For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 35

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At that time, when Unrable’s members were having their own frantic party, the bulletin board for creating idols was overflowing with showcase testimonials.

[Praise me for applying for a real showcase!!!

Viewers, if there is a viewer who didn’t go to the show this time, it’s okay to cry.

I thought our board was just a handful, but there were also some homies in the middle.

Our kids already… ㅠㅠ

Phew, from now on, I seriously want to review the show.

From the concept photo and the MV teaser, do you admit that we already ran our heads loose? I’m a worldviewer, the viewer is really ah… I mean, they praised me for holding Unravel stock.

By now, the music video and sound source should have all been released, so I’ll unpack it all coolly.

If there is a viewer who hasn’t seen the MV even now, go watch it twice and watch it three times.

Our Jeong Gyun-jing was determined and poured out capital. The colors are crazy and the children’s facial expressions are crazy, but the anti-war beauty is even crazier.

Actually, I was very worried at first. The Samsung Card Hall is quite large, so I was afraid that even if it was unlocked for free, the kids would get bored if it didn’t fill up much.

I didn’t have enough faith. There were so many!!!

Of course, I don’t know if all of our Ravels are fans, but I think there must have been a lot of fans because the cheers were so great.

At first, the music video was played first, and then the children’s title song stage was performed.

Skip the music video because it’s good to see it in person.

When I started the main stage, it seemed like I put a danve in the intro, but if I go, I get goosebumps… .

[Pictures of masked members]

Each member wore a different mask, and each mask seems to have a certain position. Looks like I’ll have to dig into this a bit more.

A fight between the masks? They seem to have the same thing, and they just block each other and struggle to get out? I did this choreography, but by the end of the intro, the kids all collapsed ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Even though I didn’t know, I collapsed like a doll with a broken string, so I was nervous watching it.

And when the main stage started, the kids wore different outfits and stood in a slightly bowed position, but when we shouted, the kids twitched.

This is the cuteness of a rookie idol!

[Stage animation]

While Jun and Keunhwan were rapping, they had a lot of diction, so they stuck in my ears and the sound was good! The two of us exchanged and practiced a lot.

Our little doggy Sebini ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I thought he could only dance well, but his voice is so pure!! Youngbin’s high-pitched voice and Sebin’s small Hwan voice go so well together!

Our long-awaited Himchancake hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Yes, I’m Himchan’s the best ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Today wasn’t Jangku, but he was an older brother ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

But the most interesting thing is that the kids find the camera very well and their expressions are so lively. I’m a viewer with a bit of stone, but it’s been a while since they’re newcomers, looking for cameras so well and managing their facial expressions!

Interview Someone already uploaded a fancam on Wecam!

I put the address below, so go here and check out the video!

+ I hated small pills in the past, so I got my head pierced… .

I hope you enjoy watching the entire interview! Especially if you have a misunderstood viewer!

Huh… How do you finish? I’m going to go swimming for the kids… ♡]

As various reviews including this article were posted, people from other stone boards came to play on the idol creation bulletin board.

ON Enter’s PR team did not miss this timing and quickly edited the debut showcase video, and uploaded the edited video to the official channel created on WeCam.

It was only natural that the links of this video were uploaded all at once on the official SNS.

Was it because of the fact that he made a strong impression for his first debut stage? The fans showed a pretty solid concentration, and they boasted more power than the agency expected.

The number of views of the showcase stage and interview video of the showcase on Wecam went up quickly, and although it was only for a while, the title ‘I’m OK’ ranked 48th on the music charts, intro ‘0’ ranked 49th, and outtro ‘Who cares’ reached 50th place.

As a PR team who prayed that it would be good to chart-in because it was good at the end of the chart, it was inspiring enough to leave the place and stand up.

In addition, Hajun’s ‘Maybe’ and Kyunghwan’s ‘Flickering’ were also at the end of the chart, but they showed meaningful results in raising their names.

Although the ranking was early in the morning, the unexpectedly high results made CEO Park Jeong-gyun and Director Jeong Yoon convinced that their choice was not wrong.

And this news gave the members an unexpected gift.

* * *

“Wow… . You ate the best, Sebin, so why didn’t you swell?”

Himchan’s eyes were swollen after he had inhaled spicy, salty, and stimulating food to his heart’s content after a long time.

If someone I didn’t know saw it, I was worried about whether something had happened since morning and I cried so much that my eyes swelled up.

“Why do you eat it like that, knowing that hyung pours well? uhh.”

The night before, Youngbin, who had been watching the members runaway, quietly put a spoon and a small ice pack in the freezer. Thanks to this, the members with puffy faces were able to take out ice one by one from the morning and put them on.

“But, bro. It seems to pour particularly well, but isn’t that a bad thing?”

“Nope… . It’s just the physique. I got a little better while dancing, but yesterday it was definitely overkill.”

To Himchan who was muttering like a complaint, Kyunghwan suddenly offered something packed in a pack.

“what’s this?”

“Pumpkin juice. They sent you home.”

“Why this?”

“It’s good for diet. It is said to be good for reducing swelling.”

Kyunghwan’s characteristic blunt tone that comes out when he’s tired, and the pumpkin juice he puts directly into the straw. Himchan thought about it for a while, but finally accepted it.

“Huh? Is it more delicious than I thought?”

“My mother made it herself. You should eat something too.”

Hajun secretly sighed as the members woke up earlier than expected and walked around. But when he couldn’t see Ji-hwan, who always got up earlier than anyone else, he asked Young-bin.

“Where did Hwan go?”

“Huh? I said I was going to get up and wash up.”

If it wasn’t in either room, and it wasn’t in the living room, it would have to be in the bathroom, but there was no sound of running water.

“… What is he doing?”

Ha-jun, who felt strange because there was no sound in the bathroom, put his ear to the bathroom door, and heard a faint sound of breathing.

“no way.”

Ha-jun and Young-bin carefully opened the bathroom door with worried faces, and Ji-hwan was asleep, leaning against the wall with a towel in one hand.

“Is he sleeping now? like that?”

“… Sigh.”

The startled Ha-jun pointed to Ji-hwan and asked Young-bin, but all he could do was take a deep breath.

And after a while, manager Woo-jin, who came to pick up the members, put on a puzzled look at Ji-hwan’s bluntness and his brother Line, who couldn’t hide his smile.

* * *

“So he was sleeping in the bathroom, right?”

The team leader and manager hyung, who had been gathering in the conference room since morning, looked at me like I was crazy.

“No, it’s relaxing and people can make mistakes!”

I looked at the members with unjust eyes, but again today, they weren’t on my side.

Last night, the problem was that I slept later than the other members because I was holding poing until late at night and chatting with the joy that I finally crossed the hurdle of my debut stage.

In the meantime, I was very nervous about doing my debut stage in a state where I couldn’t sleep properly. In that state, I slept later than others, and I could not stand the pouring sleepiness even after I barely opened my eyes. Leaning against the wall for a moment will make you fall asleep.

After having been teased by the members the entire time I washed up and followed my manager hyung, I hated Poing, who is still sleeping soundly in my bed.

“Come on, stop it. I called you here because I have something to tell you about your future schedule.”

The lingering impression of the showcase still remained, and the team leader, who once pressed the excited members, handed out a file to the members.

“Oh, and this is a small gift given to you by the CEO and the manager.”

Instead of trying to open the file that Hajun received as the representative, everyone looked at Team Leader Sohyeon with their eyes twinkling when they heard that it was a gift. The manager hyung, who watched the scene happily, held out a large box.


“Hand phone!”

Youngbin, who received the box as the representative, carefully opened the lid. Six of Shinwoo Electronics’ latest mobile phones and the members’ previous cell phones were included.

“You said you brought it with the latest model so you don’t have to go anywhere. You just need to change your sim.”

In fact, the members’ cell phones are the ones they have had since they first joined as trainees, so they were all models that were at least a year old.

The members who received unexpected gifts looked at Team Leader Sohyeon with moved eyes while holding the new cell phone box in their arms.

Also, as I was looking at the new cell phone box, I fell in love with it.

This cell phone, which the CEO gave me as a gift, was the same model as the cell phone my sister bought me for the first time in my previous life.

“The company also understood that you are not the kids who do other things because they have cell phones, and the CEO gave them a present with a big heart so that they would contact their families well.”

“thank you!”

“I won’t do anything useless!”

Me and the members shouted loudly. Team leader Sohyeon, who was smiling brightly, had a unique heart and a happy heart melted into a smile.

While the members who had never even talked about cell phones were struggling to die, only Kim Woo-bin hid their cell phone and did something absurd. The company seems to have decided that only those who want to buy a cell phone are hit, regardless of whether they have a cell phone or not.

I was exhausted because I didn’t have a cell phone in my heart, but I liked it even more when I found a familiar device.

“Come on, I’ll give you some time, so call your family.”

Still, I was thinking that I should contact my sister.

A feeling of gratitude for the company’s consideration and a feeling of relief that Unravel has completed a successful debut showcase came together.

If there was no reaction after the showcase or a reaction that did not meet expectations, these things would not be given.

I was even more relieved to feel indirectly the reward of changing my debut song through such hardship.

At first, everyone was puzzled by the company’s suggestion to proceed without inviting family members to the debut showcase. However, considering the nature of the all-standing performance, it must have been a bit difficult for parents to enjoy.

Because of that, the family did not directly attend the concert for safety reasons, but instead gathered at the company and watched the live live together before returning home.

Talking about whether or not we should solve the feud between the company’s family and members, who must have suffered during this time.

No, it’s still okay for my sister to worry about me… ?

It seemed that the human heart was very deceitful.

Where did my awkward heart go? Seeing my sister feel sad to say that she went back without even seeing my face.

Maybe the team leader charged it in advance, or when I pressed and held the power button, the screen of the previous phone turned on.

After thinking about it for a while, I made a backup of Nyangtok’s conversation.

I felt a little sorry to check out the conversations that were not mine, but they are the relationships I will take with me from now on.

I checked my cell phone, got data to back up, and moved the SIM to a new device.

[Sister, what are you doing?]

The worries didn’t last long, and I was new to the phone, so I sent a Nyangtok.

The default phone bell rang loudly from the new phone, which had not yet set a notification tone.

Surprised, I quickly answered the phone, and I heard the voice of my older sister.

“Are you going to come home now?”


… ? Why are you like this if you went to the debut showcase yesterday?

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