Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 50

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#050 Ye Na is like a fox.

“Ye Na is like a fox to me.”

I spaced out for a moment at an example that I never expected. Then Kang Ba Da, who read my expression, smiled softly and said.

“Have you seen <The Little Prince>?”
“Oh, are you talking about the fox that comes out there?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince.
It is so famous that there are fewer people around the world who do not know it, and Kang Ba Da seemed to compare the fox that appears here to Ye Na.

“Can I hear why?”
“In the novel, a fox tells the little prince how special a rose is, right? At the same time, it’s a precious relationship that makes you realize love and responsibility.”
“That’s what Ye Na is to me.”

I nodded softly as I listened to the story. This is because I understood to some extent what Kang Ba Da wants to talk about.

“I’m sure the fox’s line was, ‘You’re responsible for what you tamed, aren’t you?”
“That’s right. The moment I saw Ye Na’s painting, I felt that way.” As much as we tamed each other, we should take responsibility for it.”
“That’s why you said fox.”

As if to recall something, Kang Ba Da looked at the sky beyond the window. There was a gentle smile around her mouth.

“Honestly, I didn’t like Ye Na very much at first. You said you were going to marry Ha Neul, but you treated me like a competitor.”
“Wasn’t it just ‘really good’ or something?” I’m still a kindergarten student.”
“Kindergarten students know everything they need to know.”

At that moment, the expression of Kang Ba Da hardened coldly. It didn’t seem like a joke to be tackled, so I waited silently for her words to continue.

“But since we’ve been seeing each other several times, Ye Na’s way of treating me has changed. If you see me from afar, you run to me.”
“Oh, that feels really good.”
“Right? A small thing sticks to you like gum. How cute it feels. Honestly, it was kind of fascinating. I didn’t like kids that much.”

This was a bit of a surprise.
Because she always played with the children of the nursery school with a smile on her face. It was never a fake laugh to me.

“As I said before, children are honest. I’m jealous of that, and I’m nervous because I wonder if I can leave it like that.”
“I see.”

Maybe it’s the influence of the succession class. There must have been an overwhelming number of things that couldn’t be done compared to ordinary families.

“That idea has changed a lot now.”
“How should I put this? I feel like I’ In the past, I used to endure things that I hated, but now I can refuse. If it were Ha Neul, I would have done this, thinking like this.”
“That’s a little embarrassing.”
“Whoo hoo hoo.”

Kang Ba Da, which swallowed a shallow smile, chipped its chin. The subtle smile around the mouth feels like something has been relaxed since yesterday.
I thought it was a good change. The self-esteem of Kang Ba Da, which was subtly low, seemed to have risen. It looks much prettier now.

“I learned a lot from Ye Na. There are many ways of expression in the world, and I realized that sometimes being honest can help improve relationships.”
“Come to think of it, I heard you’re going to eat with the execution this weekend.”
“I wouldn’t have imagined it before.”

In the past, Kangbyeol was just difficult, but it seems that the relationship has improved sharply since we saw Ye Na’s paintings together.
Since Kangbyeol has a child of the same age as Ye Na, the environment and education methods that should be created before living together. There’s a lot to learn.

“The way I treat life has changed since I met Ye Na. It is also thanks to Ye Na that I was able to have the courage to approach Ha Neul.”
“I think your roles have changed”.
“Sometimes I think so. Whoo-hoo.”

Kang Ba Da that takes jokes leisurely I laughed lightly at the sight, too.

“In fact, I’m worried if I can play Ye Na’s mom well. Of course, my nanny will watch it with me for a while. “
“Come to think of it, you said you were staying with the nanny, right?”
“Yes, yes. You’ve seen me since I was a baby, so she’s practically like my mother.”

It is said that Kang Ba Da’s biological mother died of a chronic disease shortly after giving birth to her.
The chairman, who loved his wife very much, has not hired a new wife since then, and instead hired a nanny to fill her vacancy.

“My dad was so busy that I couldn’t even see him a few times when I was young.”
“What about the others?”
“Most of my sisters and brothers went abroad to study. I spent a lot more time alone with my nanny.”

I nodded quietly as I listened to her. Perhaps because of this special environment, there was less resistance to adoption.
Adopting at a time like this when it’s hard to raise one’s own children is never an easy choice, regardless of financial leeway.
In that respect, the decision to adopt was a glimpse of how much Kang Ba Da cared about Ye Na.

Maybe that’s why Ye Na and I have a lot of similarities. You like to read others’ faces or you like to spend time alone.”
“You like me, too?”
“Aren’t you ashamed to say that yourself?”
“I didn’t lie to you”.
“…Oh, my.”

As he shrugged his shoulders exaggeratedly, Kang Ba Da snorted. For a moment, the shade on her face disappeared.
Staring at me with bewildered eyes, she continued with a lighter tone.

“Thanks to my aunt’s generous love, as I am now.” I also want to be that kind of person to Ye Na.”
“I’m sure it will be.”
“Thank you. I just happened to have a lot of stories about myself. Did it help you?”
“Of course.”

The past of Kang Ba Da that I learned new was quite interesting. I felt like I was one step closer to her.
At the same time, it was an opportunity to think about Ye Na again. He is like a fox of a little prince who reminds us of the importance of relationships.

“…I think I have a clue.”

Go ahead.
I immediately took out the pad and drew an image that came to mind. Attach the fox’s ears and tail to the picture of Ye Na taken last time.


Perhaps it was a word that popped out without realizing it, but Kang Ba Da quickly covered my mouth. As a result, I quietly swallowed a smile and continued the sketch.

“The bass is the fox of the little prince.”

Of course, since Ye Na is the main character. I’m gonna have to prepare a narrative just for her. Here, refer to Alice in Wonderland.
How about Ye Na, who found an old fairy tale book on the bookshelf, being sucked into it, and repainting people who are becoming dull and blurred by time?

“This is going to be fun.”
“Yes, yes! Since Ye Na likes painting, the concept of utilizing her talent is good, too. It’s also cool to have a setting that restores people’s original appearance!”
“Then the problem is the character…”

Now that we have the central theme, we have to make characters. I was thinking about which character to put in, but Kang Ba Da suddenly suggested an opinion.

“Why don’t you change <Gyeonwoo and Jingnyuh> a little bit?”
“Gyeon-woo and Jing-nyuh?”
“Yes! Our birthdays are all July 7th. Ye Na is the one who connected the two of us closer. I was wondering if we could use this.”
“Oh, that’s good! Then change the Ojakgyo Bridge to a rainbow bridge, and the characters reflect our characteristics ….”
“Here, like this…”

The two of them discussed it much faster. The background and characters were filled in an instant, and lines containing key messages were completed.
That day, we sat in a cafe all day long and made the framework of the novel, and we talked about completing all the plot in a day.

“…I can’t believe I finished this in a day.”

The result so completed was ridiculously solid. Other minor things can be modified by yourself while writing.

“Will you draw an illustration yourself?”
“No. I have someone else in mind, but I don’t know if they’ll accept my request because I’m so busy.”
“Who is that?”
“The person who drew my cover.”

Nickname is “Pureae Jjang”.
He is the first person that came to mind when I thought about illustrations. To satisfy Ye Na’s heightened eyes, it should be at least that level.

The problem is, this isn’t a one-page request.’

Even children’s fairy tale books should be considered to contain at least 24 to 40p. No matter how fast Soonae-chan’s hands are, it will take a month or two.
Regardless of the production cost, the reservation must still be delayed. I wondered if it would be possible to leave the illustration to Soonae-chan.

– If you need another illustration related to Hwangnyeo later, please contact me. It’s a must. It’s a must!
First of all, there is a character that was created with the motif of Kang Ba Da in this fairy tale. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to contact him once.

“If you say no, leave it to me.”
“Are you going to kidnap me?”
“…That’s what you really brought up!?”
“Oh, I got a reply.”
“Don’t change the subject!”

A Kang Ba Da that comes next to me and pulls both cheeks. I felt a little puzzled after checking the message in that state.
: It’s possible! ٩(•ᵕ̤•๑ᵒ)ᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ̤
: We can make time.
: Let’s talk about the details first. But make sure to bring her out, too! Please!
a message of insanity
Can I take Kang Ba Da out to meet such a person? While thinking for a while, Kang Ba Da pushed its head in front of the phone.

“You’re a unique person.”
“First, I’ll meet you first.”
“No, come with me.”

[Stretching]Kang Ba Da pulled my cheek and pushed my face close to my nose. When I tried to step back in embarrassment, she grabbed me by the face.

“I don’t even want to imagine Ha Neul being alone with another woman.”
“I don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy”.
“It could be a woman.”
“…That’s it.”
“Then it’s decided.”

Kang Ba Da raised the corners of its mouth. As I looked at it, a drop of cold sweat flowed down from behind for some reason.
* * *
A few days later, I and Kang Ba Da decided to meet Soonae-chan at a quiet cafe.
I arrived a little earlier than I promised and entered the cafe leisurely, but someone suddenly blocked us.

“Are you a middle school student?”

A leather jumper on top.
The bottom is a red checkered skirt.
Red socks and intense Chelsea boots.
He was very short compared to his very unique funky style. The heels look pretty high, but they haven’t even reached the tip of my chin.

“Hello! The Empress.”

The opponent suddenly put his face toward Kang Ba Da, and began to tear her up and down.
The unusually embarrassed Kang Ba Da receded behind me, and I naturally stood in her way.

“It’s definitely better in person. I thought there was a person like this in the world.”
“Who are you?”
“Then this is ‘Type Addict’, right?”

I was surprised by the sudden name of the pen. There’s only one person here who knows my pen name.

“Don’t tell me.
“That’s right. I’m Soonae-chan.” My real name is Lee Italy.”

Italy turned its head toward me. Immediately after, I start to tear my body up and down as if analyzing it, as I did with Kang Ba Da.
It was a strange move, but it was understandable to some extent if the person in front of me was “Soonae-chan,” who really drew an illustration of an imperial woman.
No, I should say that I’m rather calm considering the messages we exchanged before.

“Well, indeed.”
“In fact, when I was first asked for an illustration, I thought it might be a stalker. The paintings you sent me were paintings that could not come out without observing one person for a long time with affection.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“I drew it for you because you said you approved it, but it wasn’t convincing, right? But now that I see it in person, I understand. What a textbook body proportion!”

All at once.
Italy grabbed my arm. I missed the right time to argue, as I fiddled with the world’s serious expression as if it were natural.

“Your muscles are stronger than they appear on the surface. Should I say that it feels like I’m watching a modern terminator?”

Italy was a great human being in many ways. I thought your personality would be unique from your unique outfit and message, but I didn’t expect it to be this much.

“Let me make a suggestion.”
“What suggestion?”
“I don’t usually draw couples, but I’m a little interested this time. I’d like you two to be models for my work.”
“What do you think? I’ll take care of all the illustrations you mentioned. This kind of opportunity is rare. What? What? You’re going to accept it, right?”

There was a strange desire in Italy’s eyes. I’m used to dealing with human malice, but surprisingly, I was in trouble because I didn’t have immunity to such a pure person.
Then Kang Ba Da stepped forward. She continued, taking off Italy’s hand, which was still holding my arm.

“Shall we sit down and talk about the details?”

There was a little smile on the face of Kang Ba Da, and after spending quite a few hours with her, I could instinctively tell what it was.

“…You’re angry.”

Italy sitting at the negotiating table with a smile on its face without knowing it. Feeling sorry for her for no reason, I quietly prayed for her soul.

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