorrow at the company for more details. Take a break for today, guys.”

Everyone nodded heavily when the manager looked a little tired today, and as soon as the manager left the door, everyone started to scream in pain.

“… That’s why you were on your knees as if you had committed a crime.”

As I looked at the seaweed-like members lying on the beach, I sighed deeply and began to rub Himchan’s legs, who was lying next to him.

“Sebin-ah, hyungs, you shouldn’t learn from watching things like this… .”

“Yes, Jihwan hyung.”

As expected, it was fortunate that our Sebin was smart and sassy.

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