For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 34

It’s Okay(5)

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As I hesitated for a moment, Sebin, who was next to me, looked at her with her young eyes with concern.

It reminded me of the car accident that day when I came here.

But I remembered the moment when the members didn’t know and only me and Poing knew.

“Well. I think it would be a lie to say that there was never a moment when I wanted to give up.”

The dread and dread of that time were still vivid.

As an ordinary person, I had to become a trainee and debut.

Of course, they weren’t forced.

He could have thrown off his trainee status and looked for another way.

But in the end, I decided to start this life with Unravel.

Was it a simple fan feeling, or was it a desire that I didn’t even know I had?

Was it because he felt sorry for the owner of this body who had let go of everything?

The promises I made, and the resolutions that crumble so often that those promises are insignificant.

Still, I couldn’t give up.

It was because the things I desperately needed the most at that time were right in front of me to give up.

And Unravel has supported me to live as a human being, both in the past and in the present.

So I smiled and continued to answer.

“The question is, was there a moment when you wanted to give up? I was.”

“It must mean that it was very difficult, can you tell me about the situation for a moment, Jihwan-kun?”

Sebin reached out and grabbed my hand, and Youngbin placed her hand on my thigh.

I couldn’t help but laugh because I couldn’t know that this action was their comfort.

My cubs are so nice and cute.

Yes, you were my pride.

“Oh, my members are very worried. Well, I might be offended by my manager for saying this, but I’ll just tell you.”

As he winked at the team leader who was seen in the distance from the front, he sighed heavily and nodded his head.

“Those who have seen the show will know that I was hospitalized for a short time because of a car accident.

“After all, I had a car accident. Is your body okay?”

The face of the MC who gave me worried eyes saying that I should be careful about the aftereffects suddenly reminded me of a human who has nothing to do with it anymore.

Watching this on TV will make my stomach hurt.

“Yeah, it’s okay. Back then, before the car accident, I was wandering a bit. Compared to the members, I don’t seem to be able to do everything, and my voice doesn’t come out at will.”

It was a memory of the previous ‘me’, not me, but it was really hard.

But I thought it would be better not to talk about dropping out, so I changed the content a bit.

“There is just such a thing as atmosphere. Oh, if I don’t get better, I’ll be eliminated. As it is now, I will be the eliminated member. It just felt like that.”

“It must have been very difficult mentally.”

“Yes, I know it’s really frustrating not to leave the dorm at night without the manager’s hyung or the team leader’s permission, but I went out for a while. secretly from the members.”

“When I think of that time, my eyes are still white now, that bundle of thoughts.”

It was felt through the skin that the fans were concentrating on the behind-the-scenes story that was not seen in the filming. This is what it feels like to be focused.

“Haha, anyway, I was halfway thinking about giving up. No way, I’m not a light person. I thought this road was my everything… . I had all kinds of negative thoughts while I was doing it. Then there was an accident.”

“I think only the people involved really knew about this, how were the other members?”

Recalling that time, Ha-jun sighed heavily and told the situation.

Because he also saw the team leader nod his head towards me.

“When I first heard that there was a car accident, the members’ faces turned white and they tried to run away, and there was no riot. He wasn’t seriously hurt right away and he calmed down after hearing that he would come soon, but Sebin cried in surprise. Ugh… .”

“I woke up and heard, was it all day? He was unconscious. I thought I just fell down for a moment and got up.”

Fans who had been quietly listening to the story began to murmur.

For fans who had no way of knowing the details, it would be a sudden story.

Looking at it for a moment, I wondered about the worries and emotions behind that murmur.

But for now it is more important to close this question.

“I woke up and my sister scolded me, I saw the team leader and manager worried, and I felt sorry for the members… . In the meantime, the members are worried about me and can’t take their eyes off of me… It was very heartbreaking.”

Kyunghwan smiled and pointed at me and said.

At that time, the members must have been a bit perplexed.

“Oddly enough, we said that he had been hospitalized and discharged, and that the person had matured. It’s so different from before.”

“Haha, that has changed. Because my mindset has completely changed. After that, while talking to Juni hyung, I realized what I was doing wrong, and now I am here with my members.”

Actually, I didn’t want to talk about these things.

Because I didn’t want to be forced to ask for sympathy for something that no one asked.

But now, it was the debut showcase stage, and if there was one more small story like this, it would still be possible to give people a more positive image.

There were more people than I thought who liked people who stood up after adversity.

While talking about the past, these thoughts ran through my mind, wondering if it would be of any help to my future activities.

And even for a brief moment, I felt very unfamiliar with myself.

“Now, shall we applaud our hardworking Unravel members and Hwan?”

After that, we finished all the stages of the b-side songs without any mistakes, and Unravel’s debut showcase was successfully completed.

* * *

The stage was over, but the feeling of my heart still pounding did not go away.

The stage I experienced for the first time was so intense, I thought I could understand why celebrities say they can’t leave the stage.

The members were all different, but they couldn’t speak easily.

The representative, the manager, and the team leader approached the members who were wiping off their sweat in the waiting room and changing their clothes.

“Guys, it was hard. Well done.”

Seeing the representative tap Ha-jun on the shoulder with a smirk rather than a warm face as usual, it seemed that the articles came out quite well.

“There were no no-shows than I thought, and the reporters also had a lot of positive content. It was a lot of trouble.”

Director Jeong Yoon, who had a much more relaxed face than usual, looked at the members one by one with a warm gaze.

“Ji-hwan, you need to know about buying and hitting anyway.”

“Haha, I didn’t think it would have a bad effect on us.”

After I removed my makeup while listening to the manager’s grumbling, I felt like I was going to live.

“CEO, we are hungry… .”

“Yes. I am so hungry.”

“I think I can get stronger by eating meat… .”

The kids, who couldn’t even drink water properly because they were nervous, were whining to the CEO that they were hungry. Me and Ha-jun were puzzled by that appearance, but we were hungry too.

“Because you worked hard today, we should have a dinner party! Anyway, I made a reservation for a meat restaurant, so go and eat it to your heart’s content. These days are meat.”

The eyes of me and the members, who thought we were going to die from eating only chicken breast and grass, lit up.

I can finally eat greasy food!

The dinner with the staff that followed was happiness itself.

The company family also praised us for not making a big mistake and made it through well, and if there were any good articles about us that we noticed, they showed us a little bit.

[A new rookie idol appeared? Boy, sing of fear!] [Unravel, who unraveled the fear of youth through song?] [Unravel, a rookie group with beautiful visuals, is unusual!] [Craving for a debut that could not be defeated even in a car accident, Unravel’s showcase]

Fortunately, looking at the title alone, it didn’t seem like there would be much of a problem, but I must have been caught by the title a couple of times.

“Because you don’t show the article to the kids!”

My hand, which was trying to sneak a glance at the article, failed because of the falcon-eyed team leader’s restraint.

“Hey, you can’t stand it again!”

“Oh, it hurts! The manager’s hands are very spicy!”

In exchange for dreaming of a momentary deviation, I was groaned that I was going to die, and my eyes met with Ha-jun, who was holding a beer.

‘If I drank just one cup of that, I would have no wish, really… .’

I, huh? Since then, the amount of alcohol has increased!

Even if I shouted, the ideal in the body of a minor was dull.

After seeing Himchan, who not only lost his appetite like I did, but was caught by his manager hyung and beat him on the back, he quietly gave up his heart… sorry it was sad

After sweating so hard, how cool is a can of beer when you have something good to do?

“Guys, you worked really hard today. You have to eat today, get a good rest, and come back early tomorrow.”


Today too, looking at the members flirting with sesame leaves and lettuce, he waved his hand toward the camera that was filming this scene in the middle.

“Jun-hyung, should I say something now?”

I said to Ha-jun, who was satisfied that I must have filled my stomach to some extent. Aren’t Hajun and Youngbin the most excited right now?

“Yes, Hajun hyung and Youngbin hyung, you should say something!”


Thanks to allowing us to share a table, the younger brother Line was able to applaud his eldest brothers in a more comfortable position.

“… Had a lot of trouble really. Because you came along, me and Youngbin were able to survive.”

“Thank you, guys.”

Himchan who is unfamiliar with the afterglow of deep emotions, Sebin with already moist eyes, and Kyunghwan nodding his head calmly.

“Even if it gets harder in the future, let’s not forget the feelings we felt today. So that we can be together for a long time, always tell us when it is difficult.”

“I’m really glad that our eldest hyungs are very reassuring. right?”

I felt like I was dancing with my heart pounding, but I held on and clapped for all the hard-working Unravel members.

“Yeah, you guys worked hard, really!”

“Good job, is there only a lot of work left to do?”

The staff who had already had a drink each came and patted our shoulders and clapped together.

The friendly and pleasant Unravel’s first official dinner has ended.

And when we returned to the dormitory, we had our own second dinner party.

Ha-jun and Young-bin robbed their private money!

As of today, don’t look at the company and rob the convenience store saying let’s eat and drink together. When we arrived, everything from instant tteokbokki to various sweets and drinks was spread out on the floor and sat in a circle.

“But can we really eat like this?”

“It’s okay, I asked the team leader if we could eat something more for the second time.”

“The manager probably didn’t know that we ate like that at a meat restaurant and would eat this much again.”

We ate rice, naengmyeon, and meat to our heart’s content. Now, looking at the food prepared to satisfy our taste buds, we laughed.

If dieting makes a person extremely sensitive and exhausted, high-calorie foods make the mind full.

who said Calories are a measure of taste.

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