Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 52

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#052 Tight?

“Thank you!”

Italy, who was allowed to sit a little away from Ye Na, suddenly opened the sketchbook and began to paint.

It seemed like a means of getting Ye Na’s attention. It must have worked quite well, and Ye Na began to creep around her.

Before long we could see Ye Na squatting next to Italy.

“You’re good at handling children.”
“I heard that you are working part-time as an art teacher at a daycare center.”
“…I even went out to work part- Do we have time to rest?”
“Sleeping time is a break time.”

When I was a college student, I also had two or three part-time jobs, including tutoring, so I roughly pictured my daily life in Italy.

Maybe that’s why I feel bad and proud. I want to help as much as possible because I have a unique personality but I’m not rude.

“Ye Na, will you finish this?”

Ye Na quickly brought her tools. Italy’s eyes widened when they saw it, and turned their heads toward us.

“Hey, is that a tool for Ye Na?”
“Yes, it’s all from Ye Na.”

Italy alternately looked at Ye Na’s brush and her brush, and suddenly took out her phone. Italy, where I thought I was searching hard for something, suddenly opened my mouth.


The message flashed in. When I checked the contents, I was dumbfounded and burst into laughter.

– I’ll do my best! (`Д´)ゞ

When I showed a message to Kang Ba Da, who was curious next to me, she also looked absurd.

Whether or not, Italy began to watch Ye Na with more eager eyes than ever before.

“…It’s good that you’re honest.”
“I think my skills are good, too.”
“That’s the biggest thing.”

Where the experience of working at the daycare center did not go, Italy silently watched Ye Na’s painting process without hasty touch.

In the case of children, regardless of the degree of talent, they know that the priority is to let them draw whatever they want.

Often, I paint my sketchbook on my own or give technical advice with a desire to help. Then the children get upset because they put down their pens.

“What’s wrong with you?”
“I want to move my tail.”
“You mean you want to give the painting a sense of dynamism, right? Then like this… Now, how about this?”

Ye Na opened her eyes wide. He seemed quite surprised when he solved the blockage without any blockage.

As now, Italy was closely watching Ye Na, and at some point, when the brush stopped, immediately identified the problem and suggested a solution.

“Ye Na must not have read much comic books, huh? I’ll bring you a fun book next time.”
“Yes! Smart sister!”
“Would you say you’re a pretty and smart sister?”
“Smart sister.”

Ye Na drawing the line for sure.

Perhaps because she was an artist, she already had a firm standard for beauty.

Italy looked depressed for a while, but soon recovered and continued the painting. He is a very interesting person in many ways.

“Why don’t you two go out and have a date for a while? I think I’ll be like this all day today.”
“Will you be all right?”
“Yes, in fact, if someone keeps watching from the side, I can’t brush because it’s burdensome. Right, Ye Na?”

Ye Na turned her head slightly and came out to see Kang Ba Da, but soon nodded slowly.

The subtle nod tilted our heads. It’s like, “I’m fine, so don’t worry about it and go.”

“Then will you be back for a while?”
“Ye Na, is there anything you want to eat?”

Shake your head.

Ye Na shakes her head and starts focusing on the painting again. At the apparent celebration, I and Kang Ba Da made eye contact with each other and refrained from laughing.

* * *

Since that day, Italy has visited Ye Na every day and painted together. Ye Na followed her well to see if she didn’t like it.

I heard that Ye Na’s speed is so great that it will be completed in about a month or two, but there was a little problem in the process.

– Please stay out of the studio for a while.
– What are you talking about all of a sudden?
– Ye Na is more greedy than I thought. This is my guess, but I want to surprise you with the finished work.

After much consideration, we decided to respect her opinion, and since that day, we have not approached her near the studio at all.

Because Ye Na was so passionate that she didn’t come out except for the meal time, there were days when we couldn’t meet even if we went to the nursery school.

– You didn’t hate me, did you?
– It’s probably the other way around the other way around.
– But…
– I want to show only cool things to people I like. I think Ye Na is like that, too.

On the day I couldn’t meet Ye Na, Kang Ba Da asked me in a worried tone, but these worries were quickly resolved.

– Hey, hey!

As soon as she heard that we had come, Ye Na ran out and was hugged by Kang Ba Da.

Italy reportedly taught me that rest is also important, but since then, the eyes between the two seem strangely tight.

In particular, given that Italy started calling Kang Ba Da “Mother,” it seems that some kind of transaction took place somewhere I didn’t know.

– Today, I drew a sea princess! With black paint…
– Ye Na, be quiet.
– Oh my!

Anyway, the results were good.

It was fun to hear information that was leaked from time to time. I’ve been watching Ye Na for over a year, but she looked the happiest recently.

In a way, it is natural that a happy smile spread around our mouths looking at her. Thanks to Italy, we also have a lot of mental composure.

“Now I can play with ease.”

Kang Ba Da clenched its fists and strengthened its resolution. This is because the first place match of “Soul Fighter,” which was postponed for a while last time, is approaching.

The date is next Saturday.

Therefore, we were just visiting the VR room for practice. As always, Moon Young-chul, who was in charge of the counter, talked to me.

“Is everything that you said before settled well?”
“Yes, thanks to your concern.”
“Anyway, oiling. I left my room in advance because I thought it would come. I’ll keep it empty until the competition, so you can use it as much as you want.”
“You don’t have to do that…”
“Take it without nagging. Thanks to the two of them, the business is doing really well these days.”

In the meantime, Moon Young-chul showed us his current room and reservation list, and all the rooms were full except for the rooms that were empty for us.

I know because I’ve worked part-time here, but it’s never often this full except on weekends.

“What’s going on?”
“Do you live without looking at the internet?”
“I’ve been so distracted lately.”
“Look at this.”

Moon Young-chul put an Internet window on the monitor. It was a community site, full of stories about this final.

[Title: Who do you think will win?]]: I’m definitely on the Rocky team, but I think Cloud Jin will win about two sets. Your skills are no joke these days.
└ Loki hasn’t even logged in for two weeks.
└ Rothoute, currently making excuses.
└ Yes, it’s 49 consecutive wins because it’s been 5 years since I logged in. He even brought his new girlfriend.
└ I’m a beginner at a kid who even calculates the angle of a dothan and shoots it. He’s a basic avatar in the first place, but how can he be a girl or a man?
└ It’s better if it’s a man.

[Title: Loki is Loki]: I watched the video with the 2nd place last time, and your skills didn’t die at all. I don’t know if you haven’t met him in person, but he’s really another level.
└ This is right. The Vsilkol babies who haven’t met Rocky are talking. If you meet them, you really want to quit playing games.
└ So, how many NIMTI?
└ [Picture] Chal 500 in the previous season.
└ What? It’s “Road Manager”.
└ Really? I’m your fan!
└ Romae, how are you watching this game?
└ 4:1 Rocky team wins.

The cloud team is also widely regarded as “completed” because its recent form does not make sense. I think I can win at least one game against Rocky.

These articles filled the bulletin board. In addition, the number of pages is being updated in real time to see how fast the text is updated.

“I’ve even filled up the collection.”
“Why fundraising?”
“To be exact, I should say ‘funding’. I voluntarily saved money by saying let’s rent a stadium and put in prize money.”
“How long have we gathered?”
“100 million.”
“…How much?”
“100 million.”

I couldn’t believe it even though I heard it twice. I thought you’d have collected a few million won at the most. It’s so different even if the number of units is different.

“I was going to tell you today. I received an official broadcast request from the soul fighter and the platform. If you accept it, I want to hold an official competition and broadcast it live.”
“It’s getting too big on the scale.”
“Well, there’s nothing bad about it, isn’t there?” I’ll make money. For your information, they already agreed.”

Look at these things.

My eyebrows and Kang Ba Da wriggled at the same time. There’s no way he’d accept it like that unless he had the confidence to win.

Moon Young-chul pulled up the corners of his mouth and stuck out a piece of paper as if he had read our expressions. I checked and it was a detailed composition of the competition.

“You’re already done talking, aren’t you?”
“It’s only a story when you accept it. By the way, I’m innocent. You don’t have to eat in the middle, so feel free to decide.”
“Even if you say so…”

Just a quick glance at the contents of the contract is clear. How much effort Moon Young-chul has made in an invisible place to take care of our interests.

That’s why I can’t say no.’

In the first place, I’m not the type to avoid a walking fight, and what kind of crazy guy would refuse to give me 100 million won if I win a game.

It is impossible only if you are not a person who has the financial power to pass 100 million won coolly. In that sense, I first asked Kang Ba Da for a doctor.

“What do you think, Ba Da?”
“I’ll do as Ha Neul says.”
“I’ll definitely do it.”
“Then I’ll definitely follow you.”


Moon Young-chul, who was watching us, burst into a pleasant smile. He took out the pre-arranged contract and held it out to us.

“Then check it out and sign it.”
“Well, I’ll have to make one correction.”
“Which one?”
“The part where 60% of the sponsorship and advertising proceeds are transferred to us. Let’s include Monster and let’s each get 20%.”

Moon Young-chul’s expression crumpled at my words. He opened his mouth as if to grab me by the collar at any moment.

“He’s not picking up.”
“Then I don’t do it either.
“Hey! Are you really crazy? Why would I eat what you two are good at playing games? Doing business well is enough!”
“I heard you’re twins this time.”

Moon is a married man.

He is even a man of national merit who has three children, and his wife is pregnant again this time because he is so good. It’s also twins.

It’s definitely news to be congratulated on, but how much money it costs to raise a child. Even if Moon Young-chul is the owner of the store, he is not very relaxed.

“I’ll take care of that. And, dude. Aren’t you going to eat soon and have a baby? If you don’t consult with your wife, you’ll be hated.”
“No, I like this side of Ha Neul. And I really want the boss to accept this money.”
“No, what’s wrong with you, too, Jesu? This is a game competition, so it’s not something to look down on. Advertising and donations are more than you can imagine. Maybe more than the prize money.
“Of course it’s not free.”

Kang Ba Da raised its two fingers with a solemn expression. She smiles softly as her eyes gather on her right after.

“Instead of distributing donations, please give us unlimited VR room passes.” I really liked this place. Games are fun.”
“That’s it, even now…”
“And the second thing is that you must attend our wedding. This is our condition.”

I smiled at the words of Kang Ba Da, and Moon Young-chul looked at me with a big smile.

“A blessed fellow.”
“So I’ll give you some.”
“All right, don’t thank me.”


Moon Young-chul suddenly bowed down. I bent down so deeply that I even hit my head on the desk. Surprised by this, we caught him quickly.

“…Thank you. Mr. Je-su.”
“Hey! Why are you crying?”
“Who’s crying! It’s just a little blood flowing.”
“That’s more of a problem!”

After such a long toss and turn, I managed to finish signing the revised contract.

* * *

“You’re an interesting person.”
“Sometimes it’s a problem because it’s too much.”
“Thanks to you, I’m really going to explode.”

Kang Ba Da rubbed its stomach and shook its head. There was a lot of food made by Moon Young-chul in front of her.

These days, there were many restaurants because it was hard to do business due to game expenses. This was one of them.

Moved by the words of Kang Ba Da, Moon Young-chul made all the menus, which made this mess.

“Don’t overdo it. They put it in, knowing that they won’t be able to eat it anyway.”
“Yes, it’s really impossible now! But thanks to you, I ate as much as I wanted. Of course, the food that Ha Neul cooked for me is the best.
“I’ll do it for you next time.”
“Can’t you forget that?”


Kang Ba Da, which swallowed laughter, rose from its seat. She grabbed the VR machine by stretching lightly.

“Then shall we digest now? Why don’t you play 1:1 with me?”
“Ba Da ssi, this is Rocky.”
“I’m Sylvie”.
“You won’t win.”
“You have a long tongue today. Scared?

I grabbed the VR machine without saying a word. I have no choice but to engrave on my body what it means to fight against Rocky.

“It’ll be boring if we just do it, so let’s just make a bet.”
“What kind of bet?”
“Four out of seven. The loser grants the winner’s wish.”
“Will it be okay? If I win again this time, it won’t end as clumsy as last time?”
“Your tongue is long”.

We glared at each other for a moment, then wore VR goggles almost at the same time. The game began with the unique BGM of soul fighters ringing in the room.

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