For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 33

It’s Okay(4)

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Through the rehearsal, I matched all the movement lines, and the paper on which the comments were arranged was to the point of being tattered by touching it.

Still, it wasn’t the tension of the moment I had to face the reporters, but another tension that made my heart pound and my ears twitch and my fingertips flutter wrapped around me.

I laughed out loud as I thought about what kind of wealth and glory I had come to this place to enjoy.

I looked at my handsome cubs, one by one.

Thanks to these children, I had the happiest time of my life. Now is the time for me to repay them.

“Please prepare for Unravel!”

“Unravel, gather around.”

When the staff said to prepare to go on stage, Hajun called the members, and we gathered in a circle and looked at each other and smiled.

I could feel the gaze of the team leader, manager hyung, and staff watching us from behind.

“Let’s just do what we do. as you do.”

“Hey, that’s weak! Let’s break the stage and come!”

Himchan, who had been charged with energy, exclaimed cheerfully, and laughter erupted from here and there.

“If I shout a slogan in front of you, you are shouting our team name. Understand?”

“Wow, the day is coming when we shout out slogans like this.”

“Oh my God! I’m so nervous I feel like I’m biting my tongue.”

“Let’s not get hurt really, look at the camera and laugh a lot.”

The members, who had reached the highest level of tension, put their hands together and uttered all kinds of nonsense.

Of course me too.

It has become so common now that rookies cannot find a camera that takes pictures of them and cannot take care of their gaze.

With that in mind, I’ve trained the members over the years, so at least I’ll be able to find my own camera.

“two three! I’m OK Unravel!”

“I’m OK Unravel!”

After loudly shouting out the title song and team name of this album, we stood in front of the stairs going up to the stage after the final inspection.

Climbing these stairs, there was a stage, and in front of it were our fans.

A murmur was heard, letting me know that there were people, but I couldn’t get a sense of the number.

The lights outside went off with a cracking sound.

We stood in our respective seats following the line we had memorized many times, and we confirmed each other and were relieved.

And what came out was the album’s intro.

On the black stage, a pin light fell on Ha-jun standing in the center, and Ha-jun wearing an expressionless mask rode the rhythm to the beat of heavy drums and bass. Then, Kyunghwan, who was standing on either side, and the lights above my head turned on.

Following Hajun’s hand gestures, the lights turned on according to the number of the rest of us as we walked backwards to the end of the stage. Youngbin wearing a mask, who was crying, approached Hajun and put his hand on his neck.

After that, Himchan wearing a mask with a distorted expression pulled Hajun’s wrist, and Sebin wearing a mask with closed eyes lowered his body as if holding Hajun’s ankle.

The beat got faster and faster, and Ha-jun twisted his body as if trying to get out of it, and Kyung-hwan rushed to him. The other members also surrounded Ha-jun and approached him little by little as if he was pressing on him, and as the weeping violin and piano sound got louder and louder, Ha-jun and the members standing next to him retreated one step at a time to the back of the stage.

The moment all the sounds suddenly disappeared, all the members lay on the floor as if they collapsed on the spot, and the stage went dark again.

As the blue light turned on again and the prelude of I’m OK began, members wearing black slacks and shirts with black and chain points in different positions appeared.

At that moment, the members, who were nervous at the cheers of the people pouring in, flinched, but fortunately they did not raise their heads.

Surrounded by the mysterious blue light, Hajun and Kyunghwan took one step forward and went out to the front of the stage, exchanging raps that sounded like chanting one word at a time.

I thought it would be okay to wander and hesitate a little.

As everyone said, it happens to everyone anyway.

what’s the big deal with this

The softly flowing accompaniment gradually grew louder, followed by the members surrounding Sebin retreating with a choreography that seemed to kneel on the floor. Sebin, who was left alone in the center, asked the people who came here with a clear voice.

The lyrics asking how much effort you have to put in were no different from the questions you asked yourself throughout your trainee period.

The members’ voices piled up one by one in the slightly heavy beat melodies that followed, and the rap that continued in the middle held the center so that the emotional weight did not incline too much.

The group choreography that crossed in the formation facing each other all flowed without any problem.

Gradually, the song ran towards the climax.

I’m OK. Are you all right?

There were people who believed this.

I’m OK. Are you all right?

yes it’s ok because it’s nothing

The members asked questions, and Himchan’s husky voice answered, and he became my part and came back to the center, and only then did I smile brightly at the people who properly filled this space on stage.

It doesn’t have to be okay, so I’ll just do it.

I’m afraid to cry, but I’ll believe it anyway.

At least we’ll be together.

Youngbin’s ad-lib and Sebin and Himchan’s chords made me feel my heart pounding and beating heavily.

Every time the members turned their heads from running around the wide stage, sweat dripped down from the members, but without exception, all the members were smiling brightly towards the camera and our side shining their eyes under the stage.

I didn’t turn on the ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ skill, but for some reason it seemed to show the hearts of so many people.

Because I must have been looking at Unravel on stage with that expression.

After the song was over, the members stood close in front of the stage, holding each other’s hands and looking at Hajun.

“two three! Hello! This is the future Unravel that we will solve together!”

Ha-jun chanted slogans with a more powerful voice than ever before, and everyone bowed deeply to greet the precious people who came to this place.

The pouring shouts and the cry of Unravel were suddenly so unfamiliar that I couldn’t describe how I felt.

At that time, when I was unable to raise my head due to my emotions, the senior in charge of the MC started the comment.

“Hello, this is Jang Ki-joon who will be the MC. Our juniors were so moved that I couldn’t lift my head, haha.”

Thanks to his skillful progress, he quickly cleared his emotions and lifted his head.

It was so unfamiliar to me that I, who knew all too well the emotions that shine brighter under the stage, were now in a position where I could smile while looking at them.

All of this wasn’t bad.

No, it wasn’t that bad, but it gave me a feeling so overwhelming that my heart ached.

“Hey, it’s our debut showcase, and a lot of people came. Are you all Unravel fans?”

– Yes!

– Let’s go unravel for a long time! I love you!

– Wait!

There were a lot of shouts mixed together, but each one’s eyes twinkled as if they were looking at the stars in the night sky.

“I’m sorry, director of lighting, can you please turn on a little more light on the stage? I want to see the faces of our fans.”

It was a story that was not originally prepared in the prepared comment, but I requested it because I wanted to capture this scene with my own two eyes.

Fortunately, the lighting director willingly shed a bright light over the fan seats.

“Are they really all the people who came to see us?”

“I had no idea that so many people would come. Wow… .”

The fans are so cute when they see the members looking around the stage in disbelief and not knowing what to do! look here! It was fun shouting back.

After that, I came to my senses and grabbed Himchan’s back, which seemed to go down on stage if left alone, and dragged him back to his place.

When I saw the members acting unexpectedly on stage, I suddenly reflected on my past, who used to laugh because it was cute. As the party, I almost hit Himchan in the back of the head as usual.

“I think our Unravel friends are really good. I don’t know what to do. Now, shall we each take time to introduce ourselves?”

First, holding the microphone, Ha-jun moved his lips a few times to speak, then took a deep breath and showed a friendly smile that I loved so much.

“Hello, this is Unravel’s leader and rapper Hajun. Everyone, I missed you a lot.”

“Hello. He is the main vocalist of Unravel. thank you.”

“Hello. This is C.I who raps. Thank you for coming!”

When my brother Line finished greeting me, my younger brothers Line looked at each other, so I picked up the microphone first.

“Hello everyone. I’m Hwan, the lead vocalist and moderator of Unravel.”

With a smile, I tried not to miss the camera shutter sound from all directions and looked at each one.

I couldn’t understand how much a well-selected photo, one moving image, and one fancam could help sales. I used to do it, but now I’m in a position to be filmed.

“Hello! This is Unravel Chan optimized for dancing!”

“Hello… . This is the youngest, Sebin.”

The whole time I watched the members, I was smiling happily without knowing how they greeted each other according to their personality.

“Isn’t Hwangun over there a person involved? I am very happy to see the members.”

“Ah, without even knowing it, our members are so special… .”

“Hwani often smiles like that, everyone. it’s okay.”

“What else can you say to be okay there? .”

The story came out right away whether my expression was a bit funny, and the fans were laughing as if the quarrel between Him and Himchan was fun.

I don’t want to harden my image with such an absurd character… .

“Now then, let’s take some time for the members to answer the questions you wrote down in advance.”

All of a sudden, the members sat down on the prepared chairs.

Eventually, a small box was placed in front of Ha-Jun, and it was time to pick up the questionnaire contained in the box and answer it.

“Come on, Ha-jun, you have to pull out a questionnaire and answer honestly.”

“Huh… . How am I supposed to answer this?”

Ha-jun, who looked at the questionnaire that he had pulled out, checked the questionnaire and looked at the members several times, curious about the contents, so we sneered at the paper Ha-jun was holding like a meerkat.

“The question is, among the members, I want you to choose the member who listens to the leader the least and the member who listens well. Coincidentally, I, the leader, chose this question.”

“I have to be really honest about this. Since we’re verifying in front of our fans, only the truth! Right, everyone?”

As soon as I heard the question, I spoke to the fans to get their response, and our kind fans answered with one voice, ‘Yes!’.

“Yes, um… . In fact, I think the person concerned knows this best.”

As Ha-jun looked at the members one by one, everyone without a conscience gave a glance that seemed not to be him.

“The least I hear… Not so far, heh heh, no Chan, why are you avoiding my gaze? First of all, the nicest is our youngest Sebin. As long as you sleep well, I have nothing to ask for.”

After that, several more questions passed, and the last question was chosen by me.

“Okay, one last question. Hwan-kun, please open the question.”

After pulling out the questionnaire and checking it, I hesitated for a moment.

Kyunghwan, who noticed that he had stopped without realizing it, took my questionnaire, checked it, and showed it to the other members.

The content on the questionnaire was about whether there was a moment when you wanted to give up.

In fact, even if I pulled it out, I picked something like this.

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