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As I’m under the weather currently, novels become my primary drugs. I read these novels in Ridibooks following free-read events(I’m too poor too have credit cards and buy chapters). I read them with the inbuilt Google Translate from Chrome in both raw and the MTL version. Something like this:

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I read it like this, whether with laptop or tab. My friends mostly gasped when I posted this in my stories… Anyway here are some novels with some description and my comments on it~

I Became A Handsome Choreographer

Korean Title : 얼굴 천재 안무가가 되었다

Author : 원즈이

Chapters : 175(complete)

Tags : Regression, Modern, Dance, Second Life Chance

Description :

When I opened my eyes, I’m back before getting caught in the fire.

My Description :

Choi Yeon Woo was the best choreographer in idol industry with many great choreos hits under his belt. Yet only the nickname ‘Faceless Choreographer’ known among insiders. For those who knew he was just a disabled choreographer with burns on half of his body.

When he was drunk, he accidentally found out his benefactor was just using him after all this time. Escaping from that truth, Yeon Woo ran away and fell asleep in a park bench only to realized he was back in time right before he got caught in a fire when he opened his eyes.

Comments :

The usual classic turn back time for second life chance. The favorite part for sure is the MC’s job of a choreographer.

It’s a pretty light read with 100% success rate and some jerks or bitches as conflicts. I don’t know how far this reflect the real dance community, but it’s believable as far as I know. The sad thing is the writer seemed can’t describe dance movements in details. So when dancing scenes come, I just can’t imagine it in my head. But after earlier chapters, the writer seemed to found out the tricks so those didn’t stood out anymore.

A nice light read.

The World Conquest of An Idol to Live

Korean Title : 생계형 아이돌의 세계정복

Author : 아사다온

Chapters : 312(complete)

Tags : Returnee, Modern, Idol, Comedy, Fantasy

Description :

Failed idol who made the worst broadcast accident by fainting on the debut stage.

“I’ve became Lucifer von Satan de Angol in my previous years!”
Here comes the protagonist who was dragged to another world and rolled for 10 years!

“It’s my first time since birth hearing that I’m not cute.”
Here comes the rare snobby idol!

My Description :

Kwon Se Jin finally back from another world after a hellish f*cking 10 years as a guardian deity. He fainted just before his debut stage and woke up a week later. With the mindset of a 50 years old man(from his self-assessment), he readily let go his dream as an idol to go to college and become a politician.

But before that happen, he found out his body was not what it’s used to be. He’s dying in pain resulted from his body naturally searching for aura not existed on earth. This magical cause made doctors diagnosed him with rare disease.

Until, he stumbled upon the studio where the top boy group Moment held their comeback show and found an ocean of aura that saved him from dying.

Comments :

A completely crack head novel.

From the characters to the dialogues. This novel is heavy in dialogues than narration. This feel like I’m actually swimming in a real idol forum. The contrasting acts and dialogues with the often cursing inner monologues. The totally crazy MC’s group members that I can feel how noisy and wild they’re just from their antics and banter. Add that with the fans comments on fancafe or other places. Augh… My stomach hurt by too much laughing.

This will be hard for those interested to read with MTL. Slangs, internet language, and Korean’s habit to shorten words will made MTL heavily unreadable.

Mr. Hunter, Are You A Thug By Any Chance?

Korean Title : 헌터님, 혹시 양아치세요?

Author : 구뇨뇽

Chapters : 163(hiatus)

Tags : System, Modern, Hunter, Fantasy

Description :

Not anyone can be a Hunter, but they can be anyone.

My Description :

Song Pil Du was chased by loan sharks after caught up in borrowing money with ridiculous interest. He was about to die beaten up when a system sound heard in his ear. A ‘Backer’ reached out to help him fighting back.

So, here comes the story of a thug turn a new leaf as an S-rank Hunter!

Comments :

The classic hunter novel with sponsor gods.

The interesting thing is the personality of the MC. His ruffian characteristics made people skeptical and avoid him. But when they saw his power… People just turned speechless.

Ah, his job class is called ‘necroclaw'(?). It’s explained as necromancer version of magic swordsman. Sounds a bit common right? Necromancer, shadow, and dagger skills. Anyway, the charm is the MC’s antics. Especially when he’s thanking his sponsor and called him ‘hyungnim‘. He even directly loan money from the bank as soon as he got hunter license! Hahaha!

Unfortunately, the author was on hiatus because severe stress. The early chapters was good and pretty popular with just dozens chapters out. It seemed the author was under pressure of high expectation so the plot loosen and he went hiatus by the end of last year.

That’s it! Please be patient with my messy English. MTL worsen my grammar. I should pick up Korean and English classes, yet I can’t even handle my own schedule.

So, what do you think? I actually planned to translate the last one but… You know I should catch up with my current one.

Anyway, thank you for reading~!!

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