Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 68

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#068 You have to be nice to Ye Na.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?”
“Of course. Of course!!”

Come on.
Bom approached and rubbed her face against Kim Ha Neul’s legs. Then it hardens like a wooden stone.

Ba Da looked at him and shook its head as if it were dumbfounded. You’re so scared. What’s okay about that?

“Bom, come here.”
– Kki meow.

As Kang Ba Da raised its voice, Bom quickly approached. He is more like a puppy than a cat, so he follows people really well.

Kim Ha Neul finally moves her body as Bom moves away from her. I could see at a glance that all his nerves were focused on the cats.

“Are you that scared of cats?”
“Hey, who’s afraid of cats? If it’s a tiger, you wouldn’t know.”
“When you were a kid…”
“No, it’s not.”

Ba Da swallowed its last words. That moment must be a terrible nightmare for Kim Ha Neul. You don’t have to force it out.

‘…But what do we really do?’

Kang Ba Da smacked its lips looking at the empty plate. It was a simple fried rice made by Kim Ha Neul with the ingredients left in the refrigerator.

It was so delicious that I ate it all in a blink of an eye. There’s no oiliness that I felt every time I ate delivery food.

“I like it because it’s noisy right now.”

Since the nanny left, I have often felt too quiet to be alone in this spacious house.

Of course, cats were together, but it’s bound to be different from people. It was Kang Ba Da, which was secretly lonely.

However, since Kim Ha Neul suddenly came in last night, everything is just fun. It’s cute to see him moving his butt and spreading the distance from the cat.

“…I feel relieved more than anything else.’

The mere presence of Kim Ha Neul made me feel very comfortable.

Of course, there are bodyguards outside, but since Kim Mi-jung’s identity has been revealed, there has been few people to trust.

– Oh, my.
“…Go away. Hey.

However, it is self-interest to ask to live with cats when they are scared of them like that.

It was even more so because I thought it would be a trauma from Nero when I was young. It’s an accident that happened because of his own request.

However, it is also irresponsible to send cats that have been like family for years to another place. You have no choice but to let go of your greed here.

“Don’t overdo it, Ha Neul.”
“It’s hard to deal with cats. Fortunately, you don’t seem to have allergies. You don’t have to act like you’re okay. You can combine it slowly.”

When he confessed his feelings honestly, Kim Ha Neul was in trouble with a very serious face. It was after a while that he opened his mouth again.

“I admit it. Honestly, it’s hard. If cats stick next to me, I get stiff without realizing it.”
“Then as expected…”
“But I don’t think it’s impossible.”

Kang Ba Da tilted its head. Then Kim Ha Neul continued with a fresh smile on his mouth as if he had expected it.

“It’s not particularly scary. It’s just a little awkward. It’s similar to actor Ma Dong-seok staying away from chicks.”
“… Huh?”

Kang Ba Da had also seen the interview. It is a story that is often mistakenly known as the reason why actor Ma Dong-seok is afraid of chicks.

I said I was afraid that the chick was so weak that I would die if I stepped on it without realizing it.

“Look at this.”

Kim Ha Neul said so and reached out to Bom. The good-natured fellow immediately approached Kim Ha Neul and rubbed his face.

Kim Ha Neul’s movement stopped like a lie. Even the smile I had made before it hardened was the same, so I felt like I was looking at a wax figure.

Kim Ha Neul did not move an inch until Bom, who felt strange, fell.

“See? It’s okay.”

…I don’t think so at all.
He was also reluctant to point out Kim Ha Neul in front of him, who shrugged his shoulders and pretended to be okay. Ba Da continued with a sigh.

“Then Ha Neul, use the second floor. I won’t let the cats go up.”
“I will.”

Kim Ha Neul nodded gently. Seeing him reach for Bom even though he kept hesitating, he seemed to be trying to get used to it.

Other than that, summer, fall, and winter aren’t all that cool. It will be okay unless you try to approach it.

“What are you going to do with your luggage?”
“It doesn’t really matter if I just bring my laptop. I’ll bring the simple one to the car today, and I can take care of the rest secondhand.”
“I’ll tell the manager and lend you a big car. The bodyguards will also help you move your things.”
“Then I’ll be grateful.”

The rest of the story went on in a flash. This is because we have been worrying about each other for a long time, so there are many things that have been arranged.

In addition, Kim Ha Neul’s luggage is all clothes, computers, and exercise equipment bought by Kang Ba Da.

There is a separate space for exercise in the house on Kang Ba Da, so he only had to bring a computer.

“There are bathrooms and restrooms on the second floor, too. If you take it off when you eat or work out, there won’t be much to come down.”
“What if I miss you, Ba Da.”
“Please feel free to come down. Before that, you have to deal with our children.”
“Ugh – Four Heavenly Kings.”

Kim Ha Neul flinched while making eye contact with the cats. It was cute in many ways because a human being who didn’t even blink in front of a sword was like that.

“Since this happened, should I bring Ye Na, too.
“I’d love to, but the trial isn’t over.”
“It takes longer than I thought.”
“Well, well, that’s

Originally, it is not easy to put abandoned children on the family register, but it is quite late considering that Kangbyeol is confident.

Since you said you’d do it on your own.’

The two decided to wait calmly for the result because it was not something that could be solved faster by flapping.

“I’ll go home and get my stuff first.”
“I have to go to work soon, so I’ll give you the front door key first.”
“Huh? Wasn’t it a number key?”
“It doesn’t work without a key.”
“… Aha.”

The two have begun to live together in earnest.

* * *

“I’ll leave the rest of my luggage here.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Don’t mention it.”

I was worried about the sudden shower, but thanks to the head of the department, I finished moving comfortably.

“I’m almost done organizing my luggage.”

I looked around, wiping the sweat off my forehead. It’s only one of the rooms on the second floor, but it’s almost the same size as the house I used.

Even the second floor is a space for guests that they don’t usually use. There were all sorts of things, so I shook off the accumulated dust a few times.

It doesn’t feel as good as I thought.’

From today, I started to live under the same roof as Kang Ba Da, but I didn’t feel much touched because it was completely different from the floor.

Or have a meal together.
I’ll see you off on my way to work.
Or take Kang Ba Da to the gym.

Except for that kind of work, there’s no overlapping movement. If I was worried, it was Kang Tae Yang.

– Do well on your own.

The answer came back. It is difficult to know how far the world’s biggest challenge, “Do well on your own,” is.

I think he’s acknowledged it.’

At first glance, I heard that Kang Tae-yang’s business itself is shaking because of the drug designer, so the price of information on it has been paid a lot.

“…By the way, it’s six months.”

Along with him, he also took over information on Gangsan. It was news that his return schedule has been greatly advanced as he recently aggressively pushed ahead with the project.

The expected deadline Chung said was one year, but my gut warned it would be much shorter.

Before that, Kang San must produce results that are recognizable.’

Honestly, I think I did enough just to be recognized by Kang Tae-yang and Kang Byul, but Kang San won’t even work.

“…I made an amazing amount of money.”

Kim Ha Neul of Space Bank
The balance is 629,923,138 won.

I can’t believe it’s my bank account. This is the result of the month-long settlement of profits from other platforms and the prize money for the Soul Fighter final.

It’s definitely a great improvement compared to the past. My mind was not very comfortable.

You said money is relative.’

That’s the standard that Kang San offered me. You have to have 200 to 300 billion won to talk. Where do you earn that much in six months?

It’s impossible unless you win the Super Bowl. But I couldn’t touch stocks and coins, so what I could do was limited.

Still, SNS growth is going fast.’

Starting with Kang Ba Da’s follow, he has already surpassed 15K. It’s slowly slowing down, but growing steadily will greatly help raise my name value.

– Let’s try to be a magazine model, too.
– A magazine model?
– Yes, Kim Seo-bang has a good proportion. I’m sure the response will be good. The job of a web novel writer is not common, so it’s a great subject.
– I’ll leave you to the execution.
– Whoo-hoo. You can look forward to it.

My personal branding was decided to be helped by experts centered on Kangbyeol. Thanks to you, we had a lot of schedules.

For now, it was decided to promote my name in connection with models or famous YouTuber channels.

I started working on the webtoon, too.’

This side has finished cooperation with Italy. I wondered if it would be possible even though I didn’t graduate yet, but I applied for a leave of absence, saying that I really wanted to take it.

– Thanks to Ye Na, my eyes got so high that my head hurt. I want to gain experience by challenging various fields.
– No matter how hard it is, taking a leave of absence…
– It’s common on this floor. Don’t worry about the boss. I’ll take care of you.

He insisted that he would never regret it, but I had no reason to refuse. I was going to leave it to Italy even if I waited for graduation.

Not only my management but also my platform welcomed Italy (Soonae-chan), and I immediately started working with the most assistants ever.

Originally, he was showing a miracle of producing webtoons every three days when he even put wings on Italy, which is fast with hands.

“Thanks to you, the launch is about a month later.”

I’m also continuing to watch every day without losing, so by then my novel will have more than 250 episodes piled up. When the webtoon is launched, the profits will be properly popped.

‘…But this is not enough.’

I thought about this and that, but I rarely had any ideas to use. You can’t even jump into self-employment.

I thought about writing another article quickly and proceeding with a series at the same time. There is no guarantee of success like this one.

“Oh, my God.”

a spontaneous sigh
When I was just thinking about it while sitting in a chair. Suddenly the phone started ringing. When I checked my opponent, I answered the phone quickly.

“Yes, execution.”
– Kim Seobang, you have to be really nice to Ye Na.
“What? What are you talking about all of a sudden?”
– The local response from the fairy tale book is very hot. Maybe your problem can be solved in one go.

a faintly excited voice of the stars
I suddenly looked out the window at the tremor that passed over the phone. Through the window, I saw a ray of light coming down through the dark clouds.

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