Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 1

Saved A Country in the Previous Life?

Unedited Chapter
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As the magnificent background music began, ear deafening shouts was heard.


Who would have known we were going to perform here. Not in Korea but the island country in Europe, UK.


When the count started, the floor vibrated. The lift was going up with a rattle. Perhaps because of nervousness, my balance swayed. Other members were also similar.


I wanted to be famous. Had a desire to succeed in this industry even if I die, but thought if there would be no odds as an idol.

While just living as an idol with moderate weight even when there were a lot of idols that make their debut every year, I wanted to become a well-known entertainer by taking on the lead role although never really turned into an actor.



Even if popular as an idol domestically, not only nastily tangled with sasaeng1(g) To simplify, a very hardcore stalker-like fans.but also get all sorts of malicious comments that quietly strike, blaming the members or skills to the limit.

Reporters tailing like stalkers. If they caught something they will be excited to write articles that’s unknown whether it will be adverse criticism or malicious comment. And almost every day will be like terror the moment you open personal SNS.2(g) Social Networking System a.k.a Social Media. I’ll use SNS to give you some Korean taste.

Well, although the amount of money that goes into the bankbook may be different…

Fortunately, the reaction came right away after the debut and thought that the largest was Olympic stadium even if we had a solo concert… Never even dreamed of Gymnastic or Gocheok, but we even came all the way here when we came to our senses.3Venue
capacity(not including standing for concert): Seoul Olympic Stadium= 69,950; Olympic
“Gymnastic” Arena= 14,730; Gocheok Sky Dome= 16,813; Wembley Stadium(most

‘Well anyway…’



I dreamed of this life during my ‘first debut’.


As the lift went up and the members’ silhouettes were seen, the shouts grew even louder.

Was the limited view seat also released. The lightsticks that filled the audience seats shone like a sparkling milky way.




‘That’s good, though.’


Kim Yong Min followed a friend’s audition when he was 12 years old and luckily got in as a trainee at a large agency, MI Ent., then started living a trainee life.

He was 17 years old after going through 5 years of trainee life. Though, he still had talent so he entered the debut group as if flowing. Yet eventually fell off at the threshold of debut.

‘Why am I dropped out?’

The reason he fell was that he was too young. But he couldn’t understand. The maknae of the direct senior group debuted at the age of 16.

The reason was not known until later. When he realized, there was a nephew of the company director in his place.

‘I’m sorry. It couldn’t be helped. There’s no way I could refuse when the shareholder pushed it. I hope you understand.’

Still, since it’s a big agency. Kim Yong Min who was able to endure, thinking to aim for the next group, eventually left the company.

Except for the director, other employees might be had a conscience and looked for a company that could make its debut right away.

Kim Yong Min eventually had to move to another company they introduced. Because he wanted to debut right away.

[Exclusive]TA Media’s New Boy Group Debut Start, Group Name ‘Diamond’

Kim Yong Min immediately became a member of the debut group at the company he moved to and debuted at the age of 18.

Until then, Kim Yong Min thought that his life would be smooth if he made his debut.

The company he moved was an affiliate of a large agency. The celebrities they belong to were also famous of mid-level or even more.

Some members didn’t like Kim Yong Min, but they were thirsty for their debut. So, teamwork was pretty good at the beginning of the debut.

Then the group was badly ruined.

The debut song was a song with an easy tropical sound, but from then on it was a feast of bad songs that reflected the president’s old taste.

This was because the producer only participated in the debut song and moved to another company.

The head hairstylist, who was in charge of them, liked to shave sideburns, reggae hair was basic and their hair was damaged by all kinds of experimental dyeing.

The one in charge of makeup insisted on black eyeline as if it had been painted with a computer sign pen. She put the foundation like a lake without considering the skin tone of each member, to the point anyone who looked at it knew that the tone didn’t match.

What was worse, she didn’t put on eye make-up at all after fans protested about the eyeliner.

It’s ridiculous to say that was a nerve war with fans when she didn’t have any skills.

Diamond Yongmin ‘Rising Sun Flag’ Controversy, Company “Silence”

And who knew if the Rising Sun Flag4 As you may know, Korea-Japan have a tense relationship historically and politically as Japan once colonized Korea around World War II. was embedded in the clothes that the exclusive stylist gave to wore, and these brainless members couldn’t even see the largely printed Rising Sun Flag on his back.

There were 9 members, you know! He was beaten as a traitor because of that, but ironically, that was the best moment to make the group’s name known.

[Exclusive]TA Entertainment, Now Turn to Catering Business

To make matters worse.

The company’s finances, which had been expected to be solid, collapsed due to the president’s reckless business expansion. The mid or higher-level entertainer moved to another company due to the expiration of the contract, and they were the only ones left.

From the 4th album onwards, whether they expected their mangdol tech5(g) 망돌 abbr. of 망한 아이돌(mang-han idol) meaning failed idol. Btw, this mangdoltech probably refers to all those failure criteria that happened to them. I’m not sure tho. or whether the president was struggling to pay off debts, the period of new songs coming out began to take longer.

[Exclusive]‘Diamond’ Jiwon, Voluntary Group Withdrawal Due to School Violence Controversy

After spending so much time in vain, a member eventually withdrew due to school violence controversy while 6 out of 8 remaining members fell into relationships.

‘The only reason you’re ruined is that you’re only capable of that. Why do you blame me? If you guys did well in the first place, would the company have come to this point?’

It was the sounds heard from the president who gradually avoided responsibility.

What kind of idol is this. It is no different than trainees who just debuted.

By then, Kim Yong Min was left with nothing but dogged spirit. Even if I die, I will succeed as an entertainer.

As the company didn’t receive new songs, he studied music composition to make it himself. But after seeing the members’ dead fish eyes gradually dying, he wanted to survive even if he was alone. So, he went to take an acting class with personal expenses.

Kim Yong Min’s efforts resulted in the expectations and interests of the same group members. After some effort, the composition study was useful. They turned happy as the result of two members who worked on the song together gradually improved.

[Exclusive]Diamond Minjoon, Becomes Father in September. Will Marry Vanillamint Yoonji in June

But life was not going that smooth.

Before the long-awaited comeback. A member, who thought to be just dating, conceives a female idol of the same age and got married for speeding6This is a literal translation as I can’t find a word with a similar meaning. The closest is “shotgun wedding”. Anyway, this means out-of-wedlock pregnancy. May change this in the future..

-What??? Marry??? Getting married?

-Is this ㄹㅇ?7Is this real? Is he crazy? The kids came to gongka8official fancafe yesterday and said will have a comeback soon?

-I’m pathetic to have been holding them all this timeㅋㅋ9lolol

At that, the handful of a handful of a handful remaining fandom collapsed in a crash.

Dang. He was a jerk I didn’t really like from the start.

The comeback, which had been organized by the members’ strength, was destroyed by the news of Min Joon’s marriage. The company neglected them again.

What the hell was the problem.

He thought it would work out well if he debuted after 5 years as a trainee.

Just the idols who debuted that year were more than 30 groups. There’re groups that said could thrive, but Kim Yong Min was not there.

In the first place, the group’s name Diamond was a very mangdol material name. When searched for it, only wedding rings appeared.

Kim Yong Min, who came out of the acting academy and wandered around the street with bleak laughter, stumbled upon a digital billboard of a cosmetic store.

People with familiar faces who had been through a lot together in MI Ent. were doing cosmetic models.

And some Chinese smiled brightly coming out with large shopping bags.

<‘Jupiter’ Bromide Will Be Given For Purchase More Than 30,000 Won>

At the moment when he was striving to become famous, the group he should have made his debut with because the nephew jerk was on the fast track appearing in almost every commercial, hit songs poured out, and eventually became a Hallyu star.

[Exclusive]Diamond Kim Yongmin, Sends Proof of Contract Termination to The Company

Kim Yong Min has since filed a lawsuit against the company.

After going through the lawsuit and serving the army, Kim Yong Min was 27 years old. An age too late to be an idol again.

That said, he hadn’t achieved anything to start something other than the showbiz.

It was fortunate he took acting classes in his spare time. Kim Yong Min thought maybe he will turn away from an idol and become an actor.

However, a corner of his heart still had lingering feelings and aspirations for an idol.

(Please choose your idol! Idol chosen by the public, ‘Project Idol’!)

Unable to get rid of the lingering feelings about idols, he eventually applied for the survival audition program ‘Project Idol’.

He heard that people over 30 also applied, so he thought he was not too old. He wanted to try just once this time, if not to fold the matter as an idol neatly.

‘Individual trainee Kim Yong Min! Ranked 9th in the 3rd evaluation!’

Still, he entered the rankings without difficulty because his skills were good and Kim Yong Min was delighted as he could fly.

As the program became increasingly viral, the viewer ratings were high. At this point, it will be a time-limited group even if they debut, but it can be confirmed as Korea’s top idol.

-But fugly’s past was a shock

-ㅈㄴ10 f*cking wake up the rising sun flag ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Look at him doing bgp11(g)비게퍼 (bi-ge-per) an abbr. for Business Gay Performance. Related to fandom shipping culture. with the group member, disgustingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Fugly is old and ugly who is going to choose

– Jupiter’s final debut group, he tried really hard squeezing itㅋㅋㅋdropped anyway ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Was there only one or two who claimed to be Jupiter’s final debut group? If it as they said, Jupiter should have 30 membersㅋㅋㅋㅋ

However, all kinds of communities began to check him and post malicious comments to make their ‘own child’ debut as soon as he entered the top rankings.

His rankings fell sharply as the traitor idol era and the black history when he tried anything to float was revealed.

‘Project Idol! The last member of I-One is…!’

‘MJ Ent Kim Young Jun!’

(11th Kim Young Jun – 12th Kim Yong Min)

He rebounded again with his skills but eventually failed to debut by landing in 12th place.

[Exclusive]P.I. 12th Place Kim Yong Min, Contract with Actor Agency ‘Onnuri Actors’… Walking Towards an Actor

Since then, Kim Yong Min has given up on idol neatly. Still, his name was promoted since he was eliminated in 12th place. Thanks to that, he signed a contract with a decent actor agency.

And his life as an actor was impossible to believe. The works he refused set all kinds of records, high ratings, and box office success.

He was scammed by the synopsis. And the work he decided to appear in had the production company going out of business or the ratings came out to the decimal point.

Unbelievably, there were cases where the writer, lead actor, or PD, ran away without a word, which would later become well known as three legendary events in the drama industry.

Nothing that had been done but only empty vessels that make the greatest sound. The income earned was spent dry for self-care.

‘Won’t you tire of self-caring. Now quit it and learn some jobs from father’. His family’s words just fell in one ear.

He worked like a bull in dramas, movies, musicals, and theater plays. It was hard, but he vowed that he would be famous.

Whether the world has returned his efforts, he caught the eyes of a renowned film director and was selected as a supporting role for the next film. The script was so good that competition was fierce, so he took it.

But why did it get to this point.

‘Dang. Isn’t it a life as hard as it can get?’

Still, others couldn’t even make their debut and couldn’t even make a name for themself like him. But it was a crueler situation for him.

Rather, don’t give a chance so I can’t even dream. What kind of shit like instance that only gives a chance and takes it away. And why to the point take my life now?

Kim Yong Min thought that when he flew so long in the air.

Perhaps it was his life kaleidoscope, he clearly remembered the moment when he visited a friend’s audition when he was 12.

No! Not that company! S…t…a…y…!!

The full moon was seen brightly in the view of Kim Yong Min, who was flying.

Soon, he bounced like a ball on the cold asphalt then hit a corner.

As the pain reached its limit, there was no groaning. His whole body was burning like a fire. The hot liquid from the head soaked the ground.

‘Where you going jerk?’

The car that hit him ran toward the end of the road without slowing down. If I survive, I’ll report you first.

Kim Yong Min tried hard to memorize the car’s number, but his vision began to get darker.

I don’t want to die yet… Did I live so hard to die like this. Acting was getting fun now.

[Why is he still alive when he should have died before?]

Someone talked to themself in Kim Yong Min’s dark vision.

[That’s a peculiar fate…]

‘What the. Who’s it.’

[He saved a country in the previous life?]

‘What else is this nonsense.’

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