Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 53

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#053 Why are you here?

“…This is ridiculous.”
“I told you it’s impossible.”
“One more round. Just one more round!”
“Do you accept the result?”


I could hear the voice of Kang Ba Da disintegrating from behind, but I took off my VR goggles at all.

Then Kang Ba Da pouted its lips and began to turn Solang. Seeing that, I breathed a sigh of relief inside.

‘…I almost lost.’

A stream of cold sweat ran down my back.

The bet against Kang Ba Da was made up of four out of seven. I won the first two rounds without difficulty, but from the third round, her movements changed completely.

You fire a bullet in a series of correct trajectories, blocking one shot, and firing a bullet with one more bullet in the back. There were also attacks at a completely unexpected angle when the shell and the shell collided.

It’s already like a high-ranker.’

As evidence, the opponents who match Kang Ba Da are literally being ‘killed’.

All the short-range weapons have holes in their heads even before they are approached, and those who choose guns as their chief must feel an insurmountable gap.

It’s getting more accurate.’

Looking back on the fight, the first two rounds were decided to throw them away for practice. The third round was real.

In the last round, he even faced a big crisis when a bullet was stuck in his shoulder while approaching Kang Ba Da through a shell baptism.

I can’t guarantee it next time.’

Still, I will have a higher winning rate, but I don’t think I can guarantee that I will win 100%. For Rocky’s dignity, I’ll have to be ridiculous at this point.

I offered my silent condolences to the nameless Newbies who were handling the shot of anger on my behalf.

“Oh, my. I think I can win if I play one more round.”

At that time, Kang Ba Da, which made some people quit the game, took off their goggles. Maybe it’s because we were fighting, but the eyes facing me are strong.

“A typical loser’s excuse.”
“Let’s play another round”.
“I can’t hear you well because it’s the words of the loser.”
“Four out of four.”

Kang Ba Da pouted its lips.

It’s not good to think how many times you’re going to be subjected to the same repertoire. I’m already a clear winner, so I don’t have to respond to provocations.

“…I’ll pay you back someday.”
“You’ll have to make your wish come true first.”
“Oh, are you sure you are!?”
“Whoa, sit here and rest for now.”

I quickly put her in a chair because I thought I’d be upset if I teased her more. Later, he brought drinks and snacks to calm the heat.

“But how do you pay for Dothan?”
“The second-ranked team that I competed against last time fired a gun in a strange way. At that time, I was confused because it was so hard, but now that I checked it out, the angle of incidence and reflection are exactly the same.”
“Yes. It’s easier than you think because you just need to match the angle of your arms and the timing of your excitement.” The gun in the game just needs to be pulled.”

That’s easy.

In the game, where hundreds of shots are fired per minute, the angle was calculated one by one, far beyond the category of ordinary people from the moment they shot.

In fact, it seems like the technology that ranked second and had less than 10% success rate, but Kang Ba Da has already exceeded 30% just by looking at it.

“At this rate, there should be no problem with the finals.”
“Come to think of it, the competition method was a bit unique, right? Did I say that each team will play one 1:1 game, a total of four games, and then play 2:2?”
“That’s right. It’s kind of a colon. With today’s form, there will be no one in the soul fighter who can win but me.”
“Why do you sneak out of it?”
“Four out of four.”


Kang Ba Da glared at me with unprecedented cold eyes, so I pulled up the corners of my mouth as if I knew nothing.

“…Phew. Never mind. Please tell me about the characteristics of Cloud Jean.”
“I don’t know either”.
“They weren’t there when I was active. Well, I’d better ask Monster for details. I’m sure they’ve analyzed it.”

I picked up the phone immediately and contacted the counter. Shortly after hanging up the phone, Moon Young-chul came into the room.

“You’ve gotten a lot looser, haven’t you?”
“I believed in you. At the time of engineering school, you also served as an aide as a two-party leader.”
“Anyway, his mouth… It’s done.” I’ll explain at least what I recognized, so you two sit there.”

Moon Young-chul manipulated the computer skillfully. Then a picture of Cloud Jean’s avatar appeared on the main screen.

“Nickname is Cloud Jean. With a record of 515 wins and 337 losses, he is currently the defending champion with 27 consecutive wins.”
“There aren’t as many editions as I thought.”
“It’s a new face in its own way. It first appeared three months ago. At first, the record wasn’t very good, but here’s what’s noteworthy.”


When Moon Young-chul clicked the mouse, the screen went over and a graph appeared. Looking closely, it is the winning rate table of cloud jeans according to the number of months.

“The winning rate is lower than I thought.”
“If you look at the overall winning rate, that’s right. The winning rate was less than half in the first month. But since the second month, the winning rate has jumped to 80%, and in the past month, he has not lost a single time.”
“Are you trying hard?”
“…I’m sure anyone looks like that compared to you. There are enough monsters on this side, too. Even though I access it from time to time on weekends, I’ve seen this much growth.”


When Moon Young-chul pressed the mouse once again, a video of Cloud Jin’s battle came to mind this time. Seeing it, the eyes of Kang Ba Da became very serious.

“The main weapon is the same as yours. But women use swords, men use guns. You can say that the style of play is pretty much the same.”
“It’s going to be a real battle of skills.”
“That’s right. Personally, I think you have the upper hand, but these guys are also formidable. First of all, the nickname is very fancy.”

(Playing with words)

Moon Young-chul, who shrugged his shoulders once in a curious gaze, lowered the mouse wheel. Then I saw their nicknames in the comments window.

“Defectless commander?”
“The female character is ‘Goddess of Blood.'”
“It’s a bit strange to hear it in voice, but anyway, they are so talented that no one denies the nickname.”
“Boss, what are our nicknames?”
“You don’t have to watch it…”

Moon Young-chul scratched his head when asked by Kang Ba Da, but in the end, he couldn’t overcome her intense gaze and tapped the keyboard.

[Witch of Laplace]


I burst into laughter when I saw the nickname of Kang Ba Da. However, I had to close my mouth immediately, because the gaze I felt from the side was very fierce.

“Why is someone a goddess and someone a witch!?”
“Ba Da ssi, calm down for now…”
“What’s your nickname, Ha Neul?”
“Well, I don’t know”.
“He’s the immortal devil.”
“Old man!”

Moon Young-chul, who was watching us and holding back his laughter, quickly sold me out. When I glared at him, he quickly waved his hand and ran out of the door.

“…Have a good time!”


When I looked to the side at the sudden sound, Kang Ba Da was holding back its laughter. She smiled and talked to me when she caught my eye.

“You weren’t in a position to tease anyone.”
“More than the Witch of Laplace.”
“I think I’m better”.
“Well, that’s not true.”


At my words, Kang Ba Da raised the corners of its mouth and shook the VR machine in both hands.

“A clean single round win?”
“I’m not buying it.”
“I’m going to hold my breath until you do.”
“If you faint, I’ll give you ventilation.”

a blushing sea of rivers That way, you still have a long way to go to beat me. I’m trying to organize the table with that thought.

“Shall we leave for today?”
“No, what if you try to hold your breath until you really faint!? Ba Da ssi, Ba Da ssi!

The day ended with a little happening. After a few days, the long-awaited final match is just around the corner.

* * *

The day of the final.

Kim Ha Neul was inside the E-Sports Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul, along with the nursery staff. The final match was going to be held here today.

“You guys sometimes do big things like nothing.”
“Ah ha ha haha.

Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da looked awkward at the director’s words. In fact, they didn’t expect things to get this big either.

Total prize money is 150 million won.

All seats at the main stadium are sold out.

Even the fierce competition for the position of advertisers.

“…Who knew this would happen?”

The first place match, which was supposed to be carried out lightly in the VR room. He has grown up to this point under people’s keen interest.

The Soul Fighter’s side declared an official competition whether they thought they would row when the water came in.

Thanks to this, several more high rankers besides us participated, and a separate event match was held to boost the excitement.

“Sit down for now. Although it’s not the main stadium, it’s only for us, so you can use it comfortably.”
“Yes, I see.”

With the consideration of the organizers, we were able to rent a whole room with a screen, which allowed the entire nursery to come to see.

Following Kim Ha Neul’s instructions, the children sat one after another, and in the meantime, Ye Na and Italy sat in the front center.

“From now on, the man here will hand out the drinks, so everyone sit down.”


Moon Young-chul brought a huge ice box and put it down at the front, and his wife, who came with him, began to hand out drinks.

“My sister-in-law, sit down! I’ll do it.”
“Hey, it’s time to exercise moderately. The young master is taking a rest before the game.”
“Let me at least do this. We’re truly grateful to Ha Neul and his wife. Especially, when I come home, they always talk about each other.”
“It’s embarrassing to see you gold your face. Then we’ll help you.”
“Yes, please.”

Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da quickly helped Moon and Young-chul and distributed drinks to the children.

When the situation was over to some extent, Ye Na suddenly got up from her seat and approached Kim Ha Neul.

“Are you going to fight?”
“Well, that’s what I’m talking about.
“We’re going to defeat the villains.”

While hesitating about how to explain, Kang Ba Da suddenly intervened. She continued, stroking Ye Na’s head.

“Yes. We are going to defeat the wicked witch and the devil who live in hell.”
“The Witch and the Devil!”
“Yes. If Ye Na cheers me on, I think my sister and brother will be able to defeat the devil.”

Ye Na pursed her lips at the words of Kang Ba Da. She rubbed her temples and thought she was thinking about something, but soon raised her hand with a determined look.


When I pressed the button on my watch, colorful music came out of it. After a while, Ye Na spread her hands toward Kang Ba Da.

“Cheer up! Merry is rooting for you!”

Hold it tight.

Kang Ba Da hugged Ye Na with a bright smile. Then, she rubbed her cheeks like she was lovely, and Ye Na was smiling because she felt good.

“Thank you. Thanks to Ye Na, I’m fully charged!”
“Completed charging!”
“Are you going to do it to Ha Neul, right?”

Hold it tight.

Ye Na approached Kim Ha Neul without any hesitation and opened her hand. Kim Ha Neul also hugged her with a happy smile.

“Oppa, win!”
“Way to go!
“Don’t lose!”

Others who were watching the scene threw applause and cheers, and Kim Ha Neul stood up from her seat, stroking Ye Na’s head.

“Then I’ll be back.”

With Ye Na’s smile on their backs, the two came to the waiting room for players.

Kim Ha Neul, who has been smiling as a father since a while ago, and Kang Ba Da, which sneaked up on him, whispered in a quiet voice.

“Are you fully charged?”
“Thanks to you, the devil and witch that Ba Da ssi said seem to be on our side.”
“At least I don’t want to look like a witch to Ye Na. Isn’t that the same for you, Ha Neul?”
“Well, that’s true.”

The two relaxed in a casual chat. This is because it is time to go to the stadium and greet the audience soon.

“Then shall we go to be children’s heroes?”
“I have something to do before that.”

Kang Ba Da suddenly opened its hands. Except for the fact that he turned his head shyly, it was the same posture as Ye Na showed a while ago.

“Isn’t this overcharging?”
“Stop nagging and come.”

Kim Ha Neul, who smiled lightly, quickly approached and hugged her. The two stood like that for a long time.

Knock knock!

Then someone knocked on the door. The two opened the street in surprise, and the staff came into the room in a slightly awkward atmosphere.

“Two of you, please enter.”

We followed the staff’s guidance to the stage. As we entered the stadium, countless people’s eyes were on us.

Kim Ha Neul, who saw Kang Ba Da flinching, held her hand and reassured her, and the two got on the stage safely.

“Please welcome us with warm applause and cheers! Legends Never Die! The immortal devil, Rocky! And the emergence of a new urban legend, Sylvie, the Witch of Laplace!”

The shouts of about 800 people hit the eardrums. Above their heads, colorful spotlight lights wrapped around the two.

“Next is the defending champion! Will they be able to stop the devil and the witch? The Goddess of Blood ‘Cloud’ and the flawless commander ‘Jin’!”

Two men and women walked out from the other side.
The distance from the waiting room to the stage was not too far, so the two teams could quickly check each other’s faces.


At the same time, embarrassment sprang up. The faces of the four men were colored with embarrassment as if they had been woven together. It was because they knew each other.

“Why are you here?”
“That’s what I want to ask. Why are you with the editor?”

Cloud Jeans.

Their identity was none other than ‘Kim Gu Reum’ and my editor, Park Do Jin.

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