Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 67

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#067 Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

“Uh, uh…”

I feel like I’m going to break.
In addition to headaches caused by simple hangovers, it was overloaded by forcibly rotating the alcohol-hardened brain to understand the current situation.

Why I’m lying in a bedroom by Kang Ba Da. The answer to that is clear. Someone delivered me here under Kang Tae-yang’s instruction.


This part was the most troubling.
It’s not that Kang Tae-yang doesn’t know our house, and if the password was the problem, it would be solved by throwing it anywhere, whether it was a hotel.

Nevertheless, what is the reason for throwing me to the ‘must’ Kang Ba Da? It’s only for the purpose of screwing me up.

“Are you okay? You have a headache, right? Why did you drink so much? “Who the hell did you drink with…”

Kang Ba Da that worries me all the time.
Bringing your forehead to see if you have a fever. On reflection, it may not have been the intention to screw up.

“I’m lying down. I’ll get some honey water.”
“It’s all right…”

Kang Ba Da turned around and left the room before I finished talking. I smiled lightly at her back.

But why are you asking me who I drank with?’

It would have been Ko Gang-cheol who brought me here. They seemed to know each other before, so there is no way they don’t know that I drank with Kang Tae-yang.

“No way…”

For a moment, an uneasy feeling passed through my head. As a web novel writer, various scenarios came to mind, and cold sweat began to flow straight from my back.

Where’s my phone?’

I looked around in a hurry, but I couldn’t see my phone. I felt a sense of disgust in my mind.

I can’t have walked all the way here, so I’m sure there’s a trace of the credit card payment or anything on my phone. This is why information is so scarce.

– Kki meow.

The strange cry gave me goose bumps on my back. Come to think of it, Kang Ba Da was raising a pet at home. It must have been spring, summer, fall, and winter.

A cat was staring at me under the bed, proving my memory correct.

“… Was it spring?’

Unique visuals covered with black fur only on the corners such as the face, toes, and tail on a white background. Above all, it is a “sham cat” characterized by clear blue eyes like a sapphire.

– Meow?

Like the unusual appearance, the sound of crying was different from that of ordinary cats. A curious breed who looks at me and tilts his head.

He’s very popular because he has a pretty face and a cute youngest personality.

“…Hoi, go away.”

The problem is that I don’t really like cats. I’ve been away from cats ever since I fell from a tree by Nero when I was young.

– Kkiong?

This damn cat was raised so much by the looks of it. a state of complete lack of vigilance or fear of a person

The feeling that someone hates or stays away from him is an unfamiliar “super insider cat.” It’s simply the worst kind of connection with me.

“Oh, I told you not to come!”
– What?

Despite the warning, Bom jumped easily onto the bed where I was lying. And then he crept toward me.

Normally, I would have raised my body and kept my distance, but my body couldn’t listen at all because alcohol was flowing in my blood vessels instead of blood.

“Je, please stop…”

Oh, my.
While I was stuck, the guy who crawled up to his chest flicked his tongue. The feeling of damp tickles my face.

This familiar feeling. I think this is the guy who was putting saliva on my face earlier.

– Kkiong!

At last the savior appeared.
After confirming my situation, Kang Ba Da called Bom in a rather high tone, and the startled one quickly left the room.

“…You saved my life.”

Kang Ba Da tilted its head, but I couldn’t bear to confess that I was scared of cats. I shook my head as if it were nothing.

“Can you get up for a second?”

As I struggled to lift my upper body, Kang Ba Da supported my back. Thanks to this, I was able to lean on the back of the bed.

“Here’s honey water. It’s hot, so drink slowly.”
“Oh, thank you.”

I was trying to raise my hand to get honey water, but suddenly I felt dizzy. I felt dizzy and my brows frowned upon.

“I can’t. I’ll feed you.”
“No, it’s okay now…”
“Stop nagging and stay still.”

After scooping honey water with a spoon, Kang Ba Da’s sea blew its own breath to cool it down.

“Oh, go ahead.”

Oh, my.
I opened my mouth without complaining and drank honey water like a baby bird. I put so much honey, and it felt like the sweetness that went too far was spreading to my toes.

The feeling of being cared for by someone was unfamiliar, but I felt good when the object became a Kang Ba Da. It’s like a real couple.

‘… As long as I’m happy.’

So all the honey water disappears into the stomach. Perhaps thanks to the careful nursing of Kang Ba Da, I felt my headache gradually subsiding.

“Thank you, Ba Da ssi.”
“Then tell me now.”
“What? What…”

I looked up, flinching at the tone of Kang Ba Da, which felt cold and cool, and she was looking at me with something disapproving.

“How did this happen?” “Do you know how surprised I was when Ha Neul suddenly came to see me at dawn?”

I’m afraid I don’t remember at all. It is the first time since Kim Ha Neul’s birthday that he has drunk alcohol to the point where the film is cut off.

My head hurt again when I tried to recall the memory. However, my memory is blurry as if someone had sprayed ink in my brain.

Nevertheless, as I worked hard without giving up, fragments of memories began to come to mind.

– Sir, we’re here.
– What’s the password for my house?
– I bought a hangover cure, so please relax. Well, then I’ll go now.

Come on.
Ko Kang-chul turned his back and left the front door of our house like a panorama.

If this is not a dream, Kang Tae-yang’s delivery is done properly. Then maybe the reason I’m here now.

‘…You came on your own.’

My head throbbed.
From then on, memories began to come to mind one by one like watching a movie. How I ended up here.

– I miss you, Ba Da.Oh, my.

I wish I could just fall asleep. This unnecessarily resistant body remained alert even after drinking Koryang liquor.

Eventually, I got up and walked outside as I was drunk, and I immediately grabbed a taxi and ran to the house of Kang Ba Da.

– Ba Da ssi!
– Ha Neul!? What brings you here at this hour? It smells like alcohol! How much alcohol did you drink!?
– As much as I love you!

I touched my forehead without realizing it.
Why didn’t you just remember?

My face was so hot that I wanted to hide if there was a rat hole anywhere. I’d rather get drunk again and fall asleep.

“Are you okay? Your face is red!”
“No, I’m still drunk…”

I lay down on the bed, limping like jelly. At the same time, I covered myself with a blanket. To be exact, I was going to.

“Wake up.”

Come on.
My body stopped by the cool tone that reminded me of a guerrilla assistant. As much as he had sinned, he stood up secretly while looking at her.

“…Did I make any mistake to Ba Da ssi?”

It’s a mistake to lie down here already. What I’m saying is more of a mistake. I’m afraid I’ve become an animal because I’m drunk.

Looking at the atmosphere, I don’t think it’s that. After entering the house of Kang Ba Da, I really couldn’t remember anything.

“You really don’t remember anything?”
“A little bit?”
“How far?”
“…to ring the doorbell.”

I can’t say I remember the next scene. I’d rather stick my nose in alcohol and die than do that.

Kang Ba Da stared at me with dim eyes as if it were true, and soon he sighed.

“Do you really want to know?”
“…Yes, sir.”

A strange answer popped up.
This is due to the combination of rational judgment that it is better to cover up the dark history as it is and instinctive curiosity about what happened.

Ba Da burst into laughter as if it were absurd. Then he brought his phone and played a video clip.

When I checked the contents, I lost what to say. Because there were two beasts in it.

– Come on!
– It’s rolling.

Two beasts lying on the floor and crying at each other. One was “Spring” that I saw this morning. The other is Kim Ha Neul, who became a dog because he was drunk.

During the confrontation, Bom first relaxed her guard. He carefully approached Kim Ha Neul and rubbed his head.

Kim Ha Neul looked at him quietly, hugged him in his arms as if he were cute, and rolled on the floor together.

“Hahaha. Do you want to live with me?”
– Meow.

two beasts in perfect harmony
If the background music did not contain the laughter of Kang Ba Da, it might have been a heartwarming video in its own way.

“Laughing out loud!”

Kang Ba Da burst into laughter again while watching the video. On the other hand, I felt like tears were about to burst out at any moment at the friendship of the two beasts that had crossed the trauma and the walls of their species.

No wonder I thought Bom was being so friendly. It’s because we’re brothers who shared our thoughts.


Gang Ba Da reached out to his phone, pretending to be heartbroken, inducing his guard, but quickly dodging as if he had expected it.

“Please erase it.”
“I don’t want to”.
“It’s something that shouldn’t exist in this world. I mean, it’s going to bring a huge disaster!”
“I also have a cloud backup, so don’t think about anything.”
“…How can you do such a heinous thing under the mask of a person!?”

Despite my desperate cry, Kang Ba Da only snorted as if it were not working.

I’ve taken him to Kang Ba Da several times, but it was the first time I actually came into the house. I didn’t expect to make a dark history like this.

Fortunately, he no longer asks how Kang Ba Da became like this. I didn’t forget, I just pretended not to know.

I don’t think much has happened.’

It hasn’t been long since I said I’d wait until the wedding. But it’s simply the worst if you crossed the line drunk.

The clothes I’m wearing right now, and all the shirts I wore yesterday. There are no signs of doubt. But just in case, let’s check one more time.

“And then what else?”

Kang Ba Da flinching for a moment Shortly afterwards she shook her head as if nothing had happened, but she couldn’t avoid my eyes.

“What happened?”
“No!? Nothing! Come outside when you feel better. I made bean sprout soup.”
“Why are you suddenly changing the subject…”

Memories that flash like a light bulb in my head. After rolling on the floor with Bom, I remembered Kang Ba Da dragging me to my bedroom.

Two people who somehow managed to get to the bedroom. Kang Ba Da that laid me on the bed was sweating out when someone grabbed her by the hand.

– Wait a minute. Can I get you some water?

I pulled Kang Ba Da to my bed and hugged her like a teddy bear. Silly comments that continue.

– Ha Neul, wake up and solve this. Stop kissing me. Come on!

That’s all I remember.
He seems to have fallen asleep hugging Kang Ba Da.

Kang Ba Da swallowed the silence as if it had read my thoughts, and the atmosphere quickly became awkward. In this case, there is only one solution.

“Ba Da ssi.”
“Don’t call me so softly.”
“I think I’m still sober.”
“What is that…!

I pulled Kang Ba Da to my bed like a figure in my memory, and then I gave indiscriminate kisses.

I hated it in words, but it didn’t seem to feel bad to see a smile gradually blooming around her mouth.

Even if it’s a dream, I can’t believe it.
It was a very happy time.


“Since this happened, shall we combine it from today?”
“Go ahead.”
“You take it quite mildly.”
“…It’s not that I don’t particularly hate it either. There are many rooms left anyway.”

Kang Ba Da pushed the fried rice I made into his mouth as if nothing had happened. However, it is also shameful to see that the earlobes have turned red.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?”

Come on.
Instead of answering, Kang Ba Da stared at this side. So I tried my best to pretend as if nothing had happened.

– What?
– Meow!
– (Singing “Fan ID”)
– Whoosh.

a body that is hardened by various sounds of crying Behind me sat four colorful cats.

“… Is this the ordeal of Ba Dason that I’ve only heard of?”

spring, summer, fall, and winter.
Four cats, brilliant from its name, were looking at me with passionate eyes.

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