New Novel Project! (+other things)

Hai nyang~ ( ^・ω・^)ฅ

For those who frequent this site must noticed that I was gone for 2 months. So, firstly I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyway, now I’m back! Recently I made many changes to the format. From made some changes on the chapter navigation buttons to table of contents(for GOB). But the most important thing is a new novel translation project!! Woot woot!

Okay okay. It’s my greed to also jump into another novel when my first project is still that slow…

Back to the real topic. The novel I picked up is about idol~! The title is…

Entertainment Life With A Camera

For more information, please click here. Glossary is also available here considering that I love to mix Korean words and terms here and there. Another reason is the new novel used a LOT of unique terms. I hope it will help for first timer in idol fandom (tho I expected it will be a really small portion).

I also have some plans to upload some rough edited MTLs for some novels. I’m still finding out how to schedule these, so for the time being this will be on near future to do list. But, please look forward to it!!

That’s it. Bye nyang~

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